‘Skyfall’ Director Sam Mendes Doubts He Will Make Another Bond Film

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James Bond Skyfall Dark Kni Skyfall Director Sam Mendes Doubts He Will Make Another Bond Film

After taking a four-year hiatus, James Bond returns this November in Skyfall, a film that moviegoers have been buzzing about ever since it was announced. Longtime fans of the franchise have been craving a Bond fix ever since  Quantum of Solace, which was largely considered a disappointment. Although Bond’s extended leave of absence may be the root of all the hubbub, much of the Skyfall hype can be attributed to the talent and creative vision of the film’s Academy Award-winning director, Sam Mendes.

Mendes has enjoyed a lengthy career of commercial and critical successes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition) and although the early reviews for his work on Skyfall are overwhelmingly positive, it appears that the film will be his one and only entry in the beloved James Bond franchise.

Mendes recently told Metro UK that the massive work load and the emotional roller-coaster ride he experienced while making the film took a lot out of him. He expressed doubts at returning to direct another Bond film, although he is proud of what he was able to do with Skyfall.

“It’s been a fantastic experience, but it’s been completely exhausting,” said Mendes. “Do I want to do another one? I’m a shadow of my former self. [laughs] No, I don’t know. I felt like everything I wanted to with a Bond movie, I put into this film. So I would have to be convinced that I could do something that I loved and cared about as much if I was to do it again. I think the great risk of repeating oneself is that one doesn’t have the great store of ideas that you have when you first tackle a project.”

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Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes, star and director of ‘Skyfall’

Skyfall has certainly been a major undertaking for the director. He and the film were hampered with a number of production setbacks caused by the public financial woes of MGM. However, an adaptable Mendes turned this into a positive  for the film by spending more time rehearsing and doing script read-throughs with the cast, which producer Barbara Broccoli noted was a first for the Bond franchise.

The film has obviously benefited from Mendes’ creative energy and leadership on set, but Skyfall has been undoubtedly bolstered by an incredible cast including Oscar-winner Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men), Oscar-nominee Ralph Fiennes (The English Patient) and Naomie Harris (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End), who has the fortune of becoming the latest Bond girl. Of course, this collection of actors will join the stellar returning stars, Daniel Craig and Judi Dench.

Even if Mendes does not return for another installment, don’t expect the action-packed Bond series to go anywhere anytime soon. Be sure to look for Skyfall when it hits theatres on November 9 and get a glimpse of what to expect from the latest trailer.

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  1. *ahem* Nolan? Yeah we have a job opening for you…

    • LOL you stole my line!!!

      • I wonder what Nolan has lined up for his next film. I doubt it’ll be a Bond film though I’m sure he’ll do one somewhere down the line.

    • Oh geez, they show up already…

    • I would support the Nolan choice, only because the James Bond stunt team would finally show him how to film an action movie. But all things being equal, I will gladly take Danny Boyle.

      • Lol great minds think alike :)

      • Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I like some of the action set pieces Nolan and his team put together (TDK’s truck chase and flip, TDKR’s plane and football scene) but in terms of good ol’ hand-to-hand brawling action the choreography really suffers. I’m thinking given the right people to collaborate with he could put together a pretty damn good Bond flick.

    • Danny Boyle?? now Olympics opening ceremony has past (with great success – I loved it).

  2. I can see a few reasons why he wouldn’t wanna return, one being afraid of a typecast role similar to Michael Bay’s directing style, another being just what he said and bringing everything he had into this movie and not being able to repeat it.

    I wonder if Nolan will be asked or will he refuse to accept it just yet?

    • I think he is already planned his next project planned. original idea with Michael caine… 4 years may work.

    • Nolan throws the kitchen sink into his movies everytime and he did fine…Mendes should have the talents and the personels to do it…if he chooses.

      They could hire Nolan for not the next Bond movie but the one after…keep Mendes for the follow up or give it to someone for a one-off.

  3. I’m sure everyone Will bash this idea but I’d love idris Elba as bond. yes he is black but I think for an iconic character diversity can’t hurt. and he is unbelievable in Luther

    • im not one for changing the ethnicity of iconic characters like nick fury for diversity sake but if they ever did that w/ bond idris elba would be the only choice

    • Great shout! He would be amazing! Although given the fuss everyone made over Craig being the first blonde Bond, a black actor might be a step too far for the purists.

