‘Sherlock’ Season 3 Episode 2 Title May Confirm Watson Romance

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Sherlock The Blind Banker Sherlock Season 3 Episode 2 Title May Confirm Watson Romance

The producers of popular BBC modern detective show Sherlock have so far been very good at keeping details about the show’s long-awaited third season under wraps. Sherlock - which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, respectively – recently started filming again in London, Bristol and Cardiff, and the few details we’ve heard so far have almost all come from show creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

As he did for season 2 of the show, Gatiss revealed three “teaser” words for the next three episode: “rat, wedding, bow.” This has caused months of speculation from fans as to what season 3 might include, and the more recent announcement that the first episode of the season would be titled “The Empty Hearse” (named after Arthur Conan Doyle’s story, “The Adventure of the Empty House”) has also generated a great deal of discussion – particularly around how Holmes plans to make his return, and whether we’ll see James Moriarty’s right-hand man, Sebastian Moran, in an antagonist role.

sherlock season 2 delay Sherlock Season 3 Episode 2 Title May Confirm Watson Romance

Now it’s time to get ready for a lot more speculation. According to the Radio Times, Moffat and Gatiss have today revealed that the title of the second episode will be “The Sign of Three”, though they declined to offer any specific plot details about the episode, which will be filmed back-to-back with “The Empty Hearse” this spring. The script for the episode was written by Steven Thompson, who also penned season 2′s shocking finale, “The Reichenbach Fall”.

The name of the episode carries particular significance for fans who follow both the books and the show, as it references Doyle’s short story, “The Sign of the Four”, in which Watson meets the love of life, Mary Morstan, to whom he eventually proposes marriage. Aside from the two sleuths, Morstan is the main character in “The Sign of the Four” – a young woman from a wealthy background who begs Sherlock to investigate the disappearance of her father.

amanda abbington sherlock1 Sherlock Season 3 Episode 2 Title May Confirm Watson Romance

This latest news, in addition to the second episode’s teaser word “wedding” and the casting of Martin Freeman’s real-life partner Amanda Abbington in a role that will “significantly impact” on Holmes and Watson’s lives, seems to confirm that the romance with Morstan will be central to the season 3 story arc, and that we may even see Watson married before the season is finished. The character is certainly pretty smitten when he first meets Morstan in “The Sign of the Four”:

“Her expression was sweet and amiable and her large blue eyes were singularly spiritual and sympathetic. In an experience of women that extends over many nations and three separate continents, I have never looked upon a face which gave a clearer promise of a refined and sensitive nature…

“I sat and mused, until such dangerous thoughts came into my head that I hurried away to my desk and plunged furiously into the latest treatise on pathology. What was I, an army surgeon with a weak leg and a weaker banking account, that I should dare to think of such things?”

Before we take too much for granted, however, it’s important to remember that Mark Gatiss has described this season’s teaser words as “misleading”, and not one single episode of the series so far has followed the plot of the original stories exactly, with several of them only using the source material as a very loose guide. As with other episodes like “A Scandal in Belgravia”, the story upon which the show’s script is based is a little too short to feasibly fill 90 minutes of screen time without a degree of embellishment, so it’s best to be prepared for any number of surprises and plot twists.


Sherlock season three will air some time in winter 2013/2014.

Source: Radio Times

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  1. Can’t wait!

    This is gonna be the Year of Cumberbatch. He’s in Star Trek, August: Osage County, The Fifth Estate, Twelve Years a Slave, and Sherlock season 3.

    Be nice if he could get Oscar love for one of his dramatic roles this year.

    • I honestly don’t understand the appeal. He’s a good actor and all, I just don’t get it.

      • Ummmm Gorgeous, Great Voice, Amazing acting, in high demand, British. He’s the new must have for 2013 and beyond:).

      • It’s his hypnotic cheekbones.

