‘Skyline’ Spoilers Discussion

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Skyline Spoilers Discussion Skyline Spoilers Discussion

While we do have a Skyline review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss Skyline spoilers (and the ending) without concerns of ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.


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What do you think of Skyline? Where do you think the franchise will go in Skyline 2? Discuss away.

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  1. All good theories, but think more “basic”.

    1. Life form wants to use other life form for some purpose (I’ll expand on this later). So they come to the habitat, and deploy a bright, shiny “lure” to entice the life form to come out of the safety of their habitat, where they are then caught or “netted” (sounds a lot like fishing, doesn’t it?).

    2. To what purpose does this life form want to put the indigenous life form to? Beast of burden, food, pet, study, clothing? The movie APPEARS to show two uses. The first is the obvious harvesting of the brains (again I’ll expand in a second). The second seems to be for food (i.e. when people are stuffed into that disgusting looking orifice on the squid-like life forms, are they food? When Jarrod’s friend is pulled into the “hand” of the very large creature, notice the crunching sound?). But then they seem to dispose of bodies after they harvest the brain, so maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree here.

    3. So the million dollar question is, “what are the brains used for”?.

    If they’re simply being harvested to act like a CPU for the bio-mechanical suits, then I believe they simply want the planet. But why, as a very very advanced species, do you need neanderthals to provide the computer for your highly sophisticated equipment? To root out the indigenous species?? They seem quite capable of finding and killing us without our “help”.

    Or do the brains provide an energy source for the equipment, or maybe a form of food? In this case, they may want us OR the planet (or both). I tend to think this is more plausible, since they took a particular interest in the unborn (kinda like veal maybe). However, again I question this, for the same reason, if you’re that advanced, can’t you find a more efficient energy source??? And, if our brains are just a tasty snack, you’d think they would cram a bunch in their, um, pie-hole?

    Bottom line (for me), this is a very confusing movie. I can’t get my brain around (sorry pun) the brain harvesting, but given the apparent lack of desire on their part to NOT kill anyone, I’d say it seems likely that the planet is the ultimate goal (i.e. why would you kill off the entire human race if you need them for ANYTHING?).

  2. I think we saw the farm hands and their machinery, but never saw the farmers. This whole thing was about the factory canning ship from hell. Maybe the farmers were consumed by their combine, and the whole fleet is running wild through the galaxy.

  3. I was disappointed with the ending, but my first thought was that this movie must be a pilot for a TV series… it was like reading a suspense novel and then discovering the last page was missing. With sci-fi you have to let yourself go and accept an alternative reality, but when things start lacking continuity your focus moves to “What’s wrong with this picture?” mode.. Like the deserted roads… why weren’t the roads all cluttered with vehicles after having the occupants sucked out? And with all the basements and underground sewer dwellers etc. why did all the aliens need to focus on a specific apartment containing the crumbs of society? The stealth pilot was symbolic of an American Grid Iron player going for the touchdown…but it seems to be the highlight of the movie for many viewers…. I could have overlooked all of the inconsistencies if the plot was a bit stronger and provided a satisfactory outcome, but it ended up in the air like someone just switched off the light.

    • actually i noticed all the streets had plenty of deserted cars and they weren’t just focusing on one building, we were just seeing it from one point of view.

  4. I’m waiting for a special MST3K episode starring Joel Robinson, Tom Servo, Crow, and Gypsy as they review this terribly nasty film.


  5. OMG people.. REALLY??? For those of you who havent heard, this is the FIRST in a SERIES of movies.. For those who are having a real hard time figuring out the ‘brain’ thing, think ‘Cybermen’ from Dr Who mixed with a little ‘Borg’.. its really not that hard.

    • The back story in Skyline was irrelevant. None of this story has anything to do with the people in the film except the last two we see being probed and decapitated. This also wasn’t Dr Who. I was intrigued by the ZERO information on our visitors. There was no who what where when why or anything else except they were taking brains and tossing everything else. That makes no sense, so the story around the invaders should be intrusting. For me it was what was NOT said they really made me take notice of Skyline

      • They (The Creatures) were not throwing away the bodies, they were dissolving and recombining them into the man-like creatures for the next wave of the attacks on humankind. We (the audience) do not know why they need brains other than to make the creatures/robots (whatever they were) move. It was obvious to me that there was to be at least another movie by the ending. They (the film makers or screen writers) went with a “Resident Evil” type of format where they get to a juncture and end it and in the credits let the audience know it will be continued. The film makers or the screen writers allowed us some hope for the future of this movie in the “Turning” of their own devices against the invading horde of “Baddies”.
        My 2 cents worth.

