‘Sherlock’ Season 3 Teaser: Holmes Returns & Watson Grows a Mustache [Updated]

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After 18 long months since the end of season 2, BBC’s runaway hit drama Sherlock is finally ready to return to our screens this fall, with leads Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman happily taking time off from their heavy movie schedules to reunite as detective duo Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

This isn’t just any reunion, however; as season 3 begins, John will be fully convinced that his friend is dead, having seen him supposedly throw himself off the roof of a building in “The Reichenbach Fall.” It’s unclear how much time has passed between the second and third season, but it’s safe to say that when the two old friends meet once more, they’ll have a lot of issues to work through.

The BBC has finally decided to end the silence by releasing the first promotional teaser for season 3 of Sherlock, though it should be noted that it does not contain any actual footage from the show. Instead, the teaser hypes the return of Sherlock into the lives of the various friends he has managed to acquire over the years, as well as his brother Mycroft (played by co-creator Mark Gatiss), and throws a stunning reveal at the audience.

If there was one thing liable to make Sherlock fans freak out more than the trailer itself, it’s the sight of Freeman finally succumbing to the classic portrayals of Watson and donning one of the staples of his usual appearance. Again, since this isn’t footage from the show it’s hard to tell whether this is something that actually happens, or just thrown in for added impact. If the former, it’s really quite understandable. Trauma does have a tendency to push people towards strange, rebellious or even downright dangerous lifestyle choices, and it seems that John has found his: he’s grown a mustache.

Benedict Cumberbatch returns as Sherlock in season 3 teaser Sherlock Season 3 Teaser: Holmes Returns & Watson Grows a Mustache [Updated]

Freeman actually wears it quite well, but its existence does allow for a rather amusing alternative interpretation of the final shot of the teaser. Does Sherlock look shocked and upset because he’s about to meet his best friend again after so long, or because he’s just so appalled by the moustache? Either way, it’s probably not wise to get too attached to it, as only a very small number of the set photos so far have shown Freeman sporting facial hair. It looks like this may only be a temporary measure.

It’s difficult to glean any real clues about the first episode of Sherlock season 3, “The Empty Hearse,” without getting a look at the real footage, so for now just enjoy this brief but effective teaser and pray that we’ll get to see more soon. One especially exciting aspect of this season is the introduction of a new villain, Charles Augustus Magnussen (Lars Mikkelsen), who is described in Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story as the most repulsive man that Holmes ever met.

[UPDATE: Interest in this video just went up a notch, as despite earlier reports that the footage was shot only as a teaser, Mark Gatiss has confirmed on Twitter that everything you see above is actually from season 3 episodes. Start takingĀ  closer look at it for hints of what’s to come.]

Let us know in the comments what you expect to happen when Sherlock and John finally meet again.


Sherlock returns to the BBC in fall 2013 and to PBS some time in 2014.

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  1. Hmm, not sure which Watson sports the better mustache, Martin Freeman or Jude Law.

    I’m tempted to watch because I haven’t yet, the show actually has never impressed me in the ads I’ve seen over the years and I’m worried that Benedict’s portrayal of the man himself will tarnish the character for me after RDJ’s brilliant version in the movies (I haven’t attached myself to the Benedict Bandwagon as of writing).

    • I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the show! It is instant on Netflix and a MUCH better portrayal than RDJ (although he still gave a good portrayal. Benedict is the closest to Doyle’s Sherlock ever!

      • @1015, I’m sorry but closest to Doyle’s Sherlock? Probably never watch Jeremy Brett’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. Plus, RDJ’s Holmes mirror House closely, whose creation was inspired by Holmes and was very closely resemble Holmes.

        Anyway, can’t wait for season 3. Hope Charles Augustus Magnussen would be as badass as Moriarty was and I hope we get to see this version’s of Sebastian Moran appear more than just from the first episode.

    • they’re both totally different beasts…every episode of this is like a thriller film as opposed to the action film approach, and Cumberbatch’s interpretation is unique in that he does his best to make Sherlock as unlikable of a human being as possible…with his brief glimpses of emotion and impressive intellect his only redeeming qualities.
      if you like seeing writers get ballsy with well known properties then you’d enjoy it.

