Simon Kinberg Talks ‘X-Men: DOFP'; Says ‘Fantastic Four’ Tone Is Between ‘Chronicle’ & ‘Spider-Man’

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X Men Days of Future Past Wallpaper Simon Kinberg Talks X Men: DOFP; Says Fantastic Four Tone Is Between Chronicle & Spider Man
For the duration of April and May of 2014, it’s all Marvel all the time. Captain America: The Winter Soldier will soon be winding down its theatrical run, but Sony has The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Fox has X-Men: Days of Future Past, both releasing in May.

Days of Future Past recently dropped its final trailer, along with a new viral video. We also received news that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will include a clip from DoFP, though fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a crossover. Most recently, Patrick Stewart hinted that he could be returning as Professor X in 2016’s mooted X-Men: Apocalypse and even beyond. Now writer Simon Kinberg is talking about what we can expect from both Days of Future Past and the Fantastic Four reboot.

Kinberg was on hand to represent Days of Future Past at WonderCon, and he spoke to Crave Online after the movie’s panel. When asked about whether or not Rogue (Anna Paquin) is actually in the film, Kinberg responded: “Oh my God, you go straight to the hard questions.” He then answered the question in more detail, seemingly clearing things up (but not really, since rumors of Paquin’s cameo persist):

“It’s kind of a hard question. We shot with Anna [Paquin] a big subplot in the movie and we watched it in the movie and then we cut it out of the movie because, she’s great in it and it was well shot, it just didn’t fit the film. It was a subplot that I created sort of as an appendage to the movie because I wanted to do something else that didn’t serve the main plot of the film.

“I just wanted to see Ian [McKellan] and Patrick [Stewart] on a mission together. So I took them away from the main plot of the movie so that they could go off and do something, and she was the MacGuffin of that mission. It was a perfectly fine 10 minutes of the film that didn’t fit the film. So we pulled her out of the movie and pulled that plot out of the film. I can’t speak to any other rumors about any other way she could appear in the film, but I can tell you that the main plot that we shot with her, we pulled out of the movie.”

X Men 3 Anna Paquin Rogue Wallpaper Simon Kinberg Talks X Men: DOFP; Says Fantastic Four Tone Is Between Chronicle & Spider Man

It’s worth noting that he did go on to sort of hint that an Anna Paquin cameo would be likely.

The subject of Rogue led directly into questioning about the controversial choice to show the character receiving the mutant cure in X-Men: The Last Stand. Kinberg, who co-wrote The Last Stand, was asked whether or not he still feels guilty about any of that. He answered in the affirmative:

“No, I have plenty of residual guilt from ‘The Last Stand’ and this movie in many ways was like my chance to tell a better ‘X-Men’ story. Though I’m very proud of what we did with ‘X-Men: First Class,’ the two biggest stories for me growing up were ‘Dark Phoenix’ and ‘Days of Future Past.’ Those were the ones that I loved, so what I wanted to do with ‘Dark Phoenix’ is different [than] what the movie ended up being. That’s a whole other interview and conversation, but on this one we had a lot more creative freedom and more encouragement to be loyal to the original books. At any rate, it wasn’t that.”

Kinberg had plenty to say about the famous Dark Phoenix storyline, and went into some detail about how that basic plot evolved into something much different in The Last Stand. 

x men days future past featurettes Simon Kinberg Talks X Men: DOFP; Says Fantastic Four Tone Is Between Chronicle & Spider Man

When asked to share his original idea for how to include that saga for the film, he said:

“It was just much more the ‘Dark Phoenix’ story. What happened when we were developing ‘X3′ was it began as the ‘Dark Phoenix’ story and then it evolved into combining also the cure plot. At a certain point in the development process or pre-production process, the cure plot took precedence over the ‘Dark Phoenix’ plot. So what should have been ‘Dark Phoenix’ A story, cure plot B story started to invert, I think partly because the other actors like Ian and Patrick were more related to that other story.”

While in the comic book story arc for Days of Future Past sees Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) sent back in time to prevent a way with the mutant-hunting Sentinals, the film instead has Wolverine’s (Hugh Jackman) consciousness sent into his younger body. When asked about the two versions of Charles Xavier – James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart – and how their meeting is possible, Kinberg said:

“I don’t think I can tell you that. Partly, the same mechanism that allows Wolverine’s consciousness to go back in time is the same mechanism that would allow McAvoy’s consciousness to go forward in time.”

