Rumor Patrol: ‘Sinister Six’ May Be Cancelled

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sinister six movie canceled1 Rumor Patrol: Sinister Six May Be Cancelled

The last month has brought some troubling updates on the future of the Amazing Spider-Man movie property. Both Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman – two members of the “brain trust” announced by Sony for future Amazing Spider-Man installments and/or spinoffs – recently admitted that they’re uncertain about the current game plan, especially when it concerns Amazing Spider-Man 3. In the meantime, we’ve speculated that Sinister Six will be the next Spider-Man film to hit theaters – and that could still prove to be true. The rumor mill, however, is suggesting otherwise.

Orci is currently putting together a script for the next Star Trek film (which he’s expected to direct), while last week Kurtzman said that “front and center” on his list of priorities is getting Universal’s rebooted monsters universe off the ground – but he also mentioned that he’s been working alongside Drew Goddard on Sinister Six. However, in the site’s report on Kurtzman’s comments, Badass Digest‘s Devin Faraci wrote that “every day that passes I hear more and more scuttlebutt that makes me think ‘Sinister Six’ is dead or dying.”

Similarly, the famous (or infamous, whichever you prefer) “scooper” El Mayimbe recently made waves when he posted the following, self-explanatory Tweet:

Now, before we go too far down this rabbit hole, let’s back up and look at the “evidence” that Sinister Six has not, in fact, been cancelled, nor is it likely to be in the near future. For starters, we heard that Sinister Six will begin production in January 2015 even before Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released in theaters. Taking more recent information under consideration, this suggests that the Spider-Man supervillain team-up movie may’ve always been the film meant to take that 2016 release date that we assumed was intended for Amazing Spider-Man 3 – something that explains why the latter project doesn’t appear to be making a whole lot of progress forward right now.

Roberto Orci Talks Sinister Six and Venom Movies Rumor Patrol: Sinister Six May Be Cancelled

Goddard, who is serving as the writer/director on Sinister Six, officially stepped down as show-runner for Marvel Studios’ upcoming Daredevil Netflix series back in May. It’s possible Sony has decided to move forward with Sinister Six sooner than expected, which is why Goddard dropped Daredevil – he needed to focus on getting the Spider-Man villain spinoff ready to go earlier than he’d originally anticipated. Things might be different now if, over the months since then, Sony’s original Amazing Spider-Man franchise plan has become (as Badass Digest‘s article put it) “essentially DOA” – a real tough break for Goddard, if true.

Again, it’s probably best to hold off on calling Sinister Six‘s premature death just yet; what does seem a given, however, is that Sony is indeed re-evaluating its Spider-Man movie strategy. Amazing Spider-Man 2 has grossed around $705 million worldwide in theaters, which is a great number, but a noticeable drop-off from its predecessor and a lower turnout than both the recent X-Men and Captain America film installments – minus the strong word of mouth that those movies earned – so some re-thinking on Sony’s part is in order.

For now, Sony is still claiming a June 10th, 2016 release date spot for some movie set in the Amazing Spider-Man universe, be it Sinister Six or Amazing Spider-Man 3. We’ll let you know more when we do.

Source: Badass Digest, El Mayimbe

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  1. Thank you Jesus.

    • Amen.

  2. You know what sucks!!! Spider-man has so many awesome villains!!! Sony still has not included carnage, chameleon, the kingpin, black tarantula, kraven the hunter, mysterio, scorpion,and I can go on and on. Here is an idea Sony, why don’t you make great standalone spider-man movies with those villains and then make a venom movie and then a team-up between venom and spidey to fight the sinister six villain. DO NOT MAKE A SINISTER SIX MOVIE BY ITSELF THOUGH!!!

    • They should just do a movie about Kraven hunting Spiderman and make it very adult like Kraven’s last hunt… That would be badass and a Spidey movie i would actually pay for…

      • Yeah, good luck with that.

