Could Mark Wahlberg be the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’?

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Mark Wahlberg in Transformers Age of Extinction Could Mark Wahlberg be the Six Million Dollar Man?

Now that he is the new human face of Michael Bay’s Transformers series with a leading role in Age of Extinction, Mark Wahlberg finally seems to have a viable franchise going for him (along with Ted 2), after the ill-fated Max Payne movie proved ultimately forgettable, and presumed follow-ups to The Italian Job and Planet of the Apes never materialized.

Transformers 4 has its detractors, but the film’s worldwide box office take is edging toward $600 million, and with Wahlberg coming off of the (mostly) well-received 2 Guns and Lone Survivor – both of which were successful at the box office – his star is arguably as high as it’s ever been. Thus, now is as good a time as any for Wahlberg to potentially latch onto a brand name reboot with franchise potential.

According to a report by The Tracking Board, Universal Pictures is looking at Mark Wahlberg to star in their big screen update of the famous television series The Six Million Dollar Man. The star’s Lone Survivor director Peter Berg is said to be attached to produce (and maybe direct), with Harvey Weinstein also supposedly involved. Miramax obtained the rights to Martin Caidan’s novel Cyborg, the show’s source material, and Weinstein apparently retained the rights after leaving the company.

Lee Majors as the Six Million Dollar Man Could Mark Wahlberg be the Six Million Dollar Man?

It should be noted that there is currently no official confirmation of this news, so take it with some salt. For those of you born well after the 1970s, The Six Million Dollar Man starred Lee Majors as astronaut Steve Austin, who was “rebuilt” following a crash-landing of an experimental aircraft and used his enhanced abilities to work for the fictional Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI). Following three TV movies, the show ran on ABC from 1974-1978 and became a fixture in pop culture, inspiring the spinoff series The Bionic Woman, which itself saw a short-lived 2007 reboot series.

Six Million Dollar Man remake has been kicking around Hollywood for a very long time. A decade ago, Jim Carrey was attached to star in a comedy-themed remake called The Six Million Dollar Comedian from The Hangover director Todd Phillips, and more recently, X-Men: Days of Future Past helmer Bryan Singer was to direct with Leonard DiCaprio in the lead.

Given Hollywood’s ongoing interest in building franchises with brand name recognition and a (theoretically) built-in fan base, a Six Million Dollar Man reboot seems like a safe bet on paper. Still, it seems that for every successful update of a long-dormant property (21 Jump Street), there is another that completely bombs (The Lone Ranger).

This particular property is relatively recent, though, and with a charismatic star like Wahlberg as Steve Austin (arguably a far better fit for the role than DiCaprio) paired with a solid action director in Peter Berg, The Six Million Dollar Man could be successfully rebuilt for today’s audiences. They have the technology, after all.

The Six Million Dollar Man is currently in development.

Source: The Tracking Board

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  1. Six million dollars won’t buy you as much as it did in the 1970′s.

    • Well, obviously the name will be changed. They might just call it Cyborg, or something to that degree since that’s actually the name of the novel the show was based on. It looks like they are rebooting it from the novel, and not the show…

      • six billion dollar man anyone??

        • PROBABLY!

          • I’m guessing “The Bionic Man”.
            Wahlberg is as good a choice as anyone I guess.

            I loved this show growing up, and would love to see him on the big screen in his hip, red jumpsuit again. :-)

        • That’s what I’d go with. It updates the title while immediately letting people know what it is that got rebooted.

      • At least it would be better than the late 80s film Cyborg and its slightly better sequel (which starred Angelina Jolie in her first ever leading role back in 1993 as the titular cyborg in Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow).

        • Huh. I never knew that was based on the book. I never saw it. I probably should now. I can’t believe I didn’t know that.

    • I think they need to call it The “36 Million Dollar Man” to account for inflation!!

    • ‘Six Million Dollars a Day’ to keep Steve Austin going. Whalberg is not right for the role. You need someone with a twinkle in their eye such as Lee Majors or Gil Gerrard ( Buck Rogers ) had.

      • This isn’t a serious casting suggestion, but it would be funny if they cast Steve Austin(the wrestler turned actor) as Steve Austin.

    • Depends if it’s made in china or not

  2. They should totally give it a retro setting and have it take place in the 70s.

    Also, RIP Max Payne. So much potential, totally squandered. If there was ever a game that was more like a movie and an adaptation that was more like a game…

    • in the 70s ….. ??? hmmm – that could be interesting and still be able to keep the name ?

