Dane DeHaan Talks ‘Sinister Six’ & Green Goblin’s ‘More Organic’ Redesign

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Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn Dane DeHaan Talks Sinister Six & Green Goblins More Organic Redesign

The marketing push for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been one of the more extensive in recent memory, and while the film’s final trailer was released roughly a month ago, the publicity machine isn’t finished yet. We’re still getting some featurettes and preview clips, and the film’s writers and producers have been talking up the ways that TASM2 builds toward Fox’s own attempt to spin the Spider-Man universe off into its own inter-connected film series.

The early lead-up to TASM2 mainly focused on new villain Electro (Jaime Foxx), who many fans assumed would the primary threat that Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) would face. While we know that Rhino (Paul Giamatti) comes into play as well, the inclusion of Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) was a question mark for a while, until it was revealed that DeHaan is definitely taking on the mantle of Green Goblin. Furthermore, Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal has confirmed that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will directly set up the super-villain teamup spinoff Sinister Six, to be written and directed by Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods), with a solo outing for villain/antihero Venom to follow.

Now, an interview from MTV offers something of a nostalgic/sardonic look back on DeHaan’s past hemming and hawing about just exactly how Harry Osborn fits into this incarnation of the Spidey world, along with new insights into Goblin’s role in Sinister Six and the approach to this version of the villain. As for the look of this Goblin, DeHaan said:

“We went through a couple incarnations of it and ultimately tried to make it more and more organic and more real and made sure it tied in with Harry’s storyline. There is still a lot of Harry in the Goblin, and we wanted to honor what the Goblin’s always looked like. But we knew I couldn’t be walking around in a purple skirt and tank top and a skull cap.”

Amazing SPider Man 2 Green Goblin Character Image Hi Res Dane DeHaan Talks Sinister Six & Green Goblins More Organic Redesign

DeHaan’s look in TASM2 is indeed a far cry from Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man, which saw Norman Osborn (a scenery-chomping Willem Dafoe) don a plastic-looking fright mask. DeHaan went on to insist the makers of this incarnation tried their best to incorporate elements of the comic book character, saying:

“We went to great lengths to make sure we honored it, and those shapes are still there. The hair is still in the same shape that the cap is in. The smile. The ear tech represents the ears. It was a process, but I’m really happy with what we came up with.”

And what of the Green Goblin’s involvement with the Sinister Six? When pressed for details about his character inclusion in the now-confirmed Super-Villain All-Star Jam, DeHaan deflected again, saying:

“I don’t know, you know, I hope so. There’s six slots. […] I don’t know, I don’t know anything. I have no idea. I’m just happy to be here.”

So is that all we’re getting on the subject? Well, DeHaan got serious and offered a real update:

“Honestly, I don’t know for sure yet, but I think the chances are good and I can’t wait to see the script and see, you know, my name on it.”

Roberto Orci Talks Sinister Six and Venom Movies Dane DeHaan Talks Sinister Six & Green Goblins More Organic Redesign

Perhaps even more interestingly, when asked about just which of the Six might be considered the protagonist of the the film – or at least the most sympathetic of a group of blood-thirsty psychopaths – DeHaan responded:

“You always side with the villains. It’s the Osborn army and I think it’s building. I think people have learned to love villains in movies, they really have, and I think there will be an evil deliciousness to that movie.”

If we needed any further confirmation that OsCorp is indeed behind the formation of an entire batch of super-powered bad guys, the “Osborn army” line pretty much nails that down.

The chances of this Green Goblin joining the Six sound pretty good, but we also have Venom and probably Carnage on the way as well, and maybe even the Black Cat. Expect the final super-villain team roster to remain unknown for now.

What do you think about the Goblin’s redesign? Do you want to see DeHaan’s Green Goblin in Sinister Six?


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2nd, 2014. Sinister Six does not yet have a release date.

Source: MTV

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  1. Dehaan is one of the main reasons i wanna see this. I thought he stole the show in chronicle
    and i can’t wait to see what he does wit Harry Osborn this go round.
    doc ock

  2. This Goblin makeup is far inferior, at least in my opinion, to the one in the original Tobey McGuire/Sam Raimi movie. This makeup would not scare me…I’d give him a slap if I met him in a dark alley and say, “Get away from me, you transient drug-house bum!”

