King Kong Origins Movie ‘Skull Island’ Announced for 2016

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Skull Island Movie King Kong Trailer King Kong Origins Movie Skull Island Announced for 2016

With the world of prehistoric monsters rejuvenated by Legendary’s Godzilla – and soon to be bolstered by the return of dinosaurs in Jurassic World – Universal is clearly looking to bring their heaviest hitters back in force. And thanks to a surprise announcement at Comic-Con 2014, fans can add the King Kong origin story Skull Island to that list.

As the Hall H crowds were preparing for Legendary’s panel to come to a close, studio president Thomas Tull appeared to provide one last look at an in-development project. The film’s first teaser trailer began playing what could have been read as a Jurassic World teaser (and certainly was by many in attendance): a secluded tropical island home to swinging primates, and barely-visible beasts in the water itself.

With narration describing an entity that was “improbable,” and using passages from Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” describing a soul that had been driven mad by being alone in the wilderness, the trailer ended with a massive gorilla – King Kong himself – emerging from the trees with a roar, and a furious bout of chest-beating.

Legendary would go on to describe the film as “based on the famed Skull Island, the cinematic origins of another classic beast King Kong,” confirming that they had provided Legendary the chance to reboot the iconic monster just as they had with Godzilla.

King Kong Reboot Skull Island King Kong Origins Movie Skull Island Announced for 2016

The film marks the first attempt to revisit the classic Universal titan since Peter Jackson’s King Kong (2005) delivered a technically-impressive (but critically divisive) remake. But if one bad movie isn’t enough to kill a creature like Godzilla, it seems, then a character as memorable as King Kong deserves another fight. The teaser trailer didn’t reveal anything besides an isolated island on which King Kong can grow into the hulking beast audiences know and love. As was the case with Godzilla, we would bet that the announcement of a director or writer will show just how ambitious Legendary and Universal are hoping to be.

We spoke at length about the return of the Universal Monsters on the recent episode of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast, and while King Kong may not have been among the characters discussed, he is every bit the ace up Universal’s sleeve as his… less colossal colleagues.

With Legendary now entrusted with both King Kong and Godzilla, speculation concerning a potential face-off between the two is inevitable. That may be the studios’ long term plan, but with years left before Gareth Edwards can deliver Godzilla 2, it’s wise to hope that Skull Island can be successful enough in bringing something new to the story of a giant gorilla.

Godzilla vs King Kong Movie King Kong Origins Movie Skull Island Announced for 2016

Are you excited to see King Kong reclaim his place in the spotlight alongside Godzilla? Or will you hold off judgement until the human side of the film (assuming there is one) is detailed? Give us your thoughts in the comments, and who you think would come out on top if the pair of behemoths really do battle on screen.

Skull Island hits theaters on November 4th, 2016.

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  1. This is the kind of reboot I’m good with. Reviving a very popular property that has gone dark in terms of new media property. Not crap like power rangers.

  2. Ahhhh man, the slate of huge franchises returning and beginning is mind boggling. DC and Marvel are pushing out quality films and now we’re going to be getting some awesome monster films soon, ranging from Godzilla to King Kong to The Mummy to Frankenstein and so many more. I can’t handle my excitement about all this! I just hope these studios come through with their plans.

  3. King Kong vs Godzilla!!

    • If they did make that. They would have a to make a old school toho like plot where some type of origination revives king kong and makes him bigger and badder (emphasizes on bigger) and godzilla comes in to restore the balance.

    • I would love to see the new Godzilla go up against a new King Kong…holy crap…atomicgasm happening…

  4. My only problem with the PJ version of Kong was that it was 3 hours long. If they can keep the movie to a trim 1:50 it should be good. Just my opinion.

    • Agree on that one man! ;)

  5. If this is their way of making a cohesive giant monster movie universe than I’m all for it. If this is taking place in the Godzilla continuity than a King Kong vs. Godzilla movie is an awful, awful idea. Godzilla could hold Kong in the palm of his hand, the only way to make it a somewhat fair fight is if they make King Kong like 2-300ft tall and I highly doubt that would ever happen.

    All that being said, I like the idea of a King Kong origin movie, life on Skull Island is an awesome idea.

  6. I am all for this as long as they don’t bring Jack Black back. He ruined the last film, IMO.

    • Just what i thought! Seems like I’m not the only one who thought jack black played out his role terribly in king Kong.

  7. How in the world are you supposed to get us to believe an ape can grow as big as Zil? King Kong was about 20 feet tall in Jackson’s film, which is a plausible height. Zil is about 200 times that…and how are they going to transfer kong from skull island to New York or wherever if he’s supposed to be as big as Zilla?

    After seeing Jackson’s KK just a month ago, I’m awful uninterested and not sure what more can be done. Is he going to fight monsters? That’s Godzilla’s thunder, no ty. Is he going against humans? We just had that in Jackson’s movie. King Kong should be a Godzilla cameo/supporting character at best.

    • “JUST had that in Jackson’s movie?” 9 years is not JUST. Only took 5 years for Sony to reboot Spider-man, so a 10-12 gap between King Kong films is perfectly fine. Especially if they’re going into the origin of Kong on Skull Island. This isn’t just a rehashing of the original film like Peter Jackson’s was.

  8. (dramatic movie voice-over) Just when you thought movie studios were done making films that no one asked for, one reboot will make you go, “Why?”

    • “This movie isn’t it….”

