‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season Finale Demands a Sacrifice

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sleepy hollow season 1 finale ichabod abbie Sleepy Hollow Season Finale Demands a Sacrifice

[This is a review of the Sleepy Hollow season 1 finale. There will be SPOILERS.]


The Sleepy Hollow season one finale is nothing short of spectacular, as Abbie, Ichabod, and the rest of the gang fight for the survival of the human race. There are twists, turns, and more whiplash than should be allowed in a two-hour event such as this, but creators Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek) deliver a finale that will leave us all begging for the return of one of the best new series on television.

Pulling off a quality finale is no easy task, and every show does it differently. HBO’s Game of Thrones reaches its climax each season during the penultimate episode, leaving the finale as a setup for the following season. Unlike the aforementioned hit series, Sleepy Hollow has decided to let us taste all the delicacies in its final hour. In a show that has been as unpredictable as any since Lost, what else would you expect? 

As with many of the reviews this season, it seems appropriate to begin by discussing the comedic aspects of these two episodes before tunneling into the horrors our heroes had to endure. Sleepy Hollow has not only given us terrifying moments and thrilling action sequences, but it has become one of the funnier shows on television. This may be blasphemous to say, but as far as comedy goes, Sleepy Hollow can at times outshine the “big boys,” like Modern Family. Perhaps that is too bold a statement to make, but where can one watch a grown man make a declaration of love and devotion to Siri, as we all witnessed this week? Ichabod’s observation of Abbie’s numerous friends on her social networks was also a moment of pure hilarity: “How is it that you have 500 friends?” Drama and comedy are difficult to mix, yet Sleepy Hollow appears to do it effortlessly.

sleepy hollow season 1 finale george washington ichabod Sleepy Hollow Season Finale Demands a Sacrifice

While the finale plays like a 2-hour non-stop-thrill-ride, it is comprised of two individual episodes. The first, entitled ‘The Indispensable Man,’ leads Abbie and Ichabod on a journey to find the map to Purgatory that has been buried with General George Washington. Tom Mison gives another stellar performance, as the wearied-faced revolutionary weighs the importance of saving Katrina over saving humanity. Even after coming to an “accord” with Abbie, Ichabod’s photographic memory will not allow him to forget the map that will take him to his beloved.

Ichabod fulfilled the prophecy by giving Abbie’s soul to Moloch, but it was not on the demon’s terms. Abbie and Ichabod’s ever-evolving relationship has been one of this seasons’ strengths, and it was none more powerful as Abbie agrees to stay behind in Purgatory. It’s important to note that many (this reviewer included) feel that at some point, Ichabod and Abbie could form a romantic relationship; however, it could be a detriment to the series to take such a path. How much more passion can the two show for one another as they embrace with Ichabod promising he will return for her? Sex, or any other kind of physical contact would only cheapen their love for each other. In the future, would you like to see a more romantic link between our two heroes, or is their friendship enough?

‘Bad Blood’ is the title of the second episode, where all the “bleep!” hits the fan. In another moment of comedic genius, Ichabod does get some new clothes from a Revolutionary War re-enactment site, but it’s basically the same outfit he wore before. The tests that Ichabod and Abbie had to pass in Purgatory had similar themes, which were appropriate for their relationship. Each of our heroes had to confront their “father-figures,” whom they so desperately wished to be reunited with. For Abbie, she just wanted to see Sheriff Corbin again, while Ichabod desired nothing more than for his father to accept him as he was. Sleepy Hollow has consistently done an excellent job developing backstories for its leading characters. Captain Irving’s story, however, is another matter.

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Katrina Katia Winter.jpg  Sleepy Hollow Season Finale Demands a Sacrifice

Orlando Jones has given some of his best performances over the last couple of weeks, as his family has come under attack by Moloch’s minions. The problem is not the lack of character development, it’s just not that interesting of a story. With all the drama and over-the-top action in ‘Bad Blood,’ the story of Irving turning himself in to save his daughter (Macey) is the least compelling character-arc on Sleepy Hollow. Hopefully, as the series continues to mature, Irving will be given something more interesting to do than be a side-story to the main plot. Like his counterparts (Ichabod, Abbie, and Jenny), Irving deserves a moment to shine in the spotlight.

Alright, so let’s discuss the moment where we all went OMG! Henry is actually Jeremy, who is Ichabod’s son, who turns out to be the Horseman of War, who breaks the second seal? Can anyone explain all of this madness? When John Noble first joined the cast as the “Sin Eater,” there was speculation has to how big of a role the veteran actor would play. With this new twist in the finale, it appears we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in season 2. Noble will undoubtedly be an incredible addition to the Sleepy Hollow rouges gallery, which already includes the Headless Horseman and Moloch. Now, before closing the book on this exceptional season, we should take a look at where all of our characters ended up.