  3. More likely the Six-Hundred Million Dollar Man… or the Six Billion Dollar Paid For By Taxpayers Man.

  4. Haha….yes, he is the 6 Million Dollar Man

  5. Six… MILLION dollars.


  6. He was the lead in Transformers: Age Of Extinction and possibly had his career ended because of it but not to worry, the US government have collected him. They have the technology. They can rebuild him.

    • Wish there was an upvote system for comments :P

  7. =pleh= I could make a list of 20 actors who would be good for Steve Austin, Wahlburg wouldn’t be anywhere on it. Hell’s bells, I’d even prefer Bruce Campbell over Wahlburg for the part. =shakes head=

    • I guess it’s just because he’s a bankable star, the right age and amount of believability to play a veteran who gets hurt and then is rebuilt to be stronger, faster, etc.

      Bruce Campbell is awesome but I’d believe him more as Wahlberg’s CO than the actual guy undergoing the procedure.

    • Bruce Campbell is awesome! I’d pay good money to see him as the really expensive man.

    • Bruce Campbell?? What would the name of THAT show be? The Six Million Farts Who Is Hella Old Man?? “We could make his farts, silenter, smellier, faster than they were before…..”

    • Bruce Campbell may have been cool… 15 years ago. Wahlberg is a good actor. Just watch Boogie Nights and The Departed. He really is good. He’s just in a lot of bad movies. I thought about this years ago when they remade Bionic Woman and I thought Chris Evans would be great but now that he’s Captain America the parts may be a little too similar. He’s already played two superheroes so I’d rather see someone new. I’m thinking Armie Hammer. Yes, he’s played a superhero too, but no one saw The Lone Ranger and let’s face facts here. He could use a hit. Preferably a large franchise hit to get his career off the ground. He’s a much better actor than he gets credit for and he really has a lot of star potential. I think there’s more money in him than Chris Pine or Chris Hemsworth. I wanted him to play Superman. It’s too bad his career has stalled but unlike Taylor Kitsch, he has a ton of charisma so I think he could easily carry a franchise if it’s good and correctly marketed.

      • I agree with you on the concept of Armie Hammer playing Steve Austin, but I think the whole no one seen the Lone Ranger thing is getting tiring to me. As a huge fan of the Clayton Moore series and seeing the terrible film version in 1981, I had high hopes for this new version, and I was not disappointed, it stuck to the story and made it recognizable while adding new dimensions to both the lone ranger and Tonto. I loved the film and if you have not seen it then you should. It take a while for Armie to become the Lone Ranger but it is, in my opinion, one of the best timed scenes in a movie, right at the point when you are tired of the banter between the two main heroes and are ready for John Reid to man up and save the town, he does…it is a well played perfect timed intro with rollicking music to boot…

        That being said another good choice for the Bionic man would be Liam Hemsworth, Thor’s brother from the hunger games franchise.

  8. I think the producers intend it to be a satirical comedy.

  9. Marky mark?? Why, was nic cage busy??

    • Comics aren’t for nerds, skateboarding isn’t a stoner sport anymore, men are marrying men , and action heroes (whalberg, the rock, Chris Evans) can actually (mostly)act. It’s 2014 dude, get with the now.

      • I don’t know where that comment was directed,but you really can’t paint Nic Cage’s career with a broad brush like that…

  10. DANG IT, do they have to screw up every single enjoyable TV show from my childhood?!? ENOUGH REMAKES and especially leave the Six Million Dollar Man alone, Lee Majors was USAF Colonel Steve Austin, nobody will take his place.

    • They said the same thing about The Fugitive. I remember it. But then 400 million dollars and a Best Picture nomination later everyone was singing a different tune. Some of the best movies ever made are remakes. Dracula is a remake. The Maltese Falcon is a remake. The Wizard of Oz is a remake. Cape Fear is a remake. The Untouchables is a remake.

  11. At least, as of now, none of you fanboys are accusing Universal and Harvey of raping your childhood. Those of you that are bitching should go back and read the source material and then you’ll realize how much Harve Bennett & Ken Johnson bastardized it for ABC 40 years ago. This story is ripe for retelling with a serious budget. One big difference between the books and the series was that Austin was more of a “Bourne” type of guy who could kill just as easy as taking his next breath. TV gave him ore kid appeal and more powerful bionics. Period piece? Hell no.

