‘The Simpsons/Family Guy’ Crossover: 5-Minute Preview Clip Released

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Family Guy Simpsons Comic Con 2014 The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover: 5 Minute Preview Clip Released

This fall, lovers of adult-themed animated comedies will bear witness to one of the most anticipated events in the history of the genre: the Griffins are headed to Springfield.

The big Simpsons/Family Guy crossover event is set to take place on Sunday, September 28th, 2014 and will air as the one-hour season 13 premiere of Family Guy. As part of FOX’s SDCC festivities, the network has released a five-minute long preview of scenes from the heavily hyped episode.

Dubbed The Simpsons Guy, the crossover episode will feature The Griffins embarking on a road trip and getting in an accident that strands them in Springfield. As you might expect, Homer and Peter become fast friends, Stewie grows enamored of Bart’s wide assortment of pranks, Lisa and Meg set out to improve their collective self-esteem, and Marge and Lois swap stories about their insane families. What Maggie and Brian will be doing hasn’t really been elaborated on, although both have proven themselves equally likely to shoot someone.


While many have been quick to dub this crossover attempt “too little too late,” it’s hard to imagine that fans of both shows won’t find something to laugh out loud at in the above preview. One of the best sequences features Peter trying to get Homer to cue one of Family Guy’s patented cutaway gags, and when the sequence finally does happen, rather vicious swipes are taken at fellow FOX animated properties. Another great bit involves Bart resurrecting his long-dormant prank calls to Moe’s, only for Stewie’s attempt at a call to go horribly wrong.

Family Guy and The SImpsons Crossover The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover: 5 Minute Preview Clip Released

Of course, the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover will all build to what many fans would consider the clear main event: Homer Simpson Vs. Peter Griffin. The two cartoon dads may bond for a while over donuts and shared family problems, but it seems that their inability to agree on beer will prevent a lasting friendship.

In the final sequence of the preview, Homer is offered a swig of Peter’s favorite Quahog brew. Unfortunately, its taste is identical to Duff, leading Homer to accuse Pawtucket brand of being a cheap Duff rip-off. This serves as an obvious metaphor for the way Family Guy is often accused of ripping off The Simpsons, and triggers a no holds barred brawl between the animated patriarchs that literally leaves the Earth at one point.

No matter the level of internet snarkery the initial announcement drew, FOX is clearly banking on The Simpsons and Family Guy to start the network’s new fall season off with a bang. Expectations are already high from the general public, and will continue to grow as more and more promotional materials are released. Here’s hoping both of these time-tested franchises still have what it takes to deliver.

Who do you think will win the epic battle, Screen Rant readers? Homer or Peter?

The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode airs Sunday, September 28th, 2014 @8pm on FOX.

Source: EW

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  1. This is pretty cool. Is a sentence I would have said 10 years ago when both of these shows had any relevance. Ratings trap Doesn’t even began to describe this trite.

  2. So basically, Seth MacFarlane is making The Simpsons relevant again? Good for him, he helped resurrect Cosmos, now he’s attempting to resurrect The Simpsons too.

    I remember a friend of mine who still watches that show telling me “I saw it a few days ago, Marge was buying sex toys, it’s like they’re so desperate for ratings that they’re copying Family Guy and being more adult and it’s not right and isn’t working”.

    Honestly wouldn’t mind if both shows just had one last great run and then ended. I still love Family Guy but how much longer will it continue to run? Until it gets stale again, like it did when Seth was stretched too thin between The Cleveland Show and the far superior American Dad?

    Some shows have a shelf life. Family Guy is coming up to theirs and The Simpsons are 15 years too late now.

    • Holy unfunny quest for rating, Batman! A show in which is way past its prime is featuring a show in which duplicates the story/characters/elements of the show it is being featured with! Comedy at its finest.

      • People act like Family Guy copying is a bad thing but it’s nothing new to fiction and some do it better than what they copied from.

        Anyway, I came off a Family Guy marathon on BBC Three earlier tonight and still laughed at the show so it’s still funny. No idea why you had to type that as a response to me though. Is it because you’ve got to see the latest season of Family Guy and we’re about to start airing it within the next few weeks?

        Can’t you bandwagoneer with an actual terrible show (The Big Bang Theory, for example) and decide to switch off in droves in order to kill it, as you guys seem capable of doing for shows that are actually quite entertaining, thus causing the rest of the world to think “Why bother watching US imports when they get cancelled due to poor ratings because people over there don’t appreciate good shows”?

