‘Smallville’: BIG Alexander Luthor Spoiler!

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smallville season 10 superboy Smallville: BIG Alexander Luthor Spoiler!

There is a monster spoiler related to Smallville below so if you don’t want to know about a big reveal coming up on the show, stop reading now.






As Friday’s episode of Smallville revealed, it’s going to take more than an elegantly-encased syringe of cyanide to kill the bipolar clone of Lex Luthor.

The reason for this – as many fans may have guessed – is because Alexander Luthor (Lucas Grabeel) is more than just a rapidly-growing Lex Luthor replicate, he’s actually a clone of Lex Luthor and Clark Kent (Tom Welling). This genetic creation also goes by the name Kon-El, Conner Kent and SUPERBOY!

While last week’s episode hinted that something is amiss with Tess Mercer’s (Cassidy Freeman) maternal experiment, Alexander Luthor’s true identity won’t be revealed until the March 4th episode of Smallville, entitled “Scion.” For those not familiar with Conner Kent, he is a genetic hybrid of Lex Luthor and Superman and possess all of Superman’s powers.

Of course, no respectable (alternative-world) father would simply let his (genetically created) son reveal himself to be the proverbial Clark Kent mimic, so you can bet that Lionel Luthor will be there – in one of his final Smallville appearances.

Unfortunately, Lionel isn’t going to be able to donate that much attention to the Clark/Lex hybrid, as “Scion” will also see Tess decide to take on her would-be father and battle it out for Luthor supremacy. On top of that, the episode will also see the return of the Swann family.

Even though it can be fun to wax poetic about episodic specifics, the revelation of Alexander Luthor being Conner Kent throws a few wrenches in what many fans expected as Smallville’s final season progressed. Given Alexander’s rapid growth and the announcement that Michael Rosenbaum will be returning to Smallville in the series finale, many expected to see the young Luthor’s evolution match-up perfectly with Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor persona.

smallville superboy scion Smallville: BIG Alexander Luthor Spoiler!(Click for full-size)

Now that Alexander Luthor is Conner Kent, there doesn’t seem to be another way in which Lex Luthor’s return could be reasonably explained. Given the fact that Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders stated that Rosenbaum’s return as Lex Luthor would show that “…there [will] be no doubt about how Lex becomes the great rival in Clark Kent’s life. He is the villain of the story.”

What does that mean exactly? I’m not completely sure. So many generational variations of DC Comic’s history have been implemented throughout Smallville’s final season, I actually gave up trying to break down every element.

All I know is that with Michael Rosenbaum back, I can just kick back, relax, and watch this series go off into the sunset. I’d say, “fly off into the sunset,” but knowing Smallville, I don’t want to jinx it.

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  1. They should hint or give a nod in Connor starting the Teen Titans we already have Speedy.

    • …and Cyborg

  2. I hope they don’t call him superboy or something generic like blur boy. Just something like the boy of steel….something like that.

  3. Are they trying to cram too much into these last few episodes? I’m beginning to think that way.

  4. Lex isn’t dead, so having Conner grow into him wouldn’t make sense. Lex will come out of hiding by the end of the season.

    • That is right! Lex Luther will return like Doctor Fate said. He will be Superman’s worst nightmare! Lex will kill off this other Lex Luther with some kryptonite. This will come down to brains not strenth or super powers. The real Lex is in hiding somwhere and knows how to control this clone.

  5. An interesting revelation. When I saw the needle bend last week, I just figured there had been a few fail-safes built in to young “Lex”. But this is really a cool twist, and a nice surprise. This season has been a good one, and seems to be getting better.

  6. When I first saw the needle bend, I assumed he was inhabited by Darkseid, and the memory loss was because of the accelerated growth or something. I like this situation better. I, like A@ronW, don’t believe Lex is actually dead, so Rosenbaum can come back.

  7. oh! please, smallville was spoilt a long time ago and they seem to be lacking what to do with it……..clark loses his powers( and gets them back more than i can count), chloe gets powers, lana gets and loses superman like powers, she might even be a clone, next we’ll hear is martha kent is a clone and has super farts or smthng….

  8. I don’t like spoilers like this in the headlines. Thanks for ruining it. You could have just said “Alexander Luthor’s secret identity revealed”.

  9. Folks, I apologize profusely for putting the spoiler in the headline. I have a strict no spoiler policy on the site without warning readers first. I don’t know how this happened and let me tell you I am NOT happy about it.

    Vic Holtreman
    Owner/Editor-in-Chief: ScreenRant.com

    • Vic, can you delete my comments about this from the open discussion please, I didn’t even think.

