‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ TV Show Aims for Fall 2013 Debut; SLJ Talks Nick Fury Appearance

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Joss Whedon SHIELD TV Series S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Show Aims for Fall 2013 Debut; SLJ Talks Nick Fury Appearance

Post-The Avengers Joss Whedon is ready to return to the small screen, where he earned his geek street cred by creating such cult TV series as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly. However, he’ll still be operating within the parameters of the Marvel Universe, with his new show: a spinoff centered around the (not-so) secret government organization called S.H.I.E.L.D.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is scheduled to commence filming as soon as next month (January 2013, that is), with Whedon directing the pilot episode. As speculated before, the television program is indeed being lined up to begin airing on ABC by the 2013 Fall TV season. But will S.H.I.E.L.D.’s current boss Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) appear in any significant capacity?

PREVIEWSworld caught up recently with Jeph Loeb, the decorated comic book writer (whose credits include famous titles like “Spider-Man: Blue” and “Batman: The Long Halloween”) and Marvel Head of Television. He offered the following, with regard to S.H.I.E.L.D.:

Well…we have a “little” pilot for television that you might have heard about called Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. co-written, directed, and Executive Produced by none other than Joss Whedon! Working with Joss, Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, Jeffrey Bell on the show is a blast!  And bringing in Clark Gregg to play Agent Phil Coulson — the best!  Hopefully we will be on in the Fall of 2013 on ABC!

Bell, for those unaware, was a writer and co-executive producer on Angel, Alias and The Protecter; meanwhile, Jed Whedon and Tancharoen (Joss’ brother and sister-in-law) were collaborators on the Web sensation Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and not-so-successful Dollhouse TV series. S.H.I.E.L.D. is expected to bear a stronger resemblance in tone and style to both The Avengers and Whedon’s more-renowned shows; less the comparatively grave conspiracy-thriller atmosphere of Dollhouse, that is.

As for SLJ’s involvement with S.H.I.E.L.D., here is what the actor told MTV:

“I don’t know. I keep hearing about it, and I haven’t talked to Joss about it. But in my mind, I would tend to think that he would, if nothing else, be like Charlie in ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ At least be the voice!”

Jackson, of course, returns to work in the Marvel Movie Universe next March with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which he anticipates will explore the Fury character’s backstory (to some degree). Thus, availability shouldn’t be too much of an issue, with respect to the task of fitting Jackson into the S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot; at the least, that could help bridge the gap between the MMU and Whedon’s television creation.

nick fury avengers2 570x320 S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Show Aims for Fall 2013 Debut; SLJ Talks Nick Fury Appearance

Nick Fury (Jackson) in ‘The Avengers’

Whedon’s S.H.I.E.LD. TV show won’t be drawing heavily from the Marvel comics; rather, it’s shaping up to be the product of its showrunners’ collective imagination, with the addition of MMU characters like Agent Coulson (whose involvement suggests the series takes place in the pre-Avengers timeline of events). The main characters on the show include:

Similarly, Whedon has said that S.H.I.E.L.D. “needs to be its own thing” and unfold in a world that feels adjacent to the MMU. Nonetheless, that doesn’t remove the chance of an occasional appearance from people like Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill or Jackson as Fury. Maybe the latter could even use his distinctive vocals to provide old-fashioned serial-adventure style voiceover narration introduction for the opening of each episode (a la Legend of Korra)?

… Okay, probably not, but still…


Screen Rant will continue to keep you posted on all S.H.I.E.L.D. developments.

Source: PREVIEWSworld, MTV

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  1. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which he anticipates will explore the Fury character’s backstory” ~I bet they will show a digtally rejuvenated(sp?) David Hasselhoff that changes his skin colour because of a failed experiment (kidding, of course)

  2. This should be good with or without SLJ, but I’m all for him being in the show at any capacity.

    • I agree. He has to be in it. Not having Fury in Shield is like the Avengers without Cap. Doable yes. Should it be done? Hell no!

      • I could see him doing the standard voice intro at the start of every show when they run the intro. Like the idea of him being present as a voice a la charlies angels or occasional presence (premieres, sweeps, finalies). His inclusion should be use to provide tgat connective reminder that its part of the greater marvel moviverse but took much of him and he’ll just overshadow the rest if the cast. Im more interested in how the villains will be or what sheild will actually be doing. Maybe less super powers more sheild vs hydra vs aim type stuff.

  3. More like a la Firefly ;)

  4. I love the idea of this show which prompts the question. How many episodes will be shown before ABC yanks it and it is cancelled leaving us all wanting more?

    • There’s positive thinking for ya.

      • Well at least the show isn’t on FOX. Cause we all know Whedon’s track record with them…

  5. I’d love for some of the other main actors from Avengers to cameo on SHIELD, even if it’s for like a split second. 4 seconds of Mark Ruffalo is all this show needs to make me fall in love with it.

