‘Skyfall’ Box Office Crosses the $1 Billion Mark Worldwide

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skyfall Skyfall Box Office Crosses the $1 Billion Mark Worldwide

It’s no understatement to say that this year’s James Bond adventure Skyfall had something to prove. Four years had passed since the previous installment, Quantum of Solace, which many consider a lackluster follow-up to Daniel Craig’s 007 debut in Casino Royale. However, with Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition) at the helm, Skyfall scored with both critics and fans, with many claiming it is among the franchise’s best entries.

Now Sony has announced that the film has earned more than $1 billion worldwide. This makes it the first film in the Bond franchise to reach that total and the highest-grossing film in Sony Pictures history. However, even with this hefty box office take, Skyfall is the 14th film to hit this milestone and the third 2012 film to do so, following The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Of course, a pair of James Cameron films РAvatar ($2.7 billion) and Titanic ($2.1 billion) Рstill sit comfortably atop the list.

Domestically, Skyfall has earned $289.6 million, while $710.6 million accounts for ticket sales overseas. However, those totals are in flux, as the film is still currently in theaters. Skyfall has yet to open in China, where it will debut on January 21.

While James Bond films are typically blockbuster affairs, something about Skyfall has struck a particular chord with critics and moviegoers. This is likely due, at least in part, to a magnetic performance from Oscar winner Javier Bardem, who delivers one of the most memorable Bond villains in recent years. In fact, his character of Silva has been touted as the best onscreen baddie since Heath Ledger’s iconic turn as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

As for the future of Bond, Skyfall co-writer John Logan is already signed to pen the next film in the series, and Daniel Craig will play the superspy for at least two more films. There’s no telling whether or not subsequent Bond adventures will be able to match or exceed the success of Skyfall, but you can bet that Sony is going to do everything they can to catch lightning in a bottle for a second time.

Bond 24 (obviously not the official title) is slated to hit theaters sometime in 2014.

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  1. I’m incredibly happy this movie did so damm well :)

  2. Tom Hardy was better. I enjoyed the hell of out Javier’s Silva…but it wasn’t anything truley groundbreaking and outside of some really cool character development he felt a bit flat at times and incohesive. Hardy on the other hand devoure his role, and to me, completely enveloped the character so well and convincing which in turn allowed me to be carried along with his rapture

    • I couldn’t understand half of what he was saying and in the end turned out to be just another thug. Bardem was INFINITELY better than Hardy and a much MUCH creepier villain. Before you go bashing me, I enjoyed TDKR (although I felt it was a little long), but Bane was essentially a hired gun who had someone else doing the thinking behind the scenes for him. Silva was just so unnerving and Bardem captured that beautifully.

      • Yeah. Hardy’s turn as Bane ended up quite bland in the finish. The muffled voice over certainly didn’t help either. And as for his accent!? What the hell was that all about? It was funny I suppose.

  3. honestly feel asleep on skyfall

    • same here. I don’t get why people are acting like Skyfall is such a great movie, when it actually wasn’t.

      • I’ll third that. I found it to be quite mediocre. And Bardem was great, but to me his character was underutilized and not the sort of thing that would itself account for people loving Skyfall.

      • I do hope you aren’t going to try to be one of those people who lives in the past and only likes a certain era.

        “From Russia with Love” is a great movie, but it can be incredibly boring

  4. Guyz remember the silhoutte image of raoul silva against the backdrop of a burning mansion, that was some nice cinematography.Bane was not just a thug, i believe he came up with the plan. talia wanted to destroy gotham and batman but bane knew how to achieve both talia didnt.remember talia telling bane not to kill batman yet he ignored her orders proving he was capable of standing on his own plus banes speech in the sewers is f****** boss. BANE IS THE BEST VILLAIN OF 2012

    • the speech was definitely bada–. I don’t know why people keeping saying that they could not understand Bane. I can’t recall a point in the movie were I could not follow along.

  5. Bane was a better villain, though Silva was great in Skyfall.

  6. Yes Bane was by far the better villian, Skyfall was my favourite 007, seen it twice, loved it! but Tom Hardy nailed the part as Bane imo, I thought he was frightening, did everything he possibly could with a mask on, his eyes are pure rage and his voice is weird but sounds so evil, wasnt to happy to see Catwomen kill Bane though, he should of went out a bit better than that, Catwomen shouldnt be killing Bane!

    • If you think about it, Bane could only be defeated by someone firing cannons at him even though he was at his weakest moment.

      A combination of his physical toughness as well as the constant anasthesia running through the mask made him hard to fight in a hand to hand situation.

