Jude Law Says ‘Sherlock Holmes 3′ Is Slowly Moving Forward

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Jude Law Says Sherlock Holmes 3 Is Happening Jude Law Says Sherlock Holmes 3 Is Slowly Moving Forward

With Marvel’s Iron Man 3 earning a billion dollars worldwide, it seems that Hollywood has all but forgotten about Robert Downey Jr.’s other franchise, that of Sherlock Holmes. The actor also known as Tony Stark starred in Guy Ritchie’s 2009 Sherlock Holmes reboot and its 2011 sequel, and Warner Bros. was reportedly so pleased with the second film that the studio greenlit Sherlock Holmes 3 prior to its release.

However, nearly two years have passed since Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows hit theaters and brought in more than $500 million worldwide. Yet, news on its follow-up has been virtually nonexistent. This could easily be chocked up to Downey’s long-standing involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but where exactly does the third Holmes film stand?

Empire recently spoke with Jude Law – who memorably played the Dr. Watson to Downey’s Holmes – about the current status of the as-yet-untitled Sherlock Holmes 3.

Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows 24 570x379 Jude Law Says Sherlock Holmes 3 Is Slowly Moving Forward

Here’s what he had to say:

“I think [Warner Bros.] wants it, and there’s a lot of want from us as a team. We want it to be better than the other two. We want to make sure it’s smarter and cleverer, but in the same realm.”

The actor has already met with the studio about the project and appears eager to get back to work on the next entry in the Sherlock Holmes franchise. It’s just a matter of finding the right time to get the film into production and do the franchise justice. Said Law:

“It’s a slow process. We’re all busy. So getting us together to try to nail that has taken a little bit longer than we had hoped. … I hate celebrating anything I’ve done, but I’m so proud of those films. I think it was Joel Silver who said, ‘Take it out of that dusty room and put it on the street’.”

Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes films have essentially re-energized – on the big screen, anyway – a character who’s existed in one form or another since the late 19th century, and by that rationale, this latest incarnation has become a massive success. The fact that Law and the rest of the Holmes team sound passionate about the property and aren’t rushing a haphazard film through to production is probably in the best service of the franchise… and the fans.

sherlock holmes 2 trailer Jude Law Says Sherlock Holmes 3 Is Slowly Moving Forward

Iron Man 3 screenwriter Drew Pearce is writing the film (though no plot details have thus far been revealed), and it’s expected that Ritchie will return to the director’s chair. However, it’s unclear if any of the series’ other stars – such as Noomi Rapace and Stephen Fry – will reunite with Downey and Law onscreen. A Game of Shadows left the fate of Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris) deliberately ambiguous, but considering the character is Holmes’ arch-nemesis in the novels, a return in some capacity is probably more likely than not.

Are you still looking forward to a third Sherlock Holmes adventure? If so, what would you like to see happen in the film? Sound off in the comments.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest details on the as-yet-untitled Sherlock Holmes 3.

Source: Empire

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  1. Very anxious for the 3rd movie, I hope it becomes a reality soon. My wife and I and two young children regularly re-watch the DVD’s of the first two movies and keep bringing up the question, “when do you think the next Sherlock Holmes movie will come out?” I just hope things move forward a bit faster and come to fruition! We can’t wait and we’re looking forward to any new news to hear about it moving in to production.

    • yeah, maybe they make us wait so long because this is how often holmes takes a case, or the fact that it was two years until sherlock came back “fro the dead”

  2. 1 was fabulous !! 2 was fantastic !!! Enjoy these movies more than any of the Marvel . Hope they get 3 done . Sequels are often not great because they seem forced . Hats off to a fantastic movie from actors to story to scenery , sets , etc !

    • I never post on anything but i want to thank the cast for reviving a character i love the most. So happy to see sherlock put on tv the way he was supposed to be. Please do #3! Im sad to see iron man outperforms these movies. Buy ive read every single case by every author imaginable. I might have a slight bias!

  3. Sherlock Holmes 3 is a must and of course the return of Professor Moriarty would be the perfect story line. Only this time he would use his disguise as someone else and hoping Holmes would be foiled in this plot. The film should be about Holmes and Moriarty when the were younger and talk about their growing up together. The film should be called Sherlock Holmes ” A Dark Secret”

  4. I would love to see number three come out! I just love Sherlock Holmes! I think its a brillant movie and ita a great family movie!

