‘Sleepy Hollow': Pestilence Joins the Fight

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sleepy hollow season 1 episode 5 Ichabod Sleepy Hollow: Pestilence Joins the Fight

[This is a review of Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 6. It Contains SPOILERS.]

Sleepy Hollow returns this week with another thrilling hour of mythological drama, comedy, and action. Fox’s new hit series continues its incredible balancing act, by giving fans new mysteries to ponder, while never forgetting the season’s overall story.

Jenny Mills’ absence could be felt in ‘John Doe,’ but it never took away from the introduction of the terrifying new villain, Pestilence (a.k.a. Conquest). Pestilence is one scary dude. The costume and design team deserve to be commended for their efforts – the samurai-like attire the horseman wore gave him a menacing appearance.

Pestilence’s arrival could not have come at a better time, since many of us have been wondering when we would see the Headless Horseman again. There was also some much needed time spent with Detective Luke Morales (Nicholas Gonzales) this week, whose motives still remain unclear. We know that he’s Abbie’s ex-boyfriend, but what purpose will he serve in future episodes? Will he simply be the cop who uncovers Ichabod’s secret, or will he be another gateway into Abbie’s clouded past?

sleepy hollow season 1 episode 5 ichabod katrina Sleepy Hollow: Pestilence Joins the Fight

Sleepy Hollow’s weekly mysteries remain engaging, as we learn of the lost colony of Roanoke and the strange plague that its inhabitants carry. The use of Middle-english was a nice touch, giving weight to the historical elements surrounding the colony’s disappearance. As more unexplainable events occur, Abbie’s faith in her destiny grows. The scene with her in the chapel was touching, as she asks for a sign from above. Abbie is not the only one whose faith has matured, with Captain Frank Irving (Orlando Jones) trusting Ichabod’s intuitions more and more.

Another significant reveal during ‘John Doe’ was Ichabod’s discovery concerning Katrina’s whereabouts. It seems that Moloch has her, alongside other lost souls trapped in purgatory. The demon moves them to various locations that he sees fit; however, Ichabod was pulled away from his vision before we could hear more from Katrina. Where does he take these souls? Will Katrina join Ichabod in present-day Sleepy Hollow?

sleepy hollow season 1 episode 5 abbie1 Sleepy Hollow: Pestilence Joins the Fight

When Sleepy Hollow premiered, there were lingering doubts about how the series would progress through its first season. Would it follow the “monster of the week” formula, or struggle to find ways to tell 22-hours of story over the next several months? Fortunately, Fox’s decision to pick up the series for a second season, and for it to only consist of 13-episodes was a brilliant move. Since the announcement, Sleepy Hollow has found its footing by moving the overarching story forward at a brisk pace, while giving the characters time to develop.

This week’s episode concludes with a welcomed appearance from the Headless Horseman galloping down a fiery trail. Sadly, we have to wait 3-weeks before the next new episode, where the hessian is likely to make his return.

Sleepy Hollow continues with ‘The Sin Eater’ on Monday Nov. 4, @9pm on Fox. Watch a preview below:


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  1. 3 weeks?!?! GAHHH!!! The next episode looks intense!!!

  2. Mondays will be a little empty but at least I still have the blacklist. This show could have an awesome crossover with grimm. But the guy is now a Knight’s Templar :P.

  3. I especially like Tom Mison’s Ichabod. A rarity in television.
    A man who is highly intelligent, clever, humorous, and a gentleman.
    He is also noble, humble, and honorable. Ichabod is a man. And a real man.

    In a medium where men are too often portrayed as not being the brightest,
    having difficulty managing the simplest matters of life, Ichabod stands out.

    Being classically tall, dark and British as Jenny remarked doesn’t hurt either.
    And then add impeccable speech that compels you to listen, it is this
    charismatic man out of time that anchors and centers the show.

    • You said a three-cornered hatful, RP! I’m with you! This is becoming a rather enjoyable series.

    • Both leads are especially refreshing but you perfectly summed up Mison’s Ichobod. He also exhibits a knack for not needing to be the center of attention, which is another rare trait. While I’m less impressed with the writing staff, this series seems to embrace a much-needed return to the hero rather than offering up one more anti-hero.

    • I totally agree.

