‘Silent Hill 2′ Gets New Director, Title and 3D Format

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silent hill movie Silent Hill 2 Gets New Director, Title and 3D Format

The 2006 film adaptation of Konami’s survival horror video game franchise Silent Hill was dismissed by most critics, but scared up enough of an audience to warrant interest in a sequel. After being stuck in limbo for several years, the project is finally moving forward with a new director, a new format, and a new title – Silent Hill 3D: Revelation.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Michael Bassett will write and direct the Silent Hill sequel, which will be produced by Samuel Hadida and Don Carmody. Bassett’s previous film was the action-fantasy Solomon Kane,which sadly still hasn’t been released here in the states. I’ve heard predominantly good things about  it, though – particularly in regards to its imaginative visuals and moody atmosphere.

While the original Silent Hill borrowed elements from the span of the video game trilogy, the crux of the story was derived from the first game. However, the film also attempted to break some new ground and offer just a bit more closure than the often ambiguous source material.

That said, it seems a bit curious that Silent Hill 3D: Revelation seems to be based heavily on the third game in the series – an entry very closely connected to the first. Given the way the first film ends (and the gender switch of the main character), that connection is pretty impossible. Here’s the plot description from BD:

The sequel follows Heather Mason, along with her father, who have been on the run – always one step ahead of dangerous forces that she doesn’t fully understand. Now on the eve of her 18th birthday, plagued by horrific nightmares and the disappearance of her father, Heather discovers she’s not who she thinks she is. The revelation leads her deeper into a demonic world that threatens to trap her in Silent Hill forever.

I’m not saying that there needs to be a strong link to the first Silent Hill. The idea of different people all finding their way to this town for their own reasons is actually a lot creepier. Personally, I’m just not that fond of the third game. If they want to make a standalone film that tries to appease fans who were burned by the first movie and also appeals to a larger audience, I think the second game has a much stronger hook and narrative.

I’m probably in the minority here, but even the fourth game seems like it has a better premise for a film adaptation. The inciting incidents in both games are just so much more interesting – at least to me.

silent hill radha mitchell Silent Hill 2 Gets New Director, Title and 3D Format

"Sorry, I should have knocked first..."

I have mixed feelings about the film being shot in 3D, but at least it won’t be another example of sloppy post-conversion.  I know 3D probably seems like a natural fit for horror films and the box office success of films like Resident Evil: Afterlife and Saw 3D certainly reaffirm that – but Silent Hill is not in the same vein as those series.

Evidently, one of the aims of the sequel is to make it more accessible, which is somewhat discouraging. The fact that the games are more cerebral and less action-oriented is a large part of their success. The first Silent Hill movie didn’t fail because of its reverence for the source material – at least not for me.

There’s actually a lot I like about Christophe Gans’ film, but what ultimately made it such a misfire in my book was the dreadful pacing. It just plodded along for 90 minutes with cool looking creatures popping out here and there, and then tried to cram in all of its exposition in the last 20 or 30 minutes. I hope the filmmakers realize that they don’t need a dumbed-down Silent Hill sequel – just an entry that dispenses its plot more efficiently.

silent hill 2 Silent Hill 2 Gets New Director, Title and 3D Format

I’m also keeping my fingers crossed they change that title. Revelations is a subtitle that gets slapped on when a franchise has completely run out of creativity  (*cough* Hellraiser *cough*).  I’ve always greatly preferred the Silent Hill series over stuff like Resident Evil so I’m really hoping this sequel fares better than its predecessor.

If there’s anyone who’s had the opportunity to check out Solomon Kane, I’d love to hear whether or not you think Michael Bassett is a good choice for Silent Hill 3D: Revelation.

Source: Bloody Disgusting.

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  1. Finally! I was wondering when this film was coming.

  2. Oh boy, this one hits close to home. I’ve been a life long Silent Hill fan and the first/second game were the scariest experiences of my life. The film adaptation was brilliant (for those that played the games).

    Now. I see A LOT wrong with this sequel already.

    1. They’re basing it on the 3rd game. That games good but I just didn’t like the protagonist. I think they want to base it on that game because she’s a young, cute girl. They’re shooting for the teen audience, which is very alarming.

    2. Roger Avry. Even if he is involved following his stint in the jail for manslaughter he probably won’t be on top of his game.

