‘Skyfall’ Clip Shows James Bond & Trains Don’t Mix

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It’s hard to believe that not long ago, fans of daring secret agents and villains with odd accents feared that James Bond might actually become a thing of the past. Now MI6′s most valuable asset is back, and set to make his mark once again in Skyfall.

And make his mark he shall, on more than audiences and Javier Bardem’s villain, Raoul Silva. The first extended clip from Skyfall has arrived, providing a sneak peek at one action sequence that would make even Ethan Hunt take notice. We’d generally advise that construction equipment and high speed trains don’t mix, but this clip might be the exception.

The action set piece in question has Daniel Craig’s Bond making his way through a moving train with the help of a heavy-duty digger. The train sequence was actually one of the first things we ever learned about Skyfall, back when Mendes and Co. were scouting locations to film the sequence. Needless to say, the final result is pretty impressive, and the final shot of the sequence has been used regularly in Skyfall‘s trailers, showing Bond leaping into the crumbling train with nothing more than a straightening of his cuff.

The shot worked beautifully as a button to the theatrical trailers, going a long way to prove that Bond was back, and ready to bring a bit of swagger to the spy game once again. That final shot was enough to elicit excitement, and more than a few smirks from audiences (after all, that’s the kind of action James Bond fans know and love), but the sequence as a whole is impressive for even more reasons.

Daniel Craig in Skyfall Atop Train Skyfall Clip Shows James Bond & Trains Dont Mix

We’re always fans of directors who favor practical effects over unnecessary CGI, but even so, having a digger crushing cars atop a moving train would be one situation where we’d cut filmmakers a little slack. Director Sam Mendes is obviously committed to a stronger sense of realism with Skyfall, in terms of action, and in the film’s return to the streets of London. In doing so, Mendes makes the over-the-top, Bond-brand of action (his self-proclaimed ‘big fabulous escapist movie’) even more memorable.

The previous films delved a bit deeper into the personal trauma and conflicted heart of 007, and while not everyone enjoyed the departure, Daniel Craig has confirmed that Skyfall will certainly be better than Quantum of Solace. He’ll certainly have a larger, stronger cast to work with, including Naomie Harris’ Agent Eve, seen in the above clip. If this brief clip is the kind of trouble that he’ll be getting into (without descending into another depression) then the James Bond series might be on the up-swing.

Daniel Craig has signed on for two more films after Skyfall, but the road isn’t as well-mapped for other series mainstays, Judi Dench’s ‘M’ in particular. Ralph Fiennes is a strong addition that we wouldn’t mind seeing for more than a single film, and the same goes for the brand new ‘Q’ (Ben Whishaw).

skyfall james bond trailer Skyfall Clip Shows James Bond & Trains Dont Mix

If Skyfall can bring in new faces and still hearken back to the classic ‘escapist’ Bond movies, it would go a long way in drawing back fans who felt action had been tossed aside in favor of character pieces.

It’s startling to think that Sam Mendes might be the one to do just that, but stranger things have happened. Like this one time, we were taking this train…

Skyfall will be in theaters and IMAX on November 9, 2012.

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  1. Would have been more impressive if it would have had less cuts and longer takes !
    Like this..there is no energy flow,we always see something for a couple of seconds then cut,then cut again…all the same !

    Still,hope movie will be good !

    • That is modern film making.

      • And it sucks. Just like shaky cam. The power of bandwagons. Audiences hate it but directors do it because everybody else does it.

  2. Never been interested in Bond, but Mendes and Bardem are gonna draw me in to the theater to watch this.

  3. As much as I would like to see a return to a classic style Bond film,
    and as much as we are being lead to believe that is what’s happening,
    after all the misleading promotions this year I am not assured it will happen.

  4. “drawing back fans who felt action had been tossed aside in favor of character pieces.”

    I think you’ve got it backwards. The old Bond films were about character and story. They had a special feel provided by the Bond/Moneypenny romance, the exasperation of M, the wild genius of Q, Bond’s ruthless focus, tragic but gorgeous women, and of course, unforgettable villains. The action and gadgets were almost inconsequential. It was all about adventure.

