‘Sherlock’ Season 4 Premiere Now 2 Years Away

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Sherlock Season 4 Premiere Date Sherlock Season 4 Premiere Now 2 Years Away

After another critically acclaimed season of Sherlock episodes, fans are no doubt wondering how long they’ll have to wait before season 4 of the series premieres. Most returning viewers know that BBC shows don’t always follow annual release schedules – with new seasons of Steven Moffat-led series Doctor Who and Sherlock launching whenever the showrunner and actors have time to coordinate their schedules (as opposed to a stock release window set by the BBC).

That said, while Doctor Who fans may have to wait slightly longer than normal to get their Time Lord fix, Sherlock viewers have typically endured a hard two full years between seasons. Last year, Benedict Cumberbatch confirmed plans for season 4 were already in motion, leading fans to hope that the between season hiatus would be shorter this round. Unfortunately, Moffat claims that there is still a lot of pre-production work to be done and complicated schedules to work out – likely making a season 4 premiere two years out.

Best Sherlock Moments Sherlock Reveal Sherlock Season 4 Premiere Now 2 Years Away

Speaking with IGN at the Television Critics Association Winter Tour, Moffat offered a standard (and gruff) comment on when fans might see another season of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in modern day London – explaining that scheduling and quality are the biggest hurdles for the series going forward:

“I have no idea. Sue’s working on the schedules right now. I just started with Capaldi on the new series of Doctor Who. You know, we’ll do what we can, but with no sacrifice in quality – that’s the thing. If people have to wait two years, they’ll have to wait two years.”

Considering that Cumberbatch and Freeman have both made a successful jump from the TV screen to the big screen, steadily working as movie stars in high profile film franchises such as Star Trek and The Hobbit, respectively, it’s no surprise that it’s a challenge coordinating the actors’ increasingly busy schedules with a writer/showrunner that’s juggling two key BBC TV series (among other projects). Things are only going to get more complicated going forward as Cumberbatch is rumored for a part in what would be a very time-intensive Star Wars: Episode 7 production, in addition to smaller dramatic roles, and Freeman is set to appear in FX’s Fargo TV series.

Watson Sherlock 570x294 Sherlock Season 4 Premiere Now 2 Years Away

Obviously, a drawn out TV hiatus is a disappointment to fans, especially in the age of back-to-back film productions and shared cinematic universes where we have routine access to our favorite characters. Yet, Moffat has a good reason for keeping fans waiting – longevity:

“When’s the next James Bond film? It’s not that kind of show that turns up all the time. It’s just not. But the good news is, that probably means it will turn up sporadically for a very, very long while.”

In spite of the two year wait, Moffat’s dedication to quality is hard criticize. Even the best TV show begins to struggle as the core premise is stretched out over multiple episodes and seasons. While Sherlock sports longer individual runtimes, it has always enjoyed the benefit of significantly shorter seasons (with only three episodes each); as a result, it’s good to know that Moffat isn’t simply going to start churning out more Sherlock, simply because he can, to the point of exhaustion.

Sherlock the empty hearse promo still 570x294 Sherlock Season 4 Premiere Now 2 Years Away

Right now, new installments of Sherlock are a welcome bonus to the standard TV schedule and the lengthy production run-up could even help maintain excitement around the series for the long haul. It’s always possible that the (movie) stars could align and get season 4 (not to mention an already confirmed season 5) out earlier than expected but most fans would likely settle for regular two year holds between seasons if it does in fact mean that, as Moffat claims, the show won’t sacrifice quality and will continue to pop up sporadically “for a very, very long while.


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Sherlock season 4 does not have a confirmed release date. We’ll update you as we know more.

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Sources: IGN [via International Business Times]

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  1. i aint rushing to see the series then. i was actually gonna buy a box set today but was too late and the shop closed.

  2. While I’m disappointed we have to wait quite a while for series 4, I do realise it can be a problem having to get all the schedules together. And like the rest of you guys, we have many other series/films to look forward to to keep our appetites sated for the meantime. There’re some great films out this year and the next to hold our interest.

