Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web for you. Today you’ll find a highlight reel from Jimmy Kimmel; a Nintendo player’s favorite footwear; a new episode of Neil’s Puppet Dreams; an honest trailer for Inception; and a baby girl dressed up like famous fairy tale heroines. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

SkyfallStar Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer Mashup

Skyfall video, Star Trek audio.

The Perfect Joker

UnleashTheFanboy‘s UK Editor Ciaran James (@Ciaran_CP) has combined Cesar Romero (from the cheese-taculiar 60′s TV series), Jack Nicholson from the 1989 Batman, and the late, great Heath Ledger into one perfect Joker.


Welcome to the brain of one of the sickest puppeteers ever encountered – Neil Patrick Harris. In this episode, Neil is faced with the discovery that some dreams are just better than his.

NES Converse

Now someone make some Power Glove gloves.

Baby Girl Dressed Up Like Famous Fairy Tale Heroines

A baby girl dressed as famous fairytale heroines. Don’t say awwwwwww…

Honest Trailers – Inception

I guess dreams really do come true, unless they’re in this movie – in which case we’ll never f***ing know.

Turn Your iPhone Into A Superhero

The Chara-Cases line is launching with cases from the Marvel and DC comics universes, respectively, so there’s a full line-up of super heroes, including Spider-Man, Venom, Iron Man, Captain America, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and so on. And Huckleberry’s looking to expand the characters on offer consistently every month, with Pixar, Disney, Muppets and Despicable Me characters all coming out later in this year.

Jack Sparrow – There you are (Brad Pitt Chanel N°5 commercial parody)‏

It’s not a journey… every journey ends. But where is the Rum?

History of Superman Logo Infographic

From it’s humble beginnings to it’s wildest transformations, here is the history of Superman’s logo in one handy infographic. It doesn’t have every logo, but it has all the most important ones.

Courtesy of TheGeekTwins.

Jimmy Kimmel Live Highlight Reel


Almost a decade of Kimmel.

Why You Think The Net Was Born?

Sometimes we need to be reminded why we have the Internet.

Terminator Cake

T-800 cake made by Cake Central member mad_mike.

World of the Ring by Jian Guo

Middle-Earth seems like it’s a pretty happening place: plenty of exotic locales to explore, elves handing out gifts, trees to ride when your footses ache, and treasure available only to those courageous enough to take it. If it ever existed in a Tolkien novel or note, then Jian has probably drawn it: his jaw-droppingly resplendent masterpieces tell just as enthralling a story as the novels they emulate… though in considerably fewer words. A Long Adventure with a Hobbit is available in print form at Jian’s DeviantArt.

Artist: Blog (via: Kotaku)

Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor

If you pre-order it now from Forbidden Planet for £374.99 and at Sideshow Collectibles for $469.99.

Famous Movie Quotes – Can You Name the Films?

Over 40 famous movie quotes all in one video! From funny movie quotes to movie quotes about love, watch CineFix‘s famous movie quotes video and try to guess all the films that are quoted!

That’s all for today folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more movie related geekery.

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