    • I also highly recommend viewing this series, from the first show on. In my opinion, it is far superior to the RDJ movies, to the point where, in comparison, I did not care for the theatrical version at all.

      • I love sherlock, but pace yourself since episodes are so long its hard to watch a lot in a day. If it doesnt work out give luther a try

    • You think RDJ’s performance as Sherlock is brilliant. Well, I don’t know if there’s a word to describe how much better Benedict’s is.

    • Give it a try. It helps if you are familiar with the actual source material as there are many references to Doyle’s stories (the speckled blonde? really?) I was reluctant to watch it not because of RDJ’s version (which I did enjoy), but because I believed Jeremy Brett’s version of 20 years ago to be perfect. Sherlock avoids the trap of trying to improve the unimprovable by making it sufficiently different that comparisons are beside the point. Sherlock is the proverbial fresh take that actually works for once.

    • The BBC arent that great with ads, but it is worth watching. 10/10

    • @ Dazz
      It’s worth checking out…
      Each episode is 90 minutes and I’d rate all but one as 8 or 9out of 10.
      At first I didn’t have a desire to watch either, although it had nothing to do with RDJ’s Holmes because I don’t really care for those movies at all. It was just that I figured it would be kind of corny and plus how many times does one need to see another take on Holmes?
      It’s worth it though and as a bonus Moriarty is brilliant. :)

    • @ Dazz

      Seriously, give it a go. RDJ’s Sherlock is a different animal to Ben’s but the important things are all there and done just as well, don’t forget that Sherlock was in production while the first RDJ Homes was in the theatres and there has been a bit of borrowing.

  2. Damn. Robert Downey Jr’s plastic surgery sure went wrong.
    And Jude Law’s also.

    • No, they’re different actors.

    • I think you mean “sure went right”. I love RDJ, but this series is 1000 times better IMO.

  3. Does any one know when it’s back?

  4. Fantastic show!
    Cant wait for Season 3.

  5. I simply can’t wait for this show to return!! Best show on TV!

  6. I think that it was stated that it’s been about a year or two since Reinbach Falls. But I’m super excited for this, it’s been phenomenal so far.

    • Ladies and Gents, next up …Two big, brave men typing….

  7. Everyone’s got such an Anglophiliac hard-on for British T.V. that they can’t see it’s total sh*t

    • IKR! all these loser f*gs watching lame shows like doctor who and sherlock. U and I know that the reel entertainment is on bravo
      reel howsewifes 4 eva

      • GTFO of here

        • get the fun on!!!!!!,

          • wee party on bravo teresa is thrwoing a hiissee fit.

    • Because Amrican show or movie Sherlock are real masterpieces, right?
      This is by far the best Sherlock interpritation i’ve seen. The character actually screams ‘Sherlock’ and not ‘the guy who tries to play Sherlock’. Great dialogs, good plot, music and visuals – all of it makes show enterntaining and i never felt boring.

      I’d like to hear anything good about Elemenary or Sherlock Holmes neither of witch showed me Sherlock or entertain me for 100% of the time. Elementary is a joke, i don’t even want to start talking about it. And SH is more like Pirates of the Caribbean, not the real pirates by based on them.

      • wanna know what was a good american sherlock though…House.

        • Lol. Hugh Laurie’s English.

      • Obviously you’ve never read Sherlock Holmes

        Elementary is more akin to Doyle’s works than that Sherlock sh*t

        • LOL, no. And I say that as an Elementary fan. Yes, I read all Sherlock Holmes stories by Doyle. And in neither of them is Sherlock Holmes an insecure druggie mourning the death of his one true love – Holmes does drugs because he’s bored and he can’t deal with his own mind when he doesn’t have work. In neither of them is Watson a guilt-ridden doctor who lost his license and never saw combat – Watson is a decorated war hero, shot in the line of duty and an excellent, practicing doctor.

          So no, Elementary is in no way similar to Doyle’s works, except for its episodic format.

          • Gosh, “none” not “neither”. That will teach me to reply before I had my morning coffee.

          • Yes, and Sherlock, with everybody HATING Holmes is true to the story.

