First Look At Sideswipe From Transformers 2

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It looks like someone got a hold of packaging from for the Sideswipe figure of the upcoming Hasbro Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toy line that will hit shelves later this year.

The picture is a pretty large scan and the first thing you’ll notice is how it’s cut out around the body of the figure so we can’t see the other details that are included on the back of the package.

It’s pretty shiny and slick in design compared to the complex designs featured in the Transformers movie. That being said, it’s just a toy so who knows how it will look on screen until we start seeing some footage from the film (hopefully in the Super Bowl trailer).

I think it looks good for a toy but I’ll wait to see the on-screen adaptation before making my judgment on the final design. From the toy picture it looks like he may have a melee of weapons attached to his arm, so that’s pretty cool if he uses those as such in the film. Optimus Prime had a built in sword to his arm in the first film but it went sadly underused.

The sexy silver vehicle mode of Sideswipe is that of the Chevy Corvette Centennial concept car. Take a look and see what you think:

transformers sideswipe toy First Look At Sideswipe From Transformers 2

You can click the image to see the higher res scan.

And here’s a set picture of several Autobots including the new Sideswipe, another new Autobot based on the 2010 Chevy Volt (named Volt?) as well as returning characters Ratchet and Iron Hide who were my two favorite transformers from the first movie.

transformers volt sideswipe on set First Look At Sideswipe From Transformers 2

Sideswipe is an Autobot (good guy) from the original Transformers Generation 1 animated series and while having taken several different vehicle forms over the years in the different series’, his original role was that of a red Lamborghini Countach and brother of Sunstreaker (a yellow Lamborghini Countach). I wonder if this means, his brother will make an appearance in the film as well?

What do you think of Sideswipe’s live-action design?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen comes out on June 26, 2009.

Source: TF08 – Transformers in China

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  1. Apparently a representative from GM have visited the home planet of the transformers and have sponsored their war… :-D

  2. No but you can bet GM is sponsoring a portion of this films budget Ken with all this gratuitous product placement..

  3. Well, obviously, lol. I’m glad it is an American car company though. Hopefully they will get to file for bankruptcy to void all of their contracts with those corrupt labor unions so they can actually start making a profit from selling their vehicles… I can’t imagine losing GM. Chrysler, eh, whatever, let them go under, lol. But Ford and GM needs to stay, lol.

    I wish one day labor unions will be highly regulated. Funny how the same people who support labor unions support deep federal regulations and involvement in everyone’s lives yet they oppose federal regulations against the labor unions…

    Go Chevy, lol. I’m a Ford guy myself, but love Chevy’s as well.

  4. I don’t like this Corvette look though. The back half is nice, reminiscent of the old Stingray Corvettes, but the front looks too much like the Cadillac CTS

  5. I love that they transform into vehicles that aren’t even released yet – great disguise…

    I may be wrong, but wasn’t Sideswipe one of the few Gen 1 Autobots who could fly?

  6. Yes, Sideswipe had a rocket pack that allowed him to fly.

  7. Good points all of you, and a good read, lol.

    I wonder if the rocket pack will be featured in this to allow them to combat Starscream and other flyers?

  8. “I wonder if the rocket pack will be featured in this to allow them to combat Starscream and other flyers?”

    I can’t say I care.

  9. Looks good to me.

  10. If i have one thing to say, it would be this, The orginal Transformer’s covered a wide range of vehicles outside the GM vehicle registry, so why not include them. Especially The Porche. Product PLacement has its uses, but it it is so blatently overused in the Transformers films.

  11. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ talks.

    Look at this way, if GM gets their bailout money we can all feel like we had a part in bringing Transformers 2 to the big screen … because we will have partially financed it.

  12. @ Metallicat79

    As Ink says, GM signed a hefty deal for the autobots to all be GM products. It sucks that 3rd party advertising decides the characters of the film.

    Wierd how GM has all this marketing money when they’re firing 100s of thousands of people and begging the goverment to fund their inefficiency to create more products that don’t sell well… that’s a whole other topic, heh.

  13. “Look at this way, if GM gets their bailout money we can all feel like we had a part in bringing Transformers 2 to the big screen … because we will have partially financed it.”

    Thanks for making me even angrier about this piece of garbage being made. I knew there had to be something that could do it.

  14. I should also clarify that the blue 2010 Chevy Volt playing an autobot in Revenge of the Fallen is named ‘Jolt’

  15. @FlameStrike

    Anything to help … or initiate an internal rage beyond belief. But, you know, whatever. :)

  16. “or initiate an internal rage beyond belief.”

    Par for the course where I’m concerned. My name’s more descriptive of me than many people realize.

