‘Sin City 2′: First Look at Josh Brolin as Dwight McCarthy

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Sin City 2 A Dame to Kill For Dwight Clive Owen Sin City 2: First Look at Josh Brolin as Dwight McCarthy

Clive Owen (pictured above) brought Dwight “I’m out of my mind” McCarthy to life in directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s Sin City, but those familiar with the source material understand why Josh Brolin is taking over the role in the followup, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (which takes place before, during and after events in the first movie).

Rodriguez’ current workload - editing Machete Kills and starting production on Sin City 2 – is keeping him busy, but he’s paused to provide his Twitter followers a first look at Brolin as the Dwight character on-set. The filmmaker also unveiled a photo offering a reasonable approximation of how the finished product will look.

Below, you get a taste of the challenging acting experience on a Sin City movie (as seen from the sidelines, it’s kind of hilarious), where cast members brood, grimace and draw inspiration from simple props and backdrops awaiting construction during post-production. Not to mention, having to play make-believe opposite absent cast members who end up being inserted into the scene at a later time (through the “magic” of editing).


The first Sin City installment is revered as a technical marvel, for its use of digital black-and-white cinematography to replicate the look of Miller’s illustrations from the source material. Rodriguez is pushing the envelope even further, by realizing that two dimensional world to life in stylized 3D with the sequel. Moreover, the general visual approach on the project is aiming closer to the intentionally rough-edged and impressionistic design of the graphic novels – now that Rodriguez feels that audiences will go for it.

In other words: the “quick photo touch up” screenshot below (featuring Brolin as Dwight) might look rather different by the time you sit down to watch Sin City 2 in theaters.


 Sin City 2: First Look at Josh Brolin as Dwight McCarthy

Sin City 2 began filming back in October 2012, with supporting actors Ray Liotta and Juno Temple (Killer Joe) wrapping their roles several weeks before the official lead casting announcements. That includes returning Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis and Rosario Dawson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a character written specifically for the sequel, and Brolin appearing opposite Eva Green as Ava Lord: the Dame outta’ Hell who shapes Dwight into the sedate maniac played by Owen.

Look for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For in theaters on October 4th, 2013.


Source: Robert Rodriguez

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  1. For one moment I thought its Mel Gibson there !
    Clive Owen is not in this one,why ?

    Guess i missed something !

    • The character Owen played (Dwight) looks different in the “A Dame to Kill For” storyline.

      As for why, well, you’ll just have to wait and find out. ;-)

      • Thanks Sandy ! Then I will keep my self from reading any further !


    • A Dame to Kill For takes place before The Big Fat Kill segment seen in the first movie. Dwight McCarthy undergoes facial reconstruction, transforming him into Clive Owen’s incarnation so I would assume Owen will pop up at some point.

      • Spoiler Alert! Don’t ruin it for others who haven’t read the comics, dude!

        • Well, thats why he’s The Punk.

        • In the first Sin City movie they mention several times that Dwight (Clive Owen) has a new face. I guess you still shouldn’t post it for any that haven’t seen the first movie.

  2. I just took a sweeping glance, and is it just me, or does Josh Brolin resemble Barack Obama in that first shot.

    • I think it’s just you, and please don’t ruin a potentially good movie for me by bringing up that guy’s name, as I don’t want him popping into my head while watching, or frankly, anytime.

      • Chill’ax. Just voicing an observation. And trust me, if Brolin reminds you of any president, it should be ol’ W. Bush.

        • I hate it when Sin City makes me think of Barack Obama. :)

          • Haha. If the character foils his foes by leaving them in massive debt and dependent upon public assistance, then the comparison will be apt. :)

            • Or if the character inherits 8 years of massive debt & a mess he has to cleanup & is still blamed by everyone…

              • Or if the character keeps blaming his predecessor for everything and can’t take any personal responsibility for anything…

                • “My friend, reality and basic math skills prove otherwise. This madness is yours.”

                  ~ Jor-el

                    • Jeff, I can now never look at your name and believe that you base anything you say on sound logic and fact. Lol All I can see is “future Faux contributor “. Ahaha

                    • Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it Delano? Cult of personality, and you’ve bought it, hook, line, and sinker. Over 16 trillion in debt, hovering around 8 % unemployment, and more people in poverty and on food stamps than ever before, but it couldn’t possibly be the fault of the person who has been in charge for over four years, nor the party that has been in power for over six years. You’d make an excellent contributor for MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBS, etc. :)

            • You try sitting passenger in a speed car, get handed the wheel, and be told you need to go in reverse. Lol no matter how you slam on the brakes I can promise you wont come to a direct halt Jeff. Obama was giving a speeding car, he stopped it from crashing and now we are backing up. Takes more then four years to clean an eight year mess. Your slip is showing bro. Lol

        • I was surprised how great the final makeup was for his portrayal of him.

    • rofl – he really does! i didn’t notice until you pointed it out.

      • Shhhh…! We’re not supposed to talk about that guy or Jeff gets all sad and upset…! ;)

  3. At last! Something to prove that this sequel is finally being put together. Lets hope a teaser trailer isn’t too far away either!

  4. Although I originally loved the first film, I recently saw it again, and I don’t know if stands the test of time. In light of everything that has come out since, it seems a little campy now, and the special effects don’t seem so good. If there isn’t an upgrade, of sorts, to this sequel, I don’t know if it will perform so well.

    • That’s why they are doing this in 3D format. The only worry is the replacement for MCD -RIP

  5. Ah…what? Don’t know what circles you run in, unless you just sit home alone, but it has been, is, and always will be a commonly used word.

  6. Leaving the remaining English-speaking population of the planet Earth to carry on using it quite happily. No problem, then. ;-)

  7. That has to be the weirdest comment I’ve ever read.

  8. Varla Quimm, respectfully, you appear to have some issues. I mean, seriously, you have a problem with the word “hilarious”?!

    Get over yourself.

  9. Save the politics for huff post guys. I come to SR to avoid that crap and now it’s making its way here for no reason at all. Not a political movie, just take that trash outta here.