Sigourney Weaver Offers ‘Avatar 2′ and ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Update

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Classic fan-favorite (and multiple Oscar-nominated) starlet Sigourney Weaver will return to theaters this month in the action flick, Abduction, and will co-headline the thriller Red Lights next year. However, most everyone really wants to know about two of the actress’ (theoretical) upcoming franchise sequels: Avatar 2 and the perennially-delayed Ghostbusters 3.

James Cameron is expected to shoot Avatar 2 and 3 back-to-back, beginning in 2012; meanwhile, Dan Aykroyd has been talking of late about Ghostbusters 3 starting production next spring, with or without Bill Murray. But will Weaver be involved with either project?

On the Avatar front, it seems the answer is “definitely,” as unexpected as that may be (more on that in a moment). The third Ghostbusters flick, however, remains more of a wild card – given that Weaver still isn’t certain it’s actually going to happen (Aykroyd’s claims to the contrary).


Avatar 2

sigourney weaver avatar 2 Sigourney Weaver Offers Avatar 2 and Ghostbusters 3 Update

Sigourney Weaver and Sam Worthington in ‘Avatar’

Weaver has dropped hints in the past that her onscreen alter ego – futuristic xenobotanist Dr. Grace Augustine – could return in Avatar 2… despite her having (spoiler?) died in the first film. That’s not a problem, Weaver says.

Here’s the direct quote (via Coming Soon) from Weaver on the Avatar sequel:

“Don’t worry, I will be back. [James Cameron] says no one ever dies in science fiction. He’s told me the stories for the next two movies and I have to say that they’re absolutely wonderful and there’s a real treat in store. Now we just have to make them.”

Anticipation for a return to the exotic world of Pandora remains quite high, especially given the promise that future Avatar sequels will take moviegoers to different regions of the world (including the ocean). Weaver’s return would be welcome as well – even if, right now, it’s kind of difficult to imagine how that will be possible (the power of retconning aside).

Cameron’s involvement also assures these films will be just as technically-brilliant and proficient as the original Avatar – not to mention, possibly more innovative on a narrative level as well, now that the tone and style of this sci-fi franchise has been firmly established. Think of the increasingly complex storyline and nuanced character development in The Empire Strikes Back – when compared to the original Star Wars movie, A New Hope – and you’ll get our meaning.


Ghostbusters 3

sigourney weaver ghostbusters 3 Sigourney Weaver Offers Avatar 2 and Ghostbusters 3 Update

Sigourney Weaver as (possessed) Dana Barrett in ‘Ghostbusters’

Dan Aykroyd has been promising that the start of production on Ghostbusters 3 is right around the corner, for years now – hence why the latest buzz around the project should definitely be taken with a healthy helping of salt. Weaver’s comments on the matter do nothing but support that suggestion.

The actress has the following to say (again, via Coming Soon), on the matter of Ghostbusters 3:

“I have yet to read the script. I’ve had a couple of calls and I know they’re rewriting and all I said was that I hope my son, Oscar, has grown up to be a Ghostbuster and [director] Ivan Reitman said yes. Beyond that, I have no idea. I hope it comes together, but we already did two wonderful films and, if we have to let this one go, that’s fine.”

Weaver also mentioned this bit to Cinema Blend:

“Well I guess Peter Venkman [Bill Murray's character] is dead [in 'Ghostbusters 3']. Dana without… I guess his spectre always was with her, whether she liked it or not.”

It’s not clear whether Weaver was merely responding to Aykroyd’s indications that Murray might not be in the third Ghostbusters flick – or if she was just reiterating the rumors she’d heard about the film’s script, from a few years back.

One thing should be obvious, though – until you see an actual report from us that Ghostbusters 3 is officially beginning production, don’t start holding your breath for the movie to actually happen just yet.

Avatar 2 is tentatively slated to reach theaters by December 2014, followed by Avatar 3 in December 2015.

We will keep you posted on the status of Ghostbusters 3 as more information is released.

