‘Smallville’ Season 10 ‘Ambush’ Spoilers Discussion

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smallville season 10 ambush 05 Smallville Season 10 Ambush Spoilers Discussion

If you want to know what’s to come in next week’s episode, check out: Smallville Season 10: ‘Abandoned’ Photos Show The Darksied Elite Uniting

This week, Thanksgiving comes early to Smallville. After surviving a meteor worshipping cult, Lois and Clark are back to reveling in their open  as well as honest relationship and are ready for a delicious holiday feast. Of course, as it has been written, no Thanksgiving is complete without the rugged Michael Ironside.

Fortunately, that stipulation has been fulfilled as General Lane makes his triumphant return to Smallville and brings along Lois’ long-lost, thieving sister Lucy. This family reunion is short-lived as the Vigilante Registration Act and an assassination attempt on the General serve to really put a damper on the Thanksgiving spirit.

Of course, even with the General’s life at risk, that’s not going to stop him from grilling his lovely daughter’s significant other. With spotlight in tow and years of interrogation techniques under his belt, nothing will stop the General from finding out what Clark’s true intentions are with his daughter. Unfortunately, the inquisition doesn’t stop there, as General Lane is dead-set on learning Clark’s deepest, darkest secret.


The General (guest star Michael Ironside) and Lucy Lane (Peyton List) decide to drop in on Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling) for a surprise Thanksgiving dinner.  Clark and the General get off to a rocky start after Lois’ father bashes the superheroes and tells Clark he is trying to pass a vigilante registration law. Meanwhile, in an effort to stop the vigilante registration act from being passed, Rick Flagg (guest star Ted Whittall) lies to Lucy in order to lure Clark away from the farm long enough for him to assassinate the General. Lois is torn between making her father proud and her love for Clark.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!


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  1. This story is a set back from moving forward to Clark becoming Superman. It’s a waste of time. They call that a waste of a show because it side tracks the real story line of Clark flying and him wearing the uniform of Superman. who ever wrote this for the show ( can’t write too well ) What is the final year of season about ? I thought it was about Clark becoming Superman !!!

    • yeah but the suicide squad and the vigilante registration act are very big parts of this season

    • The season’s not over yet bud…

  2. This was a *meh* episode.

    We’ve already seen this whole plotline of the government vs.the superheroes before.Heroes and X-Men anyone?

    Just get on with the Darkseid arc already!

    • 100% agree… Is darkseid just gonna be in the last episode or what? this season has potential, but isnt going anywhere with it… ild rather clark wearing his blur costume and beat darkseid to a pulp, then hear about the suicide squad… by the way… this is the last season, if he flys for the first time in the last episode, and im thinking it will be the last few minutes, then i wasted 10 years watching this crap…

      Fly next episode, or the next, show darkseid BEFORE the last episode (and not just a shadow or a gas like substance or someone being possesed by him) and get him wearing that iconic costume for the big fight with darkseid…

      By the way, when is Lex gonna come back? and not as a child?…

      • He’s already flown… Multiple times this season. They’re saving Darksied for last. Why would they use him up before the finale?

        • yeah the producers have said darkseid will show up in the last few episodes

    • I see you didn’t wait for next weeks previews. Granny Goodness, Glorious Godfrey, and Desaad, along with a member of the Female Furies shows up next week.

      They are building up to it. So your comment warrants a “meh” because you don’t exactly pay attention.

      And the whole government holding the heroes back thing, DC did it in the 80′s. Before Heroes.

      Glorious Godrey as a politician Gordon Godfrey helped pass a law that BANNED superheroes entirely. This led to a confrontation between Superman and Darkseid on Apocalypse and Godfrey’s charade had to be exposed.

      So that happened nearly 20 years before Civil War.

  3. that was such a good episode! :)

    but again with the political jabs? >< this season needs to stop this

  4. was not crazy about this one.i know the big story is about to kick off with granny goodness.the real reason that part of the story is taking so long is because holding the budget to make it epic.if done right this could continue as a regular superman show.

    • That’s a good point about them saving on the budget.I hadn’t thought about that,but it’s totally valid.