        • Wasn’t aimed towards you only. Forgot to scroll down below and comment on the white blank supplied instead of clicking the ‘reply’ button.

          As for my turbulence aimed towards Family Guy, it is not that I believe that Family Guy is a malevolent show in which has a vindictive agenda (although the episode ‘Not All Dogs Go To Heaven’ suppresses that one statement), it is that the show portrays a variety of characters in which eclipses than those of the Simpsons too closely (Peter=Homer, Lois=Marge, Chris=Bart, Meg=Lisa, Stewie=Maggy, etc.) and conveys a story in which is composed of flashbacks that is not relevant towards the story nor do I find comical. Not to mention that the stories being conveyed about duplicates an episode from the Simpsons (1991-2002). And not to mention that the show starts to lose its edge after multiple viewings.

          South Park is a greater show than Family Guy. Bob’s Burgers is a greater show than Family Guy. Hell, even American Dad is a greater show than Family Guy.

          • “Lois=Marge, Chris=Bart, Meg=Lisa, Stewie=Maggy” Did you even watch Family Guy? These characters are nothing alike.

        • The last couple of seasons of The Simpsons have actually been good, far superior to the last couple of shocking seasons of Family Guy (take it from someone who has watched every episode of both shows and watches adult animation religiously).

          Maybe it is a ratings grab, same with the upcoming Futurama/Simpsons crossover, but that doesn’t mean people don’t want to see it. I, for one, can’t wait.

          You’re right, American Dad is is better than both, but then again South Park pisses all over all of them for satire and topical humour. King of the Hill is the best comedy of manners (animated or otherwise) you will ever see. Even new animated shows like Rick and Morty are killing it.

          My point is that all of these animated shows are pretty different, be in Bob’s Burgers, Archer, or more obscure stuff like Superjail and Brickleberry, but I’m happy that The Simpsons is still leading the frontier a quarter of a century later.

          So bring on the crossovers!

        • Of people could just stop trying to be the cool kid and talk about what they like rather than what they don’t like.

  3. Ah, can’t wait for September to come. This is TV history . Or should I say Cable history.

  4. just a sign that both shows need to Retire

  5. Still looking for a proper Family Guy/American Dad crossover

    • Same here. Tho now that FOX already dropped American Dad I think it’s even more unlikely to see one, eventho Dad is still running.

  6. That looks like it’s going to be hysterical. It could possibly be the funniest episode of BOTH shows in a couple of years. I am excited for this.

  7. Wow, gives to much away but still looking forward to watching it.

  8. This doesn’t look good at all sadly. =[. To only laugh one time during a 5 min clip of something that should’ve happened YEARS ago truly sucks. I hope they see all the negative response, take time to revisit and re-edit, rewrite some jokes, maybe even push back the episode. It cant be near ready if this is some of the best the show has. This saddens me.

  9. I’ll almost certainly watch it but my expectations are pretty low. I stopped regularly watching The Simpsons a few seasons ago although I did catch and enjoy the LEGO episode and keep an eye out for the Treehouse of Horror specials. When I do watch it, I enjoy it but it’s not a show that I continue to make time for.

    Family Guy though is a show that for some reason I’m still watching (probably because it’s constantly on and it makes a filler while I’m waiting for another show to come on) but I can’t say that I find it enjoyable. The pop culture references are amusing (generally) but I don’t find any of the characters to be likable anymore (other than when they pair up Stewie and Brian). It seems to rely more on gross-out humor and mindless nastiness which I find myself becoming bored with.

    • Family Guy has been getting better lately. During season 9 I almost stopped watching but now they have gone back to the basics with those flasbacks and utterly nonsense jokes :)

  10. Family Guy has faltered, but also occasionally lost its way so completely (like Simpsons), that I assume new writers are to blame. When FG becomes truly revolting and visually disgusting like a particularly gross ep of South Park, I think they are blowing it. Even worse though, is when they forget to be funny. Meg lecturing the family on mistreating her has no place in a comedic fantasy world, and the ep where Brian died (purely as a stunt) had entire scenes in which there were not only no laughs, but inexcusably, there were no jokes at all! When FG has scenes that are not about comedy I am totally annoyed and even offended.

  11. It’s like Christmas in September 😀

  12. trying to watch the episode now — surprisingly boring. I’ve switched over to Battle: Los angeles several times.
    jokes are predictable with a tinge of misogyny. disappointing.