Shia LaBeouf Says ‘Transformers 3′ is Good

Published 5 years ago by , Updated May 3rd, 2014 at 7:40 am,

shia labeouf transformers 3 Shia LaBeouf Says Transformers 3 is Good

Outside of some set photos, video taken from the Chicago-shot scenes and a debate on whether or not Transformers 3 is being shot in 3D, we haven’t heard that much on Michael Bay’s next robotic explosion movie.

Expectations and buzz on Transformers 3 is mixed to say the least. With one of its stars replaced, the writers of the first two leaving the franchise and coming off a depressingly poor sequel, it’s difficult to put faith in the project delivering what many moviegoers and critics would like to see in terms of quality. Two of the franchise’s key actors however, say that this next movie will easily be the best.

In a recent interview with MTV, LaBeouf talked about Transformers 3, indicating that this time, the movie will be good and that he’s confident in it. He had been shown a good 40 minutes of footage and had this to say about it:

“This is, and I’m not just BS-ing you, it’s the best movie we’ve made of the three by far… The script is the best script we’ve had. The second movie, we were in the middle of a writers’ strike, writing on the go… The first movie, we had the discovery, and this movie really is the fruition of the rhythm we’ve created out of five years working together. I’m super proud of this movie.”

After hearing similar in regards to franchise installment number two, Revenge of the Fallen, we certainly need to wait until we see trailers and footage ourselves before coming to similar positive conclusions. Despite LaBeouf’s confidence in Transformers 3, it will be his last and Paramount will need a new star when they go forward with sequels down the road.

“There’s no more for me, at least. I’m never going to do it again. This is the last one, so it’s balls-out. This is the best movie we’ve made, period, and that’s a unanimous decision by everybody. The sizzle reel that [Bay] has been showing everybody on set, it’s so outrageous. I’m very, very, very, very proud of it.”

As for co-star Josh Duhamel, who’s back again as fan-favorite Major William Lennox for the next Transformers, he speaks highly, but carefully, of the footage he was shown as well.

“I’ve seen about 10 minutes of it — just the stuff we shot in Chicago — and it’s pretty awesome. It’s all in Michael Bay’s head, so you never know what the film’s going to turn out like, but judging by the script and what we’ve shot, it’s, I think, every bit as good, if not better than, the first two.”

With knowing that the two most problematic characters of Transformers 2 will not be in the movie much, Ehren Kruger taking over the script duties by himself, and casting changes and additions, I am interested in seeing how TF3 differs from the previous installments. I am concerned that the film is being rushed too much for its release date, considering the intense special effects requirements which I thought needed a lot more work last time around.

Are you buying what Shia is selling?

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Transformers 3 hits theaters July 1st, 2011.

Source: MTV

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  1. he needs his yameka.

    actually im already waiting for Transformers 4: The New Beginning. thats how good any of the transformers movies have been.

    plotpoint worth considering #1) for a movie based on an established 80’s toy and cartoon franchise, why is optimus prime the only robot character in these movies that has intelligent dialogue, and the only robot you care about? theres over 600 transformers over the yearsd, and not one other than optimus is deemed worthy of driving this series forward.

    plotpoint worth considering #2)devastator was taken out by john turturo and the twins. omg. i felt so disappointed.

    michael bay is only partly to blame, spielberg is in on this too. he deserves a lot of the blame also.

    • Not to mention those hacks Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman. I enjoyed both films, but can definiteley see the flaws in them. As for Shia’s comments, I don’t listen to what people attched to a film say. Of course they’ll say their film is good.

      • Little Monster,

        So you don’t think Star Trek, Fringe or Hawaii Five-0 are any good?


        • i love fringe……last nights was the best fringe episode i’ve ever seen!! lol

        • I loved the Star Trek reboot, it’s the only one that I can actually watch only over and over. However, the film was only good as a summer popcorn flick. The writting had many plot holes in it, and you had to read the prequel comic to know more about Nero. The same goes for the Transformers films. To understand them more you have to read the tie-in-comic, but a film should be able to explain itself w/o those.

          As for Fringe and Hawaii five-o, I’ve never watched them. I don’t watch much TV other than movies.