Chronicle Director Shoots Down Fantastic Four Rumors Simon Kinberg Talks X Men: DOFP; Says Fantastic Four Tone Is Between Chronicle & Spider Man

Kinberg also talked about the tone of director Josh Trank’s upcoming reboot of The Fantastic Four, and confirmed – perhaps unsurprisingly – that the new version will not be the lighthearted romp of the previous attempts to bring F4 to life, saying:

“It’s a much more grounded, gritty, realistic movie than the last couple movies. If I had to say, the tone of it would be somewhere on the spectrum between ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Chronicle.’ The other movies were even further on the spectrum of being goofy and fun than ‘Spider-Man.’ “

Kinberg clarified that he’s referring to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, and not Marc Webb’s. While Fantastic Four easily lends itself to the cartoony antics of director Tim Story’s previous films, the drama in those films was rubbery and forced.

Kinberg went on:

“Josh Trank’s instincts are to be as realistic and grounded and real with this stuff as possible. In many ways I would say it’s definitely more of a drama than comedy.”

X Men Fantastic Four Universes Simon Kinberg Talks X Men: DOFP; Says Fantastic Four Tone Is Between Chronicle & Spider Man

The writer does acknowledge that the comic book version of F4 is routinely much lighter than the rest of the Marvel stable. Keeping the adventures of this superhero team “gritty” and “grounded” will be trickier than doing the same with a man who dresses up like a bat to fight crime, but the filmmakers appear to be trying their best to find a balance. According to Kinberg:

It’s still in the direction of ‘Spider-Man.’ It’s not like ‘Dark Knight.’ And even ‘Chronicle’ has a lot of fun in it. We’re treating this as the origin of the Fantastic Four so in future movies you’d have them on sort of splashier adventures to some extent but in this one we tried to ground the science as much as possible and make it feel like it could take place in our world before it cantilevers into other worlds.

And what about the other rumored solo spinoffs, such as a Mystique movie with Jennifer Lawrence? Kinberg could not shed light on that subject, saying: “I don’t know actually. I have certain options on movies. I don’t know how it applies to spinoffs.”

The notion of a “grounded” Fantastic Four is in line with Josh Trank’s sensibilities as well as the assertions of star Kate Mara, the new Sue Storm. This “realism” does not always work – the attempt to ape Batman Begins with Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man resulted in a sometimes off-putting tonal dissonance, something that even director Marc Webb acknowledged, and has stated that TASM2 will be a much bigger – and “less realistic” – ride. Expect more details on the new Fantastic Four as details become available.


X-Men: Days of Future Past will be released on May 23rd, 2014. Fantastic Four is currently scheduled for release on June 19th, 2015.

Source: Crave Online

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  1. Actually lookin forward to this movie the more
    I hear about it. can’t wait to see the 1st trailer..

    • dude youre late in the game they actually release the third trailer lol

      • Nah i meant F4…. interested in seein where they take the film.. Loved Chronicle and the cast of the
        team sound pretty interesting. . not concerned wit race recast as long as
        its a good performance.. DOFP on the otherhand i can’t wait to see.

        • now make more sense i am also looking forward about the movie but i heard they wouldn’t have a traditional outfit as long as they keep doom like they way he is portray f4 can wear pink ballerina costume i would still be looking forward to that new take

          • A pink ballerina suit for the FF could only be an improvement on this hot steaming cow-reaming! This reboot in every sense in “tu-tu” much!

            • “sense in” = “sense is”..spelling oops.

      • I just came here to read the comments

    • I can’t wait to see Ben Grimm on screen!!!

      out with the copycats, make mine fantastic.

  2. good article except the part where you said kitty pryde (ellen page) is sent in the past actually it’s just kitty pryde ellen is not in a comic book so why mention her name as she is going into the past unless you know something about the movie that we don’t

    • Um…what?

      Are you seriously that…..


      Ellen Page plays Kitty Pryde. Didn’t you know that? They mention the actor’s name after the character’s name all the time.

      The article is saying that Kitty’s sent back in time in the comic but in the film, it’s Wolverine’s consciousness.

      I also noted that this article fails to mention that Kinberg confirmed FF and X-Men will NOT cross over into each other’s movies because they want to establish the FF as their own entity and have no plans for each team to meet one another.

