‘Sinister Six’ Gets 2016 Release Date; ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3′ in 2018

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Sinister Six Movie Spider Man cameo Sinister Six Gets 2016 Release Date; Amazing Spider Man 3 in 2018

This past week, reports began to circulate that the Amazing Spider-Man spinoff Sinister Six – a film about a team of Spider-Man super villains - might be in serious danger of being cancelled. Not so, it turns out, as Sony/Columbia Pictures has announced an official Fall 2016 release date for writer/director Drew Goddard’s Sinister Six movie. Meanwhile, Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 director Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 3 has been pushed to 2018 (presumably, the May 2018 spot that Sony is currently holding onto).

Goddard stepped down as the showrunner for Marvel Studios’ upcoming Daredevil series a couple months back, in order to concentrate his efforts on getting Sinister Six ready. However, recent comments made by certain other prominent members of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise “brain trust” – Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, to be exact – indicated that Sony’s original plans for the series’ future may’ve changed (worst case scenario, that the blueprints for building a Shared Spider-Man movie universe may’ve been abandoned), in reaction to Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s overall shaky critical reception and box office drop-off from its predecessor.

Sony, however, has now revealed its hand of cards, not so coincidentally as the 2014 International Comic-Con gets up and running. Sinister Six now has a November 11th, 2016 release date – one week before WB releases its Harry Potter spinoff, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. The month of November has long served franchises such as Harry Potter and James Bond well (among others), while Thor: The Dark World proved last year that superhero movies can also thrive at the box office during that frame.

amazing spider man 2 andrew garfield Sinister Six Gets 2016 Release Date; Amazing Spider Man 3 in 2018

However, there are some pressing questions to ask about Sinister Six. For one, will the movie feature Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spidey, seeing how the actor previously said he’s only contracted for three Spider-Man films - and if the final movie that’s part of Garfield’s current deal is meant to be Amazing Spider-Man 3 (as would make the most sense), does that mean Sinister Six won’t actually feature his Spider-Man?

Likewise, what big name actors are gong to be recruited to fill the Sinister Six roster that already includes Rhino (Paul Giamatti) and the Harry Osborn Green Goblin (Dane DeHaan) – not to mention, potentially Felicity Jones as Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, while Jamie Foxx as Electro remains a (slight) possibility? And how will the turnout for a Wild Bunch-style movie with Spider-Man villains compare to other Spider-Man films, especially given that the moviegoing public has shown signs of Spidey fatigue of late? (Not to mention, there’s still that Venom movie, waiting in the wings…) The sustainability of a Spider-Man Shared Universe is questionable, to say the least.

Sinister Six Amazing Spider Man 2 Sinister Six Gets 2016 Release Date; Amazing Spider Man 3 in 2018

Having said all that, the good news is that releasing Sinister Six before Amazing Spider-Man 3 frees up the latter from having to devote too much of its running time to world-building (a la The Amazing Spider-Man 2). Plus, Marvel Studios left the May 2018 frame open for Sony’s next Amazing Spider-Man installment – which means that Webb’s film will have more time to develop, fewer larger franchise duties to fulfill, and less direct competition to face at the box office.

Sinister Six opens in U.S. theaters on November 11th, 2016. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is arriving in 2018, presumably on the May 4th, 2018 date once reserved for Amazing Spider-Man 4.

Source: Sony/Columbia Pictures

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  1. Spiderpig Spiderpig does what a Spiderpig can!

  2. The good news is the next Spider-Man film will NOT be by Webb or the doosh writers from ASM 1 & 2.

    I just pray the don’t make pug-faced Woodley “Mary Jane.”

  3. Everybody hates TASM 2 not because of the film itself, which for me and a lot of people was great, but because of Gwen dying. But people, and especially fan girls, don’t seem to get it.

    These films are comics based, you can’t change the story, it is what it is and you follow it as closely as possible so you attract the comic book fanboys to come to the Cinema and watch their favourite comic book issues come to life.

