‘Smallville’ Preview: A Force Will Rise In ‘Icarus’

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smallville icarus preview clip Smallville Preview: A Force Will Rise In Icarus

As the battle between Clark and Darkseid grows nearer, Smallville fans are waiting to see Clark Kent take the final steps toward fulfilling his destiny. Even though that triumphant transformation isn’t likely to happen to until later on in season 10’s final 12 episodes, the producers are making sure that this heroic journey is as action-packed as ever.

With Darkseid growing more powerful with each passing episode, the creation of the Darkseid Elite and the introduction of Colonel Slade (and his semi-transformation into Deathstroke), the malevolent forces reach their peak in this week’s episode of Smallville, titled “Icarus”.

After the residents of Metropolis are beginning to be taken over by Darkseid’s influence and Colonel Slade kidnaps Lois Lane, Clark knows that he cannot undertake this heroic endeavor on his own. With that, Clark must turn to help from some of his superpowered friends. In this case, those friends include Green Arrow, Stargirl, Hawkman and perhaps some other well-known DC icons.

In the clips below, you’ll catch glimpses of what awaits fans in this episode, including the formation of the episode’s superhero team; Oliver Queen being overcome by citizens influenced by Darkseid; Clark’s proposal to Lois; and Colonel Slade taking his final steps to truly become Deathstroke.

Of course, glimpses just aren’t enough to hold one over until Friday. That said, there’s also an extended look at Lois confronting Colonel Slade. In the clip, Lois ends up with Slade pressing a gun against her forehead, an act that results in her kidnapping and makes up one of the three majors plot lines contained within this week’s episode.

smallville hawkman icarus Smallville Preview: A Force Will Rise In Icarus

As promised, this week’s episode contains Clark’s proposal to Lois. For an in-depth look at Lois and Clark’s engagement and the subsequent superhero-filled engagement party that follows, take a look at our complimentary piece ‘Smallville’ First Look: Clark’s Superhero Proposal To Lois.


The VRA is in full effect and things take an unfortunate turn of events after the Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) tries to stop a mugging but is attacked by citizens for being a super hero.  Clark (Tom Welling) discovers that the civilians who attacked Oliver were all marked with a darkness tattoo.  Carter Hall (guest star Michael Shanks) and Star Girl (guest star Britt Irvin) return to help Clark deal with Slade’s (guest star Michael Hogan) re-emergence after he kidnaps Lois (Erica Durance).


Smallville “Icarus” Preview

Lois vs Colonel Slade

Smallville airs Fridays @8pm, on The CW

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  1. Read the article. Not watching the clips.

    Very interested to see how they are going to end the series, will the Darkseid storyline be finished with in the second last episode, leaving the final episode to be all about Superman?

    There was mention of the finale being 2 hours long like Absolute Justice.

    • That would be great!!!

    • @ Dr.SamBeckett

      That would be a great way for them to end the series by having the finale a 2 hr event like Absolute Justice. And to see a good amount of time of Tom Welling in costume would be awesome. Downfall for me is after the finale is im probly wanna see Welling in costume in the Superman Reboot even more even though he won’t be.

      • I’d like him to have the suit on the first time during his battle with Darkseid and then have it for the finale, where lex returns of course :)

        • I think they should ask themselves..
          Why not?

    • Here’s athought… Darkseid is incorporeal charecter that can take over other people… and he hasn’t appeared outside a CGI appearance yet… unless you count that speech by godfrey… what if when he appears, he appears in the form of…. Lex luthor…

      • that would suck.. simply because they already did that in season 6 when General Zod was played by lex.. i mean kinda lazy if they did that if u ask me.. n wouldn’t be an epic ending for the series.

        • Point well taken… it has been done…

  2. Oh dear. Look out Lois!

  3. Im guessing lois will accept the engagement since she said “for better or for worst Im standing beside the blur”

  4. How is this show still on the air?

    • Because people can’t stop talking about it. Obviously.

    • Hyman…

      Do you need someone to talk to…are you suffering from some malady? Are you sad?

      I have never seen you be positive about anything in your comments. You actually make Ebenezer Scrooge look happy and bubbly, in comparison.


      • Hymies obviously has got issues… nothing that can’t be solved by a really good doctor, years of therapy and perhaps the right drugs… until then rage on my friend, we of the Smallville Legion can handle your slings and arrows…

    • Because it’s a very cool show and people actually watch it…? Yeah, I think that’s it

    • Gee….

      Maybe because nearly 3 million people watch it every week in the US alone? Because its hugely popular abroad?


  5. Just 2 more days for Smallville “Icarus”

  6. Hey, looks like Black Canary’s back too. That’s pretty cool since it’s been awhile. Hopefully she’ll get some decent screen time.

    • she only has a cameo in tis episode
      but after their winter break she will be back for episode 12.
      so you may be upset with this one but episode 12 I think will be epic

  7. I heard that Zantanna is also making a cameo in this with Impulse, Cyborg,
    Black canary & Martian manhunter, thats cool hope they are going to be in
    “Collateral” episode too as it mentioned JLA & JSA heroes will be in it as well!

    • Love the magician… that’s great news… what episode is she going to be in do you know?

    • wonder why they didnt show Flash’s face or Cyborgs in the “Icarus” episode.??? they couldnt get the same guys who played em on the episode.???