  5. Desperately waiting for Sherlock Holmes 3 . It should be named :Return of Sherlock holmes

  6. CAN”T WAIT. If anything this series has the potential for many more movies, if the actors are willing. With the popularity of the character back in vogue between the BBC series and the new film with Ian McKellan (Mr. Holmes) in production, there is clearly an audience for the character(s). Personally I think Jude Law’s portrayal of Watson is as good or even better than RDJ’s Holmes, but that’s also what propels the first two films along. They both have their strengths and weaknesses and know how to prop each other up. The chemistry is priceless. I’d like to see a new villain show up even if in the end he is but another puppet of a much more leery Moriarty and offing Rachel McAdams in the 2nd one was heartbreaking as she was far too delicious a character to be missing in the 3rd. If her character could not return somehow, a great solution to this would be to have the exasperated Mrs. Watson step up and stir things up a.k.a. two can play this game, Dr. Watson, lets see how you like it, and actress Kelly Reilly has the chops to pull it off.

  7. My issue with the idea of reviving Moriarty is that in the books he stays dead once he goes off the cliff. While I obviously recognize that the movies don’t play by all the books’ rules, THAT particular detail seems… wrong… to deviate from. Moran makes a comeback in the books so I certainly hope he does in the 3rd film. Certainly I’d expect that there will be events that perhaps Moriarty or his colleagues set into motion before he died. Or someone out to avenge his death. But if I see Moriarty alive, compelling as he is, I will be a little disappointed.

  8. Love these movies! Bring on #3!!


  9. What about the hound of baskervilles?? I know it is a good read.

  10. If they do try to follow the story lines as inspiration, then Holmes 3 could
    focus on Col. Moran, and his attempts at getting revenge for Moriarty’s death.

  11. I would like to see the 3rd. Sherlock Holmes movie go in a slightly different direction. I have read everything I could get my hands on about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, since I was a 10 year old kid. That said, and leaning on all that I have absorbed about the Greatest Sleuth of all time, here’s my idea for number 3. It’s the end of 1892, about a year after Moriartys death. Mr. And Mrs. John Watson have settled into their married lives, Dr.Watson has his private practice, with Mrs Watson caring for their newborn son, James. Sherlock, after sneaking into the Watsons home, camouflaged as the chair, put the question mark after “The End” ? on Watsons typewriter, and left for an extended vacation/rehabilitation in France.
    He shows up at The Watsons house, unannounced one Sunday afternoon for dinner. Both John Watson and Wife are furious at his appearance, and rightfully so. Sherlock convinces them it was necessary to maintain the illusion that he died with Moriarty. He tells them that to make up for what he put them both thru, he booked passage for all of them on a ship to America, then on train from Boston to Chicago, to visit the 1893 Worlds Fair in Chicago, Illinois, known as the Columbian Exposition. While enroute on the train, Holmes happens to read about the disappearance of many young women, who had travelled to Chicago to work at the Fair for the 6 months it would be open. This peaks Holmes curiosity. Little does Sherlock know that he will soon be confronting an evil genius known as H H Holmes!
    Having watched the first two movies, I know the producers, directors and writers could do an excellent job with the “Worlds Fair of 1893″ in Chicago as the background. To me, this could be the best of the three movies.
    But I’ll take whatever they come up with, I loved the first two.

    • Hi Mike,

      Not too sure how your idea is heading. You explained most of the ending of the 2nd film and you mentioned of an evil genius called HH Holmes. Who is HH Holmes? Is he related to Sherlock? Is he based in any of the books. No! Although Dr. Henry Howard Holmes is a real life serial killer and killed 27 people. I just can´t see any connections. Dr.HH Holmes was hanged 3 years later.

    • True that exposition: however, we should have the return from India and Tibet (not France? Sorry.) Then, on to the colonies….

  12. I would love to see another. The constant nods to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are brilliant. The music and filmography compliment the unique writing style of the iconic novels. I am happy they are taking their time; but my anticipation is nonetheless impatient!

  13. I have to say, I am not a great follower of Hollywood in general but the tongue in cheek Sherlock Holmes played by Downey Junior, has lead me to this page.

    The first one was all about the magic man. The Second, the amazingly played Moriarty for which the actor gave serious credit to the character.

    Perhaps a bad guy that perverts peoples psychology in some way? Perhaps a pre- quell to the Nazi propogandarism that was about to sweep the globe. I can’t think of something worse. Jude Law saying it should be better I think underdoes the second film that was fantastic.

