Jude Law Says ‘Sherlock Holmes 3′ Is Slowly Moving Forward

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Jude Law Says Sherlock Holmes 3 Is Happening Jude Law Says Sherlock Holmes 3 Is Slowly Moving Forward

With Marvel’s Iron Man 3 earning a billion dollars worldwide, it seems that Hollywood has all but forgotten about Robert Downey Jr.’s other franchise, that of Sherlock Holmes. The actor also known as Tony Stark starred in Guy Ritchie’s 2009 Sherlock Holmes reboot and its 2011 sequel, and Warner Bros. was reportedly so pleased with the second film that the studio greenlit Sherlock Holmes 3 prior to its release.

However, nearly two years have passed since Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows hit theaters and brought in more than $500 million worldwide. Yet, news on its follow-up has been virtually nonexistent. This could easily be chocked up to Downey’s long-standing involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but where exactly does the third Holmes film stand?

Empire recently spoke with Jude Law – who memorably played the Dr. Watson to Downey’s Holmes – about the current status of the as-yet-untitled Sherlock Holmes 3.

Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows 24 570x379 Jude Law Says Sherlock Holmes 3 Is Slowly Moving Forward

Here’s what he had to say:

“I think [Warner Bros.] wants it, and there’s a lot of want from us as a team. We want it to be better than the other two. We want to make sure it’s smarter and cleverer, but in the same realm.”

The actor has already met with the studio about the project and appears eager to get back to work on the next entry in the Sherlock Holmes franchise. It’s just a matter of finding the right time to get the film into production and do the franchise justice. Said Law:

“It’s a slow process. We’re all busy. So getting us together to try to nail that has taken a little bit longer than we had hoped. … I hate celebrating anything I’ve done, but I’m so proud of those films. I think it was Joel Silver who said, ‘Take it out of that dusty room and put it on the street’.”

Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes films have essentially re-energized – on the big screen, anyway – a character who’s existed in one form or another since the late 19th century, and by that rationale, this latest incarnation has become a massive success. The fact that Law and the rest of the Holmes team sound passionate about the property and aren’t rushing a haphazard film through to production is probably in the best service of the franchise… and the fans.

sherlock holmes 2 trailer Jude Law Says Sherlock Holmes 3 Is Slowly Moving Forward

Iron Man 3 screenwriter Drew Pearce is writing the film (though no plot details have thus far been revealed), and it’s expected that Ritchie will return to the director’s chair. However, it’s unclear if any of the series’ other stars – such as Noomi Rapace and Stephen Fry – will reunite with Downey and Law onscreen. A Game of Shadows left the fate of Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris) deliberately ambiguous, but considering the character is Holmes’ arch-nemesis in the novels, a return in some capacity is probably more likely than not.

Are you still looking forward to a third Sherlock Holmes adventure? If so, what would you like to see happen in the film? Sound off in the comments.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest details on the as-yet-untitled Sherlock Holmes 3.

Source: Empire

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  1. I really, REALLY don’t understand why this film is taking so long.. They’re very enjoyable films that have made a lot of money. I don’t get why they haven’t pursued this quicker.

    • Turns out the guy starring in it has kinda had his hands full..

    • Just watch the BBC series Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch. In my opinion, the shows are better acted and far more entertaining.

      • I agree! I think Downey does good, but Cumberbatch kills it! What doesn’t he kill?

        • Yes, Cumberbatch is excellent in everything. As good as he is, however, there was a better Khan…Ricardo Montalban. (Those were big shows to fill.) There is no better Sherlock, though.

          • I meant “big shoes” to fill.

      • @Jeff

        Can’t disagree more.

        I prefer the movie version. Much better acting, stories are more fun and entertaining.

        I’ve only ever liked Benedict in Tinker, Tailor and he was sort of “generic English actor” in that. Still not sure what the big deal is about him yet. I think it’s just excitable Americans latching onto the main star of the first English show they catch on TV.

        • To add, I think John Simm is a much better actor than Benedict.

