‘Sinister’ Spoilers Discussion

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Sinister Spoilers Sinister Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Sinister review, this is the place where you can discuss Sinister spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant team check out the Sinister episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Sinister for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Sinister is Rated R for disturbing violent images and some terror. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. i saw this a week ago! catch up america :P

  2. i saw this a week ago! keep up america :P

  3. if you think there’s someone in your house while your family is asleep, regardless of whether you think it’s a real person or something supernatural, you don’t shrug it off and go back to sleep. this movie was really well done, but there were a few too many times that ethan hawke’s character behaved unbelievably based on what we know about him. also, the makeup job on the kids was terrible and did not hold up to prolonged screen time in well-lit areas. keep things hidden and they are always scarier.

    • i thought the exact same thing all the way through the film

  4. I LOVED the ending, the twist, how it was executed, everything was just horrifying, but the one thing I feel was lacking was the visual aspect. We witnessed every other family brutally murdered, yet the one family we actually gave a hoot about we don’t get to see hacked to death? Like I said, I loved everything about the ending but I feel it would have been more powerful had we seen the Oswalt’s chopped up, not even straight on but just SOMETHING.

    • There was no twist…we knew it was the kids, ethan hawkes shouldve had his kids on locked down ESPECIALLY THE ONE TALKING ABOUT GHOST KIDS!

      he knew the family was drugged, yet kept drinking

      and somehow didnt notice the families moved.
      I hate this ending so much, It wouldve been a twist had he knocked his daughters lights out.

      • man your arguments are stupid
        First, he found out that the familys moved AFTER they moved from the house
        Second, How would he know that his daughter would drug his coffee That night.
        Third, yes you could tell the little kids did it but how would he know that before the extended additions of the movies were added
        Fourth, child abuse isnt a twist it is a serious problem in society

        • BUT they didn’t show the father OR the drawing of him I think that he survived we NEVER saw the axe come down on him the blood could’ve been from the other bodies that was a freaky ending though from what they were talking about they are making a sequel that’s 2 great movies I want to see next year curse of chucky and now this sequel I know this sounds predictable but the sequel would be great

          • If you look closely at the picture Ashley is drawing on the inside of the box lid, youll see that she has drawn “mum, dad, Trevor”; each person has been cut into three. So she does kill her father;)

      • Agreed, there was no one else it could be. Crappy movie, holes you could drive a truck through. The bigger question is who took the super-8 films to be developed? Some bloody kid standing in the drugstore would be hilarious, actually.

    • accually i like how it didnt show it to be honest because this film dosent need to rely on blood and gore to scare us

    • BUT they didn’t show the father OR the drawing of him I think that he survived we NEVER saw the axe come down on him the blood could’ve been from the other bodies that was a freaky ending though from what they were talking about they are making a sequel that’s 2 great movies I want to see next year curse of chucky and now this sequel

  5. the lawnmower part was the best

    • Seconded.

    • Hands down!

  6. Horrible, horrible movie. I DO NOT recommend bringing your children to view this disgusting piece of “entertainment”. I brought my 11 year old and her sleep pattern is still very much disturbed. Shame on you, the makers of this film. And a true testament to where we are heading as a society.

    • A rated R movie is intended to be viewed by people over the age of 17. Anyone younger than 17 needs to be accompanied by an adult. As of 2009, children under the age of 12 are forbidden to view rated R films, even under parental guidance. The fact that you took your 11 year old to see a rated R movie is completely your responsibility. Taking a child under 12 is against the law that you and the theater have apparently violated. You made the choice to take your 11 year old and put her in the position to be adversely affected by what she watched.

      My advice, follow the law first, and second preview any movie before letting your child see it, especially when the movie is rated so far above her age.

      • While it might be in poor taste to take a 12 year old into a rated R movie, it is not illegal. Movie theaters are required to uphold the guidelines of MPAA ratings, but unless that theater has adopted a specific policy any child of any age can see a rated R movie when accompanied by a guardian over 21. If a kid snuck into a rated R movie, the theater could not have them arrested, but they can remove them from the building.

      • Amen!

    • You’re either lying about bringing a young child to this movie or you are a grossly irresponsible parent. Either way, stick to the Disney Channel and stop complaining.

    • You took your 11 year old to an “R” rated horror movie and you are complaining that the makers of the MOVIE should be shamed? Seriously? You are the one that should be ashamed. Good grief.

      • How dare you question my parenting on such a public forum. I wanted a night at the pictures and do not believe in leaving your child in the care of a stranger.