  5. When this episode started, I thought “oh no! This episode’s gonna not be good”. But as it went on it became watchable. “Good” episode. Hopefully next week is better ;)

  6. Great episode. If someone doesn’t like the show then change the channel. It seems to be a waste of time to watch a show every week only to complain about it. Smallville is faithful to Superman’s mythology without being a slave to it. I can’t wait to see how this season turns out.

  7. lets face it people clark is going to fly and wear the suit in the final battle (if there even if one) against darksied. if they don’t do that then you guys* will have to face your worst fears (in regards to the suit thing etc) – we see clark both wear the suit and fly in the closing few minutes of the last episode (since that’s what most douche writers do to create ‘suspense’ amongst viewers).

    * i stopped watching this show after 3rd episode of this season (finally came to my sense that it sucked)

    • Well then you don’t fit into this discussion since you didn’t bother to watch it.

  8. I thought it was a good episode as long as it isn about characters that hold no meaning threw the seson like last weeks but anyways.
    For some reason the seasons CGI is awful then the other seasons.
    I don’t know if they are saving it up, to make Darkseid really awesome, but if he ends up being crappy then i will be really pissed. They just choose horrible angles and CGI that makes me upset like Oliver jumping out the window the view of it was just fake. and the reason im complaing aout it is because they had so much better in th other seasons.

    Who was the guy that could teleport? I can’t figure it out and im going through characters like crazy!

    And for the people discussing Darkseid and all. I agree but im sure he will start coming up after the winter break of the season. if not then it is going to be upsetting for us all. :(

    • you know….it is possible that he’s a smallville original character lol

    • that actor was in season 6 ep8 but i am not sure he is playing the same character.

      • ehh who knows, I guess we will figure it out when they have another suicide squade episode

      • I saw on kryptonsite a while ago that it is the same actor, but it’s NOT the same character. It’s not the first time they’ve done this on the show…

  9. I liked the character moments in the show .

  10. watched it twice and changed my mind about it.character development,as well as the characters natures.

  11. You know the average film is 90 to 120 minutes long. The final season of Smallville is 22 hours long. Don’t ya think they have to use a bit of filler? If they went right to the big stuff, flying, suit, Darkseid, the season would have ended already.
    I don’t mind an episode like this one. The General had some stuff to teach Clark, just last week the episode was full of lessons for the future Superman. I think the writers are doing an awesome job of moving the learning curve of the future Superman along. Moving the Lois and Clark relationship forward is also a major part of this story and they are doing an awesome job in that area this season. I was very pleased that Lois finally stood up to the general regarding her beau. I personally feel the writers are doing an awesome job this season.
    Now personally I’d love to see the guy do more real flying, and I agree with those who feel that putting flying and the suit only in the last few minutes of the series will be a huge disappointment. It would be fun to see Clark do more flying lessons and have his lack of flying experience affect some of his super good deeds, like flying past the bad guy because stopping on midair is a skill he hasn’t developed yet.
    Foe me it very much looks like Smallville is going out on a high note. After devoting 10 years to the show, that makes me happy.

  12. Great episode. Good for Clark for standing up to a General like that, especially if he’s your gf’s father,lol. I hope Michael Ironside voices Darkseid on the show cause i loved his voice on Superman:TAS was perfect for the villain. And unrelated note, is it just me or does anyone think that girl who plays Lois’s sister Lucy looks like a good choice to portray WonderWoman? To me she does alittle but would wanna see her in full costume. Grrrrrr, Stilll dissapoints me WB decides to go with a WonderWoman tv show instead of a film. I understand she’s hard to cast but theres has to be someone.

  13. It looks like Clark & Lois will get married.

    • maybe lol

  14. meh:O

  15. this was a good episode

  16. The thing about episodes like this, people fail to see how they truly fit into the general plot of the season. This set up the Registration Act that will make things difficult for Clark. And all of the romance subplots are eventually going to lead to Clark flying. Like the episode when he finally said “I love you” to Lois, he was floating as they danced.

    Lois is going to give him the purity and sense of purpose to fight the darkness that is coming. Like what Kara said. As long as Clark has darkness in his heart, he can’t beat Darkseid when the big moment comes.

    So episodes like this advance Clark and show the gradual and ( whether you admit it or not) necessary steps. Each episode Clark gets a little closer to being the hero he is meant to be.