          • Little Monster,

            I agree about the Transformers flicks, but Fringe especially is a fantastic show, and both Orci and Kurtzman are involved with it.


            • I rent them whenever I get the chance, but I never get the chance to watch much b/c of work, and I can’t afford the luxury of DVR. Plus, I’m busy running my website.

        • Vic Star Trek was good and Fringe started off ok, but instantly dropped in quality. Hawaii Five-O was pretty bad in my opinion.

  2. Shia he is one f##king funny guy……. (in reference to his comments on Transformers 3).

  3. Hey Vic, I’ve always wanted to start watching Fringe, but am not sure if I should. I loved Lost because of its story, so do you think I’ll like Fringe?

  4. You know, I am so tired of the sequels, prequels and plain ol’ Michael Bay blow em’ up movies. There. Done. I don’t care what “Shia LeBoof” says–I ain’t watchin’ it.

    ps. I don’t care how much @790 disagrees :)

  5. I’m sorry, but honestly it doesn’t take much for it to be the best Transformers film. That means it just has to suck instead of being an awful pile of trash. It’s pretty hard for it to get much worse.

    • PS

      What the hell is up with Shia in that picture. He looks like he is going crazy.

  6. ha ha ha I haven’t seen 1 comment praising this guy.

  7. What are they supposed to say at this point? Why bother even asking actors these questions? And Duhamel is a “fan favorite?” I think he’s a charming actor, not a handsome stiff, but I can’t remember a thing he did in either film in this series. Then again my therapist has chased most of the memories from the sequel out of my head. Money well spent.

  8. That must be the WORST PICTURE I have ever seen xD

    • Matches what he says perfectly, no?

      • Dear God, yes.

        “No guys, really! You _gotta_ believe me! Would I lie!? LOVE ME!”

  9. The only way this could be better than the last is if they wrote it before they started filming!

  10. This third film will be better than ROTF.
    Oh Yes it will be better.
    Honestly I think it will be more akin to the first one,
    with more action and I guess plot.(Dark Side of the Moon)
    Hey just for kicks everyone who goes to see this movie remember to wear
    a Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon t-shirt.

  11. Harrison AND Shia have finally come out and said that they thought Indy 4 was crap. Why should this be any different at this point? Butts in the seats = good for them. Done and done, eh? Also, 6 years and 2 bad movies to “get one that’s good?” Eeek.

  12. By the way, that picture of him above is – I think it’s funnier than anything in the last Transformers movie frankly.

    • Hah. Thank you. I chose it and edited it to match this post perfectly :)

  13. I never put much faith in Transformers to begin with…Shia saying the movie is awesome is almost as believable as a Used car salesman telling me the car im buying wont fall apart on me once i leave the lot lol.

    I dont care if Transformers stinks or not because we all know everyone goes to see the action. Its not like LOTR or Starwars where the story and character are crucial to its success.

  14. It michael bay. its not going to be good.

  15. im having deja vu. didnt shia say this about the last 2 movies. ooooh theyre awesome.

  16. id like to apoloize to evryone in advance of the next movie

    • Shia or whom ever you are. I know damn well that wasn’t you really apologizing. It is insane to think; viewers like me would believe that you would post such a silly apology. Who ever you are Mr. Impersonator, go find something better to do than waste our time. COWARD! If I were your friend or related to you I would punch you in the face. Ohhhh yeah, I would love to see you try to tackle a movie of this caliber. You’reso naive.

      • Woah take it easy there Joel.

  17. I think that Shia is a great actor. I’m not sure of him ranting about the new TF’s movie. When they come out with the trailors and previews then everyone will know if he was exaderating or not.

    • He was watchable in the new Wall Street. So far it’s the only time.


  18. they should really bring back megan foxx shes a star ?? and yy change her now ?? :) x

  19. It’s sad that they have to make excuses for Transformers 2 being a complete failure,lol. Also the excuse was a lack of writing talent due to the strike. That proves Michael Bay couldn’t direct a good movie to save his life, that’s why all his movies blow, he lacks creativity. Do you think Spielberg lacks creativity? Oh wait, Spielberg is a real director.

  20. I am of the belief that it shouldn’t take three attempts and four years to make a good movie.