It’s safe to say, that no one is in a “good” place at the end of ‘Bad Blood.’ Abbie is trapped in Purgatory with Moloch, while Ichabod has been buried alive to face the same fate as his son Jeremy. Katrina, who in all honesty needs to be fleshed out more in season 2, has been captured by her one-time suitor Abraham Van Brunt (a.k.a. the Headless Horseman). As stated earlier, Captain Irving will most likely be awaiting trial for a crime he didn’t commit and is unable to explain. Don’t forget Jenny, who was knocked unconscious after a terrible car accident after a run-in with the Horseman of Death. Lastly, what do you think happened to Andy Brooks (John Cho)? Was he crushed under the falling rubble in George Washington’s tomb, or do you think we’ll see more of our troubled ex-police officer in season 2?

The wait for season 2 won’t be easy, but like Ichabod and Abbie we must have “faith” that the series will return with the same vigor and reckless abandonment as its first season. Sleepy Hollow has yet to “play it safe” when it comes to crafting its characters and their fascinating stories. Like Ichabod said to Abbie before leaving Purgatory, “I choose to forge my fate with you” Sleepy Hollow. Where do you see the story going when the show returns in the fall?


Sleepy Hollow will continue this fall on Fox.

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  1. I think fox has a hit on its hands and to cut short the season so it can be like a fall only show is crazy. I dont want a show like lost where it took years upon years to flesh out the truth of the island/inhabitants, but why make a show so short that people will forget it was on or what happened. Writers can make shows interesting without drawing out a 18-24 episode season, its called imagination.

    Lets hope it comes back with a fire and drive that made it so great to watch.

    • Short runs seem to work out fine for the cable networks. You rarely see a show put in more than 12-13 episodes a year and they have become some of the biggest hits, outshining shows on the big four.

  2. Tv so good, make want more.

  3. Great finale. Unlike a lot of shows, most of the twists I didn’t see coming. Cant wait for season 2. To bad we’ll have to wait 8 months or so. Thats the only bad thing about having a season be 13 episodes.

    • It’s indeed a great twist. This is how you do a twist where as The Following have that but it’s predictable and the season finale is not that great compare to this finale. Though I got to say, WOW! I didn’t see that coming. Henry Parrish is the Horseman of War and that didn’t stop there, he’s also the son Ichabod and Katrina. Quite excited for the second season.

      Also, tough on Ichabod, his friend became the Horseman of Death and now his son is the Horseman of War. Damn.

      • Makes me wonder if the other two horsemen will have some connection to Ichabod as well. So Ichabod could not only be the one who can destroy the horsemen but is also the catalyst for their creation. Which would be kind of a neat little twist.

        • I’m not saying this would ever happen, but might the other two Horsemen have, instead, some tie to Abbie, so as to make BOTH witnesses the sources of their own demons…so to speak? I’m fine if that does not happen and/or if all four are tied just to Ichabod (…or not), but it’s fun to speculate. :)

          An EXCELLENT finale…

          • Or, could there also be some ties with Abbie and the Orlando Jones character. I get the feeling he is also going to play an important role going forward whether it’s to help the “witnesses” or to hurt them. I thought either last episode or the one before, the demon that was following him/daughter said something like he would have to choose or something like that.

    • Wow, I never saw that twist coming. What an ending to a great season. FOX landed a gem with this show. I even got the wife to enjoy the mysteries of Sleepy Hollow. I also agree with The Following comparison on the finale. I thought The Following was okay but very predictable. I thought the show was very overrated and to me, holds no merit over Sleepy Hollow or even a show like The Blacklist. I cannot wait for season 2. If this show pulls an Arrow in which it continues to improve on an already great season then we are in for something special with this series.

  4. This has been the best show of the year that I can remember. I am in an older demographic and enjoyed every episode at the seat of my pants.
    I look forward to another 2014 fall season of the show and will guarantee to be a dedicated viewer for as long as it will continue.
    Thank you for great storyline TV again.

  5. Wow what a finale. I honestly did not see that twist coming. I nearly went nuts when they revealed Henry as the other horseman and then another twist write after man now this is some good tv. I think Irving is gonna have a pretty big part next season since pretty much everyone is trapped or taken.

    Cannot wait for season 2 oh man that was good

  6. Good use of a what appeared to be a ancillary recurring character which was played with gravitas by Noble. I have been wondering what the deal was with his character and half expected him to meet a horrible death, but he has just been pulling their strings all along. And the reviewer kind of missed the whole deal that Katrina was not captured by Death, her own son gave her to him like a payment for a job. The Jeremy Crane/War character is probably going to be used as the mouth piece and main instrument used by the Moloch device to push the dramatic tension next season. I am just wondering when everyone outside of Sleepy Hollow is going to catch wind of impending apocalypse, a lot of outside people are getting swept up in this and it is only going to spread.

