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Daniel Craig Skyfall Skyfall Review

Scene to scene, moment to moment, the movie offers one of the richest and most interesting Bond adventures.

Skyfall, the latest installment in the long-running saga based on Ian Fleming’s James Bond character, forces the British action-hero to dig into his own past if he intends to overcome a dangerous new foe. Director Sam Mendes (American Beauty and Jarhead) ditches the inter-connected “Quantum” narrative of the last two Bond films, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, in favor of an entirely new storyline that plays on larger connections to the overarching character canon and sets the stage for a more “refined” version of 007.

Considering many fans have celebrated Craig’s rough and gritty interpretation of the iconic character (currently enjoying a big screen 50th anniversary), did Mendes successfully produce a James Bond film with all the essentials (a smart story, memorable villain, and beautiful women) – while at the same time successfully balancing the updated franchise direction with the re-introduction of a few “traditional” Bond elements?

In Skyfall, Mendes easily provides one of the more inspired James Bond installments to date, painfully digging into the backstories of both 007 and M (Judi Dench) in an attempt to say something meaningful about fallible people instead of simply showcasing iconic characters in motion. Apart from its franchise appeal, Skyfall would still be a sharp character-focused spy drama with plenty of intriguing as well as thrilling set pieces; however, interestingly, the film’s various attempts to fit Bond into a more “customary” mold (especially his womanizing ways) are ultimately the weakest aspects of the endeavor. That said, while the subtle course-corrections over-complicate a relatively straightforward story, without adding much to the well-established character mold, they shouldn’t distract too much from the quality of the larger Skyfall adventure.

Javier Bardem Skyfall Skyfall Review

Javier Bardem as Silva in ‘Skyfall’

After a botched MI6 operation leads to a scramble across Istanbul, M gambles with Bond’s life – in a desperate attempt to procure a stolen data disk containing the identities of undercover operatives around the globe. Unfortunately, she makes the wrong call and with Bond missing in action, the disk is lost. Months later, when news of a deadly attack on MI6 headquarters catches up to Bond, who has been hiding out in a seaside paradise “enjoying death,” the 00 agent is pulled out of his self-mandated retirement to investigate the looming threat and recover the disk. Unfortunately, the time away from his secret agent life has left Bond worn-down and physically broken. Can 007 get up to speed in time to stop terrorist leader Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) – a dangerous man with an equally mysterious connection to M and the MI6 agency?

Despite an awkward pacing to the larger plot points and a core storyline that isn’t quite as unique (or smart) as its premise, in a franchise that rarely takes the time to consider Bond, the man, separate from his iconic characteristics (and numerous sexual conquests), Skyfall successfully digs deeper than most entries in the series – showcasing a version of the character that isn’t all polish and slick one-liners. Instead, Mendes offers a Bond that is actually capable of walking away from his responsibilities – drowning his anger and bitterness in the bottom of tequila glasses instead of chasing after evildoers. It’s an intriguing exploration of a familiar character’s limits (a subject that is rarely explored in the film franchise). It isn’t until Bond sees the flaming image of MI6 headquarters that he decides to put aside his grievances and get back to work.

Unsurprisingly, Craig revels in the chance to continue fleshing out Bond’s deep-seeded issues – instead of just hitting series action beats. As mentioned, the resurrected Bond presents a lot of fun opportunities for Craig to toe-the-line between his Casino Royale character, a man that would smash through walls to accost a fleeing bad guy, and a more “familiar” variation of 007 – basically, as Q (Ben Whinshaw) says while describing Bond’s new Walther PPK-S, “less of a random killing machine, more of a personal statement.” Still, for moviegoers who crave hard-hitting action set pieces, Craig is afforded plenty of rough-and-tumble butt kicking – especially during the film’s opening and finale sequences.