    • I don’t know about that, the Goblin helmet was laughable and more in line with trying to sell a children’s toy than look menacing.

      • Yeah, but couldn’t they have gone with something more inspired by Ultimate Green Goblin? At first glance this just looks like the green goblin and hobgoblin from the original trilogy with a slight green makeup and a goblin nose. It just feels underwhelming for a reboot.

        • Why not something more like the New Goblin design Harry used? It was more streamlined and looked pretty badass. Compared to that, this seems underwhelming.

        • I would say it’s inspired by Ultimate Green Goblin. Sure, he’s not full on Goblin monster but he’s still a man who gets physically transformed by a serum. Maybe I’m far off but I would say his appearance is even inspired by the Green Goblin from the USM cartoon: he’s a little Goblin-y but he uses technology like the suit and glider.

          • I saw the film already and I honestly think that we might get more of the ultimate goblin as we progress. The transformation is caused by a very small amount of serum in the movie and by the time the credits show, it has worn off of him. I think that the next time goblin takes the stage, it will probably be on a much heavier dose of the “venom” serum, and maybe cause a heavier, more goblin like transformation.

      • Yes, it did look more plastic toy-ish, but still was distinctive and a bit frightening in a crazed way, kind of like the batman RV show Joker. This new Gob-makeup looks like some needle-jockey ragamuffin never-do-well from the ghetto with mud on his face that has not bathed since the day he popped outta the chute and his mama washed the afterbirth off of him! Scary? Only if you equate that with gross!

    • I’m from Europe and so I already have seen the movie, I think it was on last thursday. Believe me, you will find Harry Osborn a little bit scary/brutal, when you watch it. Sure, he’s not THAT Monster (could be worse), but brutal enough, for me. Because of how the story develops, he’s going to get a bit crazy and not very kind to persons who might get in his way.

      You will not see him very long (in bad action) but he’s mean enough, then. Also, he just starts his criminal career in this one. He may be more badass, later. And no, I will not tell more about the movie now, because it didn’t start in US yet and I do not want to destroy some surprises or secrets, I respect fans ;-).

      • Looks more like “Fairy Osbourne” to me.

      • THIS is the kind of stuff you hope to see from commenters who’ve seen the movie! Appreciate this tease.

    • ROFL!!!!! Best comment of the day!

  3. The Sinister Six will probably consist of:
    Goblin (Harry)
    Doc Ock
    Mysterio (updated to mix with Chameleon)

    Venom, Black-Cat, and Spider-man will team up to beat them.

    • Well, judging by a certain scene in TASM2, we know 5 of the 6.

      I assume Felicia will gain her powers via Harry forcing her to undergo a procedure (maybe with a line “you ARE my assistant so assist me or lose your job”) but then switch sides to help Spidey battle the Six.

    • I totally agree on the Venom Spider-Man Black Cat team up to beat the six

    • I never understood the Vulture… old guy with a suit that allows him to fly ?

      • If you want to question the character, good luck with that. He appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #2 back in the 60′s, technically the first SM supervillain aside from Chameleon. Basically opens up some potential air battles of epic proportions, I’ve always wanted Vulture in film. I’d love some insane aerial fighting.

        • After seeing what they can do now, like with Falcon, in Cap2. It COULD be awesome. But of course, that was Disney.

          • If you’ve ever played “Spider-Man: Web of Shadows”, you can see how Vulture can work perfectly.

            If you haven’t, I encourage you to look up footage of that Vulture.

      • Vulture is just Grandpa Munster in a Tweety-Bird outfit. Lame indeed.

  4. I’d like to see Scorpion and Mysterio in the SS. Bring in Sandman, who seemed to regret being a baddie at the end of the 3rd. movie, and have him tuyrn on all the others. Sandman could probably lick all the rest of the potential baddies put together!

  5. I am a huge fan of this series and hope it leads to the projected “Spider-verse”. They laid a good base for a deeper look into the Spiderman mythos that the previus serious never even touched on. Seems like they learned alot from the previous serious and have a well thought out plan and at the same time giving the fans a little bit of what they want without rushing the project.

    Great job casting the villians so far but they really need to hit a home run when they announce who will eventually play Venom!