        • WOW, Great thoughts on the film. Thanks for the thoughtful posts. I like your ideas around the why the aliens were beating us up. How do you know about dissolving the bodies. That is a good take.

          I keep on coming back to the same place though as to the why and the who. Of the few things we saw the aliens do I can’t draw any conclusions as to why they are attacking earth. It was all over by the end of the day. What in Gods name would we have that they want. If they just used our bodies to make and brains to power their avatars what is the point. I also notice that all the ships are the same but different. It seems to me that the aliens (which I do not think we ever saw, we only saw their hardware in action) are all dead, and their automatic fleet has gone crazy. Kinda like the Borg with no direction. I don’t know, but I really like your take on the film. I really hope they make a second film and explain the plot in greater detail.

          • Is just what my take on them throwing the bodies minus the brains in the pool of blue liquid was – then up turns this new (I’ll call it a ) “device” they are inserting the harvested brains in that looks like their take on a bi-pedal (lets say) creature/robot. My idea is they fashion “devices” that are similar to the original hosts body.

          • I’m not entirely sure, but I think we may have glimpsed an alien (or a hybrid version of one). Remember that big bad boy that was climbing up the outside of the building like King Kong? The “what’s your plan” guy saw something inside it before he tried frying it with the gas leak and malfunctioning lighter. Sort of looked like a little, slime-covered head…though I guess given these aliens it could have just as easily been a genital wart or digestive system polyp.

    • Dude, this is just fun for me. It doesn’t need to make sense. I love films like this. ID4 had a bunch of aliens here for the natural resources. War of the Worlds was about mars no longer being able to support life.

      I would be happy to discuss any film or story with you if you can forgive my spelling. I know it’s bad. How about Fahrenheit 451. What do you think that story was about?. It was not about burning books. :)

      • If you love films like this, there is something wrong with your brain.

        • I just bought the Blu-ray

        • If you don’t like the film, or the comments here how about moving on my friend. We don’t need your nasty remarks Mr Bob.

          • Have to agree with Bob here.
            Even as a big scifi lover, i find this movie a total waste of time.
            This movie stinks.

      • I agree with Thomas… LOVE this type of movies…

  6. I replied to an earlier post:
    …Dunno if I read the movie wrong… because I mean the part where the pregger ladies were separated… um how to say this. It seems to me that maybe the aliens were.. ah – humping them into having alien babies. reason-being: there was a thinner alien thingie leaning over the pregger ladies and while it may have been an alien half-wife helping to deliver the babies. It seemed a little more sinister to me and that maybe an alien likes a woman with a little going on in her tummy. Ok, I’ll leave it to you all to tear that thought up.

    • OK… that is just REALLY NASTY. I saw it, and its plain and simple. They were trying to extract the human inside. NOT HUMP THEM! Great movie by the way. But is it just me, or does this strike you more of a horror than a thriller?

      • All the new movies these days are crossing boundaries, Dramadies ect. Put a little thriller and horror into a sci-fi and try to capture an audience like alien did.
        The auto fill didn’t work I hope it uses my gravitar

    • I thought they were removing the babies for some reason, but can’t figure out why

    • I agree that it appeared more like a pumping action than just a insertion followed by an extraction. I picture a room where they’ve hung up pregnant women like laundry on a clothesline, with tubes keeping them alive (like in the Matrix). Perhaps the aliens can no longer conceive or procreate (who can blame them…they are uuuugggllly!), and modify the fetuses to produce a hybrid version of themselves (like in the Alien movies).