      As for the tone, The Amazing Spider-Man films have walked that balance between comedy and serious pretty damn well and been great because of it.

  3. For me it makes sense that the younger xavier probably gets pulled forward through time by the same process as Wolverine, or even more likely still Blink does it. Either of those possibilities explain the change and the difference in timelines.

    I still suspect we will see some interesting cameos of characters, Rogue and even Forge being notables. They were in the original scripts. I do not know how they would introduce Forge without going through the DoFP backstory, yet I’m sure there’s a solution if Claremont did it.

    I’m looking forward now to hearing more about the Fantastic Four, because Chronicle is actually one of the better movies today. It had the correct tone, the correct story and the correct amount of “realism.” I say realism quoted to make it clear I’m speaking of X-Men’s realism, not mistaken for Batman Begins or darker films like Judge Dredd. I think there is a perfect balance in Marvel’s latest, and that’s what I see the new Fantastic Four movie hitting is good balance.

    • You mean Dredd, not Judge Dredd.

      And yeah, Dredd’s world is more realistic because the mutants in that world exist because of radiation from the nuclear holocaust that destroyed most of the world and gave rise to the Mega-Cities and wastelands like The Cursed Earth.

      • Whatever the case, that is the exact opposite of the storyline we want to see explored on screen. Dredd was a forgettable one day rental affair.

    • exactly!!!!

      let us all see the new fantastic four film with the realism of something like star trek, riddick or XXX. stop copying transformers or anything related to dc comics.

      it’s about time marvel stand on their own two feet and make some real films. these films, including the fox x-men films will start memories that last a lifetime. and I don’t mean the lifetimes of some zealot’s wet-dream of seeing singer or joss whedon nailed to a obelisk. >:>D

      apocalypse will be one of the best movies ever made, since it will showcase how the world really looks after the heroes save it. like fallout, except we win.

  4. ‘I have plenty of residual guilt for The Last Stand.’
    You get a budget of millions, talented actors, a large crew, and you make a film that you don’t feel good about?
    Why is Fox putting incompetent jackasses in charge of these movies?
    ‘Though I’m very proud of what we did with First Class.’
    Yea because you brought in a good director and new cast. Then Singer pops up and weasels his way back in. A bunch of idiots man.

  5. Will screenrant address the elephant in the room with regards to the Singer debacle or have you guys been warned by Fox to keep mum on it? Seems that this is a bomb thats could potentially (and probably will) damage the box office potential of the most expensive xmen yet. What does this mean for future xmen movies (other than Singer most likely permanently out as director regardless of verdict )?

    • that’s because there isn’t any story there. everyone knows the lawsuit is a publicity stunt and fox sure as heck won’t feed it.

      shoo troll, the DC fanboy thread is that way. go out and gawk over transcendence ;o

      • Rather defensive aren’t you?

        • that lawsuit is dreamed up outside the wet dreams of d.c. and warner brothers fanatics…..there isn’t a single ounce of truth to them.

          Oh by the way, fantastic four is much much better than justice league.

          • “…fantastic four is much much better than justice league.”

            WTF does this nonsense have to do with the matter at hand?


      • Rather defensive aren’t you?

        Lazerblazer raises very legitimate questions – none of which have to do with Marve/DC partisanship.

        This IS a big deal. Why do you think 20th Century Fox had Simon Kinberg represent DOFP in the first place? Fox set him up at the panel in Singer’s place at the last minute.

        Singer has cancelled ALL promotional interviews for this film. ALL.

        Fox is in major damage control as DOFP is its most anticipated and expensive movie of the year.

        And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Whether the allegations are true or not, the accuser and his attorney have promised that much more will come out before DOFP premiers. The pictures that have already been “alleged” are NOT pretty.

        Try not to be so naive.

        • bunch of foolish fanboys with no idea where they’re going…

          they can say whatever they like, heck I had a friend who was accused of destroying a company and selling all its stock. none of it was true. NONE OF IT WAS REAL.

          they were vindicated and counter-sued these media propagandaists. fact is, they even barely knew who destroyed the company. the pictures of him doing it were just cheap photoshop.

          unlike warner brothers with their pump-up laughing stock flick, wolf of wall street, where jordan belford and similar time warner execs enjoyed destroying a company…

          so yea, don’t count your chickens before they hatch DC fanatiboys…

          • What are going on about?