  6. I wanna see Kraven the Hunter. I recommend Kraven’s Last Hunt to any fans of the comics. The arc re envisions Electro, Rhino and Doc Ock wonderfully.
    And fans of Dehaan should check out Place Beyond the Pines, he was excellent in that.
    Last night on Fallon, Jamie Foxx gave a pretty cool shout out to Dehaan.

  7. Its just sad that movies now have to give major plot points away months before a film is released just to get fans to jump on board with it. Maybe some of us didn’t want to know Harry was going to be the Goblin. I was enjoying the suspense of wondering who it was going to be. I understand trying to build a franchise but fear of failing at the box office is in general killing most creativity in Hollywood.

    • 1980 spoiler alert!!!!!!!!! Harry has always been the goblin.

      • 1.) Harry hasn’t ALWAYS been the Goblin, Norman held the title before him.

        2.) What he’s trying to say is that he would’ve preferred to leave the Goblin identity a mystery prior to the film’s release. Green Goblin always has the chance to be someone new, old, or unexpected because he’s not the focus of the story.

        • #2 I disagree. GG is an Osborn, father or son. Hobgoblin could be anyone though, more open to re-interprtation, imo.

  8. Spidey gets to keep his bright blue & red get-up, but any other costume is too silly. K.

    I wish they would update the attire like what they do with Batman & the guys in the MCU.

    • what do you mean? he got an outfit update from ASM 1 to ASM 2, whether they’ll change it for the next movie remains to be seen but you make it seem like there’s a lot of variety in what each hero wears.

      Oh what’s Iron Man’s new armor look like, something Red and Gold? wow so different

      Oh what’s cap’s new get up? red white an blue… what a surprise

      oh what’s thor wearing? something with a red cape and grey armor? that’s a bold move

      oh Hulk’s got a new pair of pants? cool

      oh hawkeye’s wearing black ad purple again? how innovative.

      oh what’s batman wearing? all black…

  9. Excellant film,really liked Electros time square scene,the Ravenscourt scenes and dehaan as Osbourne,it was great all round.

  10. Hmm… For the top 6 I think I would go with:

    Doc Octopus

    • how the eff can electro be in the 6 when he dies in the 2nd film?

      • Come on bro… spoilers..
        and its electro…. course he’s
        not dead..

  11. Why is Harry the Green Goblin and not Norman?

    • @rtXC it’s cuz this series is based partially off the ultimate universe, where harry was green goblin before norman.

  12. All I can think since Ive seen that production still is that one day, Dane DeHaan would make a n awesome Joker…

    • more like lepracon

  13. He is designex to look like a green goblin. I can see the purple being an issue even though I like it. The mask however would look great, and a lot more menacing if they cared enough to do it right. This seems like another case of not liking it, and the actor wanting his face visible

    • He does need a helmet of some kind.

      • And water wings..

        Sorry had to

  14. I don’t wish to be a hater but saw ASM2 last week and was throughly disappointed. Even fell asleep towards the end, story line was all over the place and not very cohesive. I like Garfield as Spiderman but felt they went abit to Twilight with this film. As a result i’m not very excited for any future films.

    • You are not a hater but a realist like myself. I passed on this franchise because its
      ultimate spiderman and this dreck does not resemble marvel’s spiderman. Rebooting
      the story was a huge waste of time and without rest of his avengers buddies this
      Franchise headed no where.

      • Do you know that The Amazing Spider-Man film franchise is produced by Marvel? That’s why you see the big red MARVEL block appear before the start of the movie.

        I didn’t know that featuring web-shooters, Gwen Stacy as Peter Parker’s first love, a wise-cracking Spider-Man and the classic red and blue costume is nothing like “Marvel’s Spider-Man.” Maybe I’m remembering the Japanese version of Spider-Man with the giant robot.

        The Avengers weren’t in Sam Raimi’s trilogy either so I guess you didn’t bother with those films.

        A reboot making over 700 million dollars is not a huge waste of time.

      • I guess you passed on the first trilogy since the Avengers weren’t in those films either.

        Marvel studios doesn’t own the film rights unless you mean Marvel the comic book company which makes me wonder…

        How does this version not resemble Spider-Man when he has: mechanical web-shooters, Gwen Stacy as Peter’s first love and a wise-cracking Spider-Man? Plus, a build-up to the Sinister Six.