  3. Aaaaaawwwwwwwwwww. But oh well, I’d rather wait 2 years for something great than get something okay a few months from now.

  4. Series 3 sucked anyway, only the last episode was good. There was way too much fan service this season – they should reflect on that.

    • +1. The third season was terrible.

  5. lol, I think the whole fandom just passed out from exhaustion.

    Disappointed, but I will watch no matter how long it takes to get the new episodes!

  6. I haven’t even seen the 3rd season. I am waiting for the DVD’s to come out. I have been dodging spoilers and discussions for so long I can’t wait until it dies down. I loved the first two seasons, and I am upset that I have to wait two years and a little longer since I am in the U.S.

  7. Not surprised, he said this exact thing in mid-January when they announced that BBC wanted a 2014 Christmas special to start filming in May this year if they could get everyone on board so nothing new here.

  8. Oh…joy.

    Well, I appreciate good, quality work over rushed abysmal work.

  9. Meh. I’m not really surprised. I might be in the minority but I don’t believe series 3 was worth waiting 2 years for. I feel like I could of watched it immediately after TRF ended in 2012. Series 3 came up way short of the previous 2 series. I know the popular saying is “quality over quantity” but I don’t really buy that in this case. I feel like you can still have good quality with more quantity. Almost all series have “filler” episodes which is evident in this Sherlock series with the middle episodes. I don’t know. I still like this show but my passion for it has faded . Between the longggg breaks & disappointing series 3 I’m to the point where I’m meh about it. I will watch series 4 of course. Hopefully it’s better than series 3. Until next time when Sherlock series 4 airs in 2095, I will be catching up on Elementary & other Sherlock Holmes adaptations.

    • Completely agree with your whole comment. If season three is an indication of the future seasons, then I’m not particularly interested.

      • Same here,Sherlock lost it’s Focus !
        Especially him Killing someone as a solution was sad to see !
        He is smarter then this !

        • And they showed it by slowly deconstructing his options until only the one remained, which also showed how much he has grown as a character. I agree this season wasn’t the best, but it was still alot better than other series out there

    • Put me in the minority as well then. I agree that the season was like they tried to cram way too much in it, and the murder at the end really hurt my feeling toward the character.

  10. Season 3 was great. People just built up ridiculous expectations for it because it took so long to air. I do wish we could get 4 episodes, just to have one each week, but whatever, I can wait.

  11. I enjoyed season three and will wait as long as it takes for season 4. I appreciate the quality of the product. Thank you for the entertainment it is greatly appreciated. The finale was a blast! The characters are developing nicely and God bless your amazing talent for storytelling .
    Gonna go watch it again.
    Across the pond in Philadelphia!!

  12. Well that’s a bummer.
    On the bright side though I’m happy to think that even though there will be long gaps between seasons the people involved are willing to be apart of the show for a long while.
    Maybe I should give Elementary a shot again so I can get my Sherlock Holmes fix in the meantime.

  13. Does anyone know where I can watch the season 3 episodes? I need to catch up on them.

    • Justin, you can catch them on PBS, PBS online now or via Netflix probably late in February.

  14. I just started watching Sherlock a few weeks ago. The first season was good and I’ve only watched part of season 2. I guess I will “ration” the remaining episodes to fill the void.

    My understanding is that Moffett said Doctor Who would be delayed this year because of Sherlock. If Sherlock isn’t even in production then what’s the hold-up with Who?

    I can only assume these are the two “flagship” properties of the BBC. They need to get their **** together and get one of them on a regular schedule.

  15. ahahahah whyyyyyyyyyyyyy not again i’m gonna go crazy

  16. I see most comments saying season 3 pretty much blew. I actually enjoyed it. Yes, it was different especially the second and third episodes when we got to to see Sherlock more “involved” as Mycroft calls it . I would’ve liked more case solving too like the previous seasons but I think they wanted to show a different side of him, especially after coming back from the “dead.” I will agree that in the last ep., I was at the edge of my seat wondering what clever strategy he was going to pull but he took an easier route. But in the moment, protecting John & Mary as soon as possible was most important & I’d like to believe it’s why he took such a drastic measure..


