‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ Trailer: Booze, Broads and Bullets

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Frank Miller comic book film adaptations 300 and Sin City remain two of the more unique additions to the genre, for their heightened representations of, respectively, the Hollywood swords and sandals world and archetypal Noir setting. Perhaps appropriately, both properties will return to theaters this year, first with 300: Rise of an Empire this Friday and later Sin City: A Dame to Kill For in August.

The trailer for the Sin City sequel is now online, ahead of its premiere on the big screen attached to prints of Rise of an Empire, no doubt.

Miller, as he did on the previous installment, co-directed Sin City: A Dame to Kill For with Robert Rodriguez. The list of returning players in front of the camera includes Mickey Rourke (Immortals), Jessica Alba (A.C.O.D.), Bruce Willis (RED 2), and Rosario Dawson (Trance), while the roster of newcomers to Basin City counts 300: Rise of an Empire‘s Eva Green, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Don Jon) and Josh Brolin (Labor Day) among its ranks.

Rodriguez and Miller’s second Sin City movie features narrative material that takes place before, during, and after certain events depicted in its 2005 predecessor. Miller’s A Dame to Kill For graphic novel is the basis for the central storyline here, while the story featuring Rourke’s Marv – “Just Another Saturday Night” – was adapted from Miller’s Booze, Broads & Bullets short comic story collection. Finally, Miller wrote anew the film’s two additional plot threads, titled “The Long Bad Night” (the Levitt segment) and “The Fat Loss” (the Alba segment).

sin city 2 trailer joseph gordon levitt 570x294 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Trailer: Booze, Broads and Bullets

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in ‘A Dame to Kill For’

Previously, Rodriguez claimed that the visual approach and imagery (which was shot with 3D in mind) in A Dame to Kill For adheres even closer to Miller’s violently splashy black and white ink illustrations in the latter’s Sin City source comics than the first movie’s cinematography did. Based on the teaser footage, that does seem to be the case here: dashes of color mixed with stylized heavy shadows and monochromatic flourishes – so when Nancy (Alba) dances onstage, her hair virtually resembles a hand-drawn picture now.

As for the new story material, well, that’s a bigger question mark. Both the “A Dame to Kill For” and “Just Another Saturday Night” narrative threads are among the better-received Sin City comic storylines, but Miller’s recent output – in both the graphic novel and film medium – have left something to be desired, as he’s long descended into self-parody. Will a return to Basin City on the big screen help Miller (and Rodriguez, whose recent movies have also disappointed) get back his creative mojo? Well… here’s hoping for the best.


Sin City: A Dame to Kill For opens in 2D and 3D theaters on August 22nd, 2014.

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  1. Im losing my mind with excitement for this.

    At long last Sin City 2

    A dame to kill for was always my favorite

  2. What the hell is going on with this movie? Anyone?

    • The film was stuck in development hell for years. Rodriguez and Miller were also focusing on other projects. There may have also been issues with scheduling a cast this big.

  3. Awesome trailer.. although I thought that Clive Owen was the most compelling character in the first one, so that’s too bad he isn’t in this one. Is Brolin playing his character now, or what? Aaaand I like JGL and all, but he doesn’t really seem to fit in with the rest of the film somehow.. we’ll see, maybe he’ll be great.

    • Brolin is playing Owen’s character now, for story reasons.

      • I may be wrong but this looks like prequel stories. That means Dwight (Owens character)is pre-facial plastic surgery, right? And isn’t JGL driving Goldie’s car?

        • YES Skylordric You Are Correct.

        • Yeah, the second Sin City movie is kind of more an inter-quel than pure sequel, like 300: Rise of an Empire is to 300.

    • JGL was the best thing about that trailer to me. Looks like he might steal the show.

      • He always does. hes a great actor.

  4. oh, and JGL looks like coach Eric Taylor in that 2nd pic here.

  5. I like the use of The Glitch Mob in the trailer

    • Same, I was surprised especially since it’s such a new track.