        It’s hard to understand why you have a complaint when it sounds like you didn’t even watch the first film of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

    • By “Twilight”, I’m guessing you mean the heightened romancing? I believe this was “necessary” to build up the closeness, making Gwen’s death a much larger tragedy. As in the comics version/

  15. Having seen amazing spider-man 2 the obvious lineup right now seems to be:

    Doc Ock
    Harry Osborn/Green Goblin

    If Felicia Hardy does become Black Cat somewhere down the line she’ll be more likely to team up with Spider-Man to fight the sinister six or something. As for venom, I reckon either Peter Parker will be wearing the symbiote or it’ll be left out of the picture entirely. It seems to me Sony is trying to get the Venom storyline right this time by saving it entirely for one movie.

    • If that’s the case, they better be saving it for a movie with Kraven the Hunter as the villain. Black Suit Spider-Man always goes well with a Kraven story because there is nothing to stop either of them from going all out on each other. Kraven likes a challenge, and the symbiote amplifies Peter’s skills. It’s just a perfect combination.

      • I highly doubt Kraven will be part of this Sin Six. He doesn’t fit into the world they built. Kraven is great in the comics, but he doesn’t fit the scale of the new movies.

    • Yes I think that’s the roster.

      The board member guy can slot right into the vulture wings without any introduction in the next one, and Felicia is already introduced, and she can become BC without too much more development.

      So that leaves room to introduce and develop Doc Ock properly.

      They could introduce Eddie Brock and MJ in the next one, but not Turing Ed into Venom.

  16. After seeing it, I’d assume that the lineup for S6 will be:
    -Green Goblin
    -Doc Ock

    I’m not sure on who the 6th’ll be, also at the very end of TASM2, the guy walking in the fedora/trillby and trenchcoat looked a lot like Michael Massee who was the voice from the shadows at the end of TASM1, any info on who that actually was?

    • The character is Gustav Fiers aka The Gentleman. He’s just rounding up the Sinister Six.

  17. Keep spinning it however you like. He looks like Evil Leonardo DiCaprio hijacking Blue Stars, yellow moons green clovers, and purple horseshoes.

    Find some SFX guys and writers who can pull off what has been going on in slasher films since the 70s so he doesn’t look like a cereal Leprachaun gone breaking bad. No, I don’t care if I spelled it wrong. Yes a truer Green Goblin could be scary and awesome with a low budget mask. Sheesh.

  18. I may pass on TASM2, the Sinister six, and the Venom movie. Its all starting to get cheesy and corny.

  19. Green Goblin
    Doc Ock
    Maybe Electro…

    I enjoyed the movie, haters gonna hate imo, the fights between spidey and electro are stunning. I am also sure BC and spidey will team up, not 100% on venom coming into it for they already have alot on their plate introducing the rest of the Sin Six.

    • If Spidey is in Sin Six, which would make sense, then there may be a re-telling of the Symbiote/Venom story arc. The Sin Six won’t be easy to defeat, even with the help of BC.

  20. What Sony should do is use The Sinister Six movie to make their own The Avengers with Spider-man,Black Cat,Venom FireStar and two others vs Doc Ock,Green Goblin,Rhino,Electro,Lizard and Carnage.I wouldn’t mind seeing those spinoff movies either.

    • that’s Spiderman and his Amazing Friends you’re pretty much describing, or if you get rid of the sin six and just throw in carnage you got Maximun Carnage

  21. FOX’s own events? hmm.. seems like there is an error.

  22. How is it that most of you have seen the movie if the movie aint even out in theaters yet? well at least here in the U.S it aint. Well anyways regarding my choice of the Sinister 6 I would love to see these vilians tag up against Spidey, Black Cat, and Venom:

    1.) Lizard
    2.) Rhino
    3.) Doc Ock
    4.) The Vulture
    5.) The Scorpion, Mysterio or Sand-Man (Higher Choice on Mysterio)
    6.) Electro

    I really dont care to see the Goblin as one of the 6 for those that have seen ASM2 movie but I would love to see these actual 6 Villians as the 6

  23. Also if the Rhino comes back along with the other 6 I really hope they get his damn costume right this time better then that stupid Transformer outfit I hope they bring the incarnated version of him, as for Electro I really hope they re-design his blue outfit and make him look similar to the Yellow and green Electro

    How Rhino should look in Sinister 6

    How Electro should look in Sinister 6

  24. I’m from Sydney, I’ve gone 3 times to watch this already.
    I think it’s important to remember that Harry came out of the 7th chamber, so I have my doubts about him being in the S6.