Daniel Craig Judi Dench Skyfall Skyfall Review

Daniel Craig and Judi Dench in ‘Skyfall’

While the last few Bond movies have delivered competent adventures, it’s been a while since a modern Bond film included a villain that could stand shoulder to shoulder with memorable rogues like Oddjob, Goldfinger, and Ernst Stavro Blofeld. However, in spite of his homicidal tendencies, Skyfall terrorist Silva is very fun to watch – relying on a smart juxtaposition of charm and ruthless bloodlust to mirror Bond’s own demons. Unlike recent 007 villains who, even with their own unique quirks, are little more than human faces superimposed onto malevolent organizations, an extremely shaded performance from Bardem will, for many, remind them of the “love to hate him” experience of Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight – cementing the character as a worthy addition to the list of James Bond scoundrels.

A new batch of supporting players also help to make everyone on the MI6 team relevant in the moment, not just pre-mission exposition machines. For example, the interactions between Bond and Ben Whishaw’s Q are especially entertaining – but the character’s utility isn’t just limited to equipping 007 with gadgets, he’s also integral to the larger movie narrative. Similar to Bond, Q, along with characters like Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes), and Eve (Naomie Harris), are developed human beings with their own personal arcs that interweave with 007′s secret agent antics. The result is a much richer world for Bond to inhabit – one that, subsequently, gives audiences an amusing collection of fleshed out personalities to enjoy.

Skyfall also makes a strong argument for the impact of practical effects – especially in an industry where eye-popping 3D visuals are increasingly becoming the go-to approach for blockbuster filmmakers. Few of the action set pieces rely on CGI fillers and the result is a grounded and immersive experience that, in lieu of over-the-top gimmicks, allows for a number of entertaining cat and mouse chases, hard-hitting hand-to-hand fisticuffs, and a surprisingly impactful finale that’s as big on emotion as it is explosives. Additionally, Mendes, and cinematographer Roger Deakins, convey a number of breathtaking images (especially in Shanghai) that rank among the most captivating visuals ever depicted in a Bond film (or quite possibly film in general).

Ben Whishaw Skyfall Skyfall Review

Ben Whishaw as Q in ‘Skyfall’

Still, for all the film does right, Skyfall‘s attempt to bring 007 in harmony with Fleming’s iconic creation often work against the success of the experience – at times dropping nuanced character exploration in favor of showing Bond engaging in his usual “iconic” antics. There’s no shortage of sexual encounters in the film but one in particular, a mid-movie shower rendezvous, serves absolutely no purpose in developing the character or advancing the plot. Some viewers will no doubt defend the scene by saying, “Bond is a womanizer” but, given the insight that Mendes attempts to supply for the man behind the legend, it’s an abrupt shift when the director then subverts the man and recklessly glorifies the legend for no greater purpose.

Nevertheless, as mentioned, Skyfall‘s few shortcomings are not enough to derail enjoyment of the film. Scene to scene, moment to moment, the movie offers one of the richest and most interesting Bond adventures – even if the core premise isn’t quite as sharp as the various characters scrambling around the screen. For every awkward misstep in Skyfall, Mendes provides several standout moments – resulting in an especially entertaining and provocative 007 adventure.

If you’re still on the fence about Skyfall, check out the trailer below:


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Skyfall is Rated PG-13 for intense violent sequences throughout, some sexuality, language and smoking. Now playing in regular and IMAX theaters.

Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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    although i appreciated the efforts to develop the characters of not only bond, but of all of the supporting cast, the plot was lame, and the ending in particular was a complete letdown.

    first lets tackle the plot. super e-terrorist bardem is hell bent on assassinating M as a result of her letting him suffer for 5 months as a POW. M does this in order to preserve the safety of England, as well as considering Bardem to be expendable as a result of his reckless ways. Now, correct me if im wrong, but arent all the MI6 agents notified that if captured, MI6 will disavow all knowledge of their activities? so why is bardem so angry at M when she was just doing her job? shouldnt he be more angry at the system in general? and in any case, if Bardem was such a reckless agent who was expendable, why trust sending him on an important mission? as a result of these inconsistencies, his motivation to become a terrorist was pretty weak and he comes across as kind of a whiny little child who didnt receive the love he wanted from his mother, in this case, M.