Source: Sigourney Weaver (via Coming Soon and Cinema Blend)

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  1. I’m not at all surprised that Weaver’s character will be returning in Avatar 2 (and probably 3). Just because her spirit couldn’t make the transition to her new body doesn’t mean it couldn’t have become one with the great tree. So She will be like the Avatar version of Obi Wan in Star Wars.

    • Except Avatar is not in the same league as Star Wars.

      • It is now that George has permanently screwed Star Wars up….

        • Changes and all, Star Wars is still a million times more interesting and original than Avatar.

            • Its a generational thing. Younger people may connect more with Avatar. Anyone over the age of 30 will probably be a bigger fan of Star Wars. That would be the category I fall in. I dont care about the “new” star wars movies but the original 3. I would have to say Avatar has nothing on those movies, and it never will.

            • Pandora is just another planet in the Galactic Empire. You cannot compare the two…yet. In time, Avatar could outshine Star Wars, but a lot of books, cartoons, video games, action figures, and tons of other media and merchandise needs to be released before they can be considered in the same league.

            • Um, yeah, the original Star Wars Trilogy is a trillion times better than Avatar. There is no comparison.

  2. So are they going to actually have more avatars or should the movie basically be called “pandora”

    • I wondered what the title would be too. Because there wouldn’t really be any “Avatars”

      And the humans that were “chosen to stay”; how much oxygen do they have in those masks? Haha.

      • well they weren’t really tanks like our SCUBA gear. They were air filters, like gas masks, meaning they can breath all they want as long as they keep functioning. And at least some of the humans would have been transferred to their avatars.

        • True… but I’m sure they’d get awfully uncomfortable

      • Maybe they get acclimated to the new atmosphere? Maybe they develop some type of serum that will act as the filter? It’s sci-fi; the sky’s the limit.

  3. i don’t think it’s too hard to imagine how Weaver will return in Avatar: remember that her mind was transferred to the planet’s neural network.

    • true, true. but i think it should just be the voice. not an image.

      • could be an image in their mind’s eye. but may be better to keep it to a voice.

    • And it’s still quite possible her essence can still be transferred to the old avatar. Cameron could explain it as her spirit had to first be healed by the planet or something (because of the traumatic way she died).

  4. I think of anything, the way Avavtar was written, it was always intended for Weaver’s character to return. I know a lot of people were highly critical of the film’s predictive narrative, but, I for one am excited to see the next film(s).

  5. Hey if Ripley came back then this will not be a problem….

  6. Really can’t wait for Ghostbusters lll ,i actually
    loved the second movie and I could hear Bill’s voice
    over as his own ghost ,that will be funny i was one
    of the few I suppose that didn’t like Avatar sorry
    James Cameron I think I like to see a remake of the Abyss
    can you imagine that movie with today’s special effects :)

    • please no more remakes…..

  7. Remake the Abyss thats an order,sir

    • He probably would’nt even need real water at this stage! And please let them make GB3 and make it half way decent at least!

    • Remake the Abyss? They can call it ABYSMAL because that’s what it is!

  8. Bill Murray knows the real reason why he won’t be doing Ghostbusters 3, and has been lying like a dog for a long time while blowing off his fans. Sure if you’re ill, anybody wants privacy but there are limits to everything. What this man is doing fills no purpose, only achieves to hurt others, and will hurt others in the long run. I would have expected for him to raise the bar a little bit and not for others, but for what he expects from himself and his own character. It would seem that is of no concern to him, and thus I am disappointed in his careless regard for other people. What a shame.

    • dude, your just wrong.

    • Yeah, I agree. Everyone complains about Chevy Chase being a jerk, I think it’s Bill Murray is a jerk. Just end the crap and say you refuse to do it and stop leading us on. If he doesn’t want to do it, get someone else like maybe Charlie Sheen or Ashton Kutcher. I’m tired about hearing about Murray’s woes. I want to see a GB3 but I’m tired of the lies.