      *Open on a wide shot of a rain-lashed Skull Island. Lightning flashes illuminate the darkened sky. Thunder emanates loudly several times, culminating in the final thunderclap being replaced by an ominous roar*

  9. Please let us stop talking about Kong and the Big G in the same film… unless…

    George R.R. Martin always uses the quote about the human heart in conflict with itself. Well this is an idea that can be applied to Kong.

    First, we have Caesar getting on some sort of space ship and (no explanation needed) going back in time to Skull Island. There, he suddenly grows to 50 feet tall, and swims to Hollywood. After reigning hell on the entire town for every single retread that has come out of the studio in recent years, he sheds the Kong “costume” completely, turning into a very upset Andy Serkis. Andy Serkis then proceeds to scream at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences for at least an hour of screentime, about how they have yet to give him an award for mo-capping the best Apes in history, let alone that distorted Hobbit he is known for. He then stomps around a little more, breaching the fourth wall completely, asking the viewers a few times if the movie has eaten up as much screentime as Jacksons Kong did. Of course, he then remembers that 05 Kong isn’t even a sin compared to how many hours the Hobbit movies ate up.

    Gollum vs Kong vs Caesar. Now we are talking.

    Call the movie “Andy Serkis vs Himself”, and suddenly we have a film! Godzilla will have 1 cameo appearance late into the movie, snacking on popcorn (with his sunglasses on), and watching all of the chaos come to it’s inevitable conclusion. His one line.. “Oh, he showed up on set, but he sure didn’t play ME”.


    p.s. The sequel has Christopher Lambert appearing out of nowhere (unsure whether he came from the dawn of time or planet Zeist), quoting lines from Greystoke, and beheading poor Andy, since there can be only one Lord of the Apes.

    • Thanks for the much needed laugh! lol

      Well written hilarity ;-)

      • lol ty


  10. That King Kong expression in the top photo is priceless

    • Almost like he’s saying “People paid to see Transformers: Age Of Extinction? What?!”

      • Or maybe he’s saying, “yes people saw the latest Transformers movie, time to get over it!”

        • More like : “What! TF4 made $900 million in just 4 weeks?”

  11. Godzilla: The Last Monsterbender

  12. I would love to see something different like king kong and godzilla as allies against some other creatures!!

  13. King Kong vs Godzilla !!! Yes !!!!!!

  14. Universal and Legendary are good partnership. I would like to see a king Kong skull island movie in 3D.

  15. Does anyone have any link to the footage that was shown?

  16. I loved Peter Jackson’s Epic ‘King Kong,’ I saw it in the theater two times and bought the special edition. My father raised me up on the classics of ‘Universal Monsters.’ the Wolfman, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon is one of my top favorites. I’m all aboard for a showdown of monsters fighting on ‘Skull Island’, or in New York City, you name it and bring it on!

  17. I just don’t get what’s going on with all these shallow reboots. Films aren’t even allowed to breathe anymore before there’s yet ANOTHER reboot. I really liked Peter Jackson’s King Kong for the most part, aside from the unbelievable scenes and terrible CGI, and I’m talking TERRIBLE, when it came to the dinos. Kong looked great (thank you Andy Serkis), but the rest of the CGI left a lot to be desired.

    If anything, it would be a very cool movie if they go from someone’s perspective of stumbling on the island or shipwrecking there. Would be pretty decent.

  18. Why do the Hollywood fat cats think it is necessary to fix things that aren’t broken.

    King Kong was a classic for its time. An original and unique conception. Every attempt to plagiarize the concept only cheapens this work of art and chops away at the pedestal on which King Kong stands.

    I was around for the Golden Age of Hollywood. I have sadly watched it become the Copy Cat Kingdom.

  19. I support Skull Island 100%. As a Double K fan for over 50 years I welcome an origin story with him and the island. BUT……the author of this article maybe forgot the Godzilla in Mr. Edwards version is 500′ tall and honestly laughable concerning a film with these two icons. Legendary is doing everything right and impossible that studio would have both on screen together.

  20. Is monarch keeping skull island a secret too? Does Kong meet Godzilla on Skull island/Monster Island? That would be a truly Legendary movie of all time with Loki leading the way!! Keep your fingers crossed.

  21. You know the one thing about GODZILLA vs KINGKONG that never made sense?

    Godzilla was 3 or 4 times bigger than Kong, there’s no way Kong would beat Zilla

  22. Godzilla wins, because he is 250 feet tall and King Kong is only 26 feet tall, so squish.

  23. This would me a nonsense movie. Godzilla stands 385′ tall, and in swimming position, is over 1,000′ long from tip of nose to tip of tail. King Kong is at most 30′ tall standing on his two feet upright, making Godzilla more than 10 times larger than King Kong. What possible battle could they have, when Godzilla could squish King Kong like a small insect with its foot on accident. Please do not mix up their respective story lines for the sake of a film that has no business being made. Whats next, Godzilla verses Bambi, oh wait, that short animated film has all ready been done. Please don’t remake this one either. Thanks in advance.

  24. Well, I disagree with most of you guys. I think Peter Jackson’s King Kong is really really good, even it’s 3h long. It’s shown in such a beautiful way, with the great scenes. The whole movie has its atmosphere and mood. The character of Kong is opened and shown so well than never before. Take for example the scene of killing Kong- OMG! I love it. It’s Peter’s style doing movies so long, but with it’s time he brings us into this world with all the details.
    I love PJ’s movies, I think he’s a great director- does his job with pleasure, makes his $$$$$$$$$, and takes his awards.
    Just remember for his LOTR Trilogy that was nominated 30 times for Academy Award and won 17.

    But anyway Skull Island it’s good idea, and I really excited to see it, but NOT with Godzilla, hell NO!