  6. It may end up horrible. Truly. But I’ll be there to find out!

  7. (Spoiler Alert)READ AT YOUR OWN RISK…..For Those of you curious As To Why Josh Brolin Was cast as Dwight In place of Clive Owen Is because his charater was beaten so bad in the novel he literally had to reconstruct his FACE…. Which Is Why Clive Was Dwight In The First Film And Josh Is Dwight In The Prequel/Sequel… Josh Is Dwight Before And Clive Is Dwight After The Surgery Which Is Brilliant If I May Say So Myself.

    • to skylordric: Shelly said to Dwight (Clive) “…Before you’ve shown up with new face of your’s”.


  9. Damit … august 22 :S I WANT TO WATCH IT NOW !

  10. is bruce willis comin back caus when they show the name list bruce willis was the last one, maybe flashback?

    • Bruce will return as Hartigan. And he’s gonna kick some arse.

      • well in that case if a bullet to the head can’t stop him mind as well call him superman

        • The stories in this new one take place before, during, and after the original Sin City movie. So chances are, his scenes will take place before he got shot.

          Side note: I reallllllly need to read the books before this comes out…

          • shot himself*

    • Bruce Willis’ Character is there at 00:31

      • He’s in the mirror in the preview, and only in the mirror from the small snippet shown. My guess is that he’s likely playing a small supporting role as the memory/ ghost that the tortured soul ‘talks’ to for advice and encouragement and maybe in a brief flashback, but that’d be the extent of it.

    • Yeah he is, hes actually in the trailer if you look closely.

  11. Now that’s a trailer,don’t wont to wait till the 2020′s for the next sin city movie.

  12. Hell Yes! Sin City! I’m super amped for this. The cast looks amazing

  13. I’ll be happy to shell out the extra couple of bucks for the 3D ticket!

  14. Looks like it might be worth the wait! And Jessica Alba is still REALLY HOT!

  15. I’m sad and happy about this movie finally coming out. We lost great charactor’s like ‘Mante’ Michael Clarke Duncan, and ‘Shellie,’ Brittany Murphy because this film was put on the back burner for so long and these great talents passed away. The happy part is seeing ‘Marv’ back, and a new face ‘Dwlight.’ It would be cool if Josh Hartnett ‘The Man,’ comes back with the opening scene again about another hit he will wait till the morning to cash the check. I really love the 2005 original “Sin City,” here’s hoping for the Best!

    • Mante? You mean Manute?

    • Wow, you are not very read up on Sin City…Harnett’s character was ‘the employee’ and Duncans was ‘Manute’. /facepalm

  16. An amazing trailer with an eloquent sense of prowess and veneration. I am most excited about this film since the original Sin City provided a grandiose aspect of cinema, and it is going to premiere on my birthday! The bad thing about this is that I am turning 17, one year short from viewing this movie on the big screen : ( .

    • Oh, come on. What movie theater cards you? And if they do, you can go with an 18-year-old friend to act as your “guardian.” Go see the movie in a theater.

  17. Now I’m genuinely excited.
    A sequel to Sin City was something I always wanted but it’s been so long that I fell into the I’ll believe it when I see it line of thinking.
    Well, now I’ve seen it. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  18. First movie was sick. This one looks just as good! JGL and eva green – winning additions!

    • Yeah IDK I think Green was an awful choice for Ava Lord. Same goes for Brolin, he has sucked in everything I have seen him in. Can’t stand that guy.

  19. Here’s to hoping Miller doesn’t do another stinker like The Spirit.

  20. Marv is back! He was easily my favorite character in the first film. And it’s great to see Ray Liotta on board, too. But who is playing Manute this time around? Is it Dennis Haysbert?

  21. Judging off the trailer Sin City 2 looks amazing, and like it should be a worthy successor to the original. Can’t wait!!!

  22. Wow!! Great trailer!! Dug the first one and this trailer’s got me hype for the sequel…

  23. https://m.soundcloud.com/marcalus-seed-official/marcalus-seed-dame-to-kill-original
    Here is a sick song in dedication to Sin City 1. Check it out!!!