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James Bond Skyfall Spoilers Skyfall Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Skyfall review, this is the place where you can discuss Skyfall spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Skyfall episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Skyfall for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Skyfall is Rated PG-13 for intense violent sequences throughout, some sexuality, language and smoking. Now playing in regular and IMAX theaters.

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  1. They should’ve split the villain into two characters. Silva as an ex-spy who could outsmarted Q in computer skills? Hardly believable. It should’ve been Silva as the mastermind and his partner who is a hacker.

    They should’ve just fired Q and all of their IT guys for setting up a security system that could be easily hacked by a guy from a prison cell with just a laptop.

    • That was actually the least believable part of the movie to me. “Mysterious laptop belonging to someone we know has hacked our systems in the past? Let’s plug it in to the mainframe and see what’s on it!

  2. I didnt see the film in English so i didnt get all that was there.

    Is Skyfall Manor James Bond’s private home, is it his family home, or is it left ambiguous as to his relation with that place. I like to think that it was left ambiguous, because if you reveal that he was born and raised as James Bond, that would kind of throw out the theory that Bond is a code name. Its never expressed in any other movie, but a lot of fans like to see “Jame Bond” as a code name that is associated with being 007. Thats how so many Bonds can exist in the same universe, one replaces the other.

    But this, and showing the Bond grave possibly does away with that. Can someone tell me if they come out and say that James Bond is his real name?

    • I have never known james Bond to be a code name. The 00 designation is the code part.

      James Bond was in the Royal Navy and has a storied past even as a child if memory serves me with his parents dying at an early age. I think they were fairly well off also. Think Bruce Wayne/Batman however not THAT rich.

      I dont recall which set of books by which author (John Gardner I beleive) I read this in though.

      • im aware it goes into more detail in the books. But as far as the films go, i’ve always loved the theory that Bond was a code name. Again, this is never stated in the movies. Skyfall is the first Bond film to reference something from Bond’s past, before MI6. Its almost an unspoken rule. The franchise isn’t bound by it, but its an interesting topic a bunch of the fans like to discuss.

        But i didnt see it in English so i missed any exposition that explained what Skyfall is.

        • Well to be honest you are the first person that Ive heard even remotely suggest that. That Bond was the Code name…

          • I’ve heard this one too. That theory floats around so there is a plausible reason for all these different bond actors. Not sure if its true at all, or just something fans have come up with, but i think it would be kind of cool.

    • Skyfall was the name of James Bond’s parents’ estate. Yes, James Bond is his real name (His paents’ tombstone says Bond).

  3. saw it last night in imax, worth the extra money! One of the Top 2 movies of the year and in my opinion the best bond.

  4. This is the best bond movie of all time and one of the best movies i have ever seen!!
    Daniel Craig has proved that he is the best Bond of all time!!
    Javier Bardem and Judi Dench deserve Academy Award nominantions for their roles in the movie. Mendes has done full justice to the movie. The cinematography was just brilliant.
    The saddest part was seeing M die. But I am happy that Ralph Fiennes’ Mallory will be taking over as the new ‘M’. The last scene where he hands Bond his new mission was just brilliant!!
    This might be the first Bond movie to actually be nominated for the Academy Award Best Film

    • While i generally agree with everything you said, i dont think it’ll get too many nominations. The only sure-fire one is best Cinematography. Holy crap was that some good filming. But this year has too much competition for any other category. Like Les Mis, Hobbit, Lincoln, and Django.

      Best Bond movie for sure though.

    • whoah…hold on there cowboy..

  5. Loved the movie! I’ve seen all the Bonds and started with the movie magic of Goldfinger. I really like Craig’s portrayal….the hard but human/sensitive pitbull pursuer…The destruction of the DB and Bond’s reaction plus the threat of M’s ejection had me laughing out loud….one weak point-when Bond takes M to Skyfall as bait to trap Bardem, why didnt MI6 come to their rescue sooner? It seemed like Bond/M were left hanging and lucky that anyone survived…I dont think the rescue/backup delay was part of the plan……

    • I believe because Silva would have known. It was setup to be a run from MI6 to make sure no one knew where she was.