      • Purist right here. Elba would be a fantastic choice. The fact that he’s black is irrelevant, he’s got the swagger, the coolness for Bond.

        • I would love to see Elba as Bond. I’m a huge fan of The Wire, and Elba is fantastic in everything he does. I think he would pull it off real well. But my #1 choice to take over after Craig is still Fassbender.

    • NO. Colin Salmon was touted as next Bond last time. They’re both not good enough. Not a racist thing just they’re not good enough at ‘lone wolf’ style acting that is needed.

      • Elba would make a good bit part 00′agent but not 007.

      • Elba not good at the ‘lone wolf’ ???

        Have you not seen Luther?

  4. James Bond is British propaganda. Real British agents are nasty evil creatures who bring to fruition genocides(Rwanda), bring despicable despots to power(House of Saud), and generally cause all sorts of mischef at the behest of their equally evil masters(London bankers).

    • Actually, James Bond was written as an homage to brave people who fought alongside Ian Fleming during World War 2, one of them actually named James Bond but with the spy element added due to it being a popular form of entertainment at the time that allowed for various exotic settings and strange gadgets.

      The conspiracy websites/lunatic asylums are elsewhere on the internet. Besides, wasn’t it American bankers who caused the recession in 2007? British banks borrowed money and spent recklessly but that was because of the Labour government in power in the UK telling them to do that, the whole thing actually crashed because of Lehman Brothers.

      But that’s not the kind of discussion this website calls for.

      • @Dazz

        Actually, Fleming got the name James Bond from a bird watching book he really likes, in which the author’s name is James Bond…

        • Thanks, I figured I had that wrong somewhere along the way.

          • And worth mentioning, that for intents and purposes, Fleming himself was a spy during the second world war and Bond is very much based on him.
            He choose the name from the bird watching book he had while in the Caribbean (at his home Goldeneye) and needed something bland and inconspicuous to name his spy, so he went with James Bond.

    • Funniest thing I’ve read all day. :D

    • Mr Damon, I presume…?

    • I’m laughing, you just don’t know how hard, maybe open your nearest window, you might be able to hear me chortle at the ridiculous thing you wrote.

  5. Wouldn’t mind seeing a Nolan bond film. I like Nolan plenty

    • I totally agree, Chris Nolan has always stated he’d love to direct a James Bond film, and if the Bond producers are willing to hang on for a 2016 release date, he just might be up for it…

  6. It doesn’t have to be Nolan, in fact I don’t want Nolan. He’s not a God and has done nothing perfect. Bond isn’t Batman and don’t you EVER dare to compare those 2. I think Mendes just needs a short time to relax and then he can really decide whether or not he wants to do Bond 24

    • I can guarantee Nolan will do it.

      It’s one of his dreams and with the money he’s made from successful movies, they’ll wanna bring him in.

    • Nobody has done a perfect film but he is a great director. some reviews say Mendez beat Nolan to the punch with skyfall which some feel is the type of movie Nolan would make.

      • I’d like to see someone a little unkown, well less established in the genre Duncan Jones comes to mind as does brad bird.

  7. Holy crap, the Nolanites have overrun the James Bond article…

    • there just talking about potential candidates to direct the next film, with Nolan being the one aiming for a bond film. its no different than any other article were we talk about potential batman, or justice league directors, or marvel hopes for phase 2. What’s worse than a “nolanite”? People who calls everyone a nolanite.

      • @trey

        I don’t call everyone a nolanite. I only call nolanites nolanites. ;-)

        • Though I wanted to be angry…. I laughed. lol damn you haha

          • Mission… Accomplished… :-P

            I originally wanted to say: “I only call nolanites nolanites, nolanite.” But maybe that would have dragged the joke too far, lol.

            • Nolanites, lol.

              As if fans ever let the director off the hook when they screw up.
              Look what happened with George Lucas and all those Lucasites(?).

              The film community is savvy. Nolan is having a good run of films, but he won’t be cut any slack just because of that when he inevitably makes a clunker. Trust me.

