‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’ Casts Its Leads [Updated]

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Silent Hill Revelation 3D Adelaide Clemens Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Casts Its Leads [Updated]

[Update: Silent Hill: Revelation WILL be a direct sequel – the original cast is returning. Details Shortly.]

Davis Films put out a press release that names two rising young stars as the leads in the upcoming Silent Hill sequel, aptly titled Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, which is being directed by Michael Bassett (Solomon Kane).

Adelaide Clemens (Wolverine) and Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) will be headlining Silent Hill 2, with Clemens playing the protagonist of the film. No specific word on who Harington is playing, though he too is being described as a ‘headliner’ of the film.

For those unfamiliar, Silent Hill was a 2006 movie based off the popular survival horror video game franchise. The film version was a slightly altered version of the first game’s premise, in which a mother and her daughter come to the mysterious town of Silent Hill trying to explain the daughter’s horrific nightmares about the strange town. When the daughter gets lost, the mother goes searching for her, uncovering a dark secret that involves witches, cults, demons and darkness spouted from the very mouth of Hell itself.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D will not be a direct sequel to the first, but will instead spin a new tale set within the wicked setting of the titular town. Check out the film’s official synopsis:

For years, Heather Mason (Clemens, pictured above) and her father have been on the run, always one step ahead of dangerous forces that she doesn’t fully understand. Now on the eve of her 18th birthday, plagued by terrifying nightmares and the disappearance of her father, Heather discovers she’s not who she thinks she is. The revelation leads her deeper into a demonic world that threatens to trap her in Silent Hill forever.

Game of Thrones image Isaac Hempstead Wright Kit Harington 399x600 Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Casts Its Leads [Updated]

Harington in 'Game of Thrones'; Above: Clemens in 'Silent Hill Revelation'

Given the premise of the new film and the events of the first film, it’s clear there will be some narrative threads that weave these two installments together. The first film’s strongest suit was definitely its nightmarish vision of what Hell on Earth looks like, and the terrifying monsters it brought to life onscreen.

While the lead actors are far from what you would call “household names” – though Harington’s role in HBO’s Game of Thrones and Clemens’ role in Mad Max: Fury Road could soon change that – their presence in the film will undoubtedly take a backseat to the real selling point of the movie: the 3D visuals.

Silent Hill 2pyramid head Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Casts Its Leads [Updated]

Of course, Solomon Kane wasn’t exactly a smash hit for director Michael Bassett, so here’s hoping that he can realize the evil of Silent Hill in the same impressive way that director Christophe Gans did in the first film – and in 3D worthy of the increased ticket price, to boot.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is headed into production and is tentatively slated for release later in 2011.

Source: Davis Films

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  1. Big Fan of the first one..

  2. I enjoyed the first movie, and I’m excited about this one.

  3. all those comments in the article is quite very obviously stating that the first film was in fact good, I for one have had one of the largest gripes with it. I must also correct the article here that the premise of the original game wasn’t a mother and daughter, but a father (Harry Mason) and daughter (Cheryl).

    All that aside, this synopsis rings very similar to the 3rd installment of the Silent Hill game series. I for one am rather pleased to hear that a director is at least giving a closer-to-direct synopsis adaptation a try, though the emphasis on 3D worries me…

    Silent Hill is a story about a place where your darkest sins/fears come to life and haunt you. In terms of the looks of the town, the first film did a pretty good job, but the rest I just can’t agree with. kissjonez, if you are a big fan of the first one, I would highly recommend, and challenge, you play through the first original Silent Hill.

    • Well no, of course the film can’t come close to the bowl-emptying horror of playing the game itself for the first time (to this day, I can’t play it again…honestly! and I’m 40!!). That aside I thought they got the “feel” of the game and a good chunk of the underlying creeping horror the game has, again, of course they had 2hrs to establish it whereas the game had much more (was it 10+hrs? can’t remember). I like the cast of the first film and liked the film to the extent that…again, I can’t watch it again (even though I bought the DVD). I am worried about an artificial 3D element in this case and I’m hoping the pre-ending of the new story is better than the first film. No didn’t like the wrapping up they gave as explanation for Silent Hill that much…but the ultimate ending was good.

    • Couldn’t agree more. As usual, they didn’t understand what made the game so great at all, and just copied the surface.

  4. Sigh, I don’t know…sounds kind of lame.

    I hope they didn’t pick the girl for her looks alone. I really hope she can act. The casting in the first movie was EXCELLENT (except for the little girl, horrible actress). This seems a bit off.