      As it was explained to Q make it so no one BUT Silva would be able to find them. Had anyone else known it could ahve been leaked/discovered by Silva and he would never have shown.

  6. I don’t understand why people think skyfall is a great film. The plot is hardly tight but I’d forgive this for some great action. But what does it for me is the total lack of motivation. Where was the feeling for the deep mother/son relationship between m and James. They were aiming for a Bruce and Alfred thing, but they missed that completely, I didn’t feel any pull at all.

    In the opening scene, M orders money penny to shoot, even though mp states to both James and M that she didn’t have a clear shot (mp does what she is told and shoots and is basically talked down to and downgraded to a secretary for her “mistake” what a slap to the chops!!!). Why didn’t James just get out the way. Why doesn’t James get downgraded to an office boy because in the first instance James is too late to save his pal in the armchair????

    So James dies, how does that affect the motivation of others, not much to be honest I don’t think James was that bothered either. Why oh why???????

    James “died” for the greater good, sacrifice one to save the many? Ok, I’ll buy that, but wait…. What’s the rest of the film about? Oh yes sacrifice the many for the sake of one unemotional mother figure. Those poor people on the tube didn’t even get a look in.

    • You may want to put a “spoiler alert” in there friend — you identify the shooter by the name that is only revealed (in a cute surprise) at the end of the film. Some people might be upset to have that ruined for them.

    • Oh duh… this is “spoilers discussion” lol. I take it back! Spoil away!

    • M had to take a decision based on her agents’ report on the field. Before shooting, Eve stated that she couldn’t continue to pursuit because the road goes away from the rail track. She also told M that she didn’t have a clean shot. M made a judgment call then considering that Bond already wounded and Eve won’t be able to pursuit the target after the train went into the tunnel. Eve was not to blame here just because her shot missed and hit Bond. She was just following orders.

      One thing that bugged my mind about the ending was it was not supposed to become a happy ending. Bond, Tanner, Q and Mallory should’ve been imprisoned, especially Bond. His plan involved abducting M and used her as bait. Had M survived the ordeal, she could’ve cleared Bond and told everybody that it was her idea. Alas, she died and if there was to be an investigation, Bond would be guilty of abduction of MI6 chief and her murder. It wouldn’t matter whether she killed by Silva or his goons. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of Bond.

      • Yes because that is always what happens in the real world. The greater good is thrown away to persue and prosecute the guilty no matter what.

        The new M (above the old M) made a judgement call and allowed it to go as suggested by Bond. Someone died but in the end the bad guy was stopped.

        Sound familiar? Judi died because of a judgement call made by someone above her…. poetic?

    • Could not agree with you more. Sam menendez des just doesn’t get who James Bond is . All this mother and son relationship crap and frankly M ‘s overwhelming presence is tedious and over melodramatic. Daniel Craig wants to interject the character with “feelings” and slows the movie down . The movie is quite boring in parts.

  7. It was entertaining , but nowhere near one of the best Bond films ever – of recent times yes but not of all time.

    As much as I like Craig as an actor I still prefer Brosnan’s interpretation. He felt more like the classic James Bond that i think most people have grown to love in terms of the suaveness and sophistication. The idea of a broken, damaged, alcoholic Bond is a novel approach, just not as appealing or watachable.

    I did feel that if Silva was this highly intelliegent and influential character, could’nt he have hired a hitman to infilitrate MI6 to kill M?

    It did feel a bit old fashioned and anti-climatic towards the end. James Bond aided by two OAPs against a group of hired shooters. Just didn’t feel right or particularly exciting.

    Once again we had a kind of ‘Bond Begins’ prequel feeling at the end. They just need to move the character on now into the fully fledged, super spy that we have all loved over the many years.

    • I personally liked the Daniel Craig troubled, alcoholic Bond, but I understand that some people may not like 007 to be too flawed or grounded.

      I think Silva just wanted to kill M and Bond himself, that was the motivation behind his character. It was personal. The one thing I didn’t really get was why they introduced him as a homosexual in his first scene and then never even hinted at it again. It was more like they did it for the laughs than to build character.

