Smallville: First Look At Booster Gold & Blue Beetle; Plot Details Revealed

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blue beetle booster gold Smallville: First Look At Booster Gold & Blue Beetle; Plot Details Revealed

The highly-anticipated Geoff Johns episode of Smallville will soon be upon us. Fortunately, fans of the series won’t have to wait a month to see what Booster Gold and Blue Beetle will look like in the April 22 episode, because the first image of these two DC Legends has just been released.

Donning a wonderfully created interpretation of DC’s iconic outfits that many fans will remember from the comics (see below), Jaren Brandt Bartlett and Eric Martsolf have been beautifully transformed into Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, respectively. (Perhaps NBC should have taken some notes before creating the Wonder Woman costume.)

If a photo alone is not enough to get you excited about the upcoming Smallville episode, entitled “Booster,” Geoff Johns and Mr. Booster Gold himself, Eric Martsolf, sat down with TV Guide and revealed some information about the Blue Beetle and Booster Gold storyline.

After Booster Gold saves Jamie Reyes from impending doom, the famed scarab will fall upon the teenage rescuee and transform him into the iconic Blue Beetle. While Geoff Johns is looking to keep with the familiar Blue Beetle and Booster Gold friendship storyline, we’re going to see that it doesn’t initially start out that way.

You can see what Blue Beetle and Booster Gold will look like below:

blue beetle booster gold smallville Smallville: First Look At Booster Gold & Blue Beetle; Plot Details Revealed

You may have noticed that Blue Beetle’s costume is quite large in comparison to his comic version. Fear not, as Geoff Johns has an explanation for that:

“This is the first time the scarab comes on to Jaime, so it creates a bulkier, more dangerous armor. Ultimately he’ll gain more control over the scarab and it will become more friendly looking.”

As for Booster Gold, Martsolf assures us that he’ll be the same superhero showboat that you know and love:

“The episode takes place in Booster’s very early stages where he’s at his conceited best, where he believes he can do whatever he wants. He’s gonna stay for the photo op and bask in the glory of his heroic efforts.”

Geoff Johns promises that Booster Gold will be “laugh out loud… Sometimes you laugh with Booster, sometimes you laugh at him.”

After this episode, there will be only two-episodes left before the Smallville series finale, so not everything is going to be played-up for comedic value – it has purpose. While Booster Gold will certainly be an entertaining figure, his purpose in the episode is to help Clark begin his final transformation into Superman.

With Clark attempting to transform his civilian alter-ego into the mild-mannered reporter that fans know and love, Booster Gold will make Clark realize that Superman is not just a person, but that he also has the ability to be something more.

Martsolf reveals:

“[This episode is] rich in comic book history, but it’s also a vehicle for Clark to start to embrace the marketability of Superman and what he could potentially be.”

“He wants to stand in the back and not be a glory hound. They are completely opposites of one another.”

Geoff John adds:

“The one thing Booster does prove to Clark is that people want to look up to this guy. They want to be inspired, and no one’s doing it for them.”

That being said, Booster Gold isn’t going to be the poster boy for superhero integrity. With a slew of heroic rescues in Metropolis, something just isn’t right with how Booster Gold is always able to save the day. As John teases, “This guy always shows up at the last second to make a dramatic rescue, which is really suspect.”

With John’s previous episode of Smallville proving to be a wonderful introduction the classic characters of Hawkman, Doctor Fate and the Star-Spangled Girl, one can only assume that this episode, directed by Tom Welling, will be just as great.


Smallville returns April 15 @8pm, on The CW

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Source: TV Guide

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  1. Cool…

  2. I got bored 5 seasons ago, I don’t even feel like watching the finale.

    • then why do you even bother reading the article and replying to it. Anyway Booster looks like his Counterpart with all the logos plugging….I hope he makes Clark want to get his suit asap.

      • Because I have freedom of speech and felt the need to read something related to a show I followed for 5 years of my life.

        • Then you obviously haven’t been bored enough. Usually, people with interest in a subject keep expanding their knowledge about said subject, while those who are “bored” move on. Clingy, much?