  14. I can;t wait. I always thought they may take on the Hound of the Baskervilles now that Moriarty is gone. The writers could go in a number of directions as long as the cast stays the same and Ritchie is the director.

  15. I totally love these movies. As asked for regarding suggestions for a screen script:
    I would definitely stick to the pureness of good overcoming evil. This seems to be the trademark of all Sherlock Holmes…and what makes it so valuable, is even though he cares (deep enough to always lay down his life)his ability to NOT be sidetracked or seduced, is the mission accomplished in Sherlock style.

    I know its not as big of moneymaker as Iron man, but its got the mark of a classic, and because so, could very well surpass Iron man in popularity throughout time.

    As for Moran, he has the ability to be just as devious as Prof. Moriarty.

    Jude Law – the guy can act! The scene of him wanting to sleep when pulling up to his own wedding was TOO good (ha ha). Downing Jr. seems to be the perfect S.H. of this day… (just as Rathbone was the classic in his day…)which says it all. we can see Guy Richie’s talents when he portrayed Sherlock’s genuine strength of character at the time of Sherlock and Moriarty falling together, and the prof is screaming, whereas Sherlock still has it together – EVEN TO THE END!!!!The sounds, the era, and who Sherlock is, is totally captured to the “T”. The whole thing just works!

    I am so looking forward to the next adventure…thank you for letting me share. you are all appreciated, tm

  16. Hi Luther,
    If you know about HHHolmes, then you know that it’s a fact he was killing young women at the same time the Worlds Fair of 1893 was being built. And, at the same time, young women coming to Chicago from all over to work at the Fair to earn money to take back home. They were disappearing and the chicago police did very little to find out what was happening to them. This is historical fact. The fact that Sherlock Holmes and HHHolmes had the same last name is a coincidence. My idea of Sherlock reading the newspaper on the train enroute from Boston to Chicago, and reading about young women disappearing in Chicago at the same time the Worlds Fair was being built and then opening, isn’t a complicated concept. We all know how SH is when he’s not trying to solve a case. Well, here’s a perfect opportunity for Sherlock. He get’s to accompany his bestfriend(Watson and wife and child) to the Colombian Exposition, and he can put his superior deductive skills to good use where they’reneeded most. The time frame is perfect.

    • Hi Mike,

      Sorry, I haven´t got back to you. Yes, I can see your point and although making a film with a difference could work. Most films today, somehow seem to be slightly different to their books. Somehow, the ending of the 2nd film seems unfinished. So what ever they decide, it certainly seems that it may continue.
      I think, to be honest, they should of kept the 2nd film last as it was originally intended to be the last Sherlock Holmes story. “The Final Problem” 1893.

      “The Adventure of the Second Stain”, was a great book. As you probably know, the story revolves around a letter that could spark a war and Holmes’ attempt to solve a murder that could resolve all of it.

  17. I don’t normally comment on these sorts of things, but after reading a few of the other comments, I came across a few that intrigued me enough to do so.

    To Mike,
    I happened to do a little bit of research on H. H. Holmes a while back, after stumbling upon an article on him by accident. And while your idea is an interesting one, since H. H. Holmes was indeed killing women in Chicago at that time, and would certinaly fit into Sherlock Holmes – since I have no doubt that Sherlock Holmes would be interested in investigating the matter, along with Dr. Watson of course – he did not appear in Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. I personally would be a little disappointed if Sherlock Holmes 3 took that route. I would probably still watch it as I am a huge fan of the franchise and Robert Downey Jr, however I don’t think it would feel right to me, since I expect to see something taken from Sherlock’s adventures. That being said, anything is possible with the recent adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, i.e the BBC Sherlock and the US? version, where Watson is a girl … So I suppose Sherlock Holmes 3 could take any direction.