              • @1.618033

                Wonder why nobody would acknowledge TDK’s weak final act or TDKR’s slow and redundant middle act… According to these “non-fanboys” those are the two best movies ever made… yah, ok… Batman Begins completely leaves out Batman’s detective side, TDK has the most absurd and ridiculously stupid attempt at showing Batman’s detective side, and TDKR showed it pretty accurately, but was all too brief and played no significant role in the film. I loved Batman Begins, I really liked TDK except for the last 20 minutes, and I really liked TDKR, so before you try to accuse me of just “hating” Nolan, I’m just not going to be blind to his mistakes like everyone else seems to be…

                • Dunno, I saw plenty of acknowledgement to TDK’s weak final act in many responses on this very site, myself included.

                  Maybe I am just confused by the term?
                  Like, if I thought the final act was flawless, would that make me a Nolanite?
                  Or do I have to follow the director off a cliff first?
                  If I told you I thought Insomnia was average except for the acting and cinematography, would that be enough to ‘de-nolanize’ myself? (lol)

                  At what stage exactly does the average fan obtain Nolanite status? I wonder if they have a headquarters? …yet!

                  • @1.618033

                    I’m not trying to make you out to be completely egocentric, but not everything is about you… I wasn’t referring to anyone specifically, which means I wasn’t talking about you specifically…

                    • I know, I was simply using myself as an example to try to understand the term is all.

        • @Ken J:

          I don’t see any “Nolanites” here. What I do see are fans offering enthusiasm that if Mendes were to not return, they would be very happy to see a talented director with a clear schedule who has expressed interest in directing a Bond film taking over the franchise.

          However, what I do see are “Anti-Nolanites” i.e. people who go ballistic every time Nolan’s name is mentioned, even when it’s totally justified and on topic.

          And btw, I think Sam Mendes is a Nolanite. He cited Nolan as one of his biggest influences in Skyfall. Awkward for you…

          • Yep.

            Someone mentioned Duncan Jones and while he is talented and would be a great choice, it’s mostly about finding a director that can handle such a huge, high pressure job and can guarantee a box office draw.

            It’s unfortunate that Hollywood is like that but I guess that’s why we mostly see the same directors making the same kind of movie when a fresh perspective is always a good thing for a movie (just look at the recent Batman movies or The Amazing Spider-Man as examples of directors who weren’t used to making action movies before but gave it a shot and turned out pretty good)

          • @ezra

            That’s what you’ll say only if you support the idea. Honestly, the one thing Nolan has a huge problem with that a lot of his fans refuse to acknowledge, is the pacing of his films. They are HIGHLY inconsistent where the first act of the film will be frantic and fly along, then the second act will meander along as if it has no important place to go, then maybe the next act it’ll pick up again, etc. etc. Yes, we saw this in his Batman films, especially in the last two with the last act in TDK and the middle of TDKR… I think maybe I can live with that when it comes to Batman, but that’s definitely not going to work out too well in a Bond movie in my honest opinion. I respect him as a movie maker and think Batman Begins was one of the few movies that “rebooted” a franchise back in its time that really started the trend because of how excellent it was. Ironically, the other movie that kind of helped with this trend was Casino Royale, lol. I also really enjoyed Inception and thought TDKR was really good.

            But honestly, I don’t want to see his style in a James Bond movie. Both TDK and TDKR seemed to really try very hard at being overly bleak and depressing for the protagonist, and I honestly don’t want to see that anymore in James Bond. It was necessary in Casino Royale to show us how he becomes cold, but in my opinion the Bond movies from now on need to focus on the thrilling deadly chess games, action sequences where Bond makes sure not to mess up his outfit, things that make Bond what he is.

            For me, I’d rather see someone like Fincher maybe?? After seeing his films like Seven, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Alien 3… ok, forget that last one, lol, I think he is more than capable of a really gripping spy action/thriller…

            • @ Ken J:

              Ok, that’s fair. I’m not going to deny any of the points you made as they’re all true. I guess his pacing wasn’t great in the Batman films, but I thought it was done pretty damn well for Inception. So if he could do it there, it’s not crazy to think that the Bond movies will be paced well.

              And I agree with you that we don’t really need any more bleak Bond films after Casino Royale (which was great) but again, I think Nolan might be able to kick back and do a fun, but smart, action spy thriller. But maybe not.

              And great call on Fincher. I think he’d be great.

          • @ezra

            Oh, and I also would like to point out, that you kind of have to be a fanboy yourself to see every comment that isn’t bowing down and praising Nolan to be from someone who is “Anti-Nolan.” Well, sorry, too bad I’m actually not against Nolan, I like most of his films, I’m just not licking the polish off his shoes, if that makes you think that I’m “anti” anyone, then sorry, that says more about you than it does about me…

            • Fine, so maybe “Anti-Nolanite” wasn’t the most accurate description. In fact, let’s just skip the generalizing labels here.