    • I agree. They could just go on and on with one great villain after another. Make it a one-movie-at-a-time franchise like for example James Bond. It has lasted for decades without burning out, because it isn’t trying to do too much.

  3. I was stoked when I heard Drew Goddard was handling DAREDEVIL. Then when he left it was like, well maybe he can actually help the Spiderman universe. IF so this sucks. Hopefully Marvel will take him back.

  4. I really wish everyone would just get off Sony. They really trying to make something of Spider-Man. If everyone would just chill and let Webb’s vision unfold. You’ll see that he knows what he’s doing. But because all the hate and the box office. Which you would think 700 mil. Would be a lot. It’s cause them to have to rethink their plans. When really the real problem is they revealed way too much about the movie. Before it could be seen by overly marketing it. Had this been treated better. This movie probably would’ve done far better in the box. But really hope we don’t lose the Sinister Six. Just because people don’t know how to be patient and let his vision happen. I just hope Sony learns that you should’nt reveal everything about your movie. Before it comes out. I love both TASM’s and look forward to what they have in store for us next.

    • I agree that Sony showed it’s hand too much in the marketing for this film. However, the probelem continues to be that the studio, mostly Avi Arad, want to dicate how the films are written and filmed. Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 2 are perfect examples of this, with the director wanted to do one thing but the studio wanting to stuff in and force another element, despite the fact that it just didn’t go well with the pacing and story of the film. Sony needs to stop trying to copy Marvel Studios and just trust a screenwriter to put together the best script and the director for allowing his vision to shine. Until Sony decides to do that, I believe the franchise will continue to decline in quality.

    • What took you to replace all commas with points, then unnecessarily add some more?

    • ^ My feelings at this news.

  5. I was never going to pay to see it anyway, it sounded like a terrible idea. I can see why tasm 2 has lower numbers, it felt rushed and they ruined the villains. Not to mention the fact that they should’ve never even mentioned rhino in the marketing. Just a total disappointment

    • Paul Giamatti is not a huge name, but I imagine he’s big enough to feature in the marketing.

      Never the less, I wasn’t too hyped-up to see it anyway, which I haven’t yet.

      • I haven’t seen The Sinister Six yet either… :D

    • They need to not bring back the Rhino…. he is terrible and they could introduce way better characters!!!!! We got Lizard, Electro, & the Green Gobin!!!! Give us Mysterio, Vulture, Doc Oct

    • Yes, Sonys marketing for the Spider-Man movies has been god-awful. It’s said a lot that “the entire movie is shown in the trailer!” but with Sony and ASM, it’s completely true. Sony left no surprises for the audiences. Rhino was a fun little cameo bookend for the movie, giving some pretty good lighthearted, quippy Spider-Man fun, but Sonys marketing pretty much showed the entirety of both his scenes (it was pretty obvious he was only in a little bit of it when in every trailer they just used the same ‘slinging manhole cover at Rhino-mech’ shot) and acted like he was a bigger part (the “Villains Unite” tagline and posters that prominently featured him, even though he has no interaction with the other two and even the other two villains “unite” for like 5 minutes). I was holding out hope that SOMETHING surprising would be in the movie, but alas, nothing was, not even the ending.

      In contrast, I was amazed at Marvels marketing of Iron Man 3. Love or hate the Mandarin twist, it was amazing that none of that was spoiled before release by anyone or by marketing, and there was an actual surprise in the movie.

  6. If this means Spiderman returns to Marvel where it belongs, I will be super super excited.

    Bring on Spiderman/Avengers team up!!

    • I don’t want Marvel to have Spidey till after TASM is done. Then they could either partner up. Or let Sony do their thing. I’m not convince Marvel could actually do any better. Then how Webb has handle Spider-Man.

      • I don’t blame Marc Webb at all. I feel his version of the film(s) he’s made are fantastic but Sony gets in the way of having his creativity reach the masses. Case in pt is all the footage shown in the trailers for the first film and TAS2 then never showing it in the actual theatrical version.

