Silent Hill 2 (Possibly) Filming in 2010

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silent hill 2 Silent Hill 2 (Possibly) Filming in 2010

Shock Til Ya Drop was recently on the set of the upcoming horror/action franchise sequel, Resident Evil: Afterlife, where they caught up with makeup effects designer Paul Jones, the guy responsible for creating the hellish world of the 2006 Silent Hill movie and will be (presumably) returning for the recently confirmed sequel, Silent Hill 2.

Jones had some nice (if not brief) tidbits to share about what Silent Hill 2 is shaping up to be, along with the mention that filming on the sequel could begin sometime next year. As somebody who’s a fan of both the Silent Hill video game series AND the movie adaptation, color me excited.

Here’s what Jones had to say on the subject of Silent Hill 2:

“I was working on storyboards for that around the same time last year…It’s going to be pretty crazy. There’s a lot of cool stuff in there. Roger (Avary) has some awesome ideas and hopefully we’re going to bring that to fruition sometime next year.”

As we reported back in September, Roger Avary, the writer of Silent Hill has been confirmed to be writing the sequel, and producer Samuel Hadida will also be returning to produce once his duties with Resident Evil: Afterlife have wrapped. Still no word on wether or not Silent Hill director Christophe Gans will be returning to helm the sequel, or whether or not Radha Mitchell, star of the first film, will be returning either.

Personally, I’m still wondering if Silent Hill 2 is going to be a direct continuation of the first film, or a brand new vision whose only tie to the original is the shared setting and premise (the hell-gate town of Silent Hill). But I do like hearing Jones talk about the “cool” and “pretty crazy” stuff Avary has imagined for the sequel. Hearing words like that from a guy who spends his career creating horrifying creatures, about a film filled with horrifying creatures, is a pretty good endorsement for a creature-filled horror film, no? (See how that works?)

We’ll keep you updated as more Silent Hill 2 news rolls in.

Source: Shock Til Ya Drop

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  1. I also really enjoyed the Silent Hill film. I was hoping against all odds that there would be a sequel, since the film was not exactly well-received (let’s face it, fans of the game and most critics, rather viciously savaged it).

    I was fascinated by the director and screen-writer’s approach as well, their idea of having basically all the protagonists/antagonists be women. I found it refreshing.

    And of course, the entire LOOK of the film was gorgeous.

  2. Funny how Avary is in jail right now (car accident that resulted in a death) and is still on board.

  3. I LOVED the games. Sill the scariest “experiences” of my life playing SH 1 and 2.

    I also LOVED the movie. Gans pulled off something beautiful. A party of my, however, always wished that they would just do the storyline from SH2 (Sean Bean would be perfect for this role).

    How about Sean Bean’s character getting a letter from his wife 10 years after the events of the first movie? He goes to Silent Hill, stuff starts happening, etc.

    Either way, I’m on board. Gald Avary is back (although he’s still an ahole for his DUI manslaughter) and I really REALLY hope Gans comes back.

  4. *correction

    “A part of me”

  5. bring it

  6. As long as Chritophe Ganz is director then I am on board. He nailed the look, atmosphere, feel, everything from the game.

  7. Definitely agree with ogb. This movie needs to follow Sean Bean’s character. I was disappointed he had such a small role the first time round.

  8. @ogb…. its kind of cool that Avary is on board. the silent hill 2 game was all about death and guilt. hopefully he really is remorseful for what he has done and put those feelings into his script to make a great film.

  9. Right on Johnny

    Kind of like when musicians have something horrible happen in their lives and they write some amazing music…I hope that is the case.

    Kinda worried about Gans’s involvement. Without him striving to stay true to the games, SH movies would suffer. It would be terrible if they hired some new director to handle it and we’d get a slasher/torture porn type of movie just so it can make money. But that’s just one of the possibilities.

    C’mon Gans, I know you make movies like every 7 years, but we need you on this one!

  10. I have to admit, the movie wasnt bad at all, i really enjoyed it. It is easily the best game to movie adaptation so far.

