‘Tattooed’ Noomi Rapace Cast as Female Lead in ‘Sherlock Holmes 2′

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Actress Noomi Rapace was a relative unknown to international audiences for the majority of her acting career – until she landed the role of Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish big-screen version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (and its two sequels), placing her firmly on everyone’s radar.

However, it isn’t just audiences and critics that have been impressed by Rapace’s pitch-perfect work as Salander (she’s won a major international award and has been tipped for an Oscar nomination for her performance in Dragon Tattoo) but also those working within the industry.

Rapace was recently in Hollywood to discuss possible roles in huge projects such as Mission: Impossible IV and Sherlock Holmes 2. Things must have gone well in at least one of those meetings as Rapace has officially landed her first English-language role as the female lead in Sherlock Holmes 2 opposite Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

Something tells me that, with her talent as an actress and a role in such a high-profile film, she’ll become a household name rather quickly (the next Marion Cotillard, perhaps?).

hollywood wants Noomi Rapace1 Tattooed Noomi Rapace Cast as Female Lead in Sherlock Holmes 2

Noomi Rapace in ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’

Rapace’s role in Holmes 2 is a secret for the time being but sources claim she’ll play some sort of “French Gypsy.” Since Rachel McAdams will supposedly have a such smaller role in the sequel, than she did in the first film, it can logically be speculated that Rapace will serve as a new romantic interest for Downey’s Holmes.

However, since there’s nothing definitive known about the character, then it’s pure guesswork at this point. Romantic interest or not, Rapace’s role has to be significant in order to be defined as the “female lead.”

With her casting in the retro-detective sequel, I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear that Rapace has landed the other roles she was in Hollywood to discuss. I actually expected her to get the coveted female role in Mission: Impossible IV (which ultimately went to Paula Patton) since she was in town for that meeting. Another potential Rapace projects could be a starring spot alongside Jeremy Renner in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, which follows the duo for 15 years as bounty hunters who chase witches.

robert downey jr sherlock holmes1 Tattooed Noomi Rapace Cast as Female Lead in Sherlock Holmes 2

The plot of Sherlock Holmes 2 is just as shrouded in mystery as Rapace’s role. However, The Hollywood Reporter asserts that it will involve Holmes’ biggest enemy, Moriarty (rumored at different stages to be played by heavy-hitters such as Brad Pitt or Daniel Day-Lewis), and will also feature an appearance from Holmes’ brother, Mycroft.

It sounds like they’re trying to step-up their game for the Sherlock Holmes sequel. Along with exciting casting, and character additions, they will hopefully improve upon some of the weaknesses of the first film – a more cohesive storyline and less reliance on a big explanation at the end would be a great start in my opinion.

Sherlock Holmes 2 goes into production sometime later this year – although no official release date has been set yet (expect late 2011/early 2012 – possibly in 3D).

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I very much hope that Rachel Mcadams is back too, she’s so pretty…

    • I heard that McAdams is in it but not as the female lead. I guess just a supporting role

    • She is in it but her role is reduced, so it will indeed be a supporting role istaed of a lead role like in the first film. Congrats on Noomi though.

  2. Actually I liked the explanation at the end.
    He is Sherlo0ck Holmes after all.

    • I hear that and I guess the CONCEPT of it I didn’t mind but the way they pulled it off just seemed lazy to me. Like everything builds and is quite muddled and then it relies on one scene of exposition at the end which ties it all up neatly. Way too convenient IMHO.

      • Maybe, but that’s how the stories are, to a large extent. There’s a huge sort of “This is the answer, if you’re still confused” moment at the end of every story. And here it was sort of like, Oh, hahaha! That makes sense! Wow he’s good!!!

    • I liked it as well Gary.

  3. I actually thought the first film was damn near perfect, and as much as one Holmes story has been done to death, I’d like to see some of Hound Of The Baskerville’s included somehow, because it’s a classic.

    • I’m with you Sam I loved the first one it was as good as a Sherlock film can be as far as I’m concerned.

  4. i’d rather see Ritchie get back to his gangster film roots, i wanna sequel to Rock’N Rolla damnit

    • Really? I found RocknRolla to be trying way too hard. It felt like Ritchie was trying to do just replicate what he’s SUPPOSED to do rather than feeling like a genuine funny gangster film like Snatch and Lock Stock. Too much effort really showed in his case :P .

