Shia LaBeouf Says ‘Transformers 3′ is Good

Published 5 years ago by , Updated May 3rd, 2014 at 7:40 am,

shia labeouf transformers 3 Shia LaBeouf Says Transformers 3 is Good

Outside of some set photos, video taken from the Chicago-shot scenes and a debate on whether or not Transformers 3 is being shot in 3D, we haven’t heard that much on Michael Bay’s next robotic explosion movie.

Expectations and buzz on Transformers 3 is mixed to say the least. With one of its stars replaced, the writers of the first two leaving the franchise and coming off a depressingly poor sequel, it’s difficult to put faith in the project delivering what many moviegoers and critics would like to see in terms of quality. Two of the franchise’s key actors however, say that this next movie will easily be the best.

In a recent interview with MTV, LaBeouf talked about Transformers 3, indicating that this time, the movie will be good and that he’s confident in it. He had been shown a good 40 minutes of footage and had this to say about it:

“This is, and I’m not just BS-ing you, it’s the best movie we’ve made of the three by far… The script is the best script we’ve had. The second movie, we were in the middle of a writers’ strike, writing on the go… The first movie, we had the discovery, and this movie really is the fruition of the rhythm we’ve created out of five years working together. I’m super proud of this movie.”

After hearing similar in regards to franchise installment number two, Revenge of the Fallen, we certainly need to wait until we see trailers and footage ourselves before coming to similar positive conclusions. Despite LaBeouf’s confidence in Transformers 3, it will be his last and Paramount will need a new star when they go forward with sequels down the road.

“There’s no more for me, at least. I’m never going to do it again. This is the last one, so it’s balls-out. This is the best movie we’ve made, period, and that’s a unanimous decision by everybody. The sizzle reel that [Bay] has been showing everybody on set, it’s so outrageous. I’m very, very, very, very proud of it.”

As for co-star Josh Duhamel, who’s back again as fan-favorite Major William Lennox for the next Transformers, he speaks highly, but carefully, of the footage he was shown as well.

“I’ve seen about 10 minutes of it — just the stuff we shot in Chicago — and it’s pretty awesome. It’s all in Michael Bay’s head, so you never know what the film’s going to turn out like, but judging by the script and what we’ve shot, it’s, I think, every bit as good, if not better than, the first two.”

With knowing that the two most problematic characters of Transformers 2 will not be in the movie much, Ehren Kruger taking over the script duties by himself, and casting changes and additions, I am interested in seeing how TF3 differs from the previous installments. I am concerned that the film is being rushed too much for its release date, considering the intense special effects requirements which I thought needed a lot more work last time around.

Are you buying what Shia is selling?

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Transformers 3 hits theaters July 1st, 2011.

Source: MTV

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  1. I’ve got nothing against Shia at all, but he is like this for all of his films. The apologies come afterwards…

    Anyone got any news on Indy 5?

    • if there is another Indy movie, hopefully he’ll be knocked off in it

      • I actually liked his character in KOTCS, honestly. He played the part great, it was the script and ridiculous CGI monkey swinging that dragged it down.

        ” Nice try kid, but it looks like you brought a knife…to a gunfight”.

        • DSB, they really coulda done without the Brando look as well

  2. Riiiight…we’ve heard this before.

  3. Hmmmm. The story of the boy who cried wolf keeps coming to mind. With all due respect Shia, we’ll make up our own frakking minds.

    • Leave the boy alone, filthy patagh!

      • You should hear Kahless laughing because of the way you spelled petaQ. :-)

        • You guys are GEEKS!! I am laughing my hole off here!!

          • lol

        • Whoops!

  4. I’ve always been a “Believe when I see it” kinda guy. I enjoyed the first film, then the second one had me confused and offended (Racial stereotypes Michael? Really?) which leads me to not have much hope for the third until I’m convinced otherwise (which could happen btw). We’ll see.

    • The first film was enjoyable, minus the masturbation jokes. I never saw a reason for sequels (other than the money).

      • I would have enjoyed the first Transformers film if these changes had been made:

        1. No masturbation joke scene (seriously?).

        2. No “robot peeing on FBI agent.”

        3. Don’t make millenia-old robots act like uneducated teenagers.

        4. Pull back the camera so I can actually tell what’s going on in a fight and who is battling who.

        With those changes I would have enjoyed the movie a hell of a lot more.


        • Exactly! Toilet humor doesn’t amuse me & the scenes moved so fast that you (at least, I) couldn’t enjoy the actual transforming. They could have had a few less lingering slow-mo’s up Megan Fox’s backside & used them to focus on the robots.

          • i have issues in each of the endings, they were long and too drawn out for my taste really

            • The lingering shots of Megan’s backside were some of the greatest highlights of those movies. :D

        • Here, here!

  5. I don’t have high hopes for this one. I will still take my kids to see it. I think they just like to see robots blow stuff up. Too bad there is no Megan Fox running in slo-mo in this one, but at least we don’t have to see her try to act.