      • Dunno, I just thought it might be more than just a mid-wife thing helping to give birth. It looked more like they were seriously interested in the babies. The arm (lets say) scanner kinda caressed the stomach of the pregger lady and then they dumped her in the birthing room. I just saw more than ‘helping to extract’ the babies from the mommies, and the collecting of the “black stuff” that the people get who are exposed to the ray several times – seems to be what made the male stronger and able to resist them. Why not the stuff collects into the babies and changes them as well… Prolly is the only thing left of the original race that made the robots. Didn’t someone say something about ‘what are eyes anyways but data collection devices and who knows what that ray could be doing to us anyways?’ I might need to watch the movie again and see what else they left as clues.

  7. All I can say.. is while we all love a hero there is no point of destroying a whole planet to create one. My take on the embryo issue is the regenerative nature of the embroic cells and a possible link to the same qualities in the aliens. While it does seem the need for a human host brain is mainly for the control of large muscle groups such as in walking, climbing etc.. the creatures seemed to have a secondary brain which controling the “mouth”. I’m guessing the creatures are highly advanced parasites that have bioengineered the perfect host bodies minus a highly complex brain.

  8. ok . so from what i know , the pregnant mothers are kept aside first and not have their brains sucked out because , as i said , they’re PREGNANT . which can only mean one thing. Two brains in one body . Yippee ? which means , ( maybe ) the aliens plan to help the mothers deliver the baby , watch it grow , and then when the baby is fully grown , harvest the brain ? what I dont understand , is , how is our hero’s brain red ? is he immune or something?
    The aliens seem to need the brains to … operate some kind of soldier like thingy … for what ? world domination ? i dont really get it . So will there be others who are immune with a red brain or is Jarrod the only one ?

  9. I hope that Skyline 2 will accomplish three things. 1) Better acting (which also implies better writing, since it’s difficult to act well when you have nothing good to do or say). 2) More variety of locations (I know they saved cost by shooting most of it in someone’s apartment, but they should have made enough profit to afford some decent sets next time). 3) More revelations in alien physiology, reasons for brain harvesting, and general filling in of back story for aliens.

    If they can do the above three things, I think the producers could take an interesting premise that started in a fertilizer of a movie, and turn it into a sweet flower of a franchise.

  10. Just saw the movie. Wish the next Skyline 2 could address the military point of view. I’ll leave the theory of brain harvesting and other motive to you all. Howeveras a military dabbler..

    Tucked away on the side of moutain stood some one thousand Marines Just shy of a full Battalion. Sergeant Major ready to address them….

    SM: “Gentleman, at ease. I wish I had better news for you. I won’t lie to you so I’ll tell you what I know. Humanity in three days has suffered close to 55% eradication. By weeks end we will be annhilated. We’re not winning this fight from the outside so I’m asking for one hundred of the most ruthless devil dogs to take the fight to them. Once inside of the belly of the beast they’ll have more than they have bargined for with one hundred Marines locked & loaded with nothing to lose and everthing to gain. I believe this to be their stratigic error. You never allow the enemy, in this case UNTIED STATES Marines to be inside your HQ. This we do not o out of some death wish but to strategically engage the enemy INSIDE their territory. In coordnation with other stratigic allies we will be rolling out at sunset to put the plan in motion. Many nations have agreed to do a coordinated assult on every mother ship in this fashion. Time gentleman is not on our side. Each of you will be broken up into one hundred man teams and positioned to board each mother ship. Seems to me they are too willing to suck us up. Let’s oblige them. God Bless snd let’s give them hell.”

    Every Marine in that Battalion were vetrans of the Iraq war. All of them having served multiple tours of Iraq and other engagements not known publically. Also, every Marine there knew without having to ask the Sergeant Major would never ask you to do something he himself would not do. He was going. To a Marine all of them volunteered with a throat filled ear numbing OOO-RAH! This day set in motion the downfall of the aliens who in their egerness to conquer the world with hubris and overconfidence cared not who or what they sucked up. Arrogance has a price in the galaxy and it cares not what race it extracts it from. Just as the Greeks “gifted” the Trojans with a beautiful horse the Marines would “gift” thenselves willingly into the walls of the space ship.

    • I’m with ya, Nick.

  11. I don’t know why so many people are complaining. I thought the movie was amazing!! If you check out the poster for the sequel, you can see Jarrod standing there with a human with a gun so, I am seeing him teaming up with humans and being able to still communicate with them. Looks like they’re taking the right to them.