            Singer is in trouble. Even if it is simply bad press, he is still in trouble. His buddy who threw the house parties in LA is a registered sex offender who targets young boys(13). The parties are apparently well known in Hollywood. Singer is being sued for inducing a minor to travel to another state for sex. That is a federal crime. Singer is in trouble.

            • EXCEPT singer never did said offense, period and the only reason they bring it up now is to attack his movies…his lawyer has repeated this, given they are in court. he knows whether it was true or false & it was false.

              also none of the accusations have born fruit, no real pictures and no developments. as well, singer’s friend who threw those parties admits he didn’t even invite singer.

              singer barely knew the guy!! and yet this is a story, please! what a freaking joke.

              jordan belford was actually guilty of all the crimes he did, and time warner made him a hero along with other stooges. it’s all them who should be in the news.

              • “EXCEPT singer never did said offense”

                Wow. Are you Bryan Singer’s attorney? (Marty Singer. No relation)

              • #1 I don’t care if WB made Wolf of Wall Street. Has no bearing on the accusations vs Singer.

                #2 If the accusations are legit then Singer is done. As it is now Singer is probably done making X-Men movies. The bad press could end his version of the franchise.

                #3 There is no way this about publicity. No one is going to give a press conference saying they were raped just for attention. Money, maybe. But, the attorney isn’t a joke, he won a $100 million dollar settlement vs the Catholic Church. The lawyer isn’t new to these types of cases.

                #4 Singer is in trouble.

                • It has all the bearing because shock jock lawyers looking to make a name for themselves, like the one defending the kid in question, go to the highest bidder.

                  Don’t kid yourselves, this entire thing is for publicity. He’s making $300,000 out of a simple mistake in that Singer had bad friends 30 years ago.

                  There would be no story, no reason to maliciously accuse anyone so close to release otherwise. The accuser’s already demonstrated that by shooting their story in the foot.

                  Also going to the tabloid press tied to Warner Brothers was proof of that, time to smell the coffee. There’s no smoke there.

                  • 1999 is not 30 years ago.

                    Singer is in trouble.

                    It has no bearing to this case. Do you think an attorney is going use the “WB made a movie” defense?

                    • Uh, that’s over 15 years ago. This kind of thing occurs in holly-wood all the time and it always leaves as the doorstep of someone’s new red hot scandal.

                      It won’t even be in the press except for a few days, the case will be settled out of court and Singer will return once it blows over.

                    • 15 years ago is not 30 years ago. Duh!

                      The accuser is undergoing trauma therapy, started last year. The attorney is no joke. He says more names and details will come out this week. So…

                      Wanna bet?

                    • Did you grow up in Hollywood or even LA County? Abuse of minors, of either gender, is not more common in the film industry. If it were there would have been way more lawsuits. The only reason it will be a big story with Singer is because he is famous. This stuff happens in Indiana, Idaho, California and even in Iceland. If you want to be truly horrified look up “Boko Haram kidnaps 100 girls from school in Nigeria”. The world has no shortage of villains.

          • Well it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that ;

            XmenDaystorule = Fantastic_Universe = LAUGHING-STOCK-Wall-Street-Wolf is ONE and the SAME !

            How old are you? This is all about MONEY. This is all about BUSINESS.

            This has NOTHING to do with Marvel/DC partisanship.

            It also happens to be about the credibility of two people; The accuser and the defendant.

            I hope with all my heart that the ugliness of this lawsuit is not credible. But Bryan Singer has done himself NO favors by allowing so much of his personal lifestyle open to the public. A little discretion on his part would have been wise.

            You can bet your life that 20th Century Fox is hoping and praying that this lawsuit doesn’t rip a hole into “Days Of Future Past.”

            Any stooge knows that bad press is a killer at the box office.

            Fox has already taken measures by not mentioning Bryan Singer’s name. I would imagine that both Singer and Fox mutually agreed to cancelling all personal interviews with Bryan Singer.

            • Actually that is their entire point, there is no story here at all to speak of because eye witnesses have denied they even saw him. Period.

              And even the so called friend who was into that nonsense, was an acquaintance of his many years ago. That does not add up to being involved or inviting anyone anywhere.

              This is exactly about business, bad business at that. Otherwise there would have been no reason to bring up this phony lawsuit, so close to release and so forth.