      It felt anti-climatic for me as well, especially in the end when Silva just has a knife randomly pierced into his back by Bond.

      • Because there was no need to “hint” at it again. Being gay doesn’t mean you think about having gay sex 24/7. They established he was gay and/or bisexual. What more needed to be done? One’s sexuality isn’t the totality of who you are. In fact, Silva stated specifically that the “physical stuff is so boring.”

      • I don’t think he was necessarily gay he may have just tried to throw Bond off his game

    • so will the new Q, the new MoneyPenny, and the new M be int the subsequent movies? even though Mendes isnt directing anymore? and i agree with the above.. the dirty laundry ha been washed, now we’re itching for some no-holds-barred espionage, cool but not over the top gadgets, odd henchmen, more breathtaking locations, brassy music and class period.

  8. What i love about the James Bond movies which is not included into any Daniel Craig 007 is the gadgets he has. I think Craig is a good bond but i think i prefer brosnan. Personal opinion. I know they went a bit over the top with brosnan and his gadgets but i would love it if they bring more gadgets in. Eventhough i really suspect there will be none in the following movies.

    • Do you really think they finally brought a new Q in and will follow up by having no gadgets at all? What will Q do all day?

  9. What i love about the James Bond movies which is not included into any Daniel Craig 007 is the gadgets he has. I think Craig is a good bond but i think i prefer brosnan. Personal opinion. I know they went a bit over the top with brosnan and his gadgets but i would love it if they bring more gadgets in.

  10. Good movie, but no gadgets

    • that cool little electronic thing called a radio

  11. Sorry for the multiple post, browser error said it was not published.

  12. What was the purpose of killing the man across the building that sat down for the painting to be revealed? The people in his company did not appear to be surprised when it occurred. I didn’t understand that part…

    • I think the people in the room were doing a planned assassination

      • But why go through all the trouble to pay an assassin a huge sum of money to kill a man from across the street (?) when anyone in the same room could have done it?

        And why lead Silva into a trap, but not prepare for it?

        And why was the Bond Girl going around pretending to be a henchman for Silva if she wasn’t trusted enough to be without the “guards”… and then treated like a traitor and executed?

        And how was James shot by a high-powered rifle, but survive that, and the huge fall, and only have a scar from the earlier gunshot wound?

        I liked Skyfall, but there were too many plot holes.

        • I agree, there were a fair share of plot holes.

          I think the entire point of hiring that guy was because Silva knew he would draw Bond out.

          I thought it was hard to believe that Bond and his senior citizen friends planned to take Silva and his men alone. But M probably didn’t want any more agents to get killed after all that happened earlier.

          I guess Silva used her to draw Bond to his island. I honestly think that she was only in the movie for eye candy and a sexual conquest.

          I think they left it mysterious to how Bond survived to keep the mystique of his character, which doesn’t really make sense since the movie is supposed to be grounded in realism. The only thing I can think of is a bulletproof vest, lol.

    • If you watch the movie again……

      Bond was tracking his best lead to Silva.
      His best lead was the guy that kicked his butt on the train.
      The lead he was tracking was on another job.
      Bond noticed the female look back validating SHE knew of the assasination.
      After dropping the lead (hahahaha get it?) he went to the female.

      So why was the person buying the painting killed? Does it matter? Xlover of Silvas? Silva wanted that painting for himself? The target was one of Silvas former jailors?

      It does not matter. Every little detail does not have to pertain to the plot as it is followed in the main story line. Something else can be going on at the same time unrelated. Thats how the world works.

      • Dude, stop preaching.

        Everyone in that room knew that the person was going to be assassinated. That’s besides the point. And the reason Bond went to Macau was not Severine, it was because of the casino chip he found in the assassins case.

        Go watch the movie again.

        Now, just because the assassin was working for Silva previously doesn’t mean he was still working for him. It’s a stretch that Bond would follow the assassin to his current employer and assume it’s the same person that employed him for the first job. There’s nothing to link the two.

        Do you really think that’s how the world works?

        • Dude stopping asking question and when given an answer you dont like go spastic.