  7. If you told me I would be commenting on how awesome this finale was when I first tuned in last September, I would have said your as crazy as this show.

    Great job by the acting, creators and FOX for renewing.

    One thing I’m lost on though is the second seal? Who broke the first seal and why are the important?

  8. Wow, wow, wow!! What a great finale. September cannot come soon enough for me. Everyone is in peril. Abbie’s sacrifice was so unexpected, especially when you think she was pulled into this insanity from the beginning, when Ichabod insisted that their ‘lives were entwined’!! I love her character and it only grew stronger with what she was confronted with and how she responded. Ichabod’s declaration that he would return for her … well, I believed it. But how will he get out of that grave? Oh, Jenny! I hope she’s Ok. She may be the only one who can save them. I have no idea what’s going to happen. I’m excited and thrilled and hurry up September!!

  9. They did a great job of surprising everyone and creating the worst case scenario. I’m usually decent at guessing what will happen on TV shows but did not see that double-reveal-plot-twist with Jeremy coming. Leaving everyone in peril is a great way to end the season and get a strong start for season 2. Irving deserves better though.
    Despite what many are saying, I do not think Ichabod and Abbie ever need to get together and I don’t see any sexual tension between them. Katrina could be very useful in their battle against the ever increasing forces of evil, but I’m not sure what they will do with her.

  10. It was amazing and satisfying.

    I think the whole aspect of every major character being in a horrible position is great. it lead us to wonder what can happen to them and to be cheering for some kind of resolution (which may or may not come). I believe having the Captain removed from his position of power leaves Abbie and Ichabod in weakened positions as their actions can’t be hidden or chalked up to police procedure. To me, it looks like a tripod situation, where one leg is knocked down and the rest topple after.

    It’s brilliant and makes for great TV watching.

  11. Excellent episode of an excellent show. Didn’t see Jeremy coming…at all! On a slightly different subject…but related…how about Tom Mison…for DR. STRANGE. This may be an idea whose time has come. Thoughts?

    • I had that thought myself. He seems to be able to pull off the comedic timing as well as the gravitas when necessary. Fit him with a proper Strange goatee and I think he would own that part. He might even become as popular in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as RDJ.

  12. I love this show, but this is Fox we are talking about. Every time they have a show that is liked or even loved by a lot of people(Firefly, Terra Nova)they ALWAYS cancel that show. Lets hope they have learned from their past mistakes.

    • 24 lasted for ten seasons and it was super popular

    • Terra Nova cost too much which lead to their downfall and Firefly didn’t have the ratings that Fox was hoping for. Sleepy Hollow was already renewed for season 2 in the middle of the season so that tells you this series is pretty safe.

  13. Forget waiting until Season 2, I’d love to flesh out Katrina right now, if you catch my drift.

  14. To be honest, when I first heard about this show and saw the trailers (before it aired), I immediately dismissed this show. When the pilot aired, I watched, but with a skeptic mentality. Then the sandman episode aired and I was hooked! This show, for me, has been the biggest surprise of the year. Just the chemistry between Ichabod and Abbie is worth the watch, along side of Ichabod’s believability as a 1700 scholar awoken in modern times. Needless to say, I am eagerly waiting for season 2. If it doesn’t get a green light, I will complain to the network, and it takes a LOT for me to do that.

  15. Great finale, didnt see that twist coming at all. Season 2 should be great.

  16. I wish this show could run every week for 52 weeks a year. My whole family enjoys this show very much. The characters are perfect. Please keep up the great work and don’t let this show go by the wayside

  17. I think a lot of people see the great chemistry between Abbie & Ichabod & I personally feel they make a better couple in Sleepy Hollow, who said partners can’t be great lovers!!! but because he’s married to Katrina it doesn’t feel right…now if Ichabod ever decides he want to give Abbie a passionate KISS he need to do some serious soul searching, because he cannot give his heart to two women at the same time, he’s gonna have to choose or the choice might be made for him…Katrina may have to REALLY die.

  18. I hate it when excellent characters get unfairly axed which is obviously what’s about to happen to the Katrina character. This is such a stupid short sighted blundering move on the writers part and one that they will soon regret. Its really too bad they are going to kill off an excellent character with possibly more creative potentional than anyone else on this show, as well as permanently deprive the audience of one of the best actresses to come along in decades. All this in order to succumb to the pathetic whining and bitching of a bunch of implacable and petty little tweens and pretweens (mostly just a bunch of bratty little narcissistic girls). Its weak kneed foolish decisions like this that end up killing off so many good TV series way before their time. I hope the writers and producers seriously reconsider how much of a potential treasure the character of Katrina (as well as Katia Winters) can still be for the show and give her the due time and attention she deserves in order to properly grow for season 3 (assuming they bring her back and the ratings dont drop even harder after they kill the Katrina character off resulting in this show getting canceled).