              You could trace the origins of this whole case back to some bad people in Time Warner, mark my words there.

              They should be the laughing stock of the media given they put out Wolf of Wall Street and Wall Street 2, both of which glorified the things Singer’s accused of. And when the film business gets ugly it gets ugly. It will be dismissed out of court with a counter-suit is likely.

              • Frankly, I’m not gonna put it past Time Warner for this to be a payback move against Bryan Singer for directing Superman Returns and ensuring it flops.

                I never got the feeling that Singer really liked the Superman franchise that much. I think that’s why he purposefully tried to tell his story, but ruined the Superman franchise and I truly do believe Time Warner’s fans have never forgiven him for Superman Returns.

                And if that is the case, it would underscore how dirty the film business is. As well as just how badly DC really wishes to defeat Marvel, even going as off the rails as engaging in dirty tricks.

                • Haha, WB is not behind this story.

                  Singer is the reason this is happening. His actions. If there is any truth to this then we will all know in a year. If Singer settles then he is guilty of something. If it goes to court and he is convicted then he is done. If he is found innocent then he will be fine. Big ifs all around.

                  • “WB is not behind this story.”

                    How do you know that?

                    You have no evidence of those assertions. From everything I’m hearing from the walls around this thing, Time Warner could very well be behind it. It’s an incident 15 years ago. It’s around an acquaintance he barely knows. The kid doesn’t choose to bring this to light in Mar or Jan, he suddenly just goes public with it near the release of X-Men?

                    Yeah right, stop being so gullible. Singer is accused of ruining Superman, something none of those fanboys like and have been after him for years.

                    There’s not multiple witnesses here. The scene witnesses look like nonsense in the same way of the Batman shooting. This smells and looks exactly like a dirty trick, the only issue with court is proving it.

                    • You’re correct. I don’t know that WB or even the easter bunny aren’t behind this lawsuit.

                      Here is what I now: the attorney who is representing the accuser just won a $100 million settlement vs the Catholic Church. Same type of thing, abuse from decades before that caused untold psychological damage.

                      If the lawyer isn’t full of it then it will be clear a year from now. Singer deserves his day in court.

                    • Accusations against Singer are definitely lies, and coult be a setup. One way or another the real culprits will come out.

                      As to whether they are connected to those other studios, I suppose it is possible. Only issue I see here is it makes no difference for now.

                      Bryan Singer should simply get in there and settle this suit, apologize in a Fox interview for ever hanging out with anyone shady and put the proper spectable outside of work.

                      Not today though, keep out of the news entirely. Let this blow over and let X-Men get its own legs before any appearances.

                    • Reading all these die hard marvel fanboys comment’s are making me laugh so hard. Fact of the matter is, no one wants to see any good promising super hero film to flop, whether it be a “fanboy” of DC or Marvel. (Although I would love all marvel properties revert back to Marvel Studios & see what an amazing job they could do with the Xmen) truth is, Fox are on the edge of their seats right now. There’s no way Bryan Singer will be involved in The sequel now. It doesn’t matter if he’s guilty or not, it’s bad buisness for them. & no, the guy didn’t randomly scream rape out of nowhere before bryan singer’s biggest film goes out in theater. The kid actually tried telling the cops back in 1999 & the following years but there just wasn’t anything they could prove. So what I think happend was a strategy move from the lawyer, they planned to do this with this film becaus its bryan singers comeback film. He hasn’t had a hit since X-men 2.

                      FUN FACT: did you know the only reason pyro had a cameo in the 1st xmen film where he makes a fireball only to have iceman freeze it was because after meeting the actor at a hot tub party, bryan singer wrote him into the script just to get close to the actor? The actor said this himself.
                      FUN FACT: bryan singer is openly gay.
                      You can deny all you want, either way I wouldn’t be suprised if they removed bryan singers name from the credits lol

                    • @vigilante You said, “Accusations against Singer are definitely lies, and coult be a setup.”

                      How do you know? This is why we have a legal system. If the case has no merit then it will be thrown out. In a years time it will be clear if there is any truth to the accusations. Until then it is wait and see.

                    • Agreed. This whole thing will be over with fast and be settled out of court.

                      If he gets dragged back there in a year no one will hear about it.

                    • If the case has no merit, a lie, then it will be thrown out of court and there will be no settlement. If there is a settlement then Singer is guilty of something and wants to avoid a trial.