        • Then it sounds like Sony. Needs to allow more creative control to Webb. So we can get this done right. Yes I do agree they had a lot in the trailer that they didn’t show. Which was strange. I think we were all waiting for that scene. Where Harry says we’ve been watching you. Why? Isn’t that the question of the day.

          • That scene & a few others are going to be on the blu-ray. Everyone really wants to see the alternative Gwen’s death scene that’s supposedly more graphic & longer where Spidey goes after Harry when Gwenn dies and almost kills him. I really don’t understand why Sony leaves out these important scenes and then tries to backtrack to tell why they did.
            Like in TAS2 where we got the story of Peters parents when it should have been in the first film as promised by the trailers

            • If the plot was fine and pretty easy to understand with all the things that were already in the film, what difference would those plot points make to the overall story?

      • I think you are seriously mistaken here, my friend.

    • The most likely scenario is Sony making a deal with Marvel so they can keep some sort of “producer” role and still get part of the profits, which is what they’re in it for anyway. Sounds like they’ve been close to doing this for a while with them and Marvel wanting to have the OsCorp building in Avengers.

    • I dunno, I’m kind of okay with Spiderman being in a different franchise. Marvel Studios says they can do two movies a year (MAYBE three), but this year we got four movies from Marvel properties (Cap 2, Guardians, TASM 2, and X-Men: DOFP). So from a quantity perspective, splitting them up is the way to go.

      On the other hand, if Spiderman joins the MCU, I worry that he’ll turn into Spotlight Stealing Man. I’d really rather see movies with characters that have never been in films before (Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, etc) than to see Peter Parker’s origin story AGAIN.

      • Whatever they do, they should never do his origin again. They could introduce him and just expect us to know all the essential details from comics and other movies. I mean, nobody would wonder who that guy is, if he suddenly teamed up in Avengers 3 or something like that.

        Just like nobody wonders who Hulk is in Avengers 1. It was never really important if he was Hulk from the 2003 movie or The Incredible Hulk (he was as far as I know – but it didn’t matter) because he was just the Hulk we expected him to be.

        They could easily introduce Spider-Man the same way in the MCU. Just let him be classic Spider-Man and we’ll all get him and know what drives him.

  7. It’s really hilarious how a variety of commentors are pleading for another Spider-Man reboot when no one has cried ‘reboot’ for films in which has sacrificed the plot and the story in order to conceive a universe (i.e. Iron Man 2). Please do us all a favor and get your heads out of the dark pits in which molds your anus. Sony shouldn’t start yet ANOTHER Spider-Man franchise off of ONE bad movie, they should merely focus on crafting a GOOD movie instead of crafting a universe alas.

    • It’s kinda harder to “cry reboot” for a franchise that’s part of an ongoing universe, don’tcha think? They’d have to reboot the whole universe. Also, IM2 may have been weaker than its predecessor but Tony still was Tony. The same can’t be said about Webb’s Peter Parker.

      • The mere prospect about this film is Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of the Peter Parker character. The portrayal is as truer towards the comics as it ever was, but the characterization for the antagonists were more satirical than ominous. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may have not compelled such a great film, but at the least the last twenty minutes of the movie has given some sort of spark to ignite enough conflagration for retribution and redemption of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Perhaps it can redeem its ‘deep and mature’ tone it has established in the first Amazing Spider-Man film and balance it with the appropriate humor and comedy a Spider-Man tale is conveyed about.

        • “The portrayal is as truer towards the comics as it ever was” Uh, no. That was Maguire’s portrayal. Garfield is a great Spider-Man but hardly the Peter I know and love. The problem is, this reboot is called Amazing so we expect the characters to be faithful to the original comics, while in fact it should have been called Ultimate considering where it drew its inspiration from. I don’t care much about the Ultimate line.

          Also, its “deep and mature” tone?! Huh! Since when is TASM deep and mature? It’s popcorn cinema, FFS! And the trademark Spidey humor is already there, much more than in Raimi’s films.