  9. The part in Avatar where Michelle Rodriguez says “I didnt sign up for this crap” is pretty cheezy if you ask me

  10. For a sick man, he sure seems busy.
    Maybe he just sees it as a cash grab and doesnt want to do it .
    Murrays career has gone far beyond Ghostbusters and he doesnt owe anybody anything.

    • “…doesnt owe anybody anything.”

      And that mindset is where the loss of one’s soul begins.

      • That reply may seem strange to you Gary, but those words are true. I will not tell you what I do not believe.

        • It’s not to suggest that he should do Ghostbusters, however I believe there is something (or Someone) very important missing from his heart which stands as the reason he has not been honest about why. He needs to be honest about that and if he believes he is right in being selfish; that he owes nothing to other people, then his heart is proud, and far from God.

          • Let me just say this, and it’s about the devil. Most of the time, he’ll only tell you enough of the truth to tell you a lie. What you are saying is quite correct, but only in part. I believe everything said, but also know this: If you don’t know beyond a shadow of a doubt that 100% of what you’ve said (in your first post) is correct, then all you’ve done is help to spread gossip. That has nothing to do with God. What I said is posted in concern for Bill Murray’s spiritual health, and I hope he will read this. If I am incorrect about what has happened, then he and everyone here have my apologies. If I am correct, then I can only pray he humbles his heart and gets on his knees in repentance to an almighty God who expects that we put others before ourselves.

            • Sorry for so many posts. That was my last comment. Thank you.

    • If he is sick that’s his business. Just because someone is an actor or in the public eye does not mean he is not entitled to privacy.

      And maybe he just doesn’t want to do another GhostBusters now that he is older and the movies are are 20 years old. If they wanted him to do another Caddy Shack should he jump on that too ?

      • Famous and rich people don’t get more moral leeway than regular people. They are still assigned with the burden to care for other people, and will still answer to God for it, if they don’t. That doesn’t mean he has to act in any movies. It means it is wrong to be selfish. Privacy is good, but that doesn’t give someone free range to lie, and disregard people who care about you. Whether you believe such is legitimate or not, would be immaterial. It’s the simple balance between what is right, and what is wrong. Some people are so blinded by their own self-love, that they are incapable of loving anybody else.

        • How did this all of a sudden become a religious issue? Did I miss something? I am a Christian myself but none of what BM has been doing ever crossed my mind as religious in nature.

      • I’m with you on this one. Caddyshack in 2012!

      • Good point. But…your missing the point. He’s dragged this out for years and years. He should just tell Akroyd & Ramis that he is out so they can either finally move forward or just end it. They keep re-writing the script because of Murray. The more I read about this the more I realize how selfish he really is.

  11. When I met Sigourney on the 7th of September I asked her about “Ghostbusters III” and she said, We’ll see”. If all the original cast is in it then fine. If not don’t ruin the success of the first two. Sigourney is great in everything! I wish she’d make another Alien movie! Check out my facebook page “The I Love Sigourney Weaver Fan Page”!! I’m her biggest fan and keep up with her. She’s soooooo awesome!

    • I’d love another Alien movie too!!! I really would. Moreso than Avatar 2 o4 3.

  12. Wait so Grace didn’t die in Avatar? OR…..

    • It depends on you’re meaning of die. Did Obi-Wan die in Episode 4?

      • Yes, Obi Wan did die in episode 4. He came back in parts 5 & 6 as a spirit. Hello?

  13. I suppose they could say that Grace is somehow one with e planet and somehow through Pandora , or they could give her a new body.

  14. I suppose they could say that the essence of Grace is somehow one with the planet or they could always give her a new body .

  15. Excuse me, did you just call SIGOURNEY ******* WEAVER, a STARLET?

  16. Starlet? did the writer just call Sigourney starlet?

    • Ha

  17. Great, now she can return as a talking tree. As if Avatar wasn’t completely like Pocahontas before…

    • She could come back as one of the elder trees from LOTR’s Sigourney Style or come back as an Alien to kick those Avatar’s asses off the planet!

    • What?