          • Just proves everyone has a different opinion. Judging from the various comments through the various discussions here, though, your opinion concerning Cumberbatch and his series Sherlock appears to be in the small minority. Not saying that it’s right or wrong, though…

        • “I think it’s just excitable Americans latching onto the main star of the first English show they catch on TV.”

          Americans are not the generic idiots you like to think they are.

          • Good retort, Robert. For whatever reason, I’ve noticed quite a bit of American bashing, subtle or not, through various discussions on this website. Ultimately, comments like that say so much more about the person/people making them than those they wish to belittle.

            • Yes, Jeff. I agree. I’ve noticed too and it’s tiresome at this stage.

    • If the second film had done significantly better than the first, we would have had a trailer by now for sherlock holmes 3.

      • Is that so?
        So I guess the fact that Ritchie is busy directing another movie (with another one lined up) and RDJ’s busy being one of the most successful movie stars ever has nothing to do with it…

      • Robert Downey Jr. and much of the cast and crew are busy. THAT’S why we don’t have a trailer by now. And Game of Shadows grossed about $21 million dollars more than the first movie, so it DID do “significantly better.”

    • I agree. I can only presume the lead actors are busy doing other things. They need to do one more quick though.

  2. This is one property I wish was directed by someone other that Guy Richie.
    The films were good but could have been great so I would favor a
    change for any new film with a director like David Fincher.

    • I love Ritchie’s work (two of his movies are among my all time favourites) but I’d agree that these films are very out of his skillset and it shows harshly at times. I still think both are fine movies but Richie is at his best when not tied to the expectations that come with a character so many people envision in certain ways.

      • Yes, Al, this type of film is not in Guy’s wheelhouse.

        The Sherlock films have their moments where you
        are taken out of the narrative and reminded you
        are watching a Guy Richie film from his style.

        This is not a knock on Richie, some of his films
        would not be as effective directed by another
        director because Richie was eminently suited.

    • Really? I thought they were great. Loved everything about them. Wouldn’t want to change anything.

  3. What if they tried a shared universe, starting with sherlok holmes 3. Think about it

    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:

    Sherlock Holmes
    Frankinstine’s Monster
    and so on…….

    • Dude. I’ve been dreaming of that for a while. But mine starts with Dracula to establish Mina Harker. Allen Quatermain shows up there, and in the next films (Jekyll & Hyde, Invisible Man, 20,000 Leagues) and the universe steadily transitions into the League’s.

  4. Cant wait for Sherlock Holmes 3. 2 was kind of a letdown compared to how great the first one was, but it was still very enjoyable. Im glad to hear they are still seriously pursuing it and the only think really in their way is scheduling. Hopefully they can start filming it after Guy does his next film and Robert finishes up with the avengers 2. Dont know what Jude’s schedule looks like for the first have of 2014. But if it works out they could start filming by the end of 2014 for a xmas 2015 release.

  5. I love these movies. I hope to see even more! I know the actors are busy, but Sherlock Holmes 3 can’t come soon enough!

  6. They need a great story for the next one.

    Also, I want Guy to make the real rocknrolla

    • PLEASE! It’s been forever. Do it for the fans Ritchie!

      Problem is most of the cast have become BIG. I really hope they get around to it.

  7. I liked it till i saw Sherlock. Compared to the bbc show the wb movies are stupid

  8. The only thing A Game of Shadows didn’t do for me was that there wasn’t nearly enough Stephen Fry.

    Bring Mycroft in bigger capacity please.

    • Clothes on, preferably.

      • More like Mycrotch am I right

      • That was the utter genius of that scene though.

        Showed the Holmes eccentricity plus it gave audiences a new perspective on a much-loved national treasure that had dropped his old comedy persona once Hugh Laurie went to Hollywood and become more of a beloved teacher in great documentaries and as the host of QI.

      • You and I think in vastly different ways.

  9. I’m usually happier when a studio don’t rush a movie. You can always tell when they do. Take your time, do it right, Do It NOW! Please.