                      If it is a shake-down it is a small one. $300,000 is less than the lady who was burned by hot coffee at McDonalds was initially rewarded after that trial. If Singer is innocent and simply a gay man being smeared through guilt by association then I hope he does not settle out of court. It will send a terrible message and always leave a cloud of doubt over him.

    • It appears this movie will become known in the future as the (se)X-Men movie….

  6. In my Eric Cartman redneck voice, “Man Fox is freakin lame, freakin lame as hell, pissing me off!”
    Seriously though, after 7 Xfilms Fox is kinda ruining an amazing franchises potential for a great film series.
    Kinberg, not to proud of Last Stand. Singer, who’s a mediocre director at best, pops back up to ride on Matthew Vaughn’s coattails. These Xmen movies as a whole, and I hate to say it because they are beloved by a lot of people, these Xmen movies, are just bad.

  7. Reboot it or replace these guys.

  8. I would argue that The Amazing Spider-Man’s problems had nothing to do with trying to be serious or “Batman Begins”-esque, and everything to do with simply not being well-written. Which is a lot of the reason why very little of what I’ve heard about TASM2 has suggested to me, personally, that I will like it much more. I liked the seriousness of TASM1 – I just wanted a better (to me) story for it. I’m sure that TASM2 will be more interesting, but enough…?

    • well it’ll be better than me, that’s for sure.

  9. oh wow, this fantastic four reboot sounds awesome!

    I really loved chronicle, The Labrynth and national treasure. If that’s the feel he’s going for nothing about the movie sounds any less than stellar so far.

    unlike the ‘Man of Stale’ which, basically kills everyone off for kicks….I can’t wait to see the heroes win and rebuild the place.
    apocalypse your days are numbered!!

  10. Oh Fantastic Four…oh my. I am so sick of superhero movies being describes as “grounded, gritty, and realistic.” These are science fiction tales built into a crazy universe where physics, biology, and logic almost never jive with our real world. I get that it worked for the recent Batman trilogy, and I liked those movies a lot, but this is a story about four people who get bombarded with “cosmic rays” that gives them amazing new powers. It’s the antithesis of real!

    Hey, I am not a big fan of the previous attempt at making this team a reality on film, but do we need to tell a dark dramatic story as an alternative. Isn’t there a happy medium? I liked Chronicle, but I am not interested in seeing a Chronicleized version of a Marvel super team.

    On, and before you jump down my throat with, then don’t go see it, let me just state that I am a lifelong reader of these comics and, as such, it is in my best interest for these films to be done and done well. I WANT to like this reboot, I just worry when I hear the same description that I did when Man of Steel was being shopped to us with, I start to get a bit concerned.

  11. I like the overall idea of a darker Fantastic Four so long as it follows the plot elements like Chronicle does. I think it could do well for them being able to explore the character arcs more, without having to devolve into something brooding or grotesque like Batman Begins does.

    Something like 300 Rise of Empire or The Hunger Games strikes a perfect balance, while also allowing them to move forward without any plodding in the plot. Likewise, I really like the idea of the type of hero Mr. Fantastic would become as well as Sue Storm if they were more the focus of the film. And it makes for a more exciting battle between Johnny Storm and the Silver Surfer, something I’ve wanted to see since Jim Lee wrote it.

    • I’ve been waiting to see that play out too. It would make for a terrific film!

    • So everybody wants a darker FF huh? Is Michael B. Jordan dark ’nuff for ya homeboys?

      His casting as Johnny Storm blows any and all preconceived notions about the FF out the air lock and into the Negative Zone.

      But….if they wanted to make an entirely African American cast the new FF, then THAT would be ground breaking. I would much rather see a new and totally different direction like that, than just changing the ethnicity of only one of the major characters.

      • Darn it, Starrxxfoxx, the first line of your comment just now made me blow almost an entire cup of hot chocolate through my nose and onto my computer screen like a lawn-sprinkler!
        I am not happy with any of the five castings for the reboot, either (the Fartastic Four or Dr. Dumbe). At least everything in this movie all stinks!

        • Was that white chocolate or dark chocolate? LOL!

          Truth be told, we have all been disappointed at one time or another with casting. But usually, when we finally see the movie, we come away satisfied.

          I’ll just wait and see like everybody else. Who knows? It might turn out to be as good as WATCHMEN was, or as bad as STEEL was.