    next the ending. ok, bardem is supposed to be a super e-terrorist who can detonate an explosive anywhere in the world with a simple click of a button. so of course, when he finds out where bond and M are hiding out, he decides to go old school by sending some goons with machine guns to do the job. how does that make sense? for a guy who is supposed to be a tech wizard, how does he not come equipped with some gadgets of his own (ie, heat sensing scopes, or even a gun that has a scope on it). when M and bond’s caretaker escape the house and head to the church, bardem is able to spot them because they use a flashlight to make their walk. that makes sense, dangerous criminals are behind you, and the best way to conceal your whereabouts is to signal to them where you are with a flashlight. totally absurd. finally, the finale where bardem is killed by bond with a bullet to the back. i mean, come on man, how original is that? honestly, i would have much liked it both M and bardem got their brains blown out and bond was a split second to late to save the day. Judy dench as M is being phased out anyways, so why not go this route? and leave bond with some more guilt, as well as hold M accountable for her “sins”.

    anyways, maybe i expected too much since i love mendes as a director (road to perdition is definitely in my top 10 of all time). perhaps mendes was not given the artistic freedom to really do as he wanted, who knows. overall, the movie was enjoyable, but definitely had a lot of flaws.

    6 out of 10. what do you think of my assessment?

    • First thing you have to understand is that Silva had issues and being abandoned my mI6 gave him a reason to embrace his dark side.
      2ND; MI6 do not abandon thier agents, your thinking about mission impossibles ‘IMF’. MI6 Actually negociate the return of thier agents ( as seen in “die another day”). However silva was sacrificed for the return of more trustworthy mi6 agents, and therefore hated M for it.

      3rd; the reason Silva didnt blow up skyfall at the end of the movie is the same reason he didnt kill M at her office at the begining of the movie. He wanted to kill her in person, He wanted to look her in the face and kill her. This was why he told his guards not to touch her. It was also why he couldnt shoot her when he saw she was hurt.

      Hope this helped

    • Your are confusing mission impossible with James Bond. Mi6 doesn’t disavow.

    • You are spot-on. My thoughts exactly. Why this is rated so high is beyond me. I found myself looking at Quantum of Solace reviews and wondering why I liked it more. Then I realized what you are saying is true. Despite it’s character development and other features, the plot is really shaky and the transitions are comical at best. So they run off to Bond’s home and wait? Is that the best they can do? They can’t find any weapons on the way? This is clearly a story idea that was adapted into the Bond story just because someone wanted it, not because it made any sense or would be entertaining.

      • I found myself wishing the credits would fall so it would end. This lame Bond film could have been
        excellent with a few major changes;

        1. Find a nation, “terrorists”, lone nut, powerful billionaire, whatever instead of a COMIC BOOK villain. He/she needs a motive
        for acts which kill hundreds that is greater than being mad at mommy.
        2. “Q” IS gadgets. Put the “tracker” in his tooth…putting a “cyanide tooth” in an agent would be very, very unreliable…don’t eat any peanut brittle! The character is well-acted. The script just sucks…
        3. Visual effects can make a movie great but during the Shanghai scene I felt a seizure coming on as neon spinng lights morph into sparks reflecting off black glass make a gunfight look like an acid trip. Too much.

        I really could go on but why bother..I expect a movie to have a coherent story-line. It is as if they didn’t have time to fit enough dialog in to do the job.

  2. I was not too impressed. The plot felt contrived, there were several times where I found myself asking “…why didn’t that just [blank] instead…”, and it just felt uneven overall. And the theme song sequence *really* did not do much for me, in spite of Adele’s pipes. Still, the cast was good, the opening sequence was cool and there was some beautiful cinematography here and there. 5/10 maybe.