    Also, the story is pretty cliche and unoriginal. Plus it doesn’t really coincide with any of the stories of the games (it’s kind of close to the 3rd game’s story).

    The 3D is also a red flag that they’re trying to cash in on the franchise and make it teen/general audience friendly.

    If I even catch a whiff of the “teen horror”, fast cut, “jump” scares (vs atmosphere and psychological scares) I will be very sad.

    This one hits close to home. The 1st and 2nd game were the scariest experiences of my life (movie, film or book) and the 1st film was brilliant (thank you Gans!)

  5. let me add that the first film could have made so much more of an impact if they focused on the inner psychological/mental struggles on the main character, like all the first few games did, instead of having it be just a desperate mother trying to get her adopted daughter back. She had no other signs of struggle. It was just so “on the surface” it was lame to watch.

    The franchise can/should command so much more power than just another average horror flick… I hope this director recognizes that.

    • @ Liam

      I was trying to say the movie version was essentially the first game with the gender roles switched – like a mirror reflects thing in opposite (left hand on the right side, etc…) I’ll clarify my point ;-)

  6. This is good news. I enjoyed the first movie I think it captured the feeling of the town. It is on my opinion one of the few hits when it comes to VG adaptations!

    Though I agree with some of the comments here it failed to capture the psychological/mental struggles as the game did.

    And on the movie not following as a direct sequel. If they are indeed focusing on the 3rd game it is a continuation of the story on the first movie.

    Though the story on the first movie didn’t followed the game so who knows??? :P

  7. It isn’t easy to match the same insane terror that came with the video game. The first film did exceptional at times, but they hardly focused on what made the game so mind numbingly twisted. The fight with insanity.

  8. What’s more worrisome is that the first film left a perfect tie-in for a sequel and Sean Bean would’ve been a PERFECT main character/actor. They could’ve even adapted the story from the 2nd game and tweaked it a bit to match the tie in with the first game. Bam! There’s your sequel with a great story, great protagonist.

    But I’m sure the execs with dollar signs in their eyes had something to say about that.

    I really hope I’m wrong and this movie turns out good.

    If not, at least I can enjoy the new Silent Hill game that looks very promising.

  9. I loved Solomon Kane. It seems idiotic to talk bad about it not performing well when it never got a worldwide release.

  10. HUGE fan of the first one. I really did enjoy it. A wonderful mix of physical and psychological horror.
    i really enjoyed the second game, but i think its pretty clear we’ll never get a movie biased off of what was arguably the best game in the silent hill series.
    The third game was enjoyable. Although i think that the moving is going to miss out on the huge emotional impact of


    Heather was Harry’s *from the first game* daughter. That and his death later on in the game were two huge plot points that made the third game so enjoyable.

    I just hope that they stick with the more mental aspect of the horror that is silent hill.

  11. Errr… the director himself stated on his blog in answer to fan questions that this film IS A SEQUEL to the first movie. They’re also talking to Sean Bean to return. Even in the games SH3 is a direct sequel to SH1. Of course the movies are different but anyway it’s been confirmed that this is a sequel. At least the fans know, for the general audience, the revelation of who Heather is is to be a surprise.

    And it’s funny how people like to jump to conclusions that because it’s in 3-D the film will be bad. These people are just hating bandwagoners. 3D is awesome when done right, and would really be welcome in an atmospheric location based film like Silent Hill. YOu could always opt to go watch the 2D version if you prefer. But people like to be negative for negativity’s sake.

    • Nobody said that just because it’s 3D it will be bad. People are worried because 3D is usually NOT done right. How many movies can you say got 3D right? Not that many. How many got it wrong. A LOT!!!

      I’d like to know if this movie is being shot in 3D or converted. If it’s being converted, then that’s another red flag.

      • It’s being shot natively in 3-D. The director intends not to use if for gimmick shots. He’s been open with regards to how he wants to make the film, he is not following in the style of Resident Evil.

        • There is no band wagon to jump on in the first place. In all honesty, if you’re serious about your abilities as a director to deliver a heart-pounding story with dynamic characters, then you shouldn’t even need to advertise the film being made in 3-D! Make it in 3-D for all I care, but to advertise it being made in 3-D so early in the game (not to mention being blatantly in the title) absolutely rubs me the wrong way.

          Btw if I choose to watch this, it will definitely be in 2-D as Avatar 3-D couldn’t even do it for me, I saw it once in 3D and once in 2D, the only difference I saw was the black hole in my wallet.

    • @Johnno

      You’re right about the sequel part – the original cast is even returning for this installment.

      I’ve updated the article. Thanks for the heads up ;-)