          I wasnt preaching I tried to lay it out for you so you could understand the thought process behind it.

          Furthermore the only one in the room that appeared to be in on it was the girl. When you assasinate someone you dont want it tracked back to you. Using someone in the room (only one girl) could have gone wrong. If the sniper misses no big deal he gets away and you cant track him.

          Yes if I hire a contractor to do something and I like his work I will hire him again and again. You will than build a relationship.

          So yes that is how the real world works unless you can find that the assasin only works one time for each empoloyer.

          Even so James did not know and that was his best lead so it is NOT a stretch. As a matter of fact I beleive they even say in the movie thats the best lead they have and the CIA has a track on him.

          The girl was not a ‘henchman’. She was someone with a storied past ‘rescued’ by Silva and put to work not being on her back all the time. I would think Gopher or mediator would be a better description. Even a front man to weed out good and bad business.

          Also read my post.. I never said the sniper was working for Silva. I just said he was doing another job.

          Lets say WHAT if the sniper didnt die. All he would probably know is where to pick up payment. Same out come. the sniper was Bonds ONLY lead back to the hard drive.

          Everythnig else was jsut fluff and did not pertain to the main stry we were following. Had we been watching a Felix Lieter story we may have known who the assasinated person was.

  13. I dont know why people are saying that Skyfall did not have any gadgets. In Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace Bond did not have a single gadget. At least in skyfall he had the ” radio” and the personalized gun. You can also mention the aston martin which had the turrets. Maybe this are not gadgets like the ones Brosnan had, but they are more grounded and realistic. I think that gadgets such as the ” exploding pen” which Q made a joke about will completely change the tone of the film and make it silly.

    • In Casino Royale he had the Aston Martin DB S. He also had the cool program thing on his cell phone that let him know which floor the guy was on . Remember the elevator scene with Vesper? when he gave her the parcel & said “open that” and she looked shocked ’cause it was a gun?

      He also had some kind of navigation program on his cell phone when he was driving to the Ocean club. I know, I know, but it still looked cooler than the ones we have on our iPhones.

    • The first two DC Bond movies didn’t feature a Q character, so you can almost ignore the lack of gadgets while they build the new Bond universe. If they are going to reintroduce Q, they MUST, they absolutely MUST bring the gadgets along with him. That’s all Q used to do. That’s like Star Wars featuring Jedi’s who don’t use the force anymore. It serves no purposes. Sure you can make Q this young hip computer wiz, but it would have been so easy to have him bring a small assortment of gadgets to the art gallery for Bond. They went out of their way to say, we don’t do gadgets anymore.

      If there are no real gadgets, it’s not a Bond movie. I would have been happy with one legitimate gadget. The movie was “blah”

  14. I thought Skyfall was very well done. The pre-credit sequence alone is worth the price of admission, and the cinematography throughout is awesome. As for Silva, the comparisons to the Joker and Hannibal Lecter are spot on. I actually think I like Casino Royale more, but again, Skyfall is a darn good movie overall.

  15. can someone please tell me the names on the headstone at the end of the film, I have been told that Bond’s mother might have been Silva’s mother too!!

    • The headstones said Andrew Bond and Monique Delacroix-Bond

  16. Not one person (or, for that matter, one reviewer) has picked up on one of the most interesting aspects of Sam Mendes interpretation of the Bond series for me- that they have completely re-booted some of the series more identifiable traits and looks. From Dr. No onwards “M”s office was a traditional wood-panelled affair, with an ante office for Miss (“Ms” now?) Moneypenny, the old-fashioned hat stand (back in the early movies when Bond and men generally wore them) and the famous leather covered door connecting the two spaces. I never understood the need to re-locate Bond an the department to the real MI6 building on the Thames- I was under the impression that to anyone he met, Bond was an employee of “Universal Exports”. Going forward it will be very interesting to see if this direction is continued (I magine it will as the production partnership of Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson is very controlling and would not have sanctioned it without supporting it as canon) and for me it actually bodes well- almost re-setting the series with the familiar cues from the heyday of Connery whilst allowing Craig licence to further develop the character. Bring back Ken Adam for some set design and please can we have a couple of gadgets? The reaction in the two screenings I watched when the Aston Martin DB5 (“with modifications”) was revealed was only bettered by Bonds use of it´s machine guns and his very personal reaction to it´s destruction…

  17. So does the bond girl die when Silva is suppose to shoot the shot glass over her head? I had to step away and missed it.