    • the whole show was a waste of time and my money. Craig sucks, he is a poor actor to begin with a bad storyline, no real area in rhe show that impressed me i will not be going to another Bond movie. I have all of the Bond movies up until the Craig creature. Wont be buying anymore.

  3. I agree with the comments above. It was okay. I didn’t walk out of the theatre (an hour ago) thinking ‘I want to see it again’. The opening sequence was cool, not as cool as the one in Casino Royale, but still pretty entertaining. I’m just waiting for an opening sequence where Bond gets chased. It’s been the other way round for too long. Not only would you identify more with the underdog/the guy being chased, it’s also much scarier.

    Lot of plot holes indeed. And too much ordinary action. Bardem did a good job, but nothing he does goes anywhere. It all stays on the surface. His homo-erotic one on one with Bond, his motive for going after M, his killing, his hacking skills… None of these things lead anywhere, because the movie ends with just another shootout.

    There’s also an attempt on telling the story of the young Bond, his childhood, but again, it’s only surface. I guess you can’t make up a backstory for James Bond, because he has to stay iconical. So if you can’t, why go there anyway? It’s lazy writing to let M ask Bond about his youth and have him reply ‘you know my file’.

    The plot is one from the Mission Impossible franchise (although maybe they borrowed it too), but it’s way too thin. Disc was stolen – Get disc back. Put some girls, a villain and chases in it, and there you have it.
    The look is great, Mendes can make a pretty picture (although the new MI6 headquarters look like the secret service HQ in 007 spoof Get Smart), but I wasn’t blown away.

    • Bond got chased in the beginning of Quantum of Solace.

  4. I know 3 people who fell asleep during this painful film.

  5. Although I was almost asleep at that point I think thingy was killed with knife in back and not a bullet.
    I do not go to cinema very often so not into details of Bond stuff but coming to this “cold” it was just the usual silly adventure stuff, story line going everywhere, car chases, bike chases, top of train fights, women suddenly in bed and of course the old old scene of people in rooms shooting at each other with machine guns and missing their targets every time (unless you are a baddy sidekick, then you will always get hit).
    Judith Dench did just not fit the M part at all and the Q actor had been watching too much Dr Who.
    My memories of Bond films is girls in bikinis and lots of beautiful sun drenched backdrops, all of these were missing. Having watched stuff like THe Killing and The Bridge on TV, hard to understand why anyone wants to watch this juvenile stuff.
    The last few minutes were just blatant advertising for next film, which I will be avoiding.

    • Skyfall – (2012)

      We love the Bond character, style, filming locations, bond heroines, and the bond gadgets. Most of these key ingredients are missing or purposely not included for the reasons best known to movie making team.

      Skyfall is a good movie but as we said key elements were thrown out from the movie and we /our friends while in a movie theater felt that it is not the great Bond which we used to enjoy on a sliver screen.

      The most important part of a Bond movie for the last 5 decades is the TITLE SONG which usually starts soon after the peak op ending scene. Title music of Skyfall is OK, but not up to our expectations. Just compare Skyfall theme with Songs sung by Shirley Bassey of the 1960s / 1970 Bond films,………… Skyfall just cannot match with the opening title song of past Bond movies much to our dismay.

      We are not saying that Bond movies should be overfilled with special effects but the Bond in this Skyfall is roaming on a scooter or in an old Aston without any tools which may give some frames a retro touch but fails to impress us.

      Story, acting of the stars of the film are very good, but this is not enough for a Bond film, Bond movies while maintaining the key original features should be extra-ordinary in its presentation which Skyfall lacks. Moreover studio scenes and some fist fights could be witnessed in any mediocre action film.

      Bond is our most beloved character and we do not like to see Bond portrayed in an ordinary manner, and why such a weak villain in Skyfall. Remember the villain of Gold Finger and what a class he was. We are sorry to say, we did felt drowsy in some scenes which show that Skyfall Bond was sort of mediocre this time. We do not like to see future Bond Films made on the pattern of Skyfall. 5/10.

      • Just read your summing up, as I watched it for the first time last night, and absolutely agree with everything you put.

