Plans for ‘Skyline 2′ & ‘The Bay’ Emerge from Toronto Film Festival

Published 5 years ago by , Updated March 9th, 2013 at 1:45 pm,

Skyline Poster Plans for Skyline 2 & The Bay Emerge from Toronto Film Festival

Skyline, the alien attack film from the Strause Brothers, isn’t invading theaters for another two full months but that isn’t stopping filmmakers from starting production on a sequel.

Distribution rights to the Skyline sequel, as well as Barry Levinson’s zombie-film The Bay, will reportedly be up for sale at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

According to Variety, IM Global will be selling Skyline 2 and The Bay to foreign distributors next week at the festival.

The news is the first we’ve heard of Skyline 2 so, obviously, details on the plot are basically non-existent. It’s also unclear at this point whether Brothers Strause will be involved in the sequel – as well as what cast members (the film stars Eric Balfour, Donald Faison, Scottie Thompson and Brittany Daniel) might be back for the second chapter in the alien-invasion franchise.

Skyline footage wowed audiences at Comic-Con and the recent trailer for the film, which premiered with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, wowed the rest of us. Here’s the official synopsis, in case you’re new to the Skyline buzz:

“Strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth.”

Considering filmmakers are preparing at least one Skyline sequel, two things are certain. First, we can safely assume that the extraterrestrial forces do not succeed in swallowing the entire human population – just a substantial chunk. Second, the legal staff at Brothers Strause’ Hydraulx Filmz, must feel pretty confident they’ll reign victorious should Sony Pictures Entertainment move forward with potential legal action over similarities in the Skyline and Battle: Lost Angeles stories.

skyline alien ships 570x320 Plans for Skyline 2 & The Bay Emerge from Toronto Film Festival

In addition to Skyline 2, IM Global will also be selling The Bay, a “Eco-zombie thriller” from director Barry Levinson (Rain Man) with members of the Paranormal Activity team, Jason Blum, Oren Peli, and Steven Schneider, serving as producers.

The Bay “[Revolves] around an infectious outbreak in a Maryland town” and “is told from the perspective of the people who left behind their camera phones and other electronic devices, along with 911 calls and scraps of video and sound capturing the community falling into chaos.”

Once again, details are slim, but there’s no question The Bay sounds like a project to keep an eye on. A man versus nature zombie-thriller, by the director of Rain Man, presented in Cloverfield-style archive footage -what’s not to like?

Skyline opens in U.S. theaters on November 12th.

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Source: Variety

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  1. All I can tell you about Skyline 2 is they’re filming it in my shed out back.

    • Do you think there is really part 2 of SKYLINE? tnx :D

      • MAAAAN…I hope soo!This movie is awesome and would be nasty after showing what happened in the end (big boss turned into a Alien)
        The movie clearly have some morale boost like when the stealth f119 lookalike score a point :}
        So we humans are evil and the A-bomb is bad but hey!!!!!I bet u felt good when they hit the Alien ship dont u?

  2. The Bay, another “found footage” film?
    I’m sick of that sort of gimmick by now.

  3. Wait… The Brothers Strause??? Didn’t they direct AVP-R? I am suddenly NOT excited about Skyline anymore…….

    • Eddie,

      They claim that the reason AVP-R was terrible was studio interference. But when I asked them about one scene in particular that I thought was over the top disgusting (the scene with the woman giving birth and what happens there) the writer I spoke to admitted that was theirs.


      • Strange, is THAT a reason for not liking the film?
        I thought they were brave to show something that, to be quite frank, I’d have expected the aliens to do if they entered a hospital.
        I commend them for that scene.

        • Mike E.

          It was ONE of the reasons I didn’t like the film. Maybe having a family and having gone through the childbirth experience with my wife gave me a different perspective on that particular scene.