    By contrast the recent Bond films have replaced all the old characters with bland, modern versions, and made the gadgets, explosions and fight scenes bigger and more spectacular at the expense of story.

    I didn’t even bother to watch Quantum of Solace- and I’ve watched every Bond film there is. I love Pierce Brosnan but he was the beginning of this new Bond era of action over story. I’ve outgrown movies in which the primary benefit is explosions and car chases. The old Bond films were exotic, character driven adventures. If Skyfall doesn’t bring that back, that’s it for me. I love the cheesy action when it is part of a good story, not when it is the whole story.

  5. The new bond is just a typical generic action film now, they got rid of everything that made the original bond timeless. The great spy elements, the tragic character fall, and the story doesn’t even get anywhere it just follows on a line without any twist or turns whatsoever it’s all too predictable now. It just feels like another Bourne or Mission Impossible film.

    • My feelings exactly. I haven’t watched a single one of the Bourne films, and I have no plans to. Generic action films are boring and childish. Unfortunately that’s what they’ve turned Bond films into.

      • The first Bourne film was good. There was chemistry between Marie & Bourne, and we felt a little compassion for some of the assassins.

        • I drug my heels on watching the Bourne movies for a long time (because Matt Damon bugged me so much in The Talented Mr. Ripley) despite hearing so many great things about them. I was more than pleasantly shocked when I finally sat down and watched the first Bourne movie (and think the two sequels were pretty good too, though the shaky cam can grate, can’t get into the Renner one tho’) it showed that spy films could have heart and story along with really smartly choreographed brutal action. But Craig’s Bond really took that ball and ran with it. Generic action films are being made all the time, but boring and childish don’t apply to Craig’s Bond and Skyfall will be no exception. Craig’s Bond has emotional truths, the action is clever and plays for keeps, the style and exotic locations sets the bar, and it stars women instead of girls. I can’t get enough of it.

  6. man that was awesome. Cant wait!

  7. out of all Bonds I think Craig is the most bad ass one my favorite

  8. Whilst Craig is a more tougher, physical version, I do feel that recent movies have lost the very essence of what the character is about. We watch Bond because he is always the same. Always saving the world, sleeping with women and loving what he does. We don’t need to see depths into his character, we just want back the charisma and stylish personality that certainly Connery and Moore possessed.

    I appreciate that they have to fit in with modern times, but it would be good just to see Bond actually enjoying himself once again. A bit of fun and escapism is what’s needed the most.

  9. hahahah it is really a farce,sorry. at one side the audience wants new and fresh ideas,but at the other side they get confused if they make some changes on a character like bond or if for example a movie like -total recall- shows another version of the story which thank god was not compared one to one to the original version.

  10. Cool love Craig’s Bond he’s a great actor, but he looks a tad bit old in this clip but that won’t stop me from seeing this

  11. I guess I’m enjoying the new Bonds, and I’m a long-time fan. I guess I do miss some aspects of the Moore era films, but still I’m kind of an action junkie (though I didn’t like the Bourne series all that much).

    Anyway, I thought this sequence was fun and very Bond. I do have to agree somewhat with fewer multiple cuts for a scene. Still.. enjoyed it. Look forward to this film.

  12. I for one am glad to see someone else make the case that the first 2 installments of the Daniel Craig BOND resurrection were seriously lacking in the action department. As much as I enjoy seeing Craig as Bond I do NOT consider CASINO ROYALE to be one of the best bond films and I personally believe that PIERCE BRONSON’S Bond is the best to date. I do however look forward to seeing SKYFALL and hope that it will do for the serious what GOLDENEYE did for it back in the 90′s when it was last re-resurrected.

  13. Marvel Studios should seriously consider hiring Daniel Craig to play Ulysses Klaw in the Black Panther movie. Craig would be convincing as the villain and it would be a welcomed change of pace from his usual role as the hero.