  10. Please! Move foward with this project… and gives us more of the older Holmes properties on BD…
    Hammer’s “Hound” with Peter Cushing, “Secret Life of SH” by Billy Wilder and that 80s “Young Sherlock Holmes” for example…

  11. Yes please with Sebastian Moran as an villain :)

  12. I want this movie to come out I love these movies

  13. The first one was a respectable revamp and the second was action garbage with themes of questionable relevance. In that sense it’s appropriate this movie has the Iron Man 3 writer I guess.
    Not holding out any hope for this.

    • So what you’re saying is that since IM3 was a brilliant movie with great twists and characterizations – and since the IM trilogy fits your description of the Holmes movies so far – the third Sherlock flick could also be great?

      I agree.

    • Iron Man 3 had the worst story and script of all major releases this year.

        • Thanks Jeff, I have not laughed like I did watching that for a long time.
          That was bloody hilarious, so spot on and true, there was more
          creativity in putting that together than Iron Man 3 itself :D.

      • It baffles me how so many people (all big comic book fans) hold this opinion.

        • Is it so difficult to imagine that others may hold differing opinions than you? I, personally, am not a “big comic book fan”, and I did not particulary care for the movie.

  14. Does anyone like the CBS show (Elementary) about Sherlock Holmes?

    • No.

  15. jack the ripper or dracula, either one please. They will threaten mary and force watson to work with holmes again.
    also a opener thats the resolution to hound of baskervilles be nice.

  16. As much as I want this movie, like now, I’m glad they’re taking their time because they need to develop a good and interesting story.
    Also, I’m really glad to hear they’re trying to make it “smarter and cleverer”. More detective-y and less action-y would be awesome.

    • Right. In other words, make it more Sherlock Holmes.

  17. While I found the first film kind of underwhelming and average, I found myself really liking the second film (which I didn’t expect at all). Kudos to the team involved, and I look forward to a third – especially if they take their time and make it “smarter”.

    Just don’t make it collapse on itself by trying to make it too smart please.

  18. I like the first Sherlock better than the sequel. I felt the acting was better in the first one and I liked the plot of the first one better.

  19. I loved these films can’t wait to see another one!

  20. Can’t wait. Hope they stay true to what they said about it being smart.

  21. Won’t “Sherlock Holmes 3″ confuse people about “A Slight Trick Of Mind” by Ian McKellen, or is that movie not happening?

  22. Richie needs to be replaced. I want to watch RDJ and Jude play off one another, not completely random shots/effects that add next to (if not completely) nothing to the films.

  23. “Iron Man 3 screenwriter Drew Pearce is writing the film.”

    Great, so we can expect one big mess.

  24. I wholeheartedly accept the idea of a third Sherlock Holmes film. Biggest issue is that the second movie was all about Moriarty (No spoilers intended.) Who are they going after next? Sebastian Moren? Leonaidas? Batman?

  25. Just wanted to let you all know, i’m American and I love the BBC. Watch all the time

  26. I’m waiting patiently for the next film. Good for them for taking the time to get everyone together again. Scheduling can be a b**** sometimes. I’d actually like to see them tackle The Hound of the Baskervilles next, or sometime in the future. My only hope is that they don’t wait too much longer; from what I understand, anything past a four-year gap in-between releases generally means loss of momentum (although there are exceptions, such as Hannibal and Toy Story 3).

  27. NOTE: Oh my god, please forgive me for that profanity, I typed the wrong word I meant to use. I meant that scheduling can be a pain. To any moderators, please remove that.

    My deepest apologies.

  28. I will wait as long as it takes to see the next film. Ritchie brilliantly captures the relationship of the classic characters and time period. Downey and Law nail the directors’ intention to recreate the literature relationship of Holmes and Watson. Do not bring back Moriarty. Stick to the literature. The detective and doctor had plenty of adventures after the villain’s death. The literature is full of amazing possibilities, you can’t go wrong with digging into the canon.

  29. Like the show Sherlock but think that Robert Downey jr. Is more entertaining and humorous than Benedict.

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