            Oh and them being gay for each other, totally like Doyle’s works

            • Aside from the fact that Sherlock and John aren’t “gay for each other” in Sherlock, unless you count the endless pages of fan fiction lurking on the internet, it would be inaccurate to say that what little homoeroticism there is in the show isn’t a reflection of the source material. Sherlock and John do quite a bit of hugging and hand-holding in Doyle’s stories, and they even share a bed at one point.

              • Different times and different cultural norms. Back then it was expected for men not to be gay, so hand-holding, hugging and bed sharing wouldn’t be seen as homosexual in nature. Now we’re much more aware that gays are out there and it is less culturally allowed for men to show affection in public.

                Like they do in Sherlock

                • Like they do when? I don’t think they’ve ever even so much as hugged on the show. They briefly held hands at one point, but they were handcuffed together at the time.

                  • Not too mention that the produces are fully aware that a modern audience will automatically infer that two men sharing a flat with such a close relationship MUST be gay.

                    So they joke with it. Poor Martin spends a fair bit of an episode telling people they’re not gay in the early episodes.

                    Even if they were, would it be such a bad thing… it’s not illegal anymore, well here in the UK anyway, not to sure about the US, I’m sure there’s states on the bible belt that would love to outlaw it.

                    Always comes down to sex, money or violence, such a shame.

                    • @Jonathan – Brush up on your world news. Most Islamic-centric countries make it illegal to be gay. Russia has outlawed even talking about being gay. The US? Yeah, not so much.

                      Paul Young

                • “that gays are out there” “less culturally allowed for men to show affection in public”

                  Dear oh dear, do you have your gay shelter ready in the backyard in case there’s an outbreak.

                  It’s never been MORE “culturally allowed for men to show affection in public” and too right too.

        • I seriously can’t tell if you’re a troll or what. You couldn’t be further from the truth.

          • Not a troll, but you’re extremely stupid if you think I’m wrong

    • I’m not British or American but that was just plain rude.

  8. I can’t wait for this show I love it so much

  9. Just cant wait to see the season 3. Wish they release some small snippets of actual footage from the episodes. IT would definitely heighten the anticipation. As if its needed but sooooooo wanna see it!!!!

    Apart from Guy Ritchie’s SH movies this has been the most captivating Sherlock portrayal. Hope they are able to keep the same gripping story line as before.

    Now plz release a date when it will be aired.

  10. I doubt about Molly helping Sherlock, because the teaser also shows her as one of the SURPRISED people.

  11. Actually, Gatiss tweeted a few hours ago: “By the way, no idea where this ‘specially shot footage’ idea has come from. Everything in the teaser is from Series 3! #Sherlock”

    • Thanks for the tip! We’ve updated the article with the new info.

  12. Does moustachiod Watson kinda look like one of the Thompson twins from Tintin.

  13. I’ve had so many friends “suggest” that I watch the series, that I finally caved last year. I was actually surprised the writers stayed as faithful to the source as they did. These episodes are modernized stories that I loved when I was a kid. I thought the RDJ movie was absolute trash. My friend and I were tempted to walk out and we both regret that we didn’t. Cumberbatch’s Holmes is an arrogant, grumpy man who hates dealing with small minded people(everyday people). Martin’s Watson is alllllmost smart enough to keep up with Holmes at times which is so frustrating for Holmes.

  14. This is possibly tone best crime drama series currently running!

  15. Easily the best adaptation of Holmes/Watson ever put on screen. Cumberbatch and Freeman both nail the roles, and the writing is brilliant (obviously). I can’t wait for season 3, it will be amazing.

  16. I hope season 3 would be exciting I,ve been waiting sooo long

  17. OMG! I’m so excited for the next season :3 AA! Thank god! it still have a continuation. I was so dedicated to this movie <3 And the end of "Reinbarch Fall" made me so teary T-T . I LOVE SHERLOCK HOLMES :3

  18. I mean “Reichenbach Fall” Sorry got too fast XD

  19. Well, I suppose this is one of the better Earth shows the Doctor enjoys. At least we’re not watching some version of a Shakespeare play again.
    I don’t particularly care if it’s a bunch of teenage schoolchildren, a pride of talking animated lions or a biographically inaccurate romantic film, I am not watching another one of those for a good long time.
    If either of them pick one, I am going to go to my- sorry- Adric’s room and read a book or something. Tegan can think whatever she likes. So can the Doctor.