          • Fanboy, much? Nobody seems to respect opinions nowadays. I won’t comment anything negative on your almighty show anymore, I apologize.

            • Good… ;)

            • Yes, actually a fan of the show. Like Joshua, I stuck with it through thick and thin. But my post gives no reason to be called a fanboy other than because it was posted on an article about the subject that I am a fan of and interested in. See how it works? Because I am not bored with the subject, I continue to keep aprised of it.

              You could post all the negative things you want about the show since that’s your prerogative. As a matter of fact, I have critizised the show countless of times. All I was pointing out was that you are a hypocrite to state how bored you are with the show yet come back to post on an article about it despite not having watched the last 5 seasons of it. And, since you decided to post such a statement, it is my prerogative to voice my opinion about said statement. I respect opinions that show forethought to them and aren’t just there because of “freedom of speech.”

        • correction, if you watched smallville for 5 seasons; not five years of your life, you only spent 83 hours max watching smallville. Wipped flippin do. Please don’t watch the finale, I would be concerned for you that you wasted anymore of you life on this tv show.

          • I spent 5 years watching Smallville, waiting for the next season. I find it funny when someone makes a kinda negative (not even completely negative) comment about something they like and they start bashing. Did the finale grabbed my eye? Yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m not bored of the show. Don’t worry, I won’t spend more minutes of my time on it. Happy? -sigh-

            • o noes, watch out the drama lama is here.

              That’s right I am a fanboy, that’s why I watched 10 seasons of smallville, the good and the bad, I didn’t skip out on it on season 5, just because I didn’t like were the show was going. Save us your drama of your 83 hours of life you will never get back.

              and stop making seem like you wasted so much of your life watching the show, it wasn’t five years.

              “I spend 5 years in a bad relationship”, “I spent five years at a job I hated”… that’s how you use five years as in something consumed my life for those 5 years and I did nothing else, don’t act like you wasted five years waiting till Thursday for a 45 min show. If smallville consumed your life that much, then that’s just sad.

              • Wait, who said that. I said I spent five years watching it, I didn’t waste them. They were great years, I loved each season, until it got boring. Please don’t search for drama where it isn’t.

                • shame you couldn’t have stuck with it, season 10 is the best yet.

                  • I agree with Evengan, I loved the first seasons too, but since the fifth sason the series has done nothing but fall. Not to mention that they ruined the whole Superman´s mytho. What the FU*K with “The Blur”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats Bullsh*t! IT´S SUPERMAN, no Blur!. Also, Superman is the first Superhero in the WORLD so Green Arrow, Flash, Aquaman and The Cyborg(?) should not apear in the story until SUPERMAN wears the blue Suit. So yes the show is crap. Superman´s story is so much better than this show.
                    Don´t try to defend the undefendable.

                    • get over it, they changed the mytho around to fit a 10 season tv show. The longest running “superman” series, Not everything about superman has to follow to the t. It was a nice change, a development about superman that he faced the same struggles as everyone else, instead of just to the farm to the city, and hey I am superman. The name of the blur is still something that the people named him. It’s not he ever gave himself his own name. The blur is simply a name of a hero that hid in the shadows, superman is the name when steps into the light for the world to see. I have to say its been a long wait, but season 10 is the best season so far, your missin out.

                    • I’m going to answer you frpm here JOSHUA, because for “some” reason i cannot reply your coment… Yeah may be the longest running series BASED on Superman Character, but that doesn’t mean that the audience is the smartest. The producers are just selling you garbage and you are eating it, the only good episodes of the new seasons, where the ones that geoff Jhons wrote. there are so many other things that made the show fall, like the fact that was more interesting the characters surrounding Clark than himself, especially Lex. Other facts was the great cast that left the show, the bad scripts (with some exceptions), introducing characters that shouldn’t appear until sooo much later in the story (Lois, Doomsday(???) he even speak and transform into a human, you can’t defend that!!!, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Flash and others)… Anyway, you keep watching the poor show that has become, i’ll just watch the last episode and celebrate that has ended.