    3. New director with only 3 movies under his belt, all rated slightly above average, he’ll probably try to appease the movie studios and give up some of the creative control.

    4. The FREAKING TITLE!!! Are you kidding me? “Saw 3D”. “Silent Hill 3D”. Makes me want to throw up.

    5. The music. If Akira Yamaoka is not involved, another huge minus.

    6. It’s obvious they’re going to aim this at the more general audience. From the title, to the choice of the source material, etc.

    The silent hill franchise has taken a turn for the worse in the last few games. Some have been okay but overall, nothing has reached the atmosphere and fear created by the first 2 games. This is largely due to different development teams having a go at the games. Some of the original team is coming back to make Silent Hill 8 and it looks promising. I honestly cannot say the same thing for this sequel. Thanks Hollywood.

      • Thanks for the rec on Solomon Kane. It has been on my To Watch list for a while. I’ll give it a go.

        Hollywood has always followed trends but there seemed to be more power given to the filmmakers before whereas now the movie studios have these filmmakers by the balls. But then again we still have a lot of talent constantly putting out good films (Nolan, Cameron, etc.)

        Oh and RE got nothing on Silent Hill when it comes to pure psychological horror (which is the scariest horror of all). The closest RE came to true horror was RE1. I still love both series but when it comes to scares, I’ll stick with Silent Hill. It took me about 3 years to finish Silent Hill 2 bc I started it when I was much younger and couldn’t freaking take it (the scene where Pyramid Head is doing things to the 2 legged creatures in the apartment is the exact moment I turned it off) and had to put it down for a couple of years before I went back.

    • I agree! I loved the movie, I am a big fan of the silent hill series, even if it has been on the decline.

      The only thing that I saw wrong with the movie was stated already: the pacing. Granted, the video games also move kinda slow, but that’s a video game.

      I’m scared to see where the sequel is going. As a human being I hate change and new things, so I am not excited about this.

      • Good to see other SH fans on here :)

        I had no problem with the pacing because it was just well done.

        The minute I saw Christopher Gans attached as the director I knew it was going to be at least good and probably amazing.

        If the same type of talent was attached to the sequel, I would have no problems with change. But they’re giving it the standard video game movie treatment that has failed 99% of the time. I can see it already; PG13, fast and flash cuts, terrible new age “metal” music, etc.

        Maybe I’m being a debbie downer but like I said, this one hits close to home. SH was a big part of my childhood.

        • I completley agree with you,i’m a major SH fam and as soon as I saw the title I was disapointed,I’m a 15 year-old and I’m afraid therye going to change the movies attitude,by adding “modern metal ” music and change the pacing,the movie is about inner fears and psychological terrors,with this new movie therye changing the tempo by directing it at the teen adiuence

  3. Its about damn time!!! I was a huge fan of Silent Hill game and movie!

  4. Please there must be some way to petion hollywood to stop with the 3D bs for everything. I don’t really believe the 3D will enhance this film. Im all for a sequel just won’t watch it in 3D

  5. Huge silent hill fan here. i even enjoyed the first movie. The second game was fantastic * my fave as a matter o fact* and i would have to agree that i would much rather see it in film formant rather then the third game. Granted, i did enjoy the third game, it’ll be interesting to see where they go with it.
    I’m just hopeful that they don’t turn the movie into so dumb gore fest. The mental horror of silent hill has always been where the Real skills are.

    • good lord, it would seem that i was drinking during my last few lines there

      “im just hopeful that they dont turn the movie into SOME dumb gore fest, the mental horror of silent hill has always been where the real SCARES are”
      sorry about that 😀

  6. 3-D,…… WHY, people Why??

  7. I’m kinda baffled by so many people’s intense dislike for 3D. I think if it’s done right it can really add a lot to a movie or video game. I have a Samsung 3D tv and I freakin love it. Granted there have been quite a few movies that have completely botched the 3D…i.e. Clash of the Titans. But at the same time there have been many truly great movies that have used 3D in a great way. Like it or not Avatar was amazing in 3D. The Playstation 3 is even adding 3D to quite a few of their new games. I’ve played a few of them and the 3D really brings something new to the table. Now, i’m not bashing anyone who doesn’t like 3D. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I know in my area most of these 3D movies are also available in 2D. At least most people have that option. If you don’t then that sucks. In closing, if 3D is done right then i’m all for it.