  7. Yeah, Bane was a better villain than Silva and I honestly thought we didn’t get enough Silva on screen during Skyfall to really say the character was a true great like we can with The Joker.

    Skyfall was the biggest movie at the UK box office, taking more money than any other movie this year in UK theatres but part of me knows that it was the massive media hype about the movie as well as the fact it was the 50th anniversary of Bond movies, something that was also majorly hyped here. That’s why I think more people went to see it, at least in Britain.

    Not to say it wasn’t a good movie, it was, it’s just that the media can help make or break a film’s success as much as the acting, directing and writing can.

    The next one won’t be as big or successful but it’ll be interesting to see where they take the series next.

  8. I think that you should mention that this movie wasn’t in 3D. And that the only 3 movies that made over 1 billion without 3D in the last 8 years are the dark knight, the dark knight rises and now skyfall, or in the last 10 years with return of the king

    • Good point.

  9. I didn’t like Skyfall as much as most people did. Nevertheless, this is an amazing accomplishment. Kudos.

  10. Don’t think CHINA will matter that much !
    Since today many sites like here offer the movie to watch,Youku or Tudou are streaming SKYFALL online already,since a good copy of the movie appeared online !

    Has over 3 Million hits for 1 day…thats a lot !

  11. Gotta say I’m surprised it crossed one billion. I loved the movie and I’m glad it managed to do it, but I honestly thought it would run out of steam near 800 million.

  12. Silva was a good Bond villain, Craig is a good Bond… but Skyfall was not a good Bond movie.

  13. So this might sound like a stupid question, but does the figures that skyfall brings in next year count for its 2012 total since it was released in 2012?

  14. In a value of today, What was the most profitable James Bond before Skyfall ?

  15. I’m thrilled Skyfall has done so well! Craig finally got the Bond movie he deserved and Bardem was a revelation, he played Silva with the right amount of camp and sinister, loved it!

    Villain of the year for me? The whole middle section of Looper, way to ruin the pace and all my interest in a quality movie!

  16. Skyfall did not impress me much. When I was in line to see Life of Pi, this guy behind me was going to see Skyfall, and these ladies were telling him how great it was. I wanted to speak up and say “it’s not anything to write home about,” but I figured that I would not interfere. A lot of people seem to like it…

  17. It’s a great achievement for the franchise that always has and will continue to be popular for many years to come long after the likes of the Mission and Bourne series are over.

    For all the good critical reception, marketing and film quality, the four year absence from Quantum of Solace was probably the biggest factor of the billion dollar success. It gave audiences time to breathe and forget about the previous installment. Skyfall then came across as a major event that was new and fresh. It’s a great example of why the James Bond series has lasted so long.

    There will of course be high expectation for the next movie. Lots of measures will be taken in terms of budget, marketing , hype to try and replicate Skyfall’s success. Is it possible that we may see the first ever 3D Bond movie in a couple of years time?

    And why or why does every big movie’s success have to tie back to The Dark Knight? It seems almost mandatory that every major blockbuster has to be compared to Nolan’s Batman films nowadays.

    • I also think Bonds success has a lot to do with the awesome year we have just had in Britain, with the Queens Jubilee celebrations, holding the Olympics (which Bond was part of) endless achievments in sport and the massive feeling of pride British people have, Bond is another string to our bow and it’s clear that everyone has come out to support him, he is the ultimate British icon!

      • That makes a lot of sense, Dr Noisewater; thanks for helping me feel like I understand it a bit more. It definitely has been a big year for you Brits.

  18. One of my favorite movies of the year. :)

  19. Just saw this movie, Don’t know why it has done well, it was the worst james bond film ever, the acting was terrible, and daniel craig looked like he didnt enjoy the film, I still can’t except him as bond, he just doesnt look the part, looks like a football player or something not james bond, he was good in cowboys vs aliens though, total waist of money this film, people are desperate for entertainment, Brocalli needs to be spoken to, they have lost the plot, time to reboot the series and with a new james bond that has charm and the right look.

    • Someone hasn’t read the Ian Fleming novels…or isn’t a Bond fan…

  20. I liked Craig as Bond…he is very close to Ian Flemming’s Bond. Hope he does more though doubt it as he is probably too old now.

    Skyfall….Though Albert Finney doing that Scottish accent was awful. Glad they killed Judi Dench off……she is way too old. And I thought the new Q was embarrassing. he was too young and pointless!

    Silva was way over the top as the baddy too.

    Still despite this I still think it was the best Bond yet after Quantum of Solice. I don’t like the old ones….not enough CGI.