          • I can understand why you would think the scene is over the top but I can also see why they thought it was a good idea.The original idea for the alien movie sprouted from the thought of childbirth and how horrificly “alien” it is and that was why the original “Chest-Burst Scene” was the focal point of the first alien film.However the main issue that I had with the AVPR is that it was cliched and they didnt make you care about anyone. The Predator and Alien franchise worked becuase you wanted to see how the humans could overcome the superior aliens.

            • the Alien franchise, yes.
              Predator “franchise” is putting too big a spin on it if you’re going to exclude the AvP films.

              There was Predator 1, which was a fun romp, over the top, an Arnold vehicle.

              Then there is the (debateably) bad Predator 2. There are aspects of that one I like, but most of it is quite cheesy. I can’t say that I cared one way or another for any of the characters.

              And the new film from this summer which doesn’t, in my mind at least, constitute part of a “franchise”. And in this film, I actually disliked almost all of the characters.

              I LIKED the character in both AvP films. Sure there were some annoying teens (well, one annoying teen) in the 2nd one, but so what? I still cared about what happened to them.

  4. Zturk,,,
    that would be a good assumption, however that scene in particular was gratuitous in that alien’s usually let the face huggers infect the host, and it takes around 24 hours minimum for the parasite to break out of the chest.

    AVP-R totally broke that rule so that they could shock the viewers. I found that scene very disgusting and frankly offensive.

  5. haulin people up into ships??? Where are all those bomb totin terrorists when you need them? Yep strap a suitcase nuke to that freedom fighter and.. send them up.. In the 60′s we had Slim Pickens ridin the big one down to Earth. In 2010 we’ll have Brittany Daniel ridin the big one up to heaven. Gee I wonder if their is an alien heaven?

  6. Old Man, they should make an alien invasion film and at the end reveal that it was a hoax created by the military using holograms.

    Nah that’s just not possible,,, 8-)

    • At least it would be different. Sort of a second take on “Watchmens’” ending…

  7. I have a question about SKYLINE that I hope someone can shed some light on if not answer entirely.

    Where’s the Beef?

    As of today (Sept 10, 20210) this movie is only 63 days from its Release date and so far the only thing we have seen is some news footage (real footage added intop the movie of Dan Rathers) a few minutes of a city from what would appear to be a helicopters perspective and a few seconds of alien ships in teh sky pulling people up into them. This last piece is visaully impressive but its the only piece aside from the 1 single promos picture of the 2 persons atop a tall building with guns looking at the alien ships, that is something that would not have been pulled from footage elsewhere as the news clips were.

    I’m excited about thsi film buit at this point I found myself aslking where are the trailers and promotional photos that almost always proceed a films release by 3 months or more?


    1) Has anyone seen any video footage for SKYLINE besides the single trailer that was released back during comic-con?

    2) How about some promo photos from teh film besides the 1 single one of the 2 guys on top of the building?

    3) Is there a chance this is some kind of stunt and there is no film? I know thats unlikley but at 63 days out I’m thinking something is not right about this.

    I saw the midnite screening of RESIDENT EVIL AFTERLIFE last night and was hoping for some new footage on Skyline but saw the same trailer as has been out for several months and thats it.

    If you can shed any light on the above questions I would greatly appreciate it sinc ethis is a film I personally have been looking forward to since I heard about it during comic-con.



  9. The second movie should be as revolutionary as the first, and should star the original characters. I have an idea how they could cinematically convey the main character’s appearances with his secondary protagonist and other survivors, not to mention the alien technology. But I think the second one should be based on survivalist antagonisms and not necessarily, action through out. But there must be action, and lots of lots of alien interaction which is Resistance fall of man two inspired.

  10. how about this does anyone think that this movie is maybe just maybe alittle alittle like war of the worlds i mean aliens coming out of light sucking up people and storing them for somebody part brains and blood. SERIOUSLY.