  12. Michael Fassbender kinda had the look of Steve Austin in X-Men Days Of Future Past.

    • He would never do this….

  13. Mark Valley from Human Target would be perfect.

    • +1!

      Perfect casting. ;-)

  14. I’ve read the novel and watched (reruns) the show, it used to show on sci-fi channel. I’m not old enough to have watched them when they were actually airing new… It’s actually a really good show, they stuck to the novel pretty well, only changing a few things, like which arm became bionic and such. The first few seasons were awesome. It started to get a little cheesy toward the end, but still enjoyable to watch. I don’t think Mark Wahlberg is the right actor to portray him though.

    And I don’t think we should be looking for a Lee Majors look-alike either… I kind of like someone like Jim Caviezel for the role. He has pretty good acting range, and can play the hot-shot Air Force test pilot, but also has a face that looks trustworthy. I’ve also seen him in roles that required more emotion, which he pulls off very well, and that’s something that will be required toward the beginning of the film if it’ll stick to the novel…

    • Don’t get me wrong since my following remark is supposed to be uttered with all the love in the world for this guy (he kills it on PoI and I also liked Frequency and even Angel Eyes): would you be so kind as to list a few more roles in which he visibly emotes and displays the range you’ve alluded to?

      • I thought he was good in The Thin Red Line, and actually was referring to Frequency. I know it’s subtle, but in my opinion, the subtle variations, especially mixed emotions are the hardest to really act out. The whole sobbing thing just about anyone can do… In the conversation scene he had with his father in Frequency, he looked really genuine in his emotion from being reunited with his father, it was a mixture of sadness from missing him and happiness from being able to talk to him again and I feel he nailed it. Of course, it could have been a good director because everyone did a great job in that movie. One of my all-time favorite movies…

  15. Chris Pine should be Steve Rogers! Not Mark Wahlberg!

    • =rolls eyes= Steve Rogers was Captain America… =sighs=

      • Was?

        • Yeah, Bucky’s been Cap and from today, Marvel will reveal the new Cap in the comics.

    • Knew I heard someone say my name!

      • Shut up Batman, you know how you get when your tired. Eat a snickers bar.

  16. Why not? It’s not like it matters anyway……

  17. I once thought Marky Mark couldn’t act…
    Until I saw the unbelievably good LaDousche impersonation he did in the latest Transformers movie.


    • Oh Snap !

  18. They have tried with The Bionic Woman a couple of years ago but it was a failure. I don’t think that Mark Whalberg would fit very good with this character.
    Lee Majors had style..walking, sitting down, having chat….Whalberg is too rude for this role.


    • Get your stinkin’ paws off my TV show, you damn, dirty ape?

  20. mark valley for him.

  21. ——————NOT AGAIN——————



  22. Liked Lee Majors as SMDM.Like Mark Wahlburg. Lets get it on I say.

  23. Mark Wahlberg’s best role was talking to tress. I felt the tension, and I heard ‘Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch,’ playing over in my mind. Bruce Campbell would ROCK this with great puns! ‘Groovy!’

  24. Will he fight a robotic BIGFOOT? May he could take on a whole squad of FEMBOTS.

  25. Maybe Congress can approve another couple of million to enhance him with weapons like personality and acting range, too.






    nope, not gonna work. screw it, let’s reboot Gilligan’s Island instead.

  27. Being a Cyborg back in the 70′s was a new and “cool” concept but with today’s tech and innumerable representations of man/machine, this really isn’t a unique subject anymore. I am skeptical this will find an interested audience (insert the Robocop remake here)

    If this does go forward however, they have got to have Lee Majors play a part (yes he’s still kicking around Hollywood) and Lindsay Wagner! (She just had a reoccurring role Warehouse 13)

  28. I never disliked the Six Million Dollar Man on tv series but I will watch this one. The same for Bionic Woman. It was also horrible on tv series. in 2007, Bionic Woman released on tv serie but failed miserable in one season equal 8 episodes. I never saw it so I dont bother to checked it out. I am glad that it was canceled. Whew! Horrible series in 1970′s and now 2007 cancellation.

  29. Wahlberg will be fine: just watch The Departed.
    Title: The Six Trillion Dollar Man.Use the basic plot of the High Crystal novel by the Cyborg author.

    Dennis Quaid as Oscar Goldman.

    I’m there. One billion at the box office. Done.

  30. The thing is, Robocop didn’t need to be updated, this one I could actually see being updated pretty well, just like if they want to remake another of my fave films, Commando.

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