    • Apparently. Long spider fingers and all…..

    • Yep. Wasn’t sure for an instant, but then he said “I win” and then you knew. Really sad part – she was hoping and counting on Bond to save her.

  18. Things I liked

    DC is always good as bond.
    The throwback to the old Bond vehicle with the cheesy machine guns
    Silva’s reaction to the “what makes you think this is my first time” line from Bond.
    Silva’s first entrance & his “story” about Rats.
    Coriolanus!! – always cool in everything he does. looking forward to seeing him in more Bond films.
    The Congress \ Hearing scene where Silva goes to assassinate M & Coriolanus gets shot in the arm. – exciting & well done in my opinion.
    Q- wish he had more screen time. I have no qualms about his delivery & dialogue, except that he was so silly to plug that PC into the LAN without thought of viruses etc… [plot hole] I liked his arrogance & confidence.
    The “welcome to Scotland” guy.
    Bond & M’s banter in the Aston Martin. “Fine, eject me.. see if I care”
    Tying up the loose Ends; Coriolanus’s last name began with M, so he’s the new M, MoneyPenny, and Q, etc..
    Bond failing the physical, but M still sending him off for King & Country.
    Bond getting angry when they destroyed his Aston Martin

    Things I didn’t Like
    All the reviews- they hyped it up so much, I actually thought it would be “the best Bond ever” and it wasn’t.
    Silva – he was a weak villain. Sorry, I like Bardem, he was awesome in NCFOM, but wow, apart from his first appearance, he didn’t leave an impression on me at all. & taking out his teeth / jam was meant to evoke empathy, but it was just gross & disgusting for me.
    Berenice’s Character – beautiful, but forgettably irrelevant.
    Silva’s Story about Rats. It was stupid. doesn’t come close to any of the stories Lincoln told in his movie.
    Adele’s song. Frankly Chris COrnell’s “You know my name” and “Goldfinger” are the only ones I like [and Paul McCarney’s Live & let die”
    The opening credits scene. Again, The one for Casino Royal was far better. It stnads alone as an entertaining music video. this one was marginally better than the one for QOS, which was gawd awful!!
    The scene where M explodes the bomb full of nails was kind of cruel & had hinges of guerrilla terrorism. I didn’t particularly like that scene.

    Things I still don’t understand

    How on Earth Can Christy Lemire “Love” this movie, and give it “4 out of 4 stars” and “hate” The Dark Knight Rises???

    Did Berenice die? we just see her head go down, but no real evidence she was shot.

    • Believe me , when your life is in danger you will do anything to survive , rules don’t apply against psychopaths. Or will you rather watch M sit and wait for her death … please…

  19. Not quite the best but top 5 at least. The M and Moneypenny reveal were probably the worst kept secrets In film over the past six months or so. Will look forward to the return of quantum and Mr White and hopefully a new Blofeldesque No. 1 over the next two films!!

  20. Just saw this last night, it was a good film but I had some problems. the bond girl was useless and absolutely terrible, and idc if u say m is the bond girl cause that makes the other girl even more useless. bardem did really well but I felt he was a less compelling version of the joker. he just had no development. Also I felt the script was shaky In parts, while most attempts at wit were good, some fell flat. I’m not a bond fan so my opinions are purely on quality of film. I prefer both goldeneye and casino royale to this. last thing this movie was cinematicly gorgeous. best filmed movie I’ve seen all year.


    Me and my dad are going to see this movie 2morrow. Do we need to see Casino Royal and Quantum of Solace to get this one or not.

    • No, you don’t need to see the other 2. This one stands alone by itself.