              I was not trying to say that you hate Christopher Nolan as a director or a person or anything. Also, I’m certainly not saying that you must want to lick the polish off his shoes. Rather, I was expressing annoyance over the fact that you seemed to overreact here every time Nolan’s name came up. Maybe you thought that these were just from fans who are going to irrationally support Chris Nolan through every single endeavor and bring up his name whenever they can, and consider him to be the be-all and end-all of filmmaking as we know it. But looking through the comments, I can’t find any one comment that isn’t directly related to the topic at hand: the future of the bond franchise and who will be directing it. And, as I said, Nolan, a fan-fave director with a strong following, has expressed interest in doing Bond. So it really isn’t crazy that his name is brought up. Nobody seems to be intentionally stirring up any sort of debate except you, honestly.

              True, nearly every comment is about Nolan, not Mendes, but I guess that’s just how popular this guy Chris Nolan is. Fans love him, and for good reason. He’s a very talented director who has directed some of the most popular movies of our generation. He, like any other director and any other human being has many flaws, but it’s hard to deny that he’s one of the best film directors of our generation.

              • @ezra

                “Maybe you thought that these were just from fans who are going to irrationally support Chris Nolan through every single endeavor and bring up his name whenever they can, and consider him to be the be-all and end-all of filmmaking as we know it.”

                Actually, more than a few of the people commenting would have mentioned Nolan for just about everything. Albeit in THIS ONE INSTANCE it was slightly more on-topic and relevent… I’m still a little sick of hearing it like I’m sick of hearing Nathan Fillion being brought up for every role, and I don’t dislike him either…


    • Have they? Because I am always on the look out for them, and to me, Nolan is a great choice for Bond, he’s clearly a very enthusiastic fan of the series, having said OHMSS is one of his all time favourite films and a huge influence.
      He may not have made consistently great Batman films, but for Bond, he would be an excellent choice.

      • Ohmms?

        • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

          • Never seen it, but I’m not a huge bond fan. only seen the newest ones and brosnans

            • @trey

              Too bad, Brosnan was probably one of the worst Bonds, except Goldeneye, which I feel is one of the best Bond movies, next to Casino Royale… But you really should check out some of the older ones. Moore’s Bond was VERY cheesy and tongue-in-cheek. Dalton was probably closer to Craig’s version of Bond than any of the others. Connery is definitely the most balanced version of Bond in the old style. The new style of the Bond movies, Craig is definitely a great fit…

              • Oh trust me I have heard brosnan isn’t the best. and regarding Nolan, I do agree in his big budget did aka batman trilogy and inception the pacing is off. now memento doesn’t have pacing problems, and IMO is nolans best film. the dark knight is my favorite film, but not the best I’ve seen.

                • @trey

                  Oddly, I didn’t really like Momento. Nothing against the technical qualities of the movie, there was something else about it that just didn’t click with me. Don’t quite remember what that was though…

                  I’m more of a fan of Nolan’s other films like Inception and his Batman movies, despite their flaws…

                  • @Ken J,

                    Don’t remember what it was when talking about Memento, lol, love the pun (intended or not).

                    • @1.618033

                      If only I tattooed the reason on myself…

              • Dalton was closest to Fleming’s character than any of the others by a country mile. I still don’t think Craig is a great fit but Skyfall looks to be such a huge improvement in every possible way.

  8. What Mendes said gives me even more confidence in this film.

  9. If he feels this way, then good luck to him. My favorite Bond film is Casino Royale (I’m only 21 so the Connery Bond films feel dated despite Sean’s timeless acting) and I’ll be saddened to see him go

  10. Bond needs a proper action director. Let Nolan take care of the story and drama aspects and Let someone else direct the action scenes.

  11. Nolan has said he does want to do one, and I’m sure he will, but I get the feeling he doesn’t want to do it with Daniel Craig as he said he wants to wait until the current run is over.
    So in other words, he wants to pick who plays Bond.

    Also worth nothing this quote from Mendes from two days ago

    “I’ve enjoyed it enough to do it again,” said Mendes. “I think the choice is in the audience’s hands.

  12. Ben Affleck could make a great Bond film as a director.

    • Yes. I’d be more than ok with that.