        Shame on you all for your lack of manners.

        • Same on the makers of this film? Shame on all of us? You really don’t know how to take responsibility for your own actions, do you?

          “I wanted a night at the pictures and do not believe in leaving your child in the care of a stranger.” That’s fine, but don’t take your kid to an R rated movie, especially a horror movie, all because you wanted to see it and didn’t want to leave her with a babysitter.

          If bars suddenly allowed children in with adult supervision, you wouldn’t take her because you wanted to go dancing and have a drink, would you? Exercise some common sense and responsibility for the choices YOU make.

          • ever heard of babysitters very cheap

        • ummmmm. Maybe you shouldn’t have gone out then if you couldn’t find adequate care for your child. Netflix is a good option, Redbox? I have a young child and this was the first time I’ve been to the theater to see an R rated movie in years, of course only since I had a reliable and responsible sitter (his father). You put your business out there on a public forum, expect some reaction, & accept some responsibility.

          • [Removed by Moderator]

            • [Removed by Moderator]

        • If you wanted a “night at the pictures”, then why didn’t you pick a movie that wasn’t rated R?

          • Excuse me but who’s child is it? Have you met her? Who’s the mother? So shut your mouths, all of you. She is beyond her years, and probably more mature than a lot of you. her favorite movie is Boogie Nights. This movie however has damaged her and should be banned. look at the state of our society when sick people can find entertainment in trash like this. the makers of this film should be held accountable. Like Anthony Taormina stated above it is perfectly acceptable for 12 year olds to view this so what’s ONE YEAR from 12? I have now had to take her to my doctor and she has been prescribed medication to help with her anxiety and to aid her in sleeping. Shame on all of you and shame on all involved with this film

            • her favorite movie is boogie nights? ok now we know you’re lying. so let’s all ignore this troll and get on with our lives, yes? thanks.

              • And what exactly do you mean by ‘troll’? is that a racial slur?

                • Please stay in character, this is awesome!

            • Sounds like Shaniqua is Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs and is the one that should be on medication! Enough about Shaniqua and back to the movie reviews.

              • [Removed by Moderator]

            • Come on y’all this is a dumb spammer trying to make blacks look bad

            • Stop trolling

            • You cannot blame the R rated film, u took her to the movie i dont care how wise beyond her years she is I wouldn’t let my 14 yr old watch this because it is so freaky

            • clearly you don’t know her that well if you took her to the film that traumatized her

        • Weren’t there any movies that were not rated R? do you not understand how the rating system works? I’m sorry but you can’t complain about the contents of a movie That were properly . careful your
          kid might call Mr. boogie

        • Wow lady you are the one who has some nerve!

    • You probably should have done more research before you brought your 11 yo child.

    • [Removed by Moderator]

      • [Removed by Moderator]

        • [Removed by Moderator]

          • The moderators of this site should be able to recognize abuse when they see it. Shame on this site and shame on all of you

            • Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.

              What does race have to do with any of this?
              Why would someone suggest a child is illegitimate because of the parent? Why would someone assume that anyone is of a certain color? There is no basis for any of this nonsense. This is a forum about a movie, specifically Sinister, not about questionable parenting choices & not to attack people. Keep it moving people.

              So, can anyone explain to me how Stephanie was edited from the “Hanging Out” scene? We see the branch being cut, but again do not know it is Stephanie until the end. How do you edit an image from 8mm film without editing the entire scene?

              • She was recording it

    • Shaniqua* you should not take an 11 year old to watch a rated r movie in the first place.duhhh so quit complaining

    • The film was rated R for a reason. Shame on you for bringing an 11 year old and then complaining about her not being able to handle it. Did you not see the tiny snippet in the trailer of an entire family being hung on a tree? Was that not enough to give you an idea that it’s probably too much for an 11 year old?? You were warned in the Rating!

    • Why would you bring your 11 year old to a rated R movie…?

    • This was the most ridiculous comment… why, oh WHY would you bring a CHILD to watch a horror movie for entertainment??? Take her to see The Lorax, not a horror movie called “Sinister.”

    • It’s a rated R movie, what did you expect?! You want to protect your little 11 year old? Quit bringing them out to HORROR MOVIES that are made for adults.

    • Well since YOU took your 11 yr old to see a rated R horror film the only person to blame in this scenario is in fact you!

    • What parent takes an 11 year old kid to a horror movie rated R. Common sense should have told you it would freak them out.

    • This has got to be a joke.