  8. This is good news! With Sinister Six probably gone and Amazing Spider-Man as good as dead as well, chances are good we might be up for a BIG surprise soon: the return of Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire in the one and only legit Spidey franchise: Spider-Man 4, featuring Vulture and the Lizard, as it was supposed to be before they lost their collective minds cancelling one of the most successful ongoing movie series of all times…

    Do you remember? Spider-Man used to be king of the comic movies, making about 400 million each, domestically alone, more than twice of what the first X-Men movie made… Now they’re down to what? 200 million…including 3D ticketing and inflation, beaten by the Xth X-Men film, Captain America 2 and probably the Guardians of the Galaxy pretty soon…

    It’s time to end this travesty… Marc Webb directing a Spider-Man reboot was a very expensive PUN, nothing more, nothing less… Tobey Maguire should be waking up in bed, having had nightmares about having to build his own mechanical web sprayers… This reboot must end now! Bring back the real Spider-Man go down most painfully…

    • Stop.

      Maguire was painful to watch as PP. Garfield does a much more fulfilling job, true to the character.

      • My opinion as well.

      • I guess you own your username well. Garfield makes a better Spidey, I’ll grant you that, but his Peter is about as far from being true-to-character as Miley from being a music genius. Maguire was spot-on. Yes, Peter used to be a dorky nerd, not the jack@$$ Webb turned him into.

        • BINGO !! Peter Parker was a NERD – a loner — a guy who couldn’t catch a break …
          and the actors who portrayed Uncle Ben and Aunt May in the first 3 films were spot on

          the reboot films .. uh not so much .. Aunt May – a mid 60 year old woman is a nursing student .. yeah that’s it!
          and considering they cast Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson ??!! – seriously ? she was the hottest girl they could find?

          the perfect girl for Mary Jane Watson would have been Nikki Cox in her prime – like this photo

          • Agreed. This reboot is a giant miscast. As for Nikki Cox… Hmpf! Not really a fan of her face. A young Brigid Brannagh or a pre-drugs LiLo would’ve been better IMHO. Regarding the younger generation, how about Kate Mara, Rachel Hurd-Wood or Kimberly Whalen?

    • I agree wt you, I love Raimi’s series but I find difficult(maybe impossible) that the old cast could return… I support the idea #NoMoreTASMmovies

  9. The difference between Sony and Fox/Marvel is that those two (at least where X-Men is concerned) know what their doing with those properties. ASM is a fracking mess. Thanks Sony for screwing it up. I truly believe if Marc Webb had had his way the movies would have turned out really good. Somewhere in those messes is a good story that was botched by studio interference, bad editing and too much plot.

  10. Spider-man should be the easiest franchise to build up. Sony, you don’t have any other heroes for a cimeatic universe – play to your strengths and just make a long multi-parted Spider-man story via films.

    Sinister Six should have been like the fifth Spider-man movie in the series, with the first 4 doing something to initiate the villains meeting up and feeling a mutual hatred for Spider-man. It could ultimately dissect the “hero creates the villain” motif that the comics so often touch upon.

    But Sony found the need to adapt to what Marvel and to a lesser-extent Fox is trying to do by making Spider-man characters have their OWN “shared universe.” Sider-man is honestly the only REAL bankable character in that line of comics, it’s him that makes the stories feel so fun. Making a film following 6 villains when only 2 movies have been released? Stop trying so hard. Do a series of full-length films serialized like, whoa, a comic book!

    I just hope they at least get the initial Spider-man series back on track if Sinister Six is actually (hopefully) cancelled. Garfield fits the character real well and it’d be a shame if Sony wrote off his Spider-man movies as “failed attempts” because of their failed attempt at booting a shared universe from a property with one bankable hero.