  22. The Q character was pointless. Bond needs gadgets, that’s what makes it unique. Who doesn’t love when Bond is struggling with a foe and is forced to use a secret gadget to quickly dispatch the foe or gain the upper hand? I suppose Mendes figured the palm print on the gun accomplished this, but that was less than theatrical. It’s not like the gun exploded in his hand or anything, it just wouldn’t fire. The gun is just drug into the shadows and lost at that point, it might as well have exploded because it was gone after that scene. All we are left with is the “Radio” transmitter which becomes useless after Silva is captured. I kept waiting for Q to hand Bond something else before he left him in the art gallery, but nope.

    Q was totally pointless, the supposed computer expert outfoxed in his element is forced to just be a map tour guide for Bond, any lacky could tell him where to go. The next movie could really use some exploding pens, anything. I would have been satisfied with one legitimate gadget, even if it wasn’t used on the main villain. If there are no gadgets, it’s just an action movie.

    I also didn’t like how a sizable portion of the movie took place on that dull farm “Skyfall”, which was such an underwhelming realization for the film’s title. It’s a lot less glamorous when you realize that Adelle was singing about a farm for 5 minutes, not some skyport hovering in the clouds or a team of skydiving bomb riddled kamikazes. Why not just call the movie/farm “Moss Grove”, it would have been more fitting. Why the hell would a farm in Scottland be called SkyFall?

    I have to admit my expectations sank a lot when I realized they would be making that old cottage into a Home Alone trap, but didn’t use any swinging paint cans, it was so obvious.

    Bond needs to stay in his element. I would have loved to see him sneak onto a secluded island and take down the whole place machine gun blazing. Sure it wouldn’t have been terribly original, but why do you think we go to these movies?

    I really don’t get the point of diving so deep into Bond’s past and not even revealing what actually happened to his parents, it serves no purpose to lead us so close and not explain everything or at least most of it.

    The whole ending just felt like a cop out. Like they ran out of money and said “eh… let’s just go burn down a house in the middle of nowhere.”

    It’s also great that the Bond girl didn’t even make it to the 2nd half of the movie. It was like M was the Bond girl in this. Sorry to see she died from a cut on her hand. Really that’s it? I guess when you sit behind a desk for a lifetime you don’t learn how to stop the bleeding. She bled out from a cut on her hand? Well at least she’s dead, it’ll make for a better fresh start.

    Otherwise it was a good movie, but it did seem to focus too much on M and not Bond.

    • The cut wasn’t on her hand. She got shot in the side, near the waistline. Her hand was bloody from holding on to her side. I guess she bled out from that gunshot wound.

  23. Just came back from the movie and thought almost everything was great. During the movie I was a little disappointed that Q was so much different from the old Q and he didn’t have many good gadgets like usual. The thing that totally ruined the movie for me though was the ending. I can’t believe they replaced M with a middle aged man… That is so disappointing. If they replace the characters they should at least make them like the characters before.

  24. Anyone notice that the DB in Skyfall was not the same one in Casino? They both have the drivers seat on opposite sides.

  25. Bond’s mother’s middle name is obviously French in origin. What is the significance of this? Is it’s traceable to some warrior group in France? Scotland? The Templars? Other?

    • Seriously man? It’s not that deep.

  26. I definitely agree with many of the comments on here…

    I personally really liked the new approach to the character and to the filming. I like this Bond with less gadgets, this Bond with less accessories that in turn finds himself to be stripped a little of his abilities due to his age. I think it would have been a good stretch (but perhaps too Osé for an audience not yet ready to see Bond’s legend crumble a bit) simply to cut off the part where he gets shot and to blame only his AGE on his test failures and his difficulties to keep up in the field. I think this approach would have made a more sympathetic, warmer movie, and that instead, they tried to create this mother-son relationship with M which I don’t think was really appropriate since I just love M’s unconditionally bitchiness.

    Silva was perfect… simply amazing. The scene that hints at a bi/homosexuality was not really there to imply Bond being gay, but rather (The way i see it) Because hero’s today have a different connotation. The modern hero dares everything. And what’s sexier than a man confident with his sexuality? (And in a more disturbing/personal way, what’s sexier than the hint of an evil mastermind hooking up with OO7? ).

