‘Skyline’ Trailer 2 Offers Visually Impressive Alien Mayhem

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skyline trailer 2 Skyline Trailer 2 Offers Visually Impressive Alien Mayhem

Skyline has bolted out of the wings of Hollywood and ridden a wave of buzz to become one of the more anticipated movies of the 2010 Fall Movie Season. This meteoric rise (no pun) has almost everything to do with the first Skyline trailer, which was released back in August and featured one of the most visually impressive alien invasion sequences this side of Independence Day.

Today, the second Skyline trailer has debuted, and gives a little bit more insight as to what kind of human story will anchor the alien invasion drama, as well as showing off even more impressive visuals than before.

Here is the premise for Skyline, in case you were wondering:

Strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth.

That’s the premise, yes, but as indicated by this latest trailer the story will involve some familiar young actors – Eric Balfour (24), Scottie Thompson (Trauma), David Zayas (Dexter), Donald Faison (Scrubs) and Brittany Daniel (The Game) – playing friends and/or lovers trying hold together as they attempt to escape the embattled city of Los Angeles. However, as you’ll see in the trailer, the plan does not go as smoothly as hoped:




The aliens in the film look very impressive – though they certainly have a more than passing resemblance to some of “The Locusts” in the video game series Gears of War. The sibling filmmakers behind Skyline, known as The Brothers Strause, have been visual effects artists on many impressive films (300, 2012, Iron Man 2), so I personally have high expectations that Skyline is going to be a visual feast at the very least.

Skyline Poster Skyline Trailer 2 Offers Visually Impressive Alien Mayhem

Of course, there is the small matter of a possible impending court battle between Skyline and Battle: Los Angeles, another “aliens invade LA” movie. The Brothers Strause happened to be visual effects artists on that film, too, but are coincidentally (or not) putting Skyline in theaters before Battle: Los Angeles. Hopefully none of these Hollywood dealings will effect the release of either film, as both look promising.

How did you guys enjoy the trailer?

Skyline will be in theaters on November 12, 2010.

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  1. Although i think the movie looks really good… i think they showed way too many key plot points and spoilers.

  2. “The Brothers Strause happened to be visual effects artists on that film, too, before getting the bright idea to make Skyline and put in theaters before Battle: Los Angeles.” I thought you guys did an article that said the brothers said that they had the Skyline idea before they worked on Battle. Correct me if I’m wrong please. Because that changes everything for me lol

    • @ Marc Glave

      LOL – I’m not sure. I edited the wording on that sentence, thanks for the catch. I don’t want anybody or their lawyer(s) sending us an angry email.

    • I really enjoyed skyline. The bit at the end when Derek’s brain goes in use by the alien and he remembers like everything WOW what a STUNNING movie. I cant wait for skyline 2.

  3. Trailer looks so epic though

  4. Stunning. But the acting looks really suspect.

  5. Acting looks horrible, but that trailer was awesome/those aliens are kind of badass. They got my 10 bucks

    • how you can tell the acting looks horrible by this trailer i dont know.

  6. Skyline looks like it’s gonna be just eye candy (a la Transformers 2) with so much unbelievability stuffed into it that it’s not gonna make sense. I’m not falling for the flashy trailers and “epic” scale involving the whole world as a cast. Just another disaster movie, except instead of nature’s wrath we get aliens from Cybertron part 3.

  7. I was looking forward to this, until this trailer. I’m sorry, but I agree with what some people are saying, they showed too much plot and too much of the alien creature.

    What made other “alien-type” films enjoyable, was the general lack of idea of what the aliens would look like when you first go see the film (a la, Cloverfield, District 9, upcoming film, Monsters). What killed a film such as Cloverfield was with the moments the alien was shown. It wasn’t frightening anymore. It’s the thing “behind the closed door” that makes us truly terrified. (stephen king reference! check. got one.)

    However, the trailer reveals a lot of the antagonist already. And, yeah, the acting? seriously? yikes.
    The visuals are impressive nonetheless.

    • I agree with you fully, Peter. I was very excited after the first trailer but this second one killed it for me.