  7. Ok, a few things. Based on reviews I was intrigued about this film. Saw it and now…I call bs. Who wakes up in the middle of the night to check out a noise(s) and doesn’t turn on a light? Especially in a new house. How was little Stephanie able to hoist up her whole family? Also how did she get in/out of the tree? Extended cut endings: Stephanie was in the tree sawing the branch…so how did she get edited out of the previous version while we saw the branch being cut by someone invisible? Mr. Boogie possessing the kids is not a sufficient answer for the strength required to pull these murders off. The numbers theory…dates, addresses, whaaaattttt? So are we to believe that if the Oswalt family stayed in the house of “Hanging Out” that they would have broken the cycle and only because they moved they put themselve in the path to become the next victims? I wanted my money back at the end. The jump scares were good, but that was all. I liked Ellison’s struggle with fame/money vs. injustice and how ultimately his quest for a hit was his demise, but I felt angry with his character in the end. It was after all, all his fault. Am I way off base?

    • There were rungs on the side of the tree.

    • I agree with you completely. The “film maker” was either lazy or stupid, or relied on the audience to be so. At least it was a paycheck for Fred Thomson and Vincent D’Onofrio.

    • Did you see the end where the little girls head moved to the side and the boogie man was behind her? It looked like he was controlling her. So I assumed thats how they get their strength through him. Possession was enough of an explanation for me.

    • Finally, a mythology question. I agree the whole “moving puts you in the kill zone” idea doesn’t make much sense. I got nothing man. What I couldn’t figure out is if each house had these videos, who the heck besides a true crime novelist would open a box of snuff films and not hand them over to the cops? Since that probably did happen, why were the cops’ families not affected?

  8. This movie was great!!!!!…………Until halfway through. let me back up.
    The good things are a good plot/mystery, likeable main character and scenes are shot to scare you even if nothing happens(plenty o time I thought something was going to come out of the darkness)

    The moment he walks through the house and we see the ghost children is where are horror evaporates and it just becomes stupid.

    I had a guessed at the beginning that the kids were behind it somehow but I was wanting a good reason why?
    which we dont get other than the prof saying they become possessed after seeing his image even though she doesnt really seem possessed and we never saw her see his image or have a reason why shes possessed as opposed to the other kid.

    The main character keeps drinking even though he knows the people get drugged, he never turns on the lights and somehow doesnt notice the families all moved and then were murdered.

    I wouldve forgiven all that had the ending been better and he kicked his little girls ass and fought beghoul or whatever.

    Two best scenes(when the movie was still good) was the kid in the box(whos night terrors are scarier than a possessed girl or the ghost kids) and of course the lawn mower.

    • The prof explained that bughuul gained access via images, he didn’t say that each individual had to view him. I took it as a family member could view it and allow the demon to enter their home/family.

      I’ve seen “drinking” posted several times and wondered why people get hung up on it. Yeah, victims were drugged but the method was never revealed until then. Also, is he supposed to check everything he eats/drinks for the rest of his life?

      Agreed, the kid coming out of the box was fantastic.

  9. What was the significance of the move & the story of the house each family lived in? I saw the map with tags, & heard So&So say they moved right into the timeline, speeding it up even… Explain?

  10. What was the significance of the move & the house each family lived in? I saw the map with tags, & heard So&So say they moved right into the timeline, speeding it up even… Explain?

    • Each murdered family had lived in and moved from the previous murdered family’s house. For instance, someone will eventually move into Ethan Hawke’s character’s (Ellison) house, the one he and his family were chopped up in. That family will find the films left behind and see Bagul, repeating the cycle. Following this movie’s logic, only after they’re frightened into moving to another house will Bagul use one of their children to kill the rest of them.

      It’s a good movie, but kind of falls apart when you think about it too much. How in nearly 60 years had no one made the connection? These are the kinds of murders the FBI get involved with, yet Deputy so and so is the first person to make the connection? Also, the fact that it’s always a family with more than one child that moves into these houses. I mean, if a single guy, a childless couple or a blind person had moved into the house, would Bagul be face palming in the attic, kicking himself in the ass for not thinking it through?

      • Thx for clearing it up Jamie! More room for part 2 hu? ;)

      • Excellent points Jaime, you’d think at least one resident would turn over a series of SNUFF FILMS to the authorities. Assuming that, wouldn’t the cops’ families now be in the path too?