    I was definitely disappointed in the bond girls. We want feisty, not another damsel in distress. Or if you must, at least make it original without the “child slave” cliché. But… I loved it anyway. And the theme song was beautiful. Im going to see it again soon!

    1) How/why didn’t Bonds just move out of the way after hearing Eve was going to take the shot?
    2) How the hell did Silva manage not only to get out of the glass cage (sure he has connections) but kill BOTH guards with no weapon?

    • The character of Silva was great… But I think the film suffered from not having a final fight between him and Bond. Bond won the day by stabbing Silva in the back… Very anticlimactic, if nothing else. I wonder if perhaps Javier Bardem can’t do physical roles/stunts.

      I agree that Bond should have gotten the hell out of the way, once he heard the command for Eve to take the shot, but maybe it was tough to do so while being in the middle of a fight with someone trying to kill him.

      Silva thought of himself as a superior Agent when compared to Bond. If so, then (once the virus opened the doors) Silva may very well had little trouble dispatching the guards. Especially if the guards were surprised that Silva just opened the door to the cage and walked out. However, this brings back my first point about Bardem… Nowhere in the movie do we see this individual as a physical threat. So it seems unlikely that he can take out the guards so easily.

      • I just saw the film yesterday. I enjoyed it a lot, but I too had trouble with some of the plot holes. I think as the days go by, I’ll forget and I’ll like this film more and more. One of the best theme songs by Adele I think. The action sequences and cinematography were amazing. Definitely the Bond girl who got killed early on, was not very good. Was kinda glad she didn’t make it into the rest of the film. Now that it was mentioned, I never thought that M could be considered the Bond girl. That seemed to work well. I wouldn’t say it’s the best–it was great in itself, especially commemorating an anniversary for the series. And did anyone else get anxious when Dame Judi Dench was reciting the poem and the villain was after her. I was like, “Woman, forget Tennyson, please leave now!” lol! I adore her and it was sad to see that ending for her. It was a bit daring and new if they want to steer it in a new direction. I would see it again. Next time on IMAX!

    • Nobody seems to remember that Bond was in a chokehold those last few moments before the shot. Otherwise he would have been clear behind the agent.

  27. First of all, I thought the film was very well done. The haunting and beautiful score in combination with the grim opening credits set the tone for a less playful bond. It opened the door for a doubt filled bond played excellently buy Daniel Craig. His relationship with M has always been very cold and filled with a nuance of mutual respect. Since all if not most of these 00′ agents are orphans and all have a mom complex it makes sense that these two would fight over her whatever their motivations are. In the end it made it almost seem like M really was the mother of the vilain. Bond’s childhood/origins where never quite explored in this detail. Interesting nonetheless.
    I don’t think that every bond film has to have a cliche bond approach where it “needs’ a bond girl and “needs” gadgets. This was simply a film of revenge/mommy issues (Javier Bardem), ressurection (DC) and M finally falling to the same fate she has left both of these men to in their past. And her fate would be as meaningless as any other agents death in the service. A name on the wall. Bond now has that moment of catharsis and can move past his childhood issues and into a new chapter where he can keep his own council and not rely on that of an “M”.

  28. It’s a good film but I feel like the story and characters went a bit off the rails halfway, especially in the third act. Silva never really got to establish his ‘super-hacker’ credentials because he looks much more like a physical ex-agent rather than a computer wizard. And before he can develop his master cyberterrorism plan, or make good on causing more chaos with the stolen drive, the story gets diverted into the showdown at Skyfall – which was good, don’t get me wrong, but it kind of halted things like developing Silva’s motivations, or letting him show off more of his mastermind plan.

    Was also hoping Q would have a slightly more integral role in combating Silva, after I found out it would be a cyberterrorism threat – but he was cut out partway through as well.

    But the cinematography. WOW. That is seriously gonna merit an Oscar nomination. This won’t get a Best Film nod (no way) but it most definitely deserves a cinematography nod.

  29. If Bond doesn’t kill Silva, M would have killed herself and Silva with one bullet. Both Silva and M are dead anyway, at least M would have had the honor of killing Silva.