      • Yeap,this trailer KILLED it for me to *sigh*

    • Peter…I don’t understand the Clover reference…one thing about Cloverfield that made it so brilliant WAS the fact the monster was only on screen for 8 minutes. ( I am sure Mr. Page did not know this when he designed the creature). I understand where your coming from. One reason Jaws was so good.( the audience in the 70’s though had no idea there was so much trouble with the shark so they had to cut 90% of the script and re-write on location.) In any regard, perhaps the acting is alittle bit suspect, and just maybe those Master Thespians from Twi-lite were busy during casting. I just think today’s movie going audience is a bit more savey…or they have no imaginations left.

      • cloverfield was brilliantly mediocre and SHOULD have been better than it was.

  8. Movie looks kind of bad… like Asylum got their hands on an effects budget. Should be some fun, but I’m not expecting the film to blow my mind.

  9. All visual. No substance. Remember, these guys said yes to that crap script called ‘Aliens Vs. Predator: 2 AVP:R’ and didn’t have that garbage on paper rewritten from page one. I still think the guy who wrote that with no love or concern for fans should be strung up outside of Fox by his neck. And I’d rather see new faces that secondary actors from television shows.

  10. People are going to be left disappointed by this. “Alien invasion drama” I’m scared of the forced, cliche’ “dramatic” storytelling that will be on display. In AVP2 they desperately tried to make us care for the people. They failed in getting anything from their actors. Though on the other hand i would like a cut of this purely as an effects showcase reel.

  11. Doesn’t anyone ever enjoy 90 mins of pure leave your mind at the door entertainment?

    People go nuts over stuff like Machete etc yet will talk down to a popcorn flick being nothing but a popcorn flick?

    I see alien ships…. I saw no biolife forms. Is this an Alien Invasion Drama or a SciFi popcorn flick? If it is billing itself as a drama then yes it will fail as a drama.

    IMDB pegs it as a SciFi Thriller…. Whats to say the Aliens are not saving us before the planet is invaded by other aliens…. or before the planet implodes?

    Of course they could just be eating us….. 😀

    Popcorn flick and eye candy… looks great will make enough money to afford these people another film…which will then fail… Thats my prediction.

    • Aknot,

      For me, it depends. Sometimes.

      Independence Day is one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies that I watch about once a year, but I don’t ever have to watch Transformers 1 & 2 again.


      • @Vic

        I too pull out the BluRay copy of ID4 at least once a year and love it every time as much as the last.

        I hope, no, I pray that they do ID4 Pt 2 & 3 right.

  12. I might watch this just to see how they get themselves out of the story telling corner they’ve painted themselves into. The aliens have landed. They can’t be fought against, they can’t be ran away from. So. Everybody dies and the aliens live happily ever after?

    Just about anything they come up with as an ending is going to be kinda lame I think.

    • I don’t know man, if someone can get their iPhone to interface with the alien mothership…

      • You know I dont need a “happy” ending to enjoy a movie…

        I would love to see “man” get his. It could happen.

        • As long as I survive and my glasses aren’t broken :)

  13. I’m ok with this, looks like it will be fun to watch. The acting I’ve seen in the trailer does look fairly tv-ish but not every movie made has to have oscar written on it. Looks like a fun one.

  14. Yeah, why did you link it to the Apple site? I can’t watch it for some reason, all I have is audio of the trailer.

    • MisterBert,

      Because they had an exclusive on the trailer. We’ll put up our own copy shortly.


  15. That was SWEET.

  16. I’ll watch it on DVD maybe. After AVPR I have little desire to give the Strause Brothers any money. The fact that they have gone back to music videos and SFX since and are having to float their own studio to finance more films tells me enough.

  17. WOW


    Its also about time we got another trailer on this since its release date is less then 60 days away.

    It looks like Christmas may come earlier this year.


  18. Reminds me of that bad film cloverfield it same sorta plot helicopter being attacked on the way to rescue them. Same spaceships as the ones in District 9 that was a great movie.

    • Randall

      Um… what does this have to do with Skyline?

  19. Yeah, I don’t care. I didn’t give up the bucks for acting when I went to see Independence Day and I’m not giving it up on this one for the acting either. You want acting, wait for THE WAY BACK or TRUE GRIT. I’m spending my money on the eye-candy. In fact, all the acting is getting in the way of more awesome on-screen aliens, alienships, blue stuff falling from the skies and good ol’ destruction-of-whatever-famous-landmark-is-nearest.

  20. Ready to be beamed aboard!!!!!