  11. my favorite scene was the lawnmower but how did the other family in the house not hear it turn on and they shouldve added something scary when the dad went in the house and forgot his camcorder and bat where he meets the dog it wouldve been cool if they added baghoul picking up the camcorder and recording them then later finding it

  12. What’s with the Super 8? I get it, it’s kinda spooky…the click & whir of the machine, the look of film on a reel, etc. But if they were trying to establish that this Babylonian Demon has been feeding on the souls of children and forcing them to murder their own families for centuries, why would he suddenly pick up the technology in the late 60′s and stick with it? Why not have samples of progressing technology (i.e. VHS, DVD, mini DV, etc) to illustrate that he transcends time? And he includes an EDITING BAY??? Is Bagul the Babylonian Demon a vintage camera collector? Bagul stops by the antique flea market on his Sunday morning strolls to purchase vintage Super 8 film and editing bays??
    I call bullsh*t.
    And what happened in 1960′s Sacramento that suddenly reintroduced Bagul?
    I get that early Christians were afraid to record pictures/stories of him in fear that he possessed them, but there is really NOTHING before the 1960′s to show that Bagul has been stealing souls during the centuries between?
    At least they could have thrown in a line like “Ooooh yeah, the Blah-Blah Family from Sacramento went Somewhere Exotic in the 1960′s and then this crazy stuff started happening!” a la The Exorcist.

    I get that it’s a simple horror movie and I thought the suspense building, soundtrack, acting, everything else was done very well, but still…if you’re going to spend half of the movie filming Ethan Hawke turning a Super 8 projector on, you could at least work out some basic plot details.

    • That’s a REALLY good point. Why would Bagul stick to one medium? It feels like the filmmakers didn’t bother to work out the “rules” of how things work. If asked any questions I’m betting their answer would be “because it’s spookier to do it that way.” Meh.

      Also, I was laughing pretty hard every time Ethan Hawke’s character would pass by a light switch while searching his house. At one point he stops and there is literally 3 or 4 light switches right behind him. Wouldn’t do him any good I suppose. That house is darker than a cave.

  13. I thought the film was decent. It’s not perfect, but it was decently made. It’s one of those few films whose use of jump scares were done effectively (crank up the tension in the scene, then boo the audience to death).

    I do agree that there are possibly a s***-load of plot-holes for the film, and that the characters do mind-numbingly stupid things, but overall, the craftsmanship of this film ultimately saves this from those run-of-the-mill horror films released left and right.

  14. What about the clothes mr.boogie was wearing in the closing shot.He could of been dragging ashley by 1 leg instead of so tenderley.She didnt look full of evilmess just zoned in the last shot.

    • I watched most of the movie through my hands, what kind of clothes was Mr. Boogie wearing in the last shot?

  15. Bagul maybe human before the transformation?transformation.

    • Nah, demons are never human, that’s not how it works.

  16. Looked like a short off the rack of ambercrombie.His facade looked like he might of been human at one time

  17. Film makers should respect the fan’s intelligence.

  18. What was the name on the very last film canister that was put into the projector+film box stored in the attic after Ethan Hawkes’ family was killed?

    • Finger painting

    • House Painting ’12

  19. The last canister was called fingerpainting

    • No it said house painting 2012 and only had 2 drawings clearly visible and a guy that was hidden not mr. Boogie

  20. Not to say anyone’s opinion is wrong or misplace to call bs in place, because there are definitely valid reasons to do so. But my person philosophy going into any kind of movie is to try to relax and let the picture the film makers are trying to paint envelope you. Become completely involved in the film and stop looking for places to totally discredit them. Obviously this won’t remove all places where you wanna yell at the lead character for climbing into the dark ass attic with a knife in his mouth and a flashlight, but it may help make the film a. Scarier and b. more enjoyable.

  21. When you see the canister of reels, you will see that there are 5, but the canister holds six. So when we see the canister at the very end of the film and the “House Painting ’12″ is included inside it, it is full. Could this possibly mean Baghuul’s reign of terror is over after Ethan Hawke’s family’s murder? Just a thought.

  22. Is it just me or did the face of Baghul resemble a Slipknot mask? Overall I enjoyed the film because it was a fresh take on a horror flick. I get tired of Hollyood churning out Saw VI or Paranormal X. It was an enjoyable movie to go see. Will I buy it on DVD…. No, but it was still worth seeing in the theatre.