      • Small budget show… they usually only have two or maybe three guest stars each week… they have to pay these guys… and to pay them just to do a walk on… kind of pricey…

        • understandable… i mean sure everyone knows who they are so why waste time and money consentrating on that one sceen for those two to show they’re faces.. but i want them to start refering flash as impulse.. change the name already lol

    • still waiting for Bruce Wayne a.k.a. ‘Batman’ to come into the scene.. i mean he was one of the first members in the JLA… as well as ‘Flash’, ‘Aquaman’, ‘Wonder Woman’ and the ‘Green Lantern’…

      • @ scetch86

        Longtime ago i read somewhere they were wanting to have Bruce Wayne appear on Smallville as someone who might of done business w/ Lex till Clark talk him some sense into him etc and the show ended with Bruce somehow hinting he’ll be traveling the globe to for his own destiny to becoming Batman etc. But reason why they didn’t go with Bruce Wayne was because mostly because Batman Begins was coming out. So they replaced Bruce with Oliver Queen whos also rich & Green Arrow is similiar to Batman in a way and found him be a better rival of Lex’s on more than one occasion.

        • makes sense.. i mean.. i kinda figured they replaced him with green arrow.. i mean he’s got all the gadgets thats simular to batman.. plus he’s rich so yeah.. lol.. but.. they have to bring em in sometime.. otherwise they would mess up the whole JLA sequence am i right.. and what about wonder woman?? are they never gonna bring her into the picture or what.. plus they need to stop refering to flash as impulse.. change the name already lol

          • @ sketch86

            Well, They made it pretty clear both Batman & WonderWoman won’t appear on Smallville. Maybe we’ll get a live-action Batman show thats been mentioned after the 3rd Nolan film comes out.

  8. this episode is gonna be sickkk

  9. Icarus

  10. Happy new years everyone!

    Can’t wait to watch some new “Smallville” episodes,
    been checking Screenrant for any new smallville posts
    or discussions but none so far, I just had a dream this weekend
    that i met Micheal Rosenbaum in person & asked him if he was coming back as LEX in smallville one more time, he just signed his autograph, smiled & said just keep watching the show.

    • Hi Gina, Happy New Year… I’ve been doing the same searching… I guess they all took the holidays off… imagine that… but now that the Xmas thing is over I expect we’ll start getting some new previews at least… just 11 episodes left… very excited…

  11. Hello Tom,

    Heard that Geoff Johns finished writing the script for “Booster”
    episode right around christmas,he hinted some small spoilers & it sure
    sounds like it’s going to be a very action packed episode too watch!
    I don’t know how are they going to cramp all this in just 44 minutes
    of show to watch? it really sounds like it would be better if it was
    a 90 minute special giving us an additional 22 minutes to show the
    origins of Booster Gold & the Blue Beetle!

    • Funny you should mention that Gina… one of the extras on the season eight or nine discs is old Geoff talking about writing absolute justice… you know the one that introduced Hawkman and the Justice Society… and he said he originally wrote it as one show, but he had so much stuff in it that they finally decided the only way they could do it “justice” was to make it a two parter… they’re running out of time on this season, but never say never…

  12. Maybe they could even cut out 10 minutes of those TV commercials & at
    least add it to that episode bringing it to 55 minutes at least, i would
    settle for that & save the 2 hours for the final series movie!

    • Cut out the commercials? Hope springs eternal, but I wouldn’t bet the ranch on it… Anyway, all his episodes have been great… Legion… Absolute Justice… so this will be no different… is it supposed to be episode 15? That puts it at the end of february… I can’t wait…

  13. Guest we will have to wait & see how the rest of the final season of smallville will all play out, i know it will go by so fast & be over with before you know it, thats why i don’t mind this short break we are having now.

  14. I totally agree also that they should already call Impulse “The FLASH”
    and get him into a red costume that looks more true to the one in the comic books, I was even thinking if they could of did another episode called “FLASH” that would be cool as it would be like the birth of Bart Allen (Kyle Gallner) as the fastest man alive – The FLASH!

  15. As far as seeing Wonder woman, Batman & possibly Green Lantern, i myself
    as a fan would really love to see this too, i don’t really see any harm
    at all if maybe if they could just have extras dressed in costumes as these heroes at the end the the series final, just there with all the rest of the heroes all standing there saluting clark kent as “Superman” in his costume flying away at the end into the sky, if they CAN’T pull this off, then maybe a colorful picture or another oil painting like the JSA one- of The Justice League Of America with all the heroes in it, that would be a good way to show what becomes of the JLA superheroes as well as Superman!

    • Yeah Gina, in a perfect world that would make sense and be great… but in the world of big business it ain’t gonna happen… its like with marvel, they sold the rights to the Xmen and the fantastic Four so studios would do those movies… once they found out superheroes sell, they started their own studio and are now making movies with heroes that will culminate in the avengers movie, but FF4 and Xmen can’t be in it… same thing here, Green Lantern, and Batman are in the movies so they can’t appear… and I just read they were doing a work up for a new wonder woman, but they shelved it for the time being… but on the good side Smallville’s in talks with the girl that plays Zatanna to get her on before the shows over… hey its something…

  16. I just read that Zatanna might come back, thats good to hear, the oil
    painting of all the justice league heroes shown in the final episode still would be the best bet then but like you said that can never be possible.