    • Joseph

      I LOVE 3D. Watching world cup in 3D was freaking amazing. Avatar was amazing.


      The way Hollywood approaches this technology is wrong. It CAN be done right (Avatar and Resident Evil Afterlife and Jackass to a lesser extent) but 95% of the time they convert movies shot in 2D into 3D, which 99% comes out as distracting and just bad. Yet they market the 3D on every damn poster, commercial, billboard as if it’s some ground breaking thing. It’s not. Not the way they have done it so far.

      There’s an article on ScreenRant where James Cameron comments on this exact situation. The technology is available right now (3D cameras) but it’s expensive. In a few years these movies will actually be shot in 3D but until then, it’s a sham.

      “You can’t put lipstick on a pig and call it a princess”

  8. Have to say, the first Silent Hill film was actually quite decent. Some decent scares and good imagery, Sean Bean great as ever.

    • Despite Bean, i just thought the film was well…bad. Maybe this one will be better? Now i wanna play the first two games again. Or i’ll give the film another go.

  9. You’re definitely gonna need a Devil’s advocate, going both ways. You gotta look at it from so many different directions to understand the reasons as to why they might completely alter the story (or stories). I think if we take a step back, and look at it from an unbiased perspective, we might get a better glimpse.

    Silent Hill (the first game) was the creepiest, chilling game I’ve ever played. It didn’t rely on “BOO! Did I scare you?!” tactics. It used atmosphere and auditory additions to heighten an already tense mood. Now, Silent Hill (the film) used images, sound, and music (sound and music, two different elements of media) to elicit a feeling of dread, fear, and suspense in the viewer. I couldn’t quite sum up how that movie made me feel until I talked to my father about it. “The stuff of nightmares” is what he told me, and it made sense. It seemed like someone’s nightmare, brought to life. The movie also provided quite the claustrophobic experience.

    A sequel in 3D might not be so horrible. I mean, let’s not think about Clash of the Titans, because that was converted, wasn’t it? And when done properly, the 3D treatment (Avatar, Resident Evil, Toy Story 3) provides quite the realistic effect. Anyone recall the Executioner scene in Afterlife? That made a puddle in my seat. And everyone in the theater had the same sentiment. Given enough time, and effort, maybe the frightening world of Silent Hill might come to fruition. But it’ll never be what we want. So let’s settle, eh?

    – MisterBert

    • MisterBert

      But do you really think they’ll do the 3D properly? Avatar was shot in 3D and RE:A was also shot in a similar fashion. But a property like Silent Hill that doesn’t have a huge fan base and a sequel to a film that didn’t do too well is not going to have the budget to shoot in 3D. Unless this film is 2-5 years away, when 3D cameras will become cheaper, this will be converted into 3D. Conversion can also be done right but that takes a LONG time (Cameron is taking years to convert Titanic into 3D). Again, no way this happens.

      That’s why I’m worried.

      If Silent Hill was done in 3D properly I would sh^t my pants. Can you imagine the transformations of the environments from normal into nightmare theme done in 3D? Pyramid Head in 3D?

      • Yeah, that’s one of my biggest internal, “OH-HELL’S YEAH!” The thought of having Pyramid Head coming after me in 3D? Oh, that’s chills and sweats merely by thinking about it.

        As for 3D post-conversion… My biggest issue? Low quality. Bad acting, horrible effects? There’s a list somewhere in the CIA and the FBI and the BSAA (not real, but using for effect) that details what makes a movie flop and suck donkey giblets.

        My fear is that it might be sent directly to DVD/Blu-Ray, packaged with 3D glasses made of paper. Blah. Either direct-to-DVD/BR, or given to Uwe Boll if considered too hard to make into a decent movie. I don’t know. I’m just…hoping for the best. Because Silent Hill (the film) was so much better than the Resident Evil movies (besides Afterlife).

  10. Wow, I want to apologize

    Just read the source article on BloodyDisgusting and it says it will be FILMED in 3D. Much better news!

  11. The real story would have been if this wasn’t in 3D.

  12. I just find it sad they changed to director,the movie is basically a nightmare come to life,of they orginal director isn’t going to make the second then it won’t have the same affect but on another note it could be even better? It all depends on what they new director feels like doing…I just hope they don’t give us some cheap sequel to a great movie…