  23. I seriously figured out the entire plot after about 40 minutes into the movie, being that there was still over an hour left, it seemed repetitive and dragged on, I feel as if I watched those super 8 films like a thousand times…and as previously mentioned, I too couldn’t believe we wouldn’t see the family we grew to care for murdered; skipping over it was a let down to say the least. The only twist for me was finding out that his daughter would be the one to kill them not their son. The movie wasn’t terrible, worth watching but I would wait till it comes out on DVD, I would give the movie 3.5 out of 5. Decent but certainly not one of the best horror films of the year.

  24. I would give the movie a decent review. I think people have unusually strong, polar reactions to horror movies, especially the scarier ones. One common thread I see through almost every review I’ve read is that the movie is legitimately scary, just slightly messy with plot holes. Some people are really hard on horror movies because it’s a way to cope with the movie perhaps, I’m not sure. On a side observation, I think people’s reaction/coping mechanisms in horror movies are interesting and probably say things about each person. For instance, you have the screamers/laughers, who exhibit strong emotive responses during tense moments. Their release is obvious, I think these people like horror movies. Then you have people who try to talk through the scary parts or make light of them, they will be silent during all of the day time scenes, but the second the tension builds, they can’t shut up.’3…2…1′ ‘Something is going to jump out right away, so obvious’ ‘Why don’t you look behind you, you idiot? What a dumb movie’.. I actually had a couple behind me that humorously failed to call a single scare throughout the movie, but boy did they try.

    I once saw a couple that kept on trash talking Paranormal Activity scene by scene, but whenever I looked at them, they looked horrified, they looked like they were grinding their teeth, they were squeezing their clothes and seat, they compulsively ate popcorn during any tense moment, but these same people declared the movie to be “Not at all scary’ and ‘The worst horror movie ever made’ when in reality the opposite was true.

    Enough rant, seeing horror movies multiple times gives you the opportunity to observe others, and I think horror movies bring out the most extreme and interesting traits.

    Plot holes aside (light switches anyone) – it was a good scare.

  25. I just saw the movie and will give it 2 out of 5 stars. Very predictable. Main character going into dark attic with a kitchen knife; going outside with a bat; going into office with film mysteriously rolling 2 or 3 times; with all the banging going on in the middle of the night-his wife and kids never wake up. Didn’t explain why the killings began in the 60′s (can you say Prequel to come?) why did the kids run at the end when they saw Mr. Boogie? Why didn’t we see the family get chopped up? How was there so much blood everywhere in the hallway? To get that much blood all 3 victims would hv had to bleed out…she was only a child. The make up on the kids – looked fake! The plot was good but it could hv been better. Too obvious that the daughter would be targeted. Boo!!!!

    • If they showed the family getting chopped up, they would have violated their own rules. They made a pact with you at the beginning that gore was not the goal. I think showing the hacking would have violated that pact. Three individuals were chopped in pieces, I would say there was plenty of “paint” available.

  26. Terrible film. Bored the life out of me, was so bad people in the cinema were walking out!!! Parts that were meant to be scary were actually hilarious. Well filmed and the main guy was a good actor but bar that it was bad acting on every one else’s part and a waste of time. Oh and the womans accent was annoying. s***.

    • Yeah, foreigners should not be in movies! How dare they!

      Did it ever occur to you that people may be walking out because they were overwhelmed?

  27. I’ll at least give the movie this,’it stays in your brain for a while, festering and rotting away’! Ya know, with proper care, this film could have been really good. Too bad the creators did’nt pay more attention to character development. Ethan Hawke hogged the whole movie, and that’s not what makes this film bad Hawke’s performance was the only bright spot in the film. But why not add to the movie by giving, oh lets see…co-stars and character actors a fair chance at helping the film advance. This film was murky and disturbing. I thought I was watching a behind the scenes look at the Nancy Grace show, instead of a feature film. Poor execution of a promising story. They butchered this movie. -Ken

  28. what I didn’t understand about this movie was how Mr. Boogie was in the films and yet possessing the child…its like he’s 2 places at one time…also I didn’t understand why the deceased children were all telling everyone alive to be quiet (shhhhhhh) and lastly I didn’t get how the deceased kids were able to see and run from Mr. Boogie inside the films…are their souls on the run or something? can someone shed some light on this for me?

    • They were shushing them trying to warn him of mr. Boogie and it freaked me out

    • Demons are not bound by the physical realm, they can move within dimensions at their will. I’m not exactly sure he possessed the children either; I think he just manipulated them and set them off on the path of murder.

  29. Why did they play so much into the boys night terrors but not play explain why that was all about. I mean they were getting worse for a reason, why didn’t they explain it/ But it still scared the bejesus out of me ;D