          Bottom line: More African American superheroes is a good thing in movies. There was and still coming, to name a few, you find the movies: Bishop, Blade, Blankman, Catwoman, Darwin, Falcon, Frozone, Hancock, The Golden Blaze, Invisible Boy, Kestrel, Meteor Man, Nick Fury, Spawn, Steel, Storm, War Machine.

          And don’t forget all the African American supervillains too. I’ll let you look them up and comment here. Have fun!

      • Does anyone here ever comment on the actual article?

        As for Michael B. Jordan, I like the idea of what they’re doing with that character. It feels very fresh and exciting as his acting in Chronicle proved. I especially look forward to seeing the action scenes between him and the big choices like Silver Surfer, the Beyonder or fleet of Kree.

  12. The whole Singer thing, innocent or guilty is no doubt terrible promo either way you look at it. Bryan Singer is fck-d..haha kinda ironic if you think about it

    • There’s nothing funny about a person’s career imploding.

      While some of what you say may have some truth to it, I find the whole thing tragic -regardless how this mess will impact DOFP. And regardless of the eventual verdict.

      Peoples lives will be ruined.

      Without question, this WILL impact Singer’s future in the X Men franchise. It already has. That’s a fact.

      By the same token, Mr singer was not smart by living his personal life so recklessly out in the public.

      All one has to do is “google.” There are scores of pictures out there of Mr Singer and as the old adage goes; a picture tells a thousand words. These pics may not implicate his guilt but they sure don’t help to make him look innocent, either.

      The whole thing is tragic.

      I understand that is not within Screen Rant’s code to talk about a personal civil or criminal case, but this IS a GIANT WHITE ELEPHANT in the room.

      Perhaps Screen Rant can at least write about the financial and business implications this very ugly lawsuit will impact DOFP at the box office and The Franchise itself.

      It’s hard to read write ups like these (DOFP articles) and KNOW that the entire staff at Screen Rant is talking about this mess while posturing in print as if there’s nothing going on.

      • Roman Polanski has been a wanted fugitive in the United States for a similar crime for over thirty years and he still won an Academy Award. If Singer is really guilty it will be decided in a court of law. The court of public opinion is fleeting and only holds weight for as long as people remember.

        • You left out the part that Polanski is European by birth anyway , that Europe -Switzerland – France, etc all… is more home to him than the US, and that once American authorities (back in 1977) charged him for his crime he fled the US in order to escape CERTAIN Federal Imprisonment for child rape.

          Polanski is a talented film maker but that DOES NOT mean he isn’t, in fact, a criminal FUGITIVE and lives in France to deliberately evade American authorities.

          Pretty cowardly, as France (and Switzerland) protects him from extradition.

          As fine an artist Polanski may be, he is still a wanted felon, coward, opportunist and child rapist.

          But why bring up Polanski? His verdict was determined a long time ago.

          Singer has yet to have his day in court.

          It is staggering to me how little is thought of the potential (and certified, in Polanski’s case) VICTIMS in these crimes.

          • I did not leave anything out, being born in Europe has nothing to do with him being wanted for a crime here. He did not have diplomatic immunity as far as I know so where is was originally from just meant he had a non-extradition country to run to.

            And I bought him up because some people think because Singer has been accused of something he will be shunned in Hollywood, when just as you stated Polanski was pretty much stone guilty and it did not affect his career or standing enough not to be given an Academy Award.

            And why is it staggering how little thought is given to the victims, that is always the case with sensationalized cases. The monster gets most of the press, the victims are a by-line, unless they are famous too. Ironically like the Manson killings which involved Polanski’s wife…….

            • Yet unlike typical hollywood fodder, Singer isn’t a bad guy here. He likely did not even know these people.

              Meanwhile we don’t hear anymore about Warner Brother’s Polanski or other notables, who probably are monsters.

              Ironically too, B.S will be the one most “OSTRACIZED” by the rabid community. Simply because he made a film out of Superman Returns because he figured Superman might want to be a hero, when in reality the fanbase wanted the opposite.

          • Polanski who is part of Warner Brothers got a standing ovation. So it doesn’t bother the big wigs that is for sure.

            • You win the prize for LUNATIC by claiming that Singer is being set up in this whole mess by Warner Brothers studios in an attempt to smear him solely because he is a film maker involved in a Marvel based product.