      • Done.


        • Cheers. It’s easy to forget sometimes.

          • yeah mine to Vic sorry about that

  10. SPOILER ALERT MUCH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Yeah, it probably would have been a good idea to name this differently and put SPOILER WARNING on it.

  11. I’m going to have to UNLIKE the FB page BC there seems to be no filter on SPOILER ALERTS!

  12. hmmm i dont how i feel about this yet.

  13. Also to Vic its all good we all make mistakes

  14. The Real lex is alive, has been the whole time, probably will show him orchestrating a lot of things that havent been working out for Clark the past few seasons. Then he thinks it is time to reveal himself and his master plan(Series Finale). Little did he know, Ole Clark is fixing to suit up. :)

    Thats what i think is going to happen, actually when i saw the syringe bend on Clone lex(or whatever he is now) i thought he was just Lex with Clark DNA to one up Clark if he had to, now i found out its Superboy? Nice twist, didnt see it coming, i thought he was going to morph into the Lex we have grown up with. Smallville is truly going to go out with style. :)

  15. They have certainly gone all out to surprise people, we all thought Alexander would become the Lex we know. He either survived being blown up, or never returned from wherever he went after the fortress collapsed. Maybe Darkseid is responsible.

    • my guess would be he was never dead , that it was a clone that was killed, or the fortess whould nt allow for any one to die and saved Lex, and in the process wiped him memory as well to who Clark really is….

      • i agree with u 100%,when the real lex returns wich now we all know he is coming back,he can not know who clark is,it would not make any sense,so yes he will be back but there is no way he will know clark.

    • yh been wonderin bout were the real lex is

  16. Kon-El arrives in Smallville, just in time for the series to end.

    There are some interesting takes of DC characters aren’t there.

  17. The actor who plays Alexander Luthor, Lucas Grabeel, bears more than
    a striking resemblance to Jeff East as he looked when he played
    the young Clack Kent (Superboy) in Superman: The Movie.

  18. spot on robert.

  19. Of course the real Lex isstill alive. It was just a clone that got blown up in the truck in season 8. I am really excited to see how things unfold :D

  20. …also, I have that shirt only the S is blue. Haha

    just saying

  21. Didn’t see this coming but very pleased with the outcome. I never wanted the clone to be Lex. It wouldn’t be the same just a mere facsimile. I realized Lex wasn’t dead when I saw the first episode of the 10th season (clark in the heavenly cornfield). I kind of always thought that the Lex that had been killed in the 8th season wasn’t the real Lex but a clone anyway. I’m glad the real Lex is coming back even if it is for one episode.

  22. Conner Kent? Wha…? I have never heard of Conner Kent. Kon-el? OK, I stopped reading the comic a loooong time ago, but geez…whoziss?

    • Connor Kent was created by merging DNA from Lex Luthor and Superman, he has many of Superman’s abilities but a few ones as well. He is the current Superboy and lives with Martha in Smallville.

      • he has a form of tactile telekinesis

  23. Where did this info about the Swan family come from? How would that even work? Much though we love him, Christopher Reeve is dead. I can’t see them recasting the part.

    • Yeah, and I can’t find any reference anywhere else concerning this. Virgil Swann is dead and so is his daughter Patricia, because Lex killed her. I presume at some point there was a Mrs Swann…

  24. After seeing how the episode ended last week, i wondered but didn’t think much about Conner Kent being used on the show even though i should of because more than once it happend throughout the series. This should be interesting.

  25. There must be another clone of Lex that we have not seen yet…..no other explanation…unless somehow he escaped from the explosion and instead of trying to grow clones of himself to replace him…the clones were being used to rebuild him…..?

    • Or, the Lex that died in the explosion was a clone. Maybe Lex has been trapped on Apokolips the whole time?

      • I could actually see that. Darkseid pulls the real Lex to Apokolips to gather as much information on Clark as possible (since Lex found out Clark’s secret) to combat the Blur.

        And I could see the guy blown up in the truck in Season 8 not being the real Lex because the guys got a history of that kind of stuff in the comics.

  26. Good point…

  27. Can’t believe they just bought the cheap printed version of that T-Shirt!

    • Were they supposed to make their own? Haha

    • Conner’s outfit in the comics is just a t-shirt with the S logo on it. The shirt in the picture above isn’t bad quality because it’s just a simple t-shirt, like the comics.

    • It’s exactly the same as it is in the comics?!

  28. Or they could just bring back the old black kryptonite trick and split the clone into the good half (Connor Kent) and the bad half (Lex Luthor).

  29. intriguing^