  6. I bet the movie is average at best

  7. Of course he is going to say that lol.

  8. Shia looks like a crazy homeless conspiracy theory guy in that pic..

    • Was thinking exactly the same thing! All he needs is a tin foil hat and a dog on a piece of string.

      • Did the edit out the couch jumping portion of this interview? :)

    • Nope. The shot was from his audition for the film, “I’m Still Here”.

    • Epic selection and editing on my part, right? right?

      I even threw in Megatron!

  9. Come on guys, I know TF2 was bad, but I’m sure Bay’s learned something from all the criticism of TF2. It’s surely gonna be better than that one, I’m sure. How much though, that remains to be seen…

    • he didnt learn a thing, if he had he wouldnt be making the third.

      • I don’t know Anthony, he might have learned that this is his last chance to make a killing on this franchise! ;) What that has led him to do remains to be seen of course. He obviously has his cast selling the sequel. At this point I’ve lost almost all interest in seeing a sequel. I watched #2 for a family outing but I’m pretty sure that a sequel won’t make #2′s story any better. That truth in my mind forces me to decide that no matter how the family feels about the movies I can’t stand sitting through another movie that further ruins the genre and the franchise…

  10. man im watching this online TF is not getting any more of my money.

  11. LOL
    as if anyone should believe anything coming out of Shia’s mouth…
    I can’t believe a ROLE he plays, how am I supposed to believe when he’s being himself?

  12. The problem with his statement, “It will be better than the first two.” is that the first two were terrible crap. So it’s not saying much when your first two movies were bad to begin with. Maybe it’ll end up being very good in comparison to the other 2 but god awful compared to other blockbusters when it’s released.

    And megan fox isn’t attractive unless you like toothpicks. What would be so great about seeing small boobs in slow motion? So good riddance. Yet they choose another toothpick to take her place.

  13. Am I the only person that liked TF2 for the entertainment factor?? It is, after all, a movie about battling giant robots lol

    • one of the worst films I have ever seen, and I generaly enjoy Bays films for the eye candy. But that movie was the worst thing I have ever seen in a theatre other than Batman and Robin.

      • That’s a bit harsh, man. While not the greatest film, I enjoyed it for the action and the robots. (Got it thru Netflix, wasn’t gonna pay $10 to see it in the theaters.) There are plenty of movies that are way worse than TF2: Batman and Robin (like you mentioned), American Gangster, Cloverfield and Superman 3 & 4 to name a few. At the very least, I thought the robots looked very cool and I liked the action. If it’s more of the same, but hopefully MUCH better dialog, it should be a better movie.

        • I disagree, Andy. You can’t compare those movies with the bag of crap that was TF2 because it was very hyped and promised to be way better than the first one. It was a huge disappointment. When you’re so excited to see a movie and before you’re at the halfway point you’re thinking about leaving the theater, that counts as one of the worst movies ever made. Bay is a complete moron and there’s no way I’m going to see this movie… unless, by some miracle, it’s reviewed as the best movie of the year or something very close to that.

          • How do you lump American Gangster (which is an awesome movie…and true story) with movies like transformers smh. I dont understand your logic. Your the only person ive ever met that thinks it was a bad movie lol.

  14. Shia is a great actor,but every actor that has a role in their films is ofcourse gonna say its a good movie….

    • lol@ he is a great actor….

      • Hes better than other actors you know,he makes great movies: eagle eye,disturbia etc..

        • I hated Eagle Eye, but Disturbia is great!

          • Eagle eye was good,but yeah disturbias better.

            • I think he’s a good actor too, or at least he could be. I havent seen Wall Street 2 yet though.

          • David Morse made Disturbia intense. Sarah Roemer made it hot. :)

            • Damn right, she was smokin

              • She’s almost enough to make me watch The Event. Almost.

        • ricky, seriously better than other actors?? better than deniro, pacino? connery?? all i can do is laugh really. distubia was bad, morse should know better than to take those roles :)

          • Can’t really compare Shia to those guys, Anthony. Shia IS better than some other actors-guys like Hayden Christensen, for example.

            • actually i put him and hayden in the same trash bin of terrible actors lol

              • Shia is better.

                • are you in love with him or what? lol his posters stuck on ur bedrooms 4 walls dubbed as the “Shia Shrine”?

                  • A Shiarine perhaps?

              • I like Hayden Christiansen!

                  • I shoulder when I think of Hayden’s performance as a whiney Anakin.

  15. I love Michael Bay so I’m excited for this.

  16. I actually like the first one and thought that was waaaaaaaayyyyyyy better than the crap they called the second one. The only thing that saved the movie in the second one was the forrest fight scene.

  17. If they didn’t like the 2nd then that is extremely understandable. If they say this is the best so far with no BS than I will believe it.


    even if it is sh*t.