      • i really enjoyed it, but its not my favorite by any means. Snatch gets the nod for that. Revolver was my least favorite, i think i need to watch it again. as much as i liked His Holmes effort, he’ll always be the directer that shows bumbling crimminals at their best in his films. too bad Bullet Tooth Tony had to get it :(

  5. I really enjoyed the first Holmes film and I am looking forward to the sequel, but I think Brad Pitt as Moriarty would be a mistake. While I like him as an actor, the role of Moriarty should be played by someone more devious looking. Daniel Day Lewis I think would be a better choice.

    • if Daniel Day Lewis were to be Moriarity, all i’d see on screen is Bill the Butcher lol

      • Anthony if Day Lewis got the part I’ll I’d see was Red because I’d be so pissed that the second film will not live up to the first.

      • To be fair Pitt’s an awful choice as well.

  6. I’d rather have Pitt than DDL chewing scenery any day.

  7. I don’t mind Brad Pitt if we’re talking “Se7en” or “Seven Years in Tibet” and not “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” or “Ocean’s Eleven.”

    I wouldn’t mind Ian McShane as Moriarty or James Spader as Mycroft. Those are my number one’s.

    I love this news about Noomi Rapace. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is a great adult film and she was brilliant. I’m glad Hollywood is taking notice.

    • Initially I saw Spader’s name and raised an eyebrow. But thinking about it, I can picture Spader as Mycroft. Sort of the lazy and mentally bored brother that is smarter but unwilling to try. It would be… interesting. Ian McShane only if Spader is busy.

      • Exactly how I pictured Spader. Sherlock goes crazy with no work as is seen at the beginning of the film. Spader as Mycroft would just chew through the scenery as being too bored to bother. If only, if only…

  8. Snatch, wasn’t that Lock, Stock and Two Smokin’ Barrels 2? lol!

  9. Rachel McAdams was the weakest link of that movie. She just didn’t fit in with the rest of the cast. Her performance seemed out of place and forced.

    I generally like Rachel McAdams, but she just isn’t right for Sherlock Holmes.

  10. I was all excited to be reading some Sherlock news and instead was shocked to read something else.

    I can’t believe that anyone would be saying Oscar over The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.. Seriously?

    • You didn’t think she was fantastic in that role? When you look at how different she is in real life it’s astonishing. She completely captures the character – exactly how I imagined her in the book.

    • I’m with Ross on this one Daniel F. Seeing the difference between Noomi Rapace and Lisbeth Salander just takes her transformation to a higher point. It reminded me of Charlize Theron in “Monster.” The transformation into the character was so key. Rapace just inhabited Lisbeth. I found it truly astounding.

  11. Vinnie Jones as Moriarity.

    • I don’t see Vinnie Jones as having the metal capacity to pull off Moriarty. Not that he’s not smart it’s just hard for me to see him as playing smart. Stupid criminal muscle is the typecast but if anybody could get something extra out of a criminal it’s Guy Richie.

  12. the dragon tattoo unfortunately is a better film than most of what has come out this summer…aside from the upcoming WallStreet2-i don’t know what else may be Oscar worthy-maybe Sherlock Holmes might make the list since it came out on xmas last year and missed the window for nominations..Eastwood’s “hereafter” looks good as does Clooney’s “the Anerican” but eh-not many standouts..expenables don’t count

    • You seriously think Wallstreet 2 is any where near worthy?

      I think Inception easily beats out Dragon Tattoo and Eastwoods new film as well as the Town look way better. I can think of at least 20 films this year that were better than Dragon Tattoo granted the snobby Oscar crowd wouldn’t accept most of them, but there are easily 5 choices fro this year that are or will be better. Dragon Tattoo isn’t just not worthy it’s also not good.

  13. unfortunately “Dragon Tattoo” is swedish and may be out of the running…or I could be wrong-I don’t know the academy’s rules..

  14. I absolutely effing love the idea of James Spader as Mycroft! That’s genius.

    Did anyone else see the new BBC Sherlock recently, it was really good, I thought a modern interpretation would be horrendous bur it was great fun.