    • The Fifth Estate seems to be his best chance, but that depends very much on how good the film turns out. Into Darkness is a little of a stretch right now, since we can’t tell from the little we’ve seen just what exactly he’ll be doing – he’s menacing and awesome, yeah, but it’s not enough.

      Maybe he’ll get one for voicing Smaug ;)

  2. Not to nitpick, but The Sign of the Four is one of the few Holmes NOVELS, not short stories, and is definitely longer than Scandal (which, on the other hand, IS a short story), so the comparison isn’t really an apt one.

    • ^This

  3. Totally can’t wait to watch this!!

  4. I’m not happy!! Especially if she’s playing just a regular, normal, likable character. The whole point of this version of Sherlock is that it’s exciting and different and, in many ways, questions the relationship between Sherlock and John. Having Mary Morstan – Martin’s actual partner, how…Disney – playing his onscreen ‘love’ interest. Blah. It’s too…ordinary! I seriously hope there’s some twists and surprises ahead.
    I feel like Sherlock on the solar system- dull!:’(

    • i agree.. it’s a very bad news that Watson’s going to get married..((( ..a definetly bad news( there must be only Sherlock and John… nobody else to disturb..((

  5. I think Martin getting his wife a job is nice, from a relationshp standpoint. Bt her presence can do nothing to aid the undeniable chemistry the two leads have already, as actors. Abigail Abbington is simply the most successful Stalker in celebrity stalking history, from what I have read of her, and if Martin never believed he would do any better, then I feel for him. I wonder about the pressure this inexperienced “actress” put on her husband to get this plum role, and what capable person might have been passed over to cast her.

    • Martin and Amanda aren’t married!! They’ve just been together for ages are are very happily not married with their two children joe and grace

      • Doesn’t matter that they aren’t legally married; Martin clearly regards this homely woman as his mate. A sad, sorry state of affairs, since I think there is little question that he could do better, and perhaps is simply too settled or unambitious to do so.

        • You do know that Amanda Abbington (Who Abigail is I do not know.) has been acting in tv-series since the mid- to late-nineties, right? I think that does qualify as being experienced.
          Personally I think she’s rather pretty. But even if she was homely, or even ugly, one would guess that Martin is with her because he loves her whether or not he could “do better”. How do you choose your partners? Because you’re in love and the person in question is nice/funny/intelligent/sweet? Or because the person is of an appropriate level of hotness according to the world in general? (Presumably to be dumped if it turns out you can “do better”.) If the latter then I feel sorry for whoever you’re with.

    • “Morstan is the main character in “The Sign of the Four” – a young woman from a wealthy background”

      A young woman? Perhaps I have just not seen a good photo of Ms. Abbington yet, but the few I have seen show that she is clearly not a young woman. And we are supposed to believe that a man with “an experience of women that extends over many nations and three separate continents” would look at this very plain, aging woman and see the love of his life? Well, I guess love is strange. I just hope that this does not negatively impact the new season.

  6. I sincerely hope the wedding is called off or a hoax or ruined or something….John works perfect with Sherlock. Two nice bachelors with a kindly old landlady. A Missus would only mess with John’s ability to be an investigator, never mind his relationship with Sherlock.

    • I totally agree with you ! When I saw the photos from John’s and Mary’s wedding I felt sick. This is just…WRONG. Like…NO ! I think that they put Mary in this story to give something to famale fans…and they made a mistake, because we don’t want her, the story was perfect…

      • It is wrong. However, didn’t Gatiss say that the titles of this series’ episodes were misleading? John and Mary aren’t married yet…

  7. Loved the room that the wedding reception was held in: http://branchedesign.com/blog/2014/2/5/sherlock-at-the-wedding

  8. Isn’t the point of keeping some of the fans interested is that Holmes and Watson are in love with each other? I mean not all fans want that but clearly a lot of them do. I’m not doing this to offend any of the fans that don’t think that, but being a person who has only seen a few episodes you have to admit they got chemistry.

    (P.S. I personally think they would make a great couple)

  9. * meant to say most of the episodes