  11. silent hill for me was one of the last fear inducing films ive seen in a while.

    that burning part still itches at me, extremely disturbing.

    but the way the first ended..
    sad, hopeless, wierd.

    im all for 2 but id like a little resolution
    wether its what they led us to believe (they dead)
    or something new (they alive)

    you guys know that the theme/setting was inspired by centralia PA, coal mines been on fire for 40 something years now, could be 100 more. crazy

  12. Here’s my take… I think I speak for the truest Silent Hill fans out there. Silent Hill 2 (the game) is one of the best stories ever told whether it be a book, movie, game, etc. Not to mention it’s my personal favorite story ever told. Now then, I will give it to the studio that made Silent Hill (the movie) that it is still the best video game adapted movie so far. But here’s the problem… As OGB said, yes, Sean Bean would be perfect for James. He looks exactly like him. However, it’s people who think like Josh, who are going to ruin this movie. The people who want resolution. If any of you don’t agree with this than you have never played a Silent Hill game. The whole point of it is that the protagonist has done something or made a choice in which Silent Hill is somehow involved an thus completely distorts their perceived reality. So as far as I’m concerned, (and as much as I hate it because Sean Bean is one of my favorite actors) this should be the end of that particular episode. If they want to make a good movie they need to make this one focused on James and to a lesser extent, Laura. They should wipe the slate clean and give a brief explanation of how James remembers Silent Hill and go from there. Silent Hill is different for everyone. Which is why it’s a travesty that Red Pyramid Thing (aka Pyramid Head) appears in the first movie. What’s so great about Silent Hill 1,2 and 3 (games) is that they exemplify the love a parent has for a child(1), the love one has for a significant other(2), and the love a child has for a parent(3). This all seemed to be mashed together with the main story loosely based on the first game. So I don’t know how they’re going to achieve that initial WOW when you figure out that everything makes sense which the second game so greatly did. I don’t think the creators of the movie took the time to figure out why the evil things in Silent Hill are the way they are. I think they saw some game-play and thought, “that’s cool! Let’s put him in the movie! He’ll scare everyone!” So I guess if they want to make a good adaption of 2 (the game) it’s already too late but I still have some hope. (I don’t know why) One thing I have to mention… It would have been a million times scarier if you see the character run in to the fog, the Nuclear Siren blasts aloud, everything goes pitch black. When the character turns on a light, never mind showing everything decaying away, just have it be changed when the light comes on. Why do we need to see that? Do you think your audience is that stupid??? If I saw everything rotting away in front of my eyes, I’d think I was hallucinating, but if I turned on a light and saw that everything was already changed, I’d probably be too scared to move. So movie makers, take a hint from Konami. They knew what they were doing and they pulled it off beautifully. Believe it or not, I actually did like the movie. But as for a comparison to the game, there almost is none except for some characters and setting. In the future, if you’re trying to make a successful video game to movie franchise, don’t take all the best parts of what made each game unique and throw it all in together. Because now, you have almost nothing unique to work with. In other words, the impact of 1, the psychology and tragedy of 2, and the heart of 3. This novel is over, I’ll expect to hear it from all of you so lets hear how I don’t know what I’m talking about. And…………….. go.

  13. Dwarf

    I know what you’re saying, but at the same time I don’t think you’re giving the movie and Gans enough credit. They definitely did mash up a lot of the story lines and the movie suffered from that. However, some things from the game were captured beautifully. The creatures were PERFECT. The look I mean. The way they wrote Pyramid and even the nurses was not the right way. It was, like you said, as if they wanted to put in the cool parts from the games into the movie without really thinking too much about it. However the way the approached the janitor monster worked really well.

    I also feel that the movie captured, to a lesser extent, the utter dread of the games. The atmosphere was there! However it was ruined by the scene with Sean Bean looking for his wife in the “other dimension”.

    The shocking gore from the games was also there. When pyramid ripped the girls skin off, the whole theater gasped…it was a great moment!

    As far as continuing the story, I still think that the Sean Bean storyline has steam behind it. They obviously tried to gear the movie towards mainstream audience because they do need to make money. They can’t just retell the story from the games because “playing” through that storyline works but just watching it unfold doesn’t.

    I loved the movie. It’s absolutely NOT perfect. I hated the little girl as an actress (“silent hill!” screams in the beginning were a big turn off), not enough fog, the story could’ve been stronger, etc. But I will take it over almost any horror movie released in the last few years.