  18. I didn’t enjoy season three as much as the first two. Season two is probably my all time fave season so far.

    I really hope season four had more crime solving and focuses on moriarty and the whole issue with Mary/John and sherlock.

    I would hate for season four to be a big let down over it being all too drama like.

    Which is where it seems to be heading .

    I’ve heard rumours that there will be romance in it ? Between Sherlock and someone………..I am really not liking that idea at all.
    Sherlock is Sherlock because he doesn’t get involved in such things, sure his character has developed through season three, but changing him that dramatically could be a jump too far for this show.

    Please do not start any ship wars.

    All I know is, If season four starts to get all emotional, sappy, drama,sit-com based I shall not be watching season five or watching the rest of season four.

    <\3 which breaks my heart to say because this series has been my life since 2010. I am in love with it greatly.

    I miss the Sherlock from season one and two.

  19. hey guys I first heard rumors on sites that season 4 might release by march 2015 this made me feel on cloud nine. But the delay is killing me. and i serlously admit s3 wasnt the best of Sherlock. by the way i think jannine (sherlock’s ex gf) might be connected to J.M. – my favorite guy

    • March 2015 has arrived and unfortunately Sherlock is still not even remotely close to being ready to air. If we’re really lucky, we might see the first episode of the 4th series around this time next year… March 2016.

      This wait is unacceptably long. Someone at the BBC needs to hold Moffatt & Co. to a deadline that is strict, but realistically achievable. I’m simply not buying the argument “quality over quantity,” especially when I compare the long wait in relation to the quality of both series 2 and 3. I don’t think the wait justified the end result, and falling back on the old “scheduling conflict” excuse simply isn’t going to cut it. They’ve got all the talent and funding they could possibly need to produce good television, but they’re not being held to a very specific timetable that applies enough pressure to get things moving along. There needs to be a balance between the workload of the production, but I really think 2 or more years is far too relaxed, especially for a professional team with the experience of having already produced nine 1.5 hour episodes. Everyone involved in the production is going to be familiar with what is expected of them and they should be running a pretty efficient system by now. It would make sense for us to have even shorter periods between each new series as things progress.

      If Moffatt and the Beeb really wanted to make an effort, they could realistically produce a new 3-part series every 12 months without any loss in production quality. If anything, the extra attention and the momentum of annual release might even improve the overall quality of each series.

      Personally, my interest in the show has started to wane as a result of the disheartening hiatus between each series. I feel that the saying “strike while the iron is hot” seems to make sense with this type of programme, considering there is a relatively short amount of content in relation to the time spent waiting, i.e. roughly 4.5 hours of entertainment per 2+ years of waiting. Nevertheless, I will be *thrilled* about any new Sherlock episodes, even if I truly loathe the miserable period of waiting for the next series.

  20. hey guys I first heard rumors on sites that season 4 might release by march 2015 this made me feel on cloud nine. But the delay is killing me. and i serlously admit s3 wasnt the best of Sherlock.

  21. I know this web site presents quality dependent articles and other material, is there any other website which provides these stuff in quality?

  22. A week ago I had not even heard of the series. Now I have burned through it. Wish I had rationed it out a bit. I accidentally watched season two episode 1 first before I backtracked. Probably the best one overall in my opinion. Season three was a minor let down, but I still will be front and center whenever season 4 rolls around.

  23. Yes it is a little sad we have to wait this long before we see Sherlock n dr Watson deal with crazies, but iam sure it will be worth the wait. I absolutely love the show from beginning to end season 1-3, and I can hardly wait for more. I don’t understand how others can be so harsh with their criticism, for this is one of the best shows I have seen in a long long time. Please keep em coming and the game on.