    Norman has to have his turn in the glider now, and seeing as though his transformation from the disease was further along than Harry’s I’m expecting an even more mutated and USM inspired Goblin with a greenish skin.

    Who knows if we’ll see the lizard again, and if we do – the comics and ASM video game would suggest he’s now an ally not an enemy.

    Venoms also getting a spin off so I doubt he’ll be included within the S6.

    - Doc Oc
    - Vulture
    - Rhino
    - Green Goblin
    - Electro

    *Harry ?
    *Mysterio ?

  25. I’m as sick of the Goblin being used in Spiderman movies as I am Dr. Doom having to appear in anything with the Fantastic Four. Spidey has so many other great foes, give the Goblin a rest!

    • Gobs has been a main staple in the comics but can see where you’re going. honestly they shouldve stayed with one or two villians, some of the rumors for Raimis Spidey was the Tourment story, Malkavich was ready to play the Vulture, plus Bruce Cambel being Mysterio

  26. I believe one or two of the villains we’re going to see or have seen (in ASM1 & ASM2) won’t be a part of the Sinister Six lineup. Meaning, Rhino, Electro, Green Goblin…one of them won’t be a part, and one of the others (Lizard) won’t be inherently ‘evil’ enough to go after Spiderman anymore.
    I’m also assuming since most of the 6 will have developed their ‘powers’ from Oscorp, it will be characters who have an augmented apparatus applied to them, meaning, we can count out Kraven, as much as we’d all like to see him.
    I expect it to be:
    Doc Ock and Vulture (obvious with the teasers)
    Shocker with some sort of tech that creates seismic waves
    Mysterio with some sort of tech that produces illusions to those in a certain proximity
    And Chameleon wearing some type of fiber which allows him to appear as anyone he wishes
    The last spot would be rounded out by either Rhino (returning stronger and upgraded), Electro (out for revenge, or maybe even the Green Goblin (Norman or Harry) or Hobgoblin, having stolen Goblin tech from Oscorp.
    This leads me to believe Venom and Carnage (having never been members of the Six lineup) will be lone wolves with personal vendettas (or Carnage without any vendetta at all, except raising pure havoc over Manhattan) against Spiderman, and Venom eventually realizing his beef with Spidey isn’t as important as stopping the Six from terrorizing the world

  27. I don’t think Green Goblin will be part of the Sinister 6. I feel he will be an “in the shadows character” who is just funding the Sinister 6. However, I could see Green Goblin single handedly giving Spidey a run for his money after the Sinister 6 are defeated (possibly in a follow up movie)

    Just like the poster above me discussing Oscorp giving tech powers and augmented powers to individuals I think the line-up will be…

    1. Doc Ock
    2. Vulture
    3. Rhino
    4. Chameleon (given a mask to wear that can change faces)
    5. Mysterio (given tech to wear)
    6. Electro or Shocker

    Honestly I could see a Spider-man movie where he gets help from Black Cat, lizard, and Venom to take down the Sinister 6

    I could also see a Spiderman movie where Kraven and Green Goblin are lead villains. I could see GG helping Kraven get augmented with super reflexes, strength, speed, senses, agility etc because he wants revenge for Chameleons capture or death. Plus, Kraven may get promised the ability to hunt Lizard too.

  28. This is the most childish movie I’ve ever watched, imagine an electrical engineer has no friends and no one praises him? Max Dillion is a retarded engineer, how does it happen? this movie has a lack of logic. and spider-man in TASM is dumb, bcos why didnt he take down Aleksei Sytsevich in the truck immediately? spider let the situation worst first before he stop Aleksei Sytsevich. damn This movie is for kids only from 3 yrs old to 11 years old… Movie was bad, very illogical. insensible film.

    • Agreed, the highlight was the Green Goblin I suppose but even that couldn’t save it. I found a very disconnected uninspiring film. Worse, they cut it right in the middle of a fight with Rhino, which wasn’t that cool to begin with, color me very disappointed, Spider-Man deserved better.

  29. Wow, everything I say is being moderated now, yea, I think I’m done with screenrant. Moderate that Paul Young.