              Your suggestion: It’s a FANBOY frame up and DC has Singer in their sights!!!!!

              So, according to your deluded madness, who’s next? Joss Whedon? Kevin Feige? Shouldn’t these guys have been the “usual suspects” to begin with?

              I’ve read a lot of stories, but you are original in your FANBOY CONSPIRACY THEORY, I’ll give you that, LOLOL!

              I could do the same as you and state strange delusional things and claim that Singer is REALLY being dragged through the mud because of his SIN of ruining Superman in “Superman Returns”; doing more harm to the man of steel than a ton of Kryptonite. At least THAT has more credence.

              But unlike you I’m not insane and I know better.

              Your dedication to this scenario of yours borders on the pathological.

              The Great DC/WB Fanboy Conspiracy Theory!!!!

              I doubt even TMZ will buy that one….

  13. It’s interesting that the Dark Phoenix Saga was turned into the “Cure” in X3.
    Perhaps it was for the best. Dark Phoenix needs more than one movie to do to justice.

  14. I don’t think the cast will be able to pull off the tone this guy thinks he’s creating with the reboot.
    Spider-Man cast people that have proven to be effective actors. F4 cast does not have that.

  15. Not much chance of Rogue in X-Men DPFP? Not much chance of Nightcrawler, either, and my favorite question of all, not much chance of seeing Cyclops in it? Well, apparently one has to conclude not much chance of it being nearly as good as it could have been, either. I will watch it, but I will need to see a really great movie to counter some of the mixed-feelings negativity I may have going into it. I will give it a chance, though, because even though I don’t think it should be just another Wolverine and Magneto show, I will say that the trailers looked pretty decent overall. As for Fantastic Four (the upcoming one), well congratulations, folks, you finally found a way to make the first two look much better by comparison. I am not sure if I even will watch this messed-up reboot; I may just relegate it to the garbage heap with the mess Seth Rogan made of green Hornet, and the mess Johnny Depp and Tim Burton made of Dark Shadows, besmirching two great icons (the 60s GH and 60s/70s DS), and convincing me that Depp, Burton, and Rogan should never work in movies again!! Travesty upon travesty!

    • Are you simply forgetting that Rogue was confirmed to make a cameo appearance and that a younger Cyclops was confirmed six weeks ago on top of that?

      He confirmed it in two separate interviews, that and Nightcrawler will be in the sequel for story purposes.

      I’m honestly amazed at the audacity of some of you who call yourselves fans of X-Men. Shadowing his every move and claiming the director hasn’t been working dilligently to make this a true fresh take for the series?

      Spitting all over their cast members whilst Singer himself is getting attacked by raving and rabidly heinous accusations from rival fanboys?

      Lets not forget the fact that there is likely more than ten million rabid hating Superman fanboys, who blame Singer as well as Marvel for the flop that was Superman Returns. Even though in truth, Superman has just never been all that amazing and there is no deliberate malice in how he handled the film.

      And making further demands of him after he’s given us so much, including a great franchise because without X2 the X-Men never would have found their way. No, some of you folks are the absolute OPPOSITE of fans, and it’s time you admit it.

      • Cameos are better than nothing, but still primarily flashes in the pan and not alot more. Cyke deserves front and center attention, and Nightcrawler and Rogue getting more screentime can only benefit. I do not think they will get their due in DOFP, and I am hoping something more deserving will come up for these three characters in Age of Apocalypse. And while we are at it, let’s see Omega Red and Mr. Sinister put in an appearance as well!

    • FF2: Silver Surfer is under-rated imo. It made over $300 million before IMAX and 3D. Aside from the Galactus cloud is was a good flick. I have no desire to see this re-boot with the exception of seeing the Thing done with CGI. Since that will be in the trailers I doubt I’ll be paying to see the new FF.

    • I’m astonished at the audacity of some of you fans. Directors are getting blasted by rabid fanboys who hated Supe Returns, blame him for it and are trying to throw him out and all any of you can talk about is how many times Rogue gets in the movie??

      I would be very shocked if many of you are actually fans. For one thing, true fans wouldn’t concern themselves with these things. For two, they confirmed six weeks ago that Rogue gets screen time in the movie as do a younger Cyclops and others.

      Also, I look forward to an epic Fantastic Four and hope they release footage of the new cast with the jackets.