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James Bond Skyfall Spoilers Skyfall Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Skyfall review, this is the place where you can discuss Skyfall spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Skyfall episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Skyfall for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Skyfall is Rated PG-13 for intense violent sequences throughout, some sexuality, language and smoking. Now playing in regular and IMAX theaters.

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  1. “Skyfall” is definitely the best Bond of them all, coming from a guy who has read every book and has watched every movie.

    My jaw DROPPED when I found out what Skyfall actually was: the place James Bond was born. The dark memories. “The shadows.” Makes you wonder if he really hated his parents or just feels like they abandoned him after their death. That just got to me when it sounded like for once in his life, Bond wanted to break down and cry: “You know the whole story…”

    I also loved the scene (well, I loved the entire movie) where M was reading the sample of poetry and it kept showing Bond running as fast as he could through the streets of London:

    “Though much is taken, much abides; and though
    We are not now that strength which in old days
    Moved Earth and Heaven
    That which we are, we are…
    One equal temper of heroic hearts,
    Made weak in time and fate, but strong in will
    To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

    • No he did not hate his parents. He was a well off little boy (almost spoiled) and got stuck in an orphanage.

      Coming of age he joined the Military as he really had no where else to go. (money went to the land to keep the estate up before anyone asks) As explained in the movie (and real life) orphans make good ‘spy’ candidates.

      From what I understand (canon or not) he had a rough time in the orphanage. Even losing a friend (girl?) at an early age. Not like death was following him but he felt he could never really get close to anyone.

      Even though later he finally found true love, married only to lose her.

      This is from the books. I beleive the books can only be written if ‘blessed’ by the owners of Bond.

      • Ah. Were these non-Fleming ones? I have read all of Fleming’s, post-Fleming, and a few of the Young Bond series and I definitely caught the references to his childhood and such. The relationship with his parents was a mystery to me. That’s the only part of his origin I don’t think I ever found out, but “Skyfall” really does it all justice.

  2. I’m not a huge Bond fan, I’ve only ever seen a few Pierce Brosnan ones, and the Craig ones, but this is hands down my favorite. It’s far from a perfect film, but it’s the first one in which I was able to sympathize with the villain. Javier Bardem as Silva was just fantastic. M as the “Bond Girl” in this one (as well as the expanded role), I thought was just an incredibly classy way to end her run.

    I don’t know if it’s because it was written by three people, but it certainly felt like there were multiple voices behind the story. I love the idea of Bond being “killed in action” and losing himself because of the “betrayal,” but I did not like how quickly he went through that transformation back to being Bond, even if he wasn’t 100%. I understand they wanted to establish this plot point for Silva to have this “betrayal” in common with Bond, but it felt really forced, rather than it being a natural chain of events.

    Also, in regards to Silva, I hated his death. I loved that he so badly wanted to kill M, but when given the opportunity he hesitated twice. I really, really loved that weird Mother/Son relationship that existed (also with Bond). But I hated the way he died. I really believe M pulling the trigger at the end, knowing she wasn’t going to make it anyway would have served a much greater emotional impact than Bond kniving Silva and your usual run-of-the-mill death scene with M in Bond’s arms.

    Other than those nitpicks and the obvious unnecessary womanizing aspects of the film, I felt it was pretty solid. Bardem in my eyes was truly brilliant and elevated this film in the same way the Ledger did with the Joker. The scene with him in the cell taking out his teeth explaining how bad cyanide burns will be ingrained in my mind for a long, long time.

  3. My wife and I saw it last night and see the scene between Bond and Moneypenny differently. I think they had sex she doesn’t. I think the way they cut to the fireworks is a dead give away. what do you guys think. The first thing that popped into my mind when we find out that she is Moneypenny was “wait she can be Moneypenny they had sex, and Bond and Moneypenny don’t have sex, they just flirt”
    So what do you guys think did they or didn’t they?

    • I see what you are getting at but they didn’t have sex. The biggest hint is that she’s Moneypenny.

  4. I couldn’t help but be taken to Nolan’s Batman series too often. It even began in the opening scene with the bike racing reminding me of TDKR. I know that scene was solely coincidental for the timing of film scripts, but it didn’t end here. As charmingly fearful Barden is, there is clear relations to the Joker, I literally leaned over to my friend when he was captured and said “it’s all part of the plan.”

    The underground train breaking through and then falling further underground… Come on. End of Ras Al Gul in Batman Begins? Literally mirrored the scene. The idea that Bond is weak, has lost his training and abandons the city, I know it’s coincidental with TDKR but practically the same circumstance for both orphans.