  17. If Sideswipe is in it then Sunstreaker HAS to be in it. If not then Michael Bay has an extra Chromosome. It looks pretty cool and he’ll bring a nice dynamic to the mix as a level-headed combatant (unlike his brother who loved himself and was completely cold-hearted). The one complaint is that Sideswipe was red, so there’s really no need to keep him silver in this film (kind of looks more like Silverstreak in car mode).

  18. “My name’s more descriptive of me than many people realize.”

    Have you ever posted anything positive about any movie? Nevermind…

    IMO the exact type of car doesn’t have much to do with it (I mean, Lamborgini or vette, sportcar is a sportscar). It would be really nice if they used more than GM cars though… but that’s Hollywood, not Bay.

  19. Actually Rob, the concept of American cars not selling is a misconception. GM and Ford both are selling pretty well, the problem is they are not profiting from those sales. Ford is doing OK, not great, but GM is doing very poorly. The reason why they are not profiting is because of the immense costs of building cars compared to foreign manufactures. And you have the American labor unions to thank for that. Did you know the average salary for a factory worker in GM is $50,000-$70,000? These are labor work that doesn’t even require a high school education and these people are getting paid more than most college grads. Before the last time they filed for bankruptcy to void the labor union contracts, they had a guy who swept the floor that was getting $75 an hour…

    Foreign car companies don’t have to worry about this. The only reason why Ford is not in need of a bail out is because of their European sales. They have almost the same labor union problem here in the USA as GM. Labor unions are corrupt. Most studies prove that less than 2% of the money they collect through compulsory member dues are used in collective bargaining or negotiation. The rest either goes (illegally) to campaign financing or into the pockets of the corrupt mob-related union leaders. Legally, only moneys raised through PACs (Political Action Committees) are allowed to be used donated to political campaigns. But it is a well known fact that labor unions ignore this rule and nobody dares to do anything about it. Not only is this illegal, but it’s a slap in the face for the people who are contributing to these dues since statistically 40% of the members of these unions (meaning the workers, and yes 40% is the majority, a lot are independent or undecided) are of the opposite political party of where all of the money is being donated.

    They are corrupt and cannot be trusted with the amount of power and influence they have. Unfortunately currently most of the current congress is in their back pocket…

    James Hoffa is still head of the Teamsters… Sure this isn’t the same “Jimmy” Hoffa we know to be a huge mobster that disappeared, but you’ll have to be naive to think that his son has nothing to do with that lifestyle…

  20. “Have you ever posted anything positive about any movie?”


  21. @Ken

    I agree and might I add that while the technology has improved to a point where a lot of the manufacturing is automated thus, supposedly, making it more cost efficient to make the automobiles the companies CANNOT fire the union workers who occupied the jobs taken over by the “robots.” So there are UAW members literally sitting around in lounge areas twiddling there thumbs while earning $50-$75 an hour.

  22. Just a visual to go along with Ken’s auto company statements:

    GM sales in 2007: 9,370,000 vehicles
    Toyota sales in 2007: 9,366,418 vehicles

    GM profit/loss in 2007: -$38,730,000,000 (-$4,055 per car)
    Toyota profit in 2007: +$17,146,000,000 (+$1,874 per car)

    But, what the hell, let’s just give more of tax money to bail them out.

  23. Yah INK, taxes fix everything! And if criminals are not following current laws, pass new ones! LMAO :-D

    Oh the logic of idiots never stop to amuse me…

  24. I am personally against the whole bail out thing, but am willing to make an exception to GM since it’s not their fault they are in the hole they are in. BUT I don’t want this to be the normal process, so I would rather it FIX the problem instead of just give them another few years before they are back where they are now.

    So I’m in favor of them getting this bail out ONLY AFTER they get to file for bankruptcy to get out of the labor union contracts and start hiring people under their own, fairer, terms. If these people don’t want the decrease in pay, they can be unemployed, go find another job, or get an education. Most of them would take the offer to stay in their current job outside of labor union terms just so they can keep making an income.

    Then the government should investigate these union leaders and their structure and place strict regulations on how much influence they have. Hey, these people are all for federal regulation, so I don’t see how they can justify being against this idea. But they will be against it anyhow. Watch.

  25. @Ken

    Once again, I agree.

  26. Ken, you’re right on about the unions.

  27. Ewwwwwwwww, that’s just about the most hideous Corvette concept anybody could have come up with.

    I’d much rather see a ZR1 fill the role. They are rather gorgeous cars.

  28. I don’t mind the design, I would prefer the colour to be Red as opposed to the bland silver.