        It`s getting such great reviews, and to me it`s not Bond enough.

  6. How could this bad movie get 4 stars? After 2 good Bond movies they created this disaster. Shame on you Sam Mendes.

  7. I just saw the movie and thought it was ok.

    Question. Why is everyone raving about Silva’s performance? Was it that good? It seems bit odd that this guy is being compare to Joker.. Bit of stretch.. ain’t it?

  8. There can be denying the Bond themes of the past. Some of them were extraordinary. I do not see anyone surpassing the power of Bassey… why else would she sing not one, not two, but THrEE themes. I adored the return of the DB5. As memory serves, M almost pushed the ejector seat button so it did have the gadgets. Speaking of gadgets, no one seems to be happy… there are either too many or not enough. Was there not at least one in Skyfall?

    Finally to all the naysayers! Did ANYONE see Quantum of Solace?!?!?!?!?!?!? How can you complain about Skyfall when it followed what so many feel is the worst movie in the franchise?!? And Skyfall is BY FAR the best since Craig took over.

  9. The film is really good considering I haven’t seen a James Bond film before

  10. I would like to extend kudos to Mendes, Craig and Dench, for as you put it “despite franchise value Skyfall is still a Sharp character-focused spy drama with plenty of intriguing and thrilling set pieces” Having grown-up knowing the iconic character, Skyfall is the first time I have felt so emotionally close to or moved by James Bond :) Skyfall is a worthy Bond experience.

  11. Not enough adventure or gadgets.
    I was never on the edge if my seat.
    I miss the old bond and really think the last few lacked
    007 style adventure.
    Bond movies should leave you with wanting more and you should find yourself day dreaming about being a spy yourself.

    • The producers were trying to return Bond to the original Bond of Ian Fleming. In those books, not movies, Bond was an agent with a pistol and some basic spy issue stuff. That’s all he had, and his wits. That’s pretty much what this Bond had, his wits, a couple shotguns and a PPK-S. I liked it. I loved it going back to base Bond, forget all the gadgets, like Q said, “Sometimes, someone just has to pull the trigger.”

  12. Not enough adventure or gadgets.
    I was never on the edge if my seat.
    I miss the old bond and really think the last few lacked
    007 style adventure.

  13. Not enough adventure or gadgets.
    I was never on the edge if my seat.
    I miss the old bond.

  14. Worst Bond film I ever saw. I am a passionate Bond fan and have all the collection up to Quantum of Solace.

    A bit of a sham IMO. Weak plot, no excitement and worst banter for a Bond movie. I came away from watching it feeling like I’d been dry-humped by particularly vicious Gorilla. Horrible,

    The producers really have to so something urgently – mere hype and pretence can only last so long!

  15. A friend took me to the Cinema to watch this film. Let’s just say if I had paid out of my own pocket I would be asking for my money back!

  16. Went into this hoping to get the JB film I’ve been waiting for. In the run up, ibwasbpromised gadgets, Bond girls and someone claiming a return to true bond and boy was I mistaken. I sat through the whole thinking this was a bournevfilm wannabe. It’s not bond. They need to go back to JAMES BOND not this fluff. Only thing, I’m sorry to see Dench gone as M but times change. I hope this will change and the real bond is back.

  17. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, I am curious as to what the people who want a return to “JAMES BOND” want? I think the bashing began when Daniel Craig assumed the role. Do we want to follow up to Die Another Day which many consider to be one of the worst of the series. Halle Berry was going to have her own spin-off series and it was shut down days after DAD’s release. Fluff? What was fluffy about SKYFALL? Times have changed and attempts are being made to have 007 adapt to them. We cannot simply go back to the classics when the plots coincided with the cold war which ended before Pierce Brosnan assumed the role (GoldenEye began years before it was set and took it to 1995 or then present day) . We went from the travesty that was Quantum of Solace to something better… or am I in the minority in that view? Can’t please everyone.