    How about his home, built by his family, being burned to the ground and then he escapes through the TUNNELS under his home? I mean, I never read the book so I don’t know the details but for the film, let’s be real. It’s even in this scene where he gets away and you see the ball of fire barely pass him by, placing me right to Begins where him and Alfred take the elevator, look up and the fireball swooshes by. Last but not least, and now I’m just nitpicking with this, but when he falls into the ice (which by the way, he is completely dry in the church) it just reminded me of Bruce Wayne’s training.

    All in all there were just too many bits that took me to Nolan’s Batman, but the scenes that stood alone and worked wonderfully lifted the film as a whole (Shanghai, Arriving to the Island, Barden pulling out his teeth/first monologue). The movie is definitely worth watching, and seeing it in IMAX was 100% worth it, I personally just had problems not being taken back to Batman.

    (p.s. I just thought of the score and the music that plays when Bond’s house is being destroyed… watch it again/listen again and tell me if you get a sense of Hans.)

    • Sam Mendes admitted he was inspired by Nolan’s Batman, it’s true. I feel like that works so much better here than it does in Batman

      • To be honest the Nolan Batman films felt like Bond films to start with.

      • You guys should keep in mind that movies like On her majesty secret service and Empire strikes back inspired Movies like Dark Knight, so y try to assume skyfall was a sort of copy cat. Entertainment, its well known to take from and be inspired, its common guys, not saying I disagree with any of you but just take that in to consideration…

  5. I can’t say I loved Skyfall, but it was still very good. 4 out of 5 stars.

    I LOVED the references to past Bond films, and I LOVED the opening/animated title sequence. It just stood out to me, it was great. The action was great, it was directed and shot great, the story was great, and the characters were great!

    Like I said, I LOVED the references (“For her eyes only”, “Exploding pen”, and the classic Bond car.)

    Can anyone here list ALL the references to past Bond films in Skyfall?

  6. My second favorite Bond film. Licence to kill remains as my favorite.

  7. Best James Bond ever. It wasn’t over the top like the other James Bond movies though. I sort of wanted more gadgets and yes AN EXPLODING PEN, darn it. And there was no nude scene. I’m used to a little boobage. (And I’m a woman, so I’m not being anti-feminist). One thing I’m sure of is that it will win the Oscar and the prix at cannes for best cinematography. It was pure poetry to watch, just amazing.

    • There were at least two very sexy scenes with Eve shaving James and the shower scene on the yacht. The scene with Javier Bardem showed no boo age but was incredibly sexy.

  8. So Bond decides to take on Javier and all at Skyfall and picks up his Aston Martin but no weapons? Poor planning…

  9. Did anyone notice in the opening when they riding their bikes across the rooftop that the was the same rooftop in Taken 2 were he was held hostage and his daughter was trying to find him!!!

  10. Dear Stupid and Loathsome World,

    That was by far the most absurd Bond movie ever, and not in a good way. The bad guy was pathetic and just sad, the Bond girls were weak, and the writing was so ridiculous that I think they let the actors make it up as they went along. “Let’s see, I know, we give a gun that uses 5 year old tech and put big honkin’ indicator lights on it so everybody can see James from a mile out.”

    And where did James get shot by the MI6 agent using a .223 that knocked him off the train so he could fall 100 stories head first into the soft, soft water?

    I swear to Christ I wanted to go find a scorpion and put it on my hand while I did shots of hemlock after this movie. I could go on but there are so many holes in this movie I should just calm down and get over it.


    What was with all the derivative scenes from good movies that the writers couldn’t even copy well? Oh, and weirdo bad guy turns on the gas at MI6? How did he light it, with an internet match? And nobody noticed the gas pouring into M’s office for what would have had to have been over a holiday weekend judging by the size of that explosion.

    I guess everybody actually is incompetent. I mean, the Director of the CIA who oversaw the capture of every single email in the world thought his G mail account was impervious to such monitoring.

    And another thing that just begs to be mentioned near the bottom of the list is the bouncing flashlight in the dark swamp when you’re trying to hide and then capping it off with lighting the church with it just in case the guy who is trying to kill you mistook your lighted stroll for a Scottish glowing fox. This was the final insult among a slew of them. “Look fellow movie goer in the seat next to me, those people are as stupid as we are!” she says while checking her face book page for the eighth time within another five excruciating minutes of this I.Q. killing movie.

    And finally, the name of the movie was completely misused and forever abused. “Skyfall” is an awesome name that denotes some super weapon or a cool dastardly operation, not a freaking swamp farm. What a waste.

    Other than that, I loved the movie.

    • If you think the examples you gave there make this the “most absurd” Bond movie of all time, I hypothesize that Skyfall was the only Bond movie you’ve ever seen in your life.