                  • Smallville season 10. You fail me.
                    Worst season by far.
                    Most of your episodes suck

    • :P (fart noise)

      • Raspberries… :P

  3. Sounds like a fun and great episode. Booster looks awesome to me, but I worry about the Blue Beetle. His costume seems like it would require a lot of expensive effects.

    • yeah booster looks sick cant wait for the ep

  4. In the Smallville photo, Blue Beetle’s eyes make me think of Ultraman. And, overall, Blue Beetle looks like a mix of Ultraman and Jet Jaguar.

  5. Why does Booster Gold look like he was once on Captain Power?

  6. Zod will be in the final episode.

    • No, he’s most likely to show up in Dominion or Prophecy. The only confirmed returning cast for Finale are Lex, Martha and Jonathan. With the possibility of Lionel and Perry.

  7. With zod, lex and darkseid in the series final i really hope we get at least 99 minutes to enjoy for the last time, booster looks cool!

  8. These costumes look ALOT better than that Wonder Woman pole-dancing outfit over at NBC. I totally agree that MAYBE those “fine” people at NBC should take notes on how to design a costume for a superhero tv series.

  9. Booster Gold suit looks slightly silver, maybe because of the lighting. And I hope that’s blue, and not black. His suit also looks too homemade with strange boyscout-like emblems sewn on.

    His power suit is supposed to be from the future. His eyewear is supposed to be a visor, not sunglasses from Target. Does he even have gauntlets in the picture? I can’t really see his wrist. But no force blast is going to be projected from those gloves if they look like that at the wrists.

    Blue Beetle looks much better. There have been various forms he has taken. What’s important is that the suit retains the overall scarab look.

    • Not trying to be a jackass but in the article it says that it’s in the beginning stages of Booster’s career so his suit may not be perfected yet.

    • The patches are endorsements! Advertisements! That’s pretty much what Booster’s character was for a while, so it works.

      Jaime looks really iffy, but it’s early stages and apparently over time he refines it into something closer to the comics incarnation.

  10. This sounds sooooooo epic and awesome, I just can’t wait!

  11. they look great cant wait to see this episode

  12. Very cool stuff. Gonna mis this show so much.

  13. I did deep research here on the internet on when “ZOD” will appear on smallville – they had his name on cast list for finale episode, of course
    other sites didn’t have it listed cause it may be a surprise?

  14. Anyone know if that Blue Beetle TV series is really going to happen?

    • Geoff Johns did talk about it earler this year even did a screen test on how BB would transform. There was news off BB coming out on fox but nothing was set in stone.

      • The footage is on YouTube. Just search for Blue beetle live action test.

  15. Good news drsambeckett,foopher,gina,joshua,vox veritas and all Smallville fans Zack Snyder gave thanks to Smallville for keeping Superman alive. Thank God somebody finally gave Smallville some recognition. Shame on you WB and CW for not doing the same.

    • Haha. I love the shout out to all us Smallville fans ;)

  16. Snyder’s quotes “Smallville’s done an amazing job of just keeping that icon alive, and I thank them for that, incredibly,” “Smallville, by itself, quietly has kept Superman in the consciousness, in a way that without it, my kids really would be like ‘who the hell is Superman?’”

  17. Thats good to hear, life without “Smallville” on TV won’t be the same.

  18. Zod is returning in the episode Dominion i kinda thought he was returning in that episode.

  19. Smallville season 10 is weak.
    1 big failure

  20. I heard they wrapped up the set of smallville now since filming is over, wish they could somehow save most of it for future possible specials, looks like we won’t be seeing any of the Justice League Heroes
    this final season – that really upsets me big time, hope they really consider having a special 2-hour J.L.A. movie next.

  21. I’m more a Booster fan than Superman fan, and I think Booster’s costume looks very “52.” My my issues are minor and arguable: 1) Booster’s hair really should look my 80′s and be blonde-blonde. It looks kind of dark to be gold. 2) Why Jaimie? Ted is much more interesting and an essential juxtaposition for Booster’s early ego.