    • What are you stoned on? Share it with me. Your comment is a howler.

      • Have you seen Gone Baby Gone? Or The Town?
        The suggestion wasn’t that far out of left field, imo.

        • @1.618033

          I agree, Affleck definitely makes a better director than actor. Argo was a great movie as well…

          • Cool, was hoping it would be good. Certainly a unique story, perfect for a film treatment, ill be interested to see how he balances things. Argo could have some lighter elements than what we’ve seen from Afleck as yet, i’m thinking. Hopefully it compliments/contrasts the more realistic tension he proves to do well.

      • I don’t think you’ll find many people who think that comment is a howler, considering Affleck is now considered to be one of the best directors working at the moment.

        • Not by anyone under the age of 22. Affleck is even more pretentious and phony behind the camera then he is in front of it. Which is no small feat, considering Jerry Lewis directed a few films.

          • “Not by anyone under the age of 22.”

            Considering the age range of people who watch Bond, I think it would be just fine.

  13. Bring on Chris Nolan!!
    Seeing as Casino Royale and Skyfall are “inspired” by Nolan’s Batman films, and Nolan himself said he wants to do a Bond film, I can’t see why they wouldn’t look to him next – what other projects does Nolan have going on at the moment?

    I would prefer it if his Bond film would be with a new actor playing 007… nothing against Craig, but I think Nolan could do more with a clean slate so to speak. That said, I wouldn’t at all mind Craig being 007 in Nolan’s Bond movie either.

    … any-which-way, I’m excited to watch Skyfall next month!

    • That’s what he has said. He likely has someone in mind. Tom Hardy perhaps.

      • Tom Hardy could make a good Bond I guess… he’s certainly not my favorite pic for the next James Bond, but he’s a good actor, no doubt about that.

        • For me he doesn’t fit bond, I think Nolan has named fassbender in the past.

          • Fassbender or Cavill, although I’m not sure I’ve seen him quite enough to judge how good he’d be. He definitely looks the part and is familiar with action. I need to see his Tudors takes though

            • Cavill would be a horrible choice, although he’s been for the role before, he’s too much of a pretty boy, doesn’t have the grit to be Bond.

  14. Man, a four film arc of Craig’s Bond capped with a Nolan film would sit very nicely on the shelf, I must say. But yeah, think I remember Nolan saying he was happy to wait for Craig to finish his run. He met with the Bond Producers, and they all agreed it would need to be ‘the right time’ or something.

    Could be it’s Hardy he wants for the role, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Nolan already had someone else in mind maybe, prior to having really worked with Tom.

    Any other suggestions for the role? I think he would be a Director who would definitely want a Brit in the role, the authentic approach if you will.

    • And my top 5 choices has not changed

      Idris Elba
      Tom Hardy
      Michael Fassbender
      Clive Owen
      Jon Hamm

      • Loving your top 3!

  15. The best choice of director for the next BOND movies would be Danny Boyle. Also if they could get Frank Darabont to write the screenplay ! That would be one kick-ass bond movie !!

    • Boyle was reportedly asked to direct Skyfall but couldn’t due to his commitment to the Olympics, he’s a good choice and always makes an interesting movie.

  16. To Sam Mendes: Never Say Never….

  17. Wow, we are all drunk on Batman. Sorry, but Tom Hardy would not make a good Bond. It seems like he’s the Nathan Fillion of the mainstream. Tom Hardy is just “perfect” for everything lately… Sorry, but I see him as too much of a thug to be taken seriously as a government agent…

    Fassbender is another person being named for a lot of things, but I actually could see him as Bond actually… Definitely could actually…

    As for directors, I would like to see Martin Campbell come back to direct another one. So far he’s 2 for 2 when it comes to James Bond. His Bond movie was the best Brosnan one BY FAR, the others were all stinkers, so it’s definitely not the actor that made Goldeneye good… Or maybe David Fincher…

    And if James Cameron can tap his Terminator, Terminator 2, Aliens, and True Lies part of his directing style and not the Titanic and Avatar style, that would be awesome, lol.

    Or maybe Phillip Noyce, if he’s still alive…

    Or maybe even JJ Abrams. He really turned around the Mission: Impossible franchise with MI3…

    • Abrams damn near destroyed the Mission Impossible franchise, MI3 was terrible. It was Brad Bird that saved MI.