    The show isn’t perfect, but it is the best show I’ve seen on tv since it debuted in 2001. Supernatural is pretty good, but I don’t go out of my way to watch it every week.

    • Gary,

      Not picking on you, but the best show you’ve seen on TV in 9 years? Seriously? You must not watch a lot of TV.

      I watch the show and enjoy the superhero stuff, but very often the dialog is truly cringe-worhty.


      • I’d easily put Smallville in my top 3 shows of the past decade, I’d put it in my top 5 of all time.

        What exactly has been better over the past decade?

        “You must not watch a lot of tv”

        Well, I do. And isn’t it incredibly subjective?

        • Oh, I don’t know… going back to 2001?

          Mad Men
          The Sopranos
          West Wing
          Law and Order

          For me Smallville is a guilty pleasure – a show that I know isn’t great, but I still manage to enjoy it. Take Friday’s episode for example: The “heartfelt” scene near the end between Lois and her sister had me laughing, it was so poorly done. On the other hand, the equivalent scene between her dad and Clark was actually very good. No doubt due to the talents of the actors.


          • DEXTER IS AWESOME!!! Ild also like to add “Breaking Bad” to your list Vic, its a great show if you havent seen it(which ild be surprized if you havent)… And Smallville is also a guilty pleasure for me as well…

            • sorry about that… this is the site i intended to put down… forgot to add a period… my bad…

          • Lost, House, Sopranos are so horrendously overated.
            ER and Frasier both started well, but over extended their welcome before finishing on high notes.

            24 and Dexter would have been the other 2 on my top 3 list of the decade. I don’t consider Smallville a guilty pleasure at all, if you genuinely like something you should never feel guilty about it.

            Also, I despise Lost. I think it was one of the worst shows of the past decade, I could list reasons but I’m not feeling well and my iPhone is hurting my eyes, suffice it to say I’d rather watch every episodes of Smallville than a single episode of Lost.

            • my top 3 of the decade would have to be 24, lost, and alias. lol

            • DSM,

              OK, but here’s where I get confused. You strike me as an intelligent guy – do you not find that much of the writing on Smallville is at a very low, adolescent level? I get the appeal of the concept of watching Clark Kent become Superman, but much of the writing on the show is so juvenile as to make Soap Operas look like high art.


              • Well, yeah the writing isn’t always great but the reason I always appreciated what the show was doing is that, while the writing and occasionally the acting weren’t brilliant; the character relationships and interactions always spoke to me and seemed realistic and genuine.

                • DSM,

                  Ah. Well nice to see that you recognize the items I pointed out. Although after about the second or third season I was DONE with “Clana” and when she left the show I was overjoyed. That bloody non-relationship went on WAAAAY to long.

                  I did like Chloe while they were in high school and maybe the first year in the tower and I will admit that surprisingly the writers did a nice job of the slow transition from Lois and Clark disliking each other intensely to falling in love.


                  • Lets say we can definitely agree on the Lana issue, she is and always will be, my least favourite character to grace the show.

  17. i liked the episode i just said meh. because I’m bored lol thats all lol

  18. best show “Buddy”ole pal.

  19. The first season or two of Smallville were novel and creative. Then the creativity dried up. The writers seemed to be writing the show just as ideas occurred to them, with no planning or preparation. Viewers who really liked the show made up all sorts of rationalizations for the haphazard plotting. I think the writers sometimes deliberately substituted cryptic logic for creativity to make the diehard viewers think there was a deeper meaning to the storyline.

    Smallville was a great idea allowed to become even less than a soap opera.

  20. I fail to see how anyone can be calling this episode filler, i9t was anything but that. The vigilante registration act is a huge part of the overall story arc, as is Clark and Lois’s relationship, especially if Clark asked the General exactly what we all think he did.

    This is episode 7 of 22. There is no way every episode can be about the arc plot of the season, that would be impossible. Just think of all the amazing stuff that has already happened this season in just 7 episodes.