  15. Daniel f

    Have you seen the dragon tattoo films?

    • I wouldn’t be saying it sucked unless I had. So yes I’ve seen it.

      It was awful certainly not deserving of any kind of award. It was a trashy film based on a crummy bargain bin novel.

      • Oh good, so I take it you’ve read all the novels then too?

        • I read a little bit of the novel, but couldn’t finish it was leaving such an awful taste in my mouth. I got about half way in a little less than half. It really just struck me as awful.

          I also only saw the one film. The Girl with the dragon Tattoo no need to watch the sequel when I saw the first and more than hated it.

          • Wait a sec. So let me get this straight. You tried to read the novel and couldn’t get through half of it. Then you watched the movie(s) and what… that don’t make sense holmes. What was the first you viewed or read? Novel or book? And what are these 20 better films?

            • Did you seriously just call me holmes? wow.

              Anyway I never said I read half the novel and then watched the film.

              I saw the film and hated it, but my GF has the book and said it’s better than the movie. She said it wasn’t anything amazing, but it was still much better than the film. So I gave it a read and about 3/5 of the way in I quit because it was such a bad read.

              I listed a bunch of films down bellow like I said there when I said 20 films I was pulling a random number out of my you know what and was pretty obviously exaggerating. Some of the films are not amazing, but still much better than Dragon Tattoo. I could of listed more films that were better, but decided that I should at least stick to some criteria. For instance Iron Man 2 was much better than Dragon Tattoo, but it’s not exactly a great film and it’s laughable to think that anything about it would be nominated for anything.

              • Danny boy, I love how you get so agro over little shizz. It totally makes my day holmes. Especially when I say holmes! When you try to get all articulate it makes me scream with joy! I just wanna thank you!

                • Also, danny boy isn’t an insult holmes. It’s an old irish tune. If hou ever get a chance to watch ‘Millers Crossing ‘ by the brilliant Coen brothers, there is an awsome shoot out scene to that song :)

          • Wow, really? I thought ‘Dragon Tattoo’ was one of the great books of the last 10 years. So detailed and realistic – and compelling as hell. With one of the most interesting, well written, complex and iconic female characters in fiction in AGES.

            • Ross

              He probabaly never even read the book otr seen the movie. Daniel likes to preach like he’s god almighty.

  16. BTW Danny F,

    I wanna know these 20 films you speak of. Inquiring minds must know 8).

    • I was throwing out a random number, but like I said they wouldn’t be accepted by the Oscar snobs. However, I would say Inception, Kick Ass, Toy Story 3, Sherlock Holmes (Not sure if it is allowed), Despicable Me, Shutter Island (Wasn’t the best movie, but better than Dragon Tattoo), Scott Pilgrim, Edge Of Darkness, Defendor, and while it wasn’t great and was a let down Robin Hood was even better not oscar worthy, but more so than Dragon Tattoo.

      Also The Town and the new Clint Film both look great and should easily be Oscar noms.

      • Hmmm, interesting. To each his own but to me inception was the only oscar worthy film mentioned. Don’t get me wrong, loved kick ass and shutter island. Haven’t seen or care to see the other films mentioned.

  17. @Daniel, i liked you reaction to “holmes” LOL…
    i dont even bother watching the Academy Awards anymore. the actors and directors, are put on a high ehough pedistal already for me to even care nowadays.

    • I like your reaction to anthony, it really shows your age, dementia, one sidedness, inability to mind your own business and lack of wit :)

      • mind my own business? man, get off PUBLIC forums if you want people to mind thier own business

        • Its was a joke anthony. Note the smiley face. Haha you’re like daniels little lap dog, you yap when he attempts to bark,hahahahaha!

          • huh?, actually i find daniel responses very funny, considering we disagree on 90% of the threads/forums here lol, its funny to see it because i can actually picture him popping a vein, so, lap dog? LOL

            • Yeah he gets easily aggravated lol!

              • and its just funny, he’s more vocal about it than i am. certain people here frustrate me, but in keeping up to Vic’s standards ive toned things down since i wrote my first comments a while back. nothing worse than getting emails from the bossman lol. i dont like typing either thats another factor :)

                • Yeah man, typing can lead to carpletunnel lol!