  18. Excellent review. You hit upon wonderful points and give the good and the bad equal measure. Good writing!

    BTW as a Bond fanatic, I kind of dug the shower scene. i like how he just slips in behind her and goes for it knowing that she was a sex slave since youth. that’s in keeping with his character after the one woman he opened himself to totally- Vesper Lynd- betrayed him, and did not allow him to ‘redeem’ her by saving her life at the end of CASINO ROYALE. I attributed this to James Bond’s errant pursuit of escapism, which was uncivilized throughout QUANTUM OF SOLACE and is now being drowned in alcoholism and womanizing, which he finds by mid-movie usually ends with her being a)slayed or b)paid. which is why his work as an MI6 agent gives him the financial and legal means to pursue being reckless- and he subconciously justifies it by subliminating any of his anxieties into making the world purely black in white. His guard will never be let down again. His mental justification is masked as a fierce patriotism derived from an amalgamation of his training as a double-O and ‘the job’ making the government as much his paternal precendent as M (Judi Dench) was his surrogate mother.

    he can trust the woman that shot him, Eve Moneypenny, with his confidence, because she was merely following the orders of ‘Mother’. And then he cried because he couldn’t save his Mother, but he was there to hear her say that he had turned out fine. Whatta send-off for Dame Judi!!

    As far as womanizing, based on how he disposed of Mathis in QUANTUM OF SOLACE after he became of no more use, you can see why hitching your saddle on a sociopath isn’t good for your health- but Bond almost KNOWS that and won’t allow himself to defrock those he cares for. That was alluded to in QUANTUM and this shows just another stage on Bond becoming, for better of worse, ‘Bond. James Bond.’

    Good movie. -*****

  19. Hi lol

  20. Most boring Bond film ever seen. I didn’t see it in theater, bought the DVD, regret my 14 euros. The title song is a shame, never gets it right, lyrics a joke, the singing feeble. The plot is stereotyped. Good beginning though in Istanbul, some beautiful images in Shangaï I must say, overall the photography is top of the class but that does not suffice for a film. Writers ran out of creativity and had to shamelessly borrow ideas from Silence of the Lambs and other movies . Q typing erratically on his keypad reminds me of the worst computer geeks movies I have seen. Silva the villain is a joke. Stlll the film holds ok until the London attack and the flight to Scotland and everything turns to grotesque. Well I suppose they have to come with a bad one once in a while, I love Daniel Craig as 007 and think he is the best Bond that came up, head and shoulders above the competition , Connery excepted naturally. Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale were excellent and I can watch them for the 4th time with the same pleasure.

  21. I love Daniel Craig as James Bond. He makes you begin to think that James bond might not necessarily accomplish all the things he does just because he is pretty, but because he sticks with his purpose. Casino Royale was excellent.

    Skyfall, however, is utter crap. Boring. Most of the time, during the movie, i found myself wondering what the world had come to when a James Bond movie as crappy as this would actually be allowed to hit cinemas.

    Lame plot, gaping plotholes, a super-hacker who doesn’t know James Bond might be wearing a tracking device, horrible and unnecessary dialogue, the most boring Q ever, so-so Bond girls… and no fancy gadgets for Bond? Really?

    JB didn’t even show his usual tactical ingenuity in this one. Mostly, he just ran around and shot people up. And the “nuclear” explosion in the Bond mansion caused by just two gas cylinders, which takes out a helicopter and like 10 men outside… really? Isn’t that a little too unimaginative?

    Hope some people get fired, so the next movie can be better.