    Come on its TRANSFORMERS!

  19. You guys are getting very butthurt with shia’s statements. The Transformers franchise is a popcorn flick; it doesn’t need a great plot, just eye candy and robots destroying each other. Stop crying please.

    • Jeremy,

      Even a popcorn movie can be awesome… or just plain retarded.

      And my butt is just fine, thanks.


      • Vic, you’re right but I’m just talking about all the people who complain about the plot (Yeah, TF2 was pretty bad with the twins, robot humping Fox’s leg, annoying roommate, etc) but to expect one as good as Inception/Prestige/etc is very ludicrous.

        • Jeremy,

          Of course people don’t expect that – but cut out the stuff like masturbation jokes, peeing robots, valley-girl talking robots, leg-humping, etc. and you would be left with some cool popcorn movies.


          • i dont recall the cartoon series having that type of humor either

            • Yeah actually the cartoon movie was dark and killed off tons of autobots while sending kids home crying after optimis dies.

            • That’s b/c the show was made for kids, the movies are targeted at teens.

        • No one expects that.

          We do expect that $200 million films be enjoyable to watch and not frustratingly annoying. The A-Team for example, was awesome, fun and didn’t need an Inception-esque plot…

  20. Does he really expect us to believe him???

  21. The Transformers live action film franchise might be just a popcorn flick but it’s one that capitalizes on a franchise that has clear superior origins than this supposed namesake. If Mr. Bay set out in the beginning to do what he did why did he have to capitalize on “Transformers”? Why not just make “Transmorphers”? Their are certainly more hot women in that movie. Oh but that’s just pure garbage you say, what it’s just a popcorn movie!!

  22. Depressingly poor sequel???

    LOL, you crack me up. I guess it’s depressingly poor for you. The movie destroyed the box office charts AND the BluRay charts, so I can assure you: not a lot of people are depressed. Just you, Ebert & his pals and a bunch of web-nerds. In short, you’re just the vocal desperate minority. Oh yeah, Transformers 3 is, according to all polls, one of the most anticipated films of 2011.

    Have a nice day.

      • If the actors and director knows the movie failed than most likely it will improve in the next film. A director knows his flaws even if he doesn’t like saying it and Bay said when the boar known as T2 came out of the slime pool of Hollywood. If he knows he did bad then that means he will try that much harder to make the film better. If what Shia says is true, than Bay learned what made the first film a success. If not than his career no longer has an approving eye for me.

        Plus even if the movie sucks, at least there will be some kind of eye popping visuals and fight scenes that will be somewhat worth the watch.

    • Depressingly is maybe a bit strong but I was sure was disappointed in the sequel and no not in the action scenes they’re great, but the fact that it was so poorly written I mean you can’t just kill off a character (robot or not) and have them in a later scene with no explanation, that’s really bad screen writing I would expect more from a movie with a $10 budget…really! It seems to me that people are arguing that giant robot fights makes up for a bad script…well why can’t we have a good script and giant robot fights especially with a $200M budget. I am looking forward to the 3rd TF but hope it’s better written…if Bay pulled the first TF out of his head then he pulled the second one out of his a$$ and it showed.

      The kind of screen writing in TF2 is pathetic and the majority of movie critics will agree.

      Good day to you sir.

  23. This reminds me of every interview Arnold Schwarzenegger ever gave about any film he was ever in… “This film is FANTASTIC! You’re going to REALLY enjoy it!”

    Yeah, yeah… like the actors are really going to say anything different.

    The closest you can get without being sued is using misdirection during press junket interviews.

    • dont you mean “enchoy it” ?

    • yeah – I remember seeing an interview with arnie right before Last action Hero came out and was trying to sound excited about it

      I like him as an actionstar, but his acting transparent, even in “candid” interviews

      • McTiernan shoulda went for the R rating for that movie, i still liked it though. have you seen Ninja Assassin yet panda??

      • I liked last action hero. Total guilty pleasure.

    • Has someone hooked him to a lie detector on the right in that pic above?

        • I can’t watch it outside the US, old man, but I know that clip – classic!

    • lol arnold, i remember that too. He used words like fantastic, wonderful, amazing, to describe every movie he did.

      the pic of Shia and the title of this piece together is funny.

  24. VIC, you forgot to mention an “intelligent” script as well.

    • David,

      I’ll cut a fun action/popcorn movie slack on the script if it’s otherwise entertaining.


  25. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the pot brownies yet 8)

    • Ok…pot brownies.

  26. Let me know when, Shia LaBeouf Says ‘Transformers 3′ is crap!

    Cause,,, I mean come on, its crap,,,

    • Finally, we agree on something!

  27. If he came out in public and said it was terrible, do think they’d hire him again…Exactly!! He does as he’s told like any good employee.

  28. Great job on picture selection for this article! That headline plus that face just screams “I AM A CRAZY MAN AND DESPERATE FOR YOU TO LOVE ME!”