    • You’re absolutely right. And this is what Smallville has done in seasons past. Last year the early episodes were about the love story, remember Good Morning Metropolis and Clark hearing Lois thoughts. In a 42 minute episode you just can’t do too many things and still tell a cogent story. They still have 15 hours of television left to get to the Darkseid arc. That’s more time than most miniseries have. Of course, if Michael Rosenbaum comes back as Lex, then Darkseid is going to be knocked down a peg, since everyone would really rather see the final battle be between Clark and Lex. Anyone have any news on that?

  21. Ummm, it’s not filler if there are “actual real events” in the episode. Methinks you need to have a dictionary handy when you comment.

    I thought this was a great episode that taught Clark AND Lois a good deal about their relationship AND themselves…definitely worthwhile.

  22. All the political stuff and the VRA are all very important to Clark becoming Superman. Why you ask? Because they’re asking the superheroes to show their face. Superman shows his face. Right now the Blur is Clark’s disguise. Clark Kent will have to become Superman’s disguise. Then everyone in Metropolis will be happy!

    • foopher,

      That brings up an interesting point – how will they address Clark as Superman in the red and blue? From the other episode where they jumped forward 7 years, it’s obvious he has a secret identity…


      • Want more irony? If anyone wants to know Superman’s identity (after the change), all they have to do is ask someone in Smallville. Hehehe…

        How can you keep a secret identity secret if you are in a high school yearbook?

        • that’s something I’ve always wondered about Smallville. How could he just slap glasses on and have everyone not know he’s Superman?

          They’ll probably end up doing some global mind wipe or something. As much as I would NOT like that, there’s really no other way to handle it (and it still make sense)

          • Hehehe…

            I can see it now — Superman is plastered on every news paper and internet site around the world, and a crap load of people in Smallville say, “Hey its Clark Kent!”

            What the?!?!?

      • @ Vic

        Id like to think it will have somthing to do with Jor-EL & Maybe somehow time is turned back. Kinda like how Clark prevented Lana from being killed a 2nd time. But then again something else may happen as Jor-El implied to Clark they are not Gods. It’s a good question how they will pull it off knowing how many people came into contact with clark, several died but still plenty out there. Greg Arkin knows about Clark & at the moment seems like he changed his ways, Hopfully others that Clark came into contact followed by example somehow even though its a long shot.

  23. Anyone have any real favorite episodes from any season? Theres alot for me to name but ones that come to mind was Absolute Justice, Justice, Run, Transferance, Covenant, Heat, Red, Bizarro,Rosetta, Series Premiere of-course but my favorite Lex episode would be Onyx. The way Michael Rosenbaum played the Lex he’s destined to become, that’s the kind of Lex i would wanna see on film. I liked it just as much as Lex Luthor is played out on Superman: TAS, ruthless w/ alittle class to himself.

    • whatever the episode name was where Lana striped down to her underware and jumped in the pool at the school.

      that was the only time I wasn’t annoyed with her character. lol

      • Nicodemus. Season 1

    • I think Red is one of my favourite episodes, and the opening two parter from season 3, Phoenix.

    • LEXMAS. Good episode

  24. @ Raven 415

    Lol i know what you mean, i think that episode was the one i ever seen Lana at her hottest. Makes me hope she would accept nude scenes on film after seeing that at the time. The first three seasons i liked just about every episode. I wondered how they would have Bruce Wayne appear on the show despite Batman Begins being in developement at the time. Way they talked Bruce was only gonna make a one time appearance because after he leaves Smallville it was hinted sometime later he leaves to travel the globe to train for his own destiny as Batman, So i read somewhere. But Green Arrow was the replacement since he was another rich guy w/ a super hero alter-ego.

  25. I thought it was a pretty good ep. It seems like the last few episodes have been focused on developing the Whole Clois relationship & I think they’ve done a great job with that, although I think the implication at the end that Clark was asking the generals permission for his daughters hand in marriage seemed a bit too soon for me. They have literally only started to develop a honest & open relationship with no secrets for the first time, I think it’s far too early for wedding bells just yet.
    Also, was it just me or was the general dropping some pretty heavy hints at the end that he knows Clark & the Blur are the same person? The list of people who don’t know Clarke secret is so short now that’s it’s becoming ridiculous. At this rate the producers are gonna have to come up with an amazing way of putting that particular genie back in the bottle again and giving Clark a plausible secret identity