  22. Just saw Skyfall…not a bad movie, just NOT a Bond movie. Quite apparently many disagree, but we’re all entitled to an opinion. Daniel Craig doesn’t come close to the Bond character for me. Yes, “he” was created by Fleming, but for the movies, Connery personified the spy. Tall, dark/handsome, great body, sex appeal to spare and a detached coolness that made him the perfect spy. Bond movies should be beautiful…beautiful men, women, locales, etc. I personally loved the cars, gadgets, sex along with the action. The current so-called Bond is all action and nothing else. Craig’s short, not particularly handsome, has no sense of humor, (looks a little old for the spy game to me) and is not particularly adept at getting his job done. Connery and Brosnon are my favorite Bonds and will continue to be until a “Bond” is found to carry on their tradition. In any situation, I would trust the characters created by Connery and Brosnon. For all their faults they got the job done, and were the stuff ladies’ dreams are made of. Will look forward to Craig’s run as Bond being over. Thanks for letting me vent.

    • See, the reasons that you dont like Craig as Bond are the very ones that make me LOVE him. He isnt* a pretty boy. (thats realistic to me) he looks like what I imagine an older gangster or Double OO would look like. Haggard, worn, slightly dangerous and paranoid/bitter. Craig plays these perfectly! I have watched Skyfall numerous times as its one of the few movies I can watch over and over. I dare not criticize Connery, but Brosnon seems like a caricature of what a spy should be. All glitz and Hollyweird charm. Nothing real there. Craig exudes manly ruggedness and NO hes not funny –because what is do darn humorous about being a Killer? Craigs Bond comes across to me as a real killer–I can believe he is a professional secret agent.

      • I would PREFER a happy medium. I was raised in the Moore years so my introduction was to the more “tongue-in-cheek” Bond but once I began watching the Connery classics, I found that I much preferred the original and still do. Dalton was unfortunate in that he followed Moore and was too serious for the time. Brosnan was somewhere between Moore and Dalton in style and Craig seems to have come back to the seriousness of the role. I was afraid that after QoS, Bond had been washed up. Happily, SkyFall redeemed him. 2 out of three films is not bad.

  23. JUST received this email privately from some lame ass poster on here that was too chicken s*** to publicly post it. I figured we could ALL laugh at this jerks obnoxiousness:

    Author: skyfalling
    Yeah, it’s so apparent you have a juvenile brain which will definitely explode if you were to watch a flick for people older than 10. Stick to Disney movies. I would recommend The Smurfs.

    LMAO! wow. somebody didnt eat their Wheaties today @@. Seems like a tad over kill just because we had a difference of opinion over a “movie”.

    My response to you skyfalling (if your out there?) Why dont you go take one of those Smurfs you so highly endorse–and shove one up your backdoor! You know you wanna…..

  24. About one year ago I sent a copy of the re-build book for my 1957 Aston Martin DBR 2 road/race car to John Logan at his agents in L.A. I did suggest to Mr Logan that although we would still like to see 007 in an Aston Martin, however the DB5 is getting a little ”Old Hat” So I offered Mr Logan the use of my car to use in the next Bond film, with a small suggestion on one scenario how it could be used! Not that John logan needs any tips from me!! The idea was,, some of you buffs will be familiar with a race that is held every year on the public roads of Italy, it is called the Millia Miglia. Entry for this race is very selective, ie, you have to posses a car that has entered the race back in the 1950s and 60s, at present many very wealthy Russian ‘Nice people’ are buying these eligible cars just to get entry into the race, and these cars are very expensive. My car for instance around £16 million. So as I said to Mr Logan, Picture the scean.. 007 has to get close to a normally well protected Russian Mafia chap, the only time 007 can get at him is during this race, So a very patriotic English chap (myself) offers his race place and his car to Queen and country. My car could be fitted out with Rockets and all manner of weapons, during the race every car has a chase vehicle with spare parts and mechanics on board, the chase cars are normally range rovers etc. The Russian chap would probably have his body guards on board his chase car, but these chase cars always get left behind, giving 007 ample opportunity to catch and terminate his prey. The Italian Police are always at junctions etc, to keep the public safe. Well these police could also become inveigled into the melee causing more death and destruction. The story goes on..
    I did not receive any reply from Mr Logan, although I know he received the package marked ”007 for your eyes only”!! If one would like to see what an Aston Martin DBR 2 looks like, just type it into google..