      Cameron is too American for it, his sensibilities are all wrong. I’d take another True Lies, that was the closest to a US Bond there has ever been.

      Fincher isn’t the right fit either, he’s never done anything remotely Bond-esque.

      And Brosnan’s films weren’t “stinkers” financially. But having Martin Campbell back would be great, and I accept that he will likely be back at some point. he’s part of the Bond tradition.

      As for Hardy, look at his role in Inception, that was very Bond like.

      I would love to see Fassbender but I don’t see him bringing much humour to the role at all, he would likely play it too serious.

      • Fassbender is very funny in real life (much like Tom Hardy – both have a good sense of humor IMO), and in some of his roles like X-Men:First Class he did show some “wit” (he still played the character fairly seriously, but there were lighthearted moments).

        • True, I’ve seen Fassbender interviewed and he is a funny, charming guy, but I still see them making him a hard edged Bond, if it ever happened.

      • @Sam

        LOL, are you joking that MI3 was terrible?? What are you comparing it to, 1 and 2??? LMAO!!! 1, nobody even remembers, and 2 was probably one of THE WORST movies ever made… :-D Brad Bird’s MI movie was fantastic as well, but it was made in the same style closely following what was set from MI3. 3 and 4 were like true sequels, while 1 and 2 felt like two separate, terrible, movies…

        And it doesn’t matter if Brosnan films made money or not, ALL BOND FILMS make money pretty much with their big budget ad campaigns, but the movies themselves were pretty bad, all except Goldeneye. Hey, Transformers made tons of money, maybe they should follow that formula for Bond films??

        And about Fincher, I guess you’re saying if he hasn’t done a movie about a British special agent with gadgets that he isn’t qualified? Sorry, but Nolan hasn’t done anything Bond-esque either, actually nobody mentioned really has, except Martin Campbell, except his Bond-esque movies were… Bond movies…

        Go watch Seven, The Game, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and tell me Fincher cannot do a movie with suspense, smart chess games or cat and mouse games between protagonist and antagonist, smart dialog, and good thrilling action…

        About Hardy in Inception, just like in most of his other roles, I still saw him as a strong-arm in someone’s group. Not a stand-alone suave secret agent type. Unless I’m confusing him for someone else from that movie character-wise (I wasn’t really as aware of him as an actor then, so might not have paid as much attention like I did with JGL and Dicaprio…).

        Fassbender I don’t even need to defend… I think whoever takes over the Bond franchise, if they are smart, would probably think about Fassbender sooner or later for the role…

        • MI3 was a terrible film, shocking in almost every way.

          I’ve seen all of Fincher’s movies, I’m a big fan, but he’s completely wrong for something like Bond.

          “Sorry, but Nolan hasn’t done anything Bond-esque either”
          That’s a joke right? There are hints of Bond is so many of Nolan’s films the plane/Bane sequence in TDKR, The whole last third of Inception was pure Bond, and Nolan is a good action director. I mean come on, I hate The Dark Knight and I am the one defending him here?!?!

          Hardy was suave and witty as Eames in Inception, very much like a young Bond.

          And you don’t need to defend Fassbender, read what else I said, he would be in my top three and an excellent choice. But I worry about what kind of Bond he might be.

          • Hardy is a chameleon.

          • @Sam

            “MI3 was a terrible film in my opinion.” There, fixed it. ;-)

  18. I just dont know about Nolan doing a Bond film, and after TDKR I wonder does he still have it? that was a huge let down for me, im a Batman fanatic, ive read tonnes of Batman, and the reason I do is because of the detective work he does, because thats what he is, a detective! Batman is extremly smart and in peak physical condition, Nolan hardly showed any of that in his trilogy, in fact I felt deprived of the Batman alltogether, especially in “Rises” where he had to rise 3 times before he started kicking ass, and by then it was all over! he tried to shove too many stories into the same film and in the end it was rushed and edited to the max, it was a mess imo, Batman Begins is by far the best of the trilogy, but Nolans best film is “The Prestige” thats his masterpiece, massivly underated, not TDK trilogy, if you think thats proper Batman then you have no idea.

  19. I love bond! Can’t wait for this movie to release tomorrow! So many movies to watch as exams coming close! :D :D

  20. Alfonso Cuaron to direct Bond 24 would be my choice. The action scenes in Children of Men are spectacular, I’d love to see him get a shot at the series.