    • I think there are many reasons in which this could as spell a shared big screen deal with Disney/Marvel. One of the biggest is that compared to Raimi’s Spiderman it hasn’t hit that financial gain yet. Yes, Webb’s version of Parker with Garfield is a huge improvement but aside from that Raimi’s version within script/plot/storytelling is still superior. This would be the second reason in which aside from S3, the first two Spiderman were considerably well received by critics whereas Webb’s version hasn’t been winning over those critics. Now, the third reason would be competition. Cap 2 really took Marvel and CBM to another level.

      • If Sony hasn’t given up completely, as you say, they need a grandiose over encompassing story arc that weaves through the rest of their films. I would say an adaptation of The Clone Saga would work best.
        Next should be Venom, 2016. OsCorp got the Symbiote years ago and experiment on both Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson, giving us two different Venoms. Green Goblin releases Electro and Mysterio to capture the Venoms.
        Andrew Garfield can cameo as several different Peter Parker clones (Kane, Ben Reilly etc.) And Felicia Hardy can cameo again.
        Sinister Six, 2017 should be basically a part 2 to Venom and a sequel to ASM 2. Filmed back – to – back with Venom.
        Spiderman returns from, wherever, now dating MJ, and investigates Venom. The complete Sinister Six forms and hell, Peter Parker can die in the end if Garfield quits.
        2019 ASM3, the saga concludes. Spidermen clones + Black Cat + Flash Thompson vs Sinister Six vs Venom.

        • I always thought the Clone Saga was a bit too much.

          • On the other hand, if they really intend on expanding TASM into a shared universe, they’re gonna need some more heroes. Introducing the clones would be a logical way to achieve that. That said, I really don’t picture scrawny Garfield as Kaine.

            • Sure, technically you could have a Spider-Man series with Peter Parker and another with Ben Reilly, but it wouldn’t really be the same as having more heroes because they’re both Spider-Man, they just have different alter egos.

              Kaine was deformed and mostly masked, so they could get a different (and bigger) guy to play him, and when they eventually show his face, they could add some digital make-up to make us believe he’s a flawed clone of Garfield, os if they really wanted to do him, it’s not impossible.

              I think they should shelf the intend of expanding the character into a shared universe (when they don’t have other heroes than him) and just make good standalone Spider-Man movies.

              • Agreed. None of the heroes related to Spider-Man other than himself are that popular, anyway. That said, if teased right you can make a character popular: look at what Marvel did with Guardians. And I know I’d love to see a Black Cat movie and perhaps an Araña miniseries. Oooh, Grim Hunt! That would make a great Spidey movie. The Kravinoff heirs, Araña, Julia Carpenter, Madame Web, the Chameleon posing as Ezekiel… and who would’ve thought, Kaine saves the day!

      • You mean Webb’s version of SPIDEY with Garfield. Most certainly not Peter Parker.

    • I could not agree more. A serialized movie universe would be something that comic book films are severely lacking. Especially if the films were shot and released back to back. It looks like WB/DC are trying it with their movies all telling a big Justice League story.

  11. I like that because Roberto Orci simply stated that he had no idea what Sony was planning the Spider-Man franchise because he’s been doing work for Star Trek (a movie he’s been announced albeit not confirmed to be directing)that everyone assumes the worst and that Sony’s Spider-Man universe is dead. As far as I know, Orci has NOT been confirmed to have any ties to Sinister 6 or TASM 3. I’d say that Sony is merely re-evaluating their plan for the TASM universe and that may include killing their plans for Sinister 6 and focusing more on making better Spider-Man movies. Sony isn’t going to let the rights revert back to Marvel.

    For those that are saying that the MCU and their films planned all the way to 2028 would have no room for Spider-Man should consider that the folks over at Marvel Studios have a plan for Spider-Man should he come home to Marvel. There’s no way they would let such a popular character sit around for that long.