    • People don’t like it because the story was overstuffed, and the other characters severely undeveloped. That’s what happens when you have multiple villains that aren’t really working towards the same goal.

      • If you think this film is overstuffed then you should stick to watching Transformers Films. Really? Too many villains? Rhino barely counts, so that leaves it with two. And both of are good, well developed characters.

        • Thank you, someone smart enough to answer. Overstuffed villains are such an excuse. Take a look at Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises; in BB it had Carmine Falcone, Ra’s Al Ghul and Scarecrow. TDKR had Bane, Talia Al Ghul and Catwoman (villain-turned-ally. Story depends on the theme and the character’s motivations.

          • Yeah, and don’t forget that Scarecrow kept coming back though in smaller roles. Didn’t he assume the role of a judge or mayor or something when the criminals had taken over the city in TDKR?

            Also, after Falcone they introduced Maroni. And what about Earle (Rutger Hauer) trying to take over Wayne Enterprises? If they can count bodyguards and senators as more villains in BvS, a guy like Earle should be counted in Nolan’s trilogy too.

            But the story made it all work.

            However I will agree with Van Dyne that at least Electro was undeveloped. He became a bit of a stereotypical caricaturish lonely nerd.

            • I agree a 100%, however, that was down to poor direction which is strictly on Webb’s part. It’s just such a lame excuse to say OK, there’s too many villains. The reason The Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn’t work is cos Harry was not developed into a bad guy right, which is rushed and is down to pacing and character while most of the scenes were taken out of the final cut, which included a background on Max Dillon.

    • Gwen’s storyline, including her death, was the only good thing in that movie.

      • That’s total bs. That movie was amazing.. Hence the amazing in the title. Killer movie. Don’t know if u have children.. Especially a boy, but bc my son thinks as himself as Peter Parker made that movie one of the best superhero movie yet. besides the avenger movies. U have issues if all you found good about that movie was someone smashing their head on concrete and dying…

    • No offense, but most of the story was terrible, especially Gwens death. The only similarity with her death in the comics is she dies while peter attempts to save her.
      The build up was terrible, Gwen openly goes to help spiderman in the fight where in the comics she is only going to see peter when she gets kidnapped.
      Her actual death in the comics is shown when she is thrown of the bridge by green goblin unconscious. And as she dies by snapping her neck by the whip lash of the web, spider man brags about his powers, how he is invincible and how he can dodge death when he realises Gwen is dead. None of that happens in the film. You cant even tell how she dies in the film, if its her head hitting the floor or what. Even after her death, the only consequence is that peters sad and does nothing for half a year. In the comics its so different, people call him psycho and is labelled a murderer.

      How can you say that the films crap because of the source, when the source is barely used.

      This alongside underdeveloped characters, destroying the set up from the first film.
      The ending doesnt work at all, looking at it as a film and comparing it to the comic.

      This is nothing to do with following the comics too much, its down to poor writing and not using the comics enough. It should do much better considering they had a budget of 250 million

      I hope more time and hopefully a better set of writers write the next film if it even happens.

  4. While I’ll familiar about the sinister 6, can somebody please tell me if there was a comic book series or graphic novel that just featured the s6? If so, what was it about? I’m trying to workout what this movie is going to be about.

  5. I’ve held off commenting on the recent talk about what’s going to happen regarding the Spider-Man franchise mostly because I couldn’t believe Sony would be seriously considering pulling the plug.

    You can’t deny that they should be concerned but it’s not like the movie bombed. Even with a $200 million dollar budget grossing over $700 million has to have turned a profit.
    Maybe it’s because I’m a little older than your average commenter but it blows my mind that when a movie makes that much money it can still be considered a disappointment.

    Of course it didn’t help that the final product wasn’t that great but I don’t think the blame falls solely on the filmmakers.
    The marketing was awful. By the time the movie was released it felt like there was nothing left to see. I understand trying to reach as many viewers as possible but you couldn’t avoid Spider-Man marketing unless you cut yourself off every form of media.
    I live in a relatively smaller New England town and there were billboards here. That never happens. Seriously, never. So by the time the movie was released you almost wanted to not see it just as an F-you to Sony.