    As for what I personally would like to see in the third movie … Well, I would quite like to see the Hound of the Baskerville’s, since I used to read that a LOT when I was younger. However, as long as I get to see another movie, I’ll be happy since I’ve enjoyed every minute of them, and keep re-watching them time and time again. I just hope the amazing brotherly bond and banter between Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr is continued (which I’m sure it will be). So although I don’t want the movie to be rushed, since I want it to be just as amazing as the other two, I would quite like for it to be released asap! Eagerly waiting for Sherlock Holmes 3! :D

    • Hi Emily,
      As you point out, they use quite a bit of artistic license with the first two movies. I could point out all the discrepancies between the movies and the book, but You know what I mean. To me, Robert Downey Jr. And Jude Law have reinvented Sherlock and Dr. Watson. And in a good way. I wanted to NOT like the movie, because they portray Sherlock and Dr. Watson differently than in the book. But Robert Downey Jr. Blew me away with his portrayal of the super sleuth. Take the fight scene where Sherlock is in a fighting pit using a oriental martial art. That never happened. Sherlock fought a tough guy in a local house(bar). He used some fancy pugilistic moves and beat the guy bloody. So, my point is this, I don’t want to see the same things I’ve seen in all the other movies with someone playing Sherlock right out of book. I don’t want Pro. Moriarty coming back from the dead. There will be time for Sebastian Moran to come back into Sherlocks life in the fourth movie(I HOPE).

      I also have a personal reason for wanting Sherlock to come to Chicago to see the Worlds Fair of 1893 (the Columbian Exhibition). The time frame is ideal, the story of HH Holmes is real, and I want to see them walking around the fair, Sherlock, Watson and Wife with their newborn son, marveling at all the new things that are coming out of the industrial revolution. Here is my bias; I grew up in Hinsdale, Illinois, 25 miles from where the Fair was. And to top it off, the house I grew up in was built with pieces salvaged from when the Fair was torn down. So I have a great interest in the WorldsFair of 1893, and I have been a fan of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson since I was 10. But like everyone else on this forum, I just want the new (3rd movie) to be done right, and not be done hastily, and be disappointing. After watching 1 and 2 many times, I’m in awe of the accuracy with which the show the buildings, and how life was really like in 1891. I believe they could do a 1893 Chicago, and make us feel like we went with them from England, then on ship to Boston, the on a Train to 1893 Chicago. That’s what I want! But I’ll happily take the next movie in whatever direction they take it, because I have faith they’ll make at least as good or better than 1 and 2.

  18. I have watched every movie of Robert. And he always surprised us in his every film. He is aterrific & awesome. Actor… And I think sherlock Holmes part 3,4 must be there for us.
    Holmes parts are excellent.. So, good luck for your upcoming films.

  19. It’s one of my favourite movies so doesn’t matter what happens in it, it always turns out perfect! So I’m just so excited and pumped up and I can’t wait till they make the third part!!

  20. I’m sooooo desperate for the release of Shelock Holmes 3. Would love for him to tackle Jack the Ripper!
    That would be awesome, especially if Jack was the construct of Moriarty!!!

  21. I’d like to see, the hound of baskervilles come to life. Although it maybe way ahead but most probably the forth installment? I’d like to see in the third, what happens at reichenbach falls and how sherlock survived and that he now has to face the blackmailer, Charles Augustus Milverton. It would be awesome if there was a twist to it. It should have been another battle of wits between Holmes and Milverton rather than a lady killing him at his study instead. I can just imagine RDJ while reading the books. Bring more to life please!!!! :D

  22. I think it would be a great idea to have a third installment of the sherlock genre. Mysteries such as this which has remained a classic for the audiences the world over who has read the books would agree. Robert Downey Jr. along with Jude law and Naoomi Rapace make a fantastic trio to give those hard core fans the needed stories they richly deserve. I love mystery telling with the notions of science developed within to show how fast and furious the industrial age had progressed in the last 150 years. With sherlock you could see his unique and eccentric side more often in the new films rather than the books yet told in a different way. Watson is always as loveable as he was in the books and you could tell with Jude Laws presentation. But a point in fact that Downey is by far the best person to portray the highly motivated and often multitasked detective who can find any evidence no matter how small. These stories will live on for a long time after when hollywood decides to make another rerun with a different actor. For all of the downey fans such as myself it would be indeed a wonderful opportunity to see a third film. Guy Ritchie is an excellent director and I do hope warner brothers asks him in for the third movie.

  23. I would like to see another writer on the project as iron man 3 was a joke

  24. I have always loved Sherlock Holmes the next should be the hounds of baskerville n according to the story book by sir Arthur Moriarty is dead so why bring him back after all Sherlock always has enemies but it really doesn’t matter I lovn Robert downey Jr without them the films wouldn’t work anyways. The hound should def be next it’s an awesome one

  25. YES another film. Rachael McAdams back!!

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