  18. The Millenium Trilogy is a great read, but they are still airport novels, just of better quality than most. I enjoyed them but they’re hardly fantastic literature, suffering from pacing issues and the odd plot hole.

    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was a good film, well made for the budget, well acted but hardly perfect. I think people put both films and books up on an unfairly high pedestal.

    I’ve read better and seen better, their enjoyabley trashy.

    • I agree on the films/books being somewhat overrated(and that’s coming from a swede)… but out of curiosity – what’s the odd plot hole you’re mentioning?

  19. Believe me sully Im proud to be Irish I know Danny boy well.

    Nobody takes my aggro old MMO tank habit

  20. Ross a lesbian goth chick is the most realistic compelling female you’ve read?

    No offense intended

    • What does being a lesbian or goth have to do with realism? You do realize there are a lot of them out there right?

  21. People over hype non American films even if they are not great some people like to trash the US so much that they act as if all American films are trash .

  22. Yea and Sully likes to be a prick and insult people for not agreeing with him.

    • No I just think that you belive your opinion is the only one that matters so I like calling you out on some of your b.s.. If your comments weren’t so ego ridden I wouldn’t even acknowledge you

  23. If you don’t like what I have to say either ignore me or try debating it like you were doing at first. Insulting me isn’t the way to handle it. Nothing I said is BS. You may not agree and that’s fine but it doesn’t mean what I said was BS. From now on I’ll try to make sure I way over state things like “in my opinion” and “I think” just so you don’t get upset.

    I think this movie sucked. In my opinion it wasn’t good at all. That’s just what I think IMHO. That’s my personal thoughts on this subject.

    /end my personal opinion and what I think.


  24. D dog, I’m always happy. Like a dog getting it’s behind scratched 8).

  25. Unfortunately Daniel, you are correct, Sherlock Holmes wouldnt be eligible.
    It would have been eligible last year though.
    At least RDJ won a Golden Globe for his performance as Holmes.
    I havent seen Shutter Island,But I really liked Despicable Me and Inception.
    I liked Toy Story 3 as well,especially the quieter moments .
    The prologue and the ending were my favorite parts.

  26. The first Sherlock Holmes was ok, though not entirely true to the story.

    I think that, now big cinema(especially Hollywood) is fueled with 3D/special effects and they’re forgetting the essential stuff that makes people go watch a movie…

    Elementary my dear Watson

    • What do you mean “not entirely true to the story”?

  27. Sully not saying it’s unrealistic just questioning how it’s some how more realistic than any other female character written. I’ve seen many female characters just as if not more realistic. I just don’t say how it’s any more than the rest.

    Look you love the film and book and that’s great for you go enjoy it. I don’t I honestly didn’t even think very many people liked it until a commented on this article and was suddenly attacked for having a differing view. So enjoy the film glad you like it.

    • That’s fine if you don’t find her character realistic. I just don’t uderstand what sexual orientation has to do with it. And i never attacked or insulted you once Daniel.

      • Once again Never said she was unrealistic. I’m saying that she is no more realistic than any other female character i’ve seen.

        “When you try to get all articulate” I’ll point out you using the word try.

        You also then went on to accuse me of being a liar.

        “He probably never even read the book otr seen the movie. Daniel likes to preach like he’s god almighty”

        You also spent time belittling me calling my comments ego ridden and saying I think my opinion is the only one that matters.

        I have no problem with you liking the film. Hell I have no problem discussing it’s merits with you. What I don’t like is you talking about me negatively. There is no reason for it. If you can’t discuss something with me with out insulting my integrity and bashing me then please don’t even acknowledge me. However if you can be an adult and talk about something with out insulting me or talking about me in a negative way please by all means continue to speak with me.

        Consider this a request.

        • What we need is more Noomi Repace, what a great actress.
          She was the best in the 3 movie Triology by Stieg Larsson.
          We have all 3 books and 2 DVDS. What an actress!!
          Sherlock Holmes with Noomi Rapace should be great!!

  28. Hold on everybody! I think Daniel and Sully might be finished… wait for it…. wait for it…

  29. @Mr

    Off the top of my head I honestly can’t remember, it was in Hornets Nest, it wasn’t anything serious but it bugged me as a writer.

    • Fair enough..