  12. The next film should be ASM3 in (2016) in which Peter meets Mary Jane and then gets a job at the daily bugle. It should also have 2 villains (Doc Oct) as the main villain and (Mysterio) as the minor villain. Let Peter develop his relationship with Mary, while he’s dealing with work, and the 2 villains! The post credit scene of ASM3 should have the symbiote come to earth! The movie should be shot back to back with the ASM4 for a (2017) release!!! In the ASM4 (2017) Peter becomes the Black Spider Man with (Vulture) as the main and only villain. The movie only needs one villain to focus on the Black Spider Man story, the introduction of Eddie Brock and his rivalry with Peter, and continue his relationship with Mary Jane. The post credit scene should be when Eddie becomes Venom! In the ASM5 (2018) Peter should be going through relationship problems with Mary and should be getting close to Felicia which should turn into Black Cat in this movie!!! The Main villain should be (Venom) and should open the door to the Venom Movie in (2019) a Black Cat Movie in (2020) and The Sinister Six Movie in (2021)!

    Spider Man should be Featured in the Avengers 3 movie in (2019)

    • The symbiote comes to earth…

      I hate that. I hated it in Spider-Man 3. I would hate it in any other movie. I know they can’t do the full Secret Wars story as part of Venom’s origin, but the idea of the symbiote just coming to earth out of nowhere is just a bad solution.

      I’d much rather have them create the symbiote in Oscorp’s lab or something like that, even if it changes the character from being alien, because that would at least give it an origin.

      To just have it come to earth without any further explanation, would be like just having Superman crash-landing on earth without telling the story of Krypton and why he was send here.

    • But I do like the flow you propose with just a main villain and a post-credit scene revealing something about the next story.

      I also think it would be a good idea to have Peter first become the black Spider-Man in one movie and then let him part with the symbiote in the next, because he was the black Spider-Man for a long time in the comic books and it took a while before he realized it was alive.

      I think you could introduce Black Cat a little sooner. It could be a longer running flirt bfore they actually get serious.

      • I like your ideas!!! Sony wants to do a shared universe with Spider Man and it can be done but they are looking at things all wrong! A Sinister Six movie is not needed right now…..they haven’t even introduced 6 villains yet plus its kind of hard to do things when they come out with a movie every 2 or 3 years. Sony needs to release movies yearly like the “Hunger Game movies”. They need to introduce Black Cat & Venom first so that spin off movies can be made with them while introducing more villains like (Vulture, Mysterio, Scorpion, Doc Oct)… no more than 2 villains per movie. And Rhino’s appearance in ASM2 is lame, they did a awful job creating the character and hope he never reappears….leave him out of the Sinister Six!!!!!

        1. ASM3 (2016)
        2. ASM4 (2017)
        3. ASM5 (2018)
        4. Venom Movie (2019)& Spider Man as a guest in Avengers 3 (2019)
        5. ASM6 aka Sinister 6 Movie (2020) also have Venom & Black Cat to help Spider Man
        6. Black Cat Movie (2021)

        This is how Sony should do things.

  13. OMG DIS IS SOOO GOOOOD NEWS!! I mean, Marvel all of Marvel films are so awesome and they haven’t done anything bad like Sony is obviously doing to Marc Webb. I mean, ever since they anounced the films I say they suck. Of course I haven’t seen the films but I mean they are terrible! 3 Villains!? That is, like, so stupid. They should be like Marvel OMG I love them they have enough 3 villains like in Winter Soldier or How they’re doing in Guardians.

    I mean, oh my god! This franchise so sucks!

    • You’re right, you ARE retarded. Your feeble attempt at mocking TASM critics is pathetic at best.

  14. Im sorry but does anyone even care? It’s like DC making a Legion of Doom movie or Fox making a Brotherhood of Evil movie. Lol I couldn’t care less it would’ve bombed anyway

  15. Congratulations to the Spider-Man “brain trust” and to Sony studios for running a limitless franchise directly into the ground, again.

  16. Just say the L-R word and we know its wrong in a millisecond.

  17. A Sinister Six movie will not work. Traditionally, the Sinister Six are antagonists and thus will be psychologically unacceptable to those who follow the Marvel Universe, which is protagonist-centric. Argh!!!!! Darn it, Black Cat already!!!!!