    As for the movie itself I think a shakeup needs to happen on the creative side.
    I think Marc Webb is a decent director but after 2 Spider-Man films it seems clear IMO that he’s just not the big-budgeted type. You should leave films like this feeling wowed but that just didn’t happen here.
    Also as it’s been said a million times already there’s been to much world building and not enough straight forward storytelling. Sony isn’t the only Studio making this mistake. Marvel has made it more than once and it seems like WB/DC may be about to make the same mistake with BvS.

    A movie, any movie needs a beginning, middle and end. Not beginning, setup, middle, foreshadowing, end, and then a button scene.
    There’s no satisfaction from seeing 1/3 of a story.

  6. Sinister just came out in 2012 and they’re already making Sinister Six? Hollywood is really out of ideas!

    I’m joking, of course.

  7. So is Andrew Garfield going to be in this movie? I am a little lost? I know they are making S6 Movie & TASM 3 Movie, but to be honest. I got a feeling they are going to Reboot it again! :( I like the 2 AMSM Movies. Anyone that thinks SM3 Is better than TASM 2 does not know what they are talking about! But that is just me. Hope to see a good movie in 2016 & 2018!

  8. The movie wasn’t that overstuffed. They had a perfectly good spcript prepared, that was simply brought down by studio notes. I’m not saying the original script was perfect, just that it allowed for more character development.


    As for me, what I really found disappointing or simply weird were moments like cartoonish dr Kafka, Electro’s childish “turning-evil” tantrum, not enough scenes with Peter and Harry, the convenient Goblin suit barely explained and just ready for use, the reaaaally cartoonish Giamati, the weird electro-flipper scene and last but not least, the last scene with the spidey kid.
    It wasn’t the overall story that bothered me… only those moments which didn’t worsen the overall story that much, but that I found too childish for the tone this movie and its predecessor, first seemed to lean toward.

  9. Really, the only way I can see this movie working is if they take a similar approach to Guardians of the Galaxy, with a group of anti-heroes with different backgrounds and motives, but all come together against a common enemy (possibly Spiderman).
    However, it’s going to be hard to establish alot of diversity due to the setup in the Amazing Spiderman 2.

  10. but electro is long dead. I mean he dies so he cannot be one of the sinister six.

  11. People hate TAM2!!! But why? I am a hardcore fan of spidey since the Stracinsky and Romita jr series, and have read all the previous ones. The most important event of Peter’s past, besides uncle ben’s death, is the moment when green goblin throws Gwen from a bridge and he tries to save her, but it was to late. Some say she broke her neck she to the inertia generated by the fall and the web pulling, others say that green goblin already killed her before throwing her, but the truth is that Peter couldn’t save her, and that pretty much defined his character as a hero. People who go and watch the movie expected a happy ending, screw them!! The movie was great on it’s final moments, and the death of Gwen was pretty dramatic and shocking, as it is supposed to be!!! Thanks Webb for giving us, comic fans, that moment on the large screen.

  12. I think that “the amazing spider man 2″ was very intense. Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) should have not died, because she completed spider man and made him better and stronger he also needs her. My cousin and I still have strong hope that she will be brought back to life; like as in a fake death.

  13. Please bring gwen back I loved watching her and peter together.This series of Spiderman is better with Gwen,no need for MJ.The producer can alter the story no need to follow the comic.Revive her and continue the series using this story version of the comic
    I bet majority of the people would love to watch them together.

  14. Please bring gwen back I loved watching her and peter together.This series of Spiderman is better with Gwen,no need for MJ.The producer can alter the story no need to follow the comic.Revive her and continue the series using this story version of the comic

    I bet majority of the people would love to watch them together.

  15. The sad thing is unfortunate that he did not expect the death of Gwen because of the Spider-Man saves all the people were unable to save his girlfriend (Gwen) How urges that – amazed a lot – and it was very strange end.
    We hope that they learned well To the amazing Spider-Man 3.
    And good luck.