    • Thank you for this rant. I wondered, too, when I saw Bond remove the shrapnel from his chest, “where’s the wound from the sniper rifle?” I think maybe Moneypenny missed, and he jumped off because he was already weakened from the first gunshot. I don’t think that in the last scene they were stupid for using a flashlight. It is a frozen lake they’re walking on, and there’s the risk of falling through a soft patch. Plus, they don’t know they’re being pursued. They assume that everyone has died in the explosion. Did you see Emma’s face when Silva walks in? She is shocked that he’s survived. The whole thing is realistic. She’s injured, bleeding, probably in shock, and her judgement is off. It’s a realistic script. The only part that made no sense to me was Silva’s shooting of his girlfriend. Why would he do that if he wanted Bond to come to him in the first place? That made no sense. If Bond was so protective, why did he sleep with her knowing she was a victim of sexual slavery from an early age. Lots of things don’t add up, but you are right, we live in a world run by mediocre, escapist hypocrites.

      • Silva has a love/hate relationship w/ Bond and M. His girlfriend sleeps w/ Bond so he has two reasons to kill her — her dishonesty and his wish to kill someone Bond likes. Add the fact that Silva’s demented by what he views as M’s original abandonment — and now his girlfriend abandons him — and you have his motive.

    • I’m watching the film again. In an action film things move very quickly. When it comes out on DVD, please look at 11:58 through 12:08 in the film. When Moneypenny takes the shot, the bullet hits flesh, but we don’t see whose flesh it hits. The subtle implication is that it hits the villain in the shoulder. Bond is knocked over by the force of the impact and the backward movement of Patrice’s body, and because he’s already in a weakened state from blood loss, he’s easy to flip. Notice, you don’t see Patrice’s left shoulder. He’s squatting down because he’s injured; otherwise, he would be running away immediately. He’s not stopping to mourn the loss of Bond. He’s stopping to sit down because he’s hurt and in pain.

  11. I was very disappointed in Skyfall. There is very little of the old Bond glamour and, um, romance. And what infuriated me is that it is so blatantly antifeminist. One of the lines in the movie is “The old way was best, ” So? Well then M is killed off and is replaced by a man, and a young woman who started out in the film as an agent, ends up back in the office as sort of a secretary. I did love, however, Mr. Bardim’ performance as the villain. He was fascinating to watch.

  12. Movie was such a let down. Nothing but another mission. The movie was about M not bond. It gave like no new substance. Should made M James’ mother, or Javier her son. No epic fight. First scene was the best in the movie

  13. Apart from a few inspired scenes and artistic departures like reading a poem of Tennyson the movie for me came apart at the seams. Some examples:

    There are no sensual sex scenes just the opaque shower scene that could be a Revlon shampoo commercial.

    What about any remorse for the asian sex slave beauty who got shot? Bang , and then cut to the next scene. She was hot and genuine but the story dumps her and nver comes back to her,

    The stupid flaming manor house goes on and on and on. Like why do they need to blow up a perfectly good manor house and Aston Martin and Bond does not even seem bothered. And what about the senior citizen living there for 30 years and Bond never bothers to tell him he is dropping in?

    And if Bond comes from Scotland where is his accent???????????

    And I never see Bond eat one meal in the whole film , doesn’t he get hungry?

    Or how about after he struggles in a fight in the frozen lake like would n’t he be shivering just a little??? I know action is importand but shivering would make it more believable.

    And what about M’s assistant who gets the email to inform M to get to safety ASAP but the hapless mope seems to think it more important to let his boss finish reading poetry. PLLLLLEASE….

    And lastly, just throwing a knife into the bad guy’s back a la The Lone Ranger was a let down and cop out. I think the villain was the best of anybody.

    • Awesome post.
      Much LOLz.
      agree with everything but last statement.
      I feel M > Silva

    • tecra

      Did you not see the look on Bond’s face when she died? There was remorse.

      Bond also gave a pissed look when the shot up his Aston Martin. And Bond didn’t like his ancestral home b/c of bad memories. Bond had to stay off phones, or Silva would have been able to track him to easily.

      Bond was born in Scotland, raised in an England orphanage.

      Do we really need to see Bond eating? He rather drink on an empty stomach.

      We didn’t see Bond immediately after he got out of the water. Plus Bond shivers off screen.

      M’s assistant does try and get her safety but M doesn’t want to run or look weak in a front of hearing that is questioning her leadership abilities.

      The knife was symbolic, that sometimes you just need to use traditional things even in the modern area. i.e. The whole argument that Bond is no longer necessary in today’s world.

      Please learn to pay attention in the theatre to what actually happening, and stop focusing so much time on what’s wrong with a movie.

  14. I thought it was a great movie relative to the DC series. It seems after his third movie they might actually get back in the swing of classic bond.

    My only beefs that haven’t been mentioned are:

    1). A little too dark for a bond. The previous two were getting darker and this one is there.
    2). The biggest plot loop hole that annoyed me was that all the planning the villian did was in the end based on coincidence: them actually going underground like he thought, them hooking up his laptop and figuring the code out( side note, what’s the deal with him having endless servers and then they only bring back a laptop?), and then not only that the hearing would be scheduled at all but that it happened at the same time as his escape.