      I loved the inclusion of Middle English in this episode. As far as I can tell Mison pronounced it quite accurately, which underlinded his sophistication. Any other show would have had these guys speak Modern English instead. Nice touch!

  4. Ugh, 3 weeks! It gave me flashbacks to Person of Interest last year taking breaks every other episode. “But this is America, I want it now!”

  5. There really should not be a break like this with only a 13 episode run.
    I would not be surprised after this if there is another similar break
    in December through the holidays pushing the finale to 2014.

    • Agreed. When another series I liked, The Event, took a break, it was detrimental to the series continuity in people’s minds. One tends to lose track of what is happening, plus there is a break in intensity.

      • I think the break has to do with stupid baseball or some sports. why do sports always have to mess with MY TV shows schedules?

      • Just took a quick look and The Event’s break was from November 29 to March 7, a much longer break and ratings were in decline. I wouldn’t worry much about that. Three weeks is enough to build up some anxiousness.

    • Yeah… and taking a show like Sleepy Hollow on a break two weeks before Halloween, that lasts until right after, is not very smart by any stretch of the imagination. Studio executives… if you are looking for intelligence you gotta go elsewhere. 😉

      • *network executives. Force of habit… 😀

      • A Halloween episode would be perfect for this show. I agree, curious timing for this hiatus.

  6. This was a great episode, I thought it was a bit better than last week’s but not as good as the first three. The epidemic was very twisted and nasty. I mean black veins that soon lead to a trauma? The whole time I was thinking about myself being in one of the patient’s position, yeesh.

    I also like Icabod’s reaction to the adrenaline shot he received. When he said he’d like a bit more, I thought it was pretty interesting to see someone from a couple of hundred years ago react to a modern medical device like that.

  7. I found this week’s episode to be EVEN better than previous episodes, as much because of some interesting revelations as because of the brilliant acting/characterizations by the two leads and wonderfully illustrated internal consistencies (having the Roanoke colonists speak Middle English, having the Roanoke mystery told/explained, having Purgatory—at least, A purgatory, etc.).

    Speaking of interesting revelations (besides those mentioned above in the review and other comments), did anyone else find it curious that there IS an “Ichabod Crane” teaching History at Oxford IN THE PRESENT, as per Detective Morales’ inquiry into the identity of Sleepy Hollow’s newest police consultant? The voice on the phone said IS (as in the NOW) not WAS (as in 250 years ago).

    Death is a Hessian mercenary Redcoat.
    Pestilence/Conquest is a Samurai.

    What will the other two Horsemen be?

    Curiouser and curiouser…

    • Yeah, about the Crane at Oxford: I think that’s Captain Irving’s doing. It’s pretty clear that he is more than just a police captain. He must have arranged for that cover story in order to protect Crane’s real origin, which would raise more than just a few eyebrows.

      • I haven’t really seen any evidence that Irving is anything more (authority-wise) than a police captain. Now, whether or not he is somehow involved in the goings-on IS still a possibility. I just don’t get the feeling he knows anything about Crane.

        • All I know is he was super sketchy when he walked in on Abbie and Ichabod in their little headquarters. He walks in, acts surprised to see them, then turns around and walks out. What the heck was he doing in there in the first place? Trying to get to Corbin’s stuff maybe?

          • Wouldn’t his authority have been required to move that stuff out of the office initially anyway? I just read that scene as more: “Whoa, what ARE these two doing? Did I interrupt something?” He would wonder about them quite naturally, I think.

            • No, no, no, I think you are misunderstanding me. The files were moved from the office to the room Abbie and Ichabod hang out in. Irving walks in, apparently with no idea they were in there. They have their conversation about breaking walls, and he turns around and walks out. But what was he doing in the dusty storage room no one else goes to? The only reason I can think of is he wanted to look at Corbin’s files. I just found it rather sketchy, that’s all. I guess I should also make it clear this scene was in the third episode.

              • Fair enough…I simply meant that he could’ve gotten to Corbin’s things at any point. As for the particular scene you’re talking about, I guess I thought that he was not down there for any shady reason but just to check up on the officer who, in her grief, may not be thinking fully rationally and is now constantly hanging around and listening to a possibly insane, suspicious newbie. He didn’t necessarily know where they were, but he was looking for THEM, not the files…hence, his look of surprise and quick departure.

                THAT was all I was suggesting…

  8. why the three week delay