  11. now that i have seen this film, i was amazingly disappointed, if i had paid money to see it, i would have demanded it back, ive seen some crap in my time, but this film took the biscuit, oh and AVPR sucked not because of the charachters nor due to scenes some ppl would find offensive (which btw is what a good horror/alien sci fi film should do in buckets), it sucked due to the fact it was too small, they thought small, and ended small, the film had such potential, to be seen from so many angles, so many points of view, and please, next time, hire some good actors, for either sequel.

  12. Why would they make a 2nd movie, based on the way this movie ended, there’s no one left

    • Absolutely carry this story on!!! Many of those taken have stronger minds than that one hero. Make this a joint effort between those taken who remain of human mind and the resistance on earth. Yes-done before but always a good story. We are a race of survivors-let it be so again!

      • i my self liked the movie and would like to see a 2nd one made

        and like Freaofsyfy was saying the one main dude could not be the only person in all of earth to look into the light more then one time and have his brain put into the body of one of them and still be able to control hisself

        also just because big cities like la and new york could be empty of all humans does not mean that smaller cities have not gone untouched still after the 2 or 3 days that took place in the movie leading to a small army of humans to fight back

  13. My ver of the trailer with an all new mix and custom sound design!

  14. Any news on Skyline 2 ????

  15. Were is the second part its already 3 or 2 years its not out… where is the second part.

  16. Skyline was a very very good film, I was glued. – possibly one of the great sci fi movies of all time.

    AAA+++ genuinely well done to the brothers,

  17. Just watched skyline and I can’t believe a sequel hasn’t been made yet. WHERE IS IT??

    • A sequel for what?!?! These things cant be killed or destroyed and all of the humans are dead or about to be de-brained and/or decapitated. I though this movie was horrible, considering with all of our technology, we didnt see these things coming. They just invade, and blue light us into disappearance? Someone needs to slap the directors and producers for this film.
      What would the sequel be about. The one alien thingy with the human brain and pregnant girlfriend?

  18. OK just so some of you know….. The first Skyline was to set you up for the premise that the blue light has a major flaw. That is if you were exposed to the light too many times and you were caught and then assimilated then you may still retain some of who you were…. in that case then you could fight back and defend humanity. How humanity will be defended is unknown but if I were to guess I would think whoever had the ability to get around the enemies without being detected, Im sure the right person could do some major damage…..And possibly find a way to reverse the damage to all who were assimilated…Opening the possibility that if everyone assimilated were cured human and alien….that could open the possibility of intigrating or fighting the aliens who were cured….Who knows what could be released to the human population after the cure…..Im sure with good writers that it can go on for many series…..

  19. I could believe that, but who is left in 2 days they’ve captured 95% of the population. So those who might resist it may be able to fight back, But fight back as what, the main character fought back as one of those things, humanity is still lost. Nukes dont work, fire dont work, when you think you have defeated one of them, they come back to life with enough reserve power to debrain you and recharge themselves with your brain. The only thing that may defeat them is water considering you couldnt see any of their ships over water or near water. Then again, that may be attibuted to the fact that they went where the people were. The loss crwedibility when the nuke crashed the ship and the ship rebuilt itself.

    And fight back how, using what, it came out as one of those soldier things. not the big one. I just dont see how with the way those things were designed in this movie, unable to kill them.
    Yousay reverse the damage, everyone captured at their heads and brain removed, how do you reverse a bbeheading?

  20. man… its been almost 2years and I keep searching for final confirmation that skyline 2 is in production already!!! get it done guys!!!

    • I hate to post a reply just saying, ‘yeah I agree’…but…
      “YEAH I AGREE!”
      Apparently some people didn’t care for this movie but I have been watching it every time it comes on ScyFi channel. I always thought it could have a great sequel, but I have been waiting for the ID4 sequel as well and have basically given up on that.

  21. l just watch it this week end thought they should have been 2 or 3 theses movie marked it great movie it has you run to the window when there a light shining

  22. Where is part 2 of skyline…. serious. 4years later no release date