    However – it’s james bond and plot holes are not only expected, they may be required.

    3). Last, and probably my biggest beef, i was annoyed that M even mentioned the 00′s at the hearing. As protective as she has been, it’s always been regarded that the 00′s don’t exist, and there she is broadcasting it to the world. Very out of character and out of phase with every other bond.

    Still enjoyed it and although i’m more into the classical bond, it does rank at the top.

  15. This is by far the best James Bond movie, ive ever seen. The fact that M dies at the end is saddens me, knowing that she wont be in any of the new 007 movies.

  16. I was really shocked by the plot of the movie. The whole reason they retreat to Bond’s old home is so that they can kill the enemy and keep M safe. What an utter failure. In the end, M dies along with the enemy (his name is not coming to me)who had tried to get M to commit suicide with him right before Bond walks into the chapel. Bond goes to all this trouble to save her, she dies anyway, and he just moves on with life–greeting the new male M with a stone cold face.
    I was willing to let go the fact that Bond miraculously survived, and that he magically ends up on an island in the shape to have sex with some girl and drink through the night at a bar, rather than being treated medically for being shot twice in the chest–of course.
    However, in the short time that he was gone, all of Bond’s items are sold off and he doesn’t seem to care in the slightest when he does get back.
    Over all, I thought the character development was really poor, things felt rushed and some moments seemed entirely pointless, for example, Bonds’ getting into a shower with a girl he had met a few hours before who would die a few hours later.
    Lastly, when the agent shot Bond and missed the enemy, why didn’t she just shoot him after that? There were a few moments of stare off between the two before the train reached the tunnel, and she could have easily sparred the next hour of plot line by taking that one shot.
    Lastly, the best hacker in MI6 can’t take down youtube videos with the names of 5 agents before the agents are found out. Really? Really? If anything he could have reported the video for bad content and youtube would have removed it within the hour. That’s just the civilian approach but whatever.
    In the end, I was really disappointed with the film’s faulty plot.
    2 out of 5 stars.

  17. I was disappointed with this film. It’s effects were good but I thought the plot to be patchy and shallow. It lost all credibility for me when a side-by-side 12 bore shotgun was refer to as a hunting rifle and also used
    a DB 5 suddenly to appear in Scotland which has the performance of a dead ferret. It is a sad reflection on modern films that 98% goes on computer graphics and the rest on script and plot – it ends up looking like an unconvincing up-market cartoon

  18. How come no one is mentioning Patriece shooting that guy looking at art in the skyscraper in shanghai? What was that all about??

  19. Did M really take the shot?

    Missed Opportunity – One of the main theme’s of the movie was betrayal showing M making decisions to give up her own agents for other reasons. I felt the ending scene could have played this out better. Did M really take the shot? When put into the position of sacrificing herself to kill the target she didn’t exactly act quickly. Did she pull the trigger or did the villain squeeze the trigger himself autonomically when the knife hit his spine? Or was that click the spine shattering as the knife pierces?

    I would have liked to have heard some dialog by the villain attacking M for not doing what she expected others to do. I think it would have greatly amplified this theme and her weakness.

  20. I have a question about SkyFall that I haven’t been able to find an answer to. The message that keeps popping up in the movie “Think On Your Sins.” The first letters spell “T.O.Y.S.” That led me to think that Q, who supplies Bond with his hi-tech toys, was going to be revealed as the villain. The movie ends without any reference to this. My question is, was Q intended to be a villain in an early draft of the script? Or an early edit of the film? Did they like the new Q so much they wanted to bring him back for future sequels?

    Or was it a mystery in the story that we the viewers were supposed to solve? We get to be the agent who figures out that Q is in cahoots with the villain?

    Watching the film again, it seems like there are a lot of things that he does to deliberately thwart Bond. Any thoughts?

    • “T.O.Y.S” idea. Although it does seem like something they might have done, it isnt. You over thought what it intended. Silva was telling M to think on her sins to try and get her to remember what she did when she gave up Silva and he ended up being tortured. By showing that she never thought of that moment on her own it shows what kind of a leader she was. She did what she felt was best for MI6 and never looked back.

  21. They ruined it. Period!

  22. I really think that M should have survived, plus it only looked like she had a bleeding hand… or was that a bleeding hip when she had her hand on it? M is like the second main character next to Bond, she’s the observer, the silent woman giving out all the orders. It’s a big loss not having M.

  23. When M goes into talk to Malery he makes a comment about the Minister being concrnerned and M says, tell him not to worry, but in the hearing the Minister is a woman not a man.

  24. The Minister is a woman not a man.