    • They probably won’t cameo if this is Pre-Avengers.. It will MOST likely be similar to “Item 47″…


      I could see SLJ having a cameo at some point… maybe…
      but if it’s like Item 47, then probably not.

  6. Should be cool and it’d be nice if he could do it but I don’t think his lack of involvement would be a breaking point for the show if it’s good enough.

    I only worry though because I grew up with Buffy and Angel as two of the main shows people my age loved in high school but I thought they sucked and having seen Serenity and a little Firefly this month since SR users bring them up a lot, I thought they sucked too.

    I didn’t even like Whedon’s X-Men stories and the only thing he’s done that I’ve mildly enjoyed was The Avengers movie (but even that didn’t blow me away).

    Guess we’ll see next year.

    • WOW!! If Avengers didn’t blow you away then I guess there’s no hope pleasing you at all then. Good luck reading books for the rest of your life then….maybe….I hope.

      • lol

        It’s not that I don’t enjoy watching TV or movies, it’s one of my favourite things actually, it’s just that as I get older and get spoiled by some great shows (24, Homeland) and movies (The Dark Knight, Moon, Dredd, Life Of Pi)….I dunno.

        The Avengers was great first time and I walked out of the cinema glad I went to see it after only first hearing of it two weeks before (that’s UK marketing for ya).

        Saw the movie again recently on someone’s USB (they got a DVD rip to decide whether to buy it after watching) and honestly, visually it was great and Tony Stark was hilarious as usual but….I dunno….I spent most of the movie kinda bored and hoping the Thanos cameo was on this particular rip so I could see it again and hear what was said during that brief scene since I couldn’t the first time round.

        Turns out, just like The Dark Knight upon third viewing, I have to be in the mood to watch it again rather than something I can watch over and over like Cloverfield, Commando or Robocop for example.

        Hell, I enjoyed Prometheus just as much the second time recently as I did when it first released back in April but I wouldn’t be able to watch again for a long time either.

        I guess the only movie I was truly blown away with this year was Dredd because I was excited for it anyway, it proved better than expected and both story wise and visually, it was stunning. The Avengers….good character writing, nice set pieces, looked good visually but again, I just don’t really have the need or desire to watch it a third time.

        • That’s what happens when you watch these films over & over again so close to eachother. I recommend spacing out your viewing sessions to about twice a month. Trust me, if you watch something spectacular like the Avengers in that type of fashion your sure not going to get bored whatsoever.

    • Yeah Buffy & Angel didn’t suck. Buffy especially was a show ahead of its time. But you seem like someone that watches Two & Half Men and Whitney so no worries, we don’t need your viewing.

  7. IF Cobie Smulder can handle it, let her Maria Hill take control of this SHIELD. After all, Cobie’s Hill didn’t have much to do in The Avengers movie. This can be a chance to delve deeper into her character and come The Avengers 2, expand her role in it. And please let his inclusion be the proof that Agent Coulson survive The Avengers event.

    • I heard the show is set before The Avengers so Coulson would still be alive.

      I agree on the Cobie sentiment though, more SHIELD expansion on the show means less needed in the movies.

      • Im gonna say no, colbie is bearable on how i met your mother (worse on the show) i cant see her as a leader.

  8. It’s MCU not MMU.

    • Exactly

      • Marvel Movie Universe Not Marvel Comic Universe so mmu not mcu

        • Marvel Cinematic Universe not Marvel Movie Universe. Hence, MCU not MMU.

  9. can’t loki have his own show or movie???

    • No. Villians have never gotten their own platform. How can you not know that? Did you just start watching comicbook movies?

      • Well there has been a lot of talk about a possible Venom movie.

        • Yes,but until that’s 100% confirmed I’m just going to go by what I’ve seen so far.

        • Venom can both ways though. Villian or hero. It’s hard to say on which way that rumor carries more weight.

  10. The only way I see this show being interesting is if they use it to showcase some cool lower level super heroes that they know will never make it to movies. And the once in a blue moon guest appearance from an avenger… If its a bunch of suits sitting around a high tech home base talking technical jargon about cool things we never get to see, then count me out.

    • bye bye then it is it own thing its not a cameo farm

  11. Glad to hear SLJ is up for doing a cameo or two in S.H.I.E.L.D.
    I actually thought he wouldn’t want to do any tv work so this is very good news IMO.

  12. Isn’t HIMYM ending this season? Cobie might be free for the show too. But I think Coulson’s presence would be enough. Cameos from the other stars maybe during a finale or sweeps would be nice but the show needs to survive on it’s own merits and not gimmicks.

  13. I think even a voice cameo would be awesome from SLJ, and hopefully even Agent Hill can make some appearances, I’m sure Cobie could do one or two eps at least.

    But I am more than happy with just Coulson too :D

    Can’t wait this show!

  14. OH YEAH! SLJ as narator for every episode?! That would be awesome..but probably won’t happen..or maybe, I mean Kristen Bell narrates every Gossip Girl episode…I know she’s not a expsenive..but still!!