Daniel Day-Lewis as Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes 2?

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Sherlock Holmes 2 Daniel Day Lewis Daniel Day Lewis as Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes 2?

As filmmaker Guy Ritchie puts the finishing touches on his re-writes of the Sherlock Holmes 2 script, rumors are swirling over who will portray the infamous Professor Moriarty. Originally, Brad Pitt’s name was tossed around the rumor mill. Now, two-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis has been added to the list.

You may remember the mysterious silhouetted Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes. We only heard his voice and nobody was listed in the credits as playing him. It is doubtful that actor who will actually play Holmes’ archenemy provided the voice work, but it would be quite a stroke of genius.

Superhero Hype claims a number of other top-tier actors have been rumored as possibilities, including Sean Penn, Javier Bardem and Gary Oldman. All three of those options would be brilliant choices, but Day-Lewis just oozes Moriarty.

Immediately, the connection brings me to Lewis’ Oscar-nominated portrayal of Bill “The Butcher” Cutting in Gangs of New York. His tall, slender build perfectly contrasts Robert Downey, Jr.’s stocky, muscular body in a way that compares to Batman and The Riddler.

Daniel Day Lewis Bill the Butcher Gangs of New York Daniel Day Lewis as Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes 2?

More importantly, whoever does play Professor Moriarty will need to at least match up with Downey, Jr. It is a tough task, but the villains he has faced in the last few years have been cast extremely well.

The only problem with this rumor is that Daniel Day-Lewis is famously picky with his roles. While films like Sherlock Holmes bring in big paychecks, Day-Lewis has always been a focused performer who takes on his roles with all his energy. It will ultimately come down to the script and Guy Ritchie’s pitch.

Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jr.  Daniel Day Lewis as Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes 2?

Would you like to see Daniel Day-Lewis as Professor Moriarty? Were you looking forward to a reunion of Ritchie and Pitt? Speak your mind on the Sherlock Holmes 2 rumors in the comments section below.

Sherlock Holmes 2 was rumored to begin filming this month, but that is highly unlikely at this stage in pre-production.

Source: Superhero Hype

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  1. theories suggest that Moriarty doesnt actually exist. he is in the subconscious mind of Holmes made up of an old profession Holmes once had in school. someone who constantly challenged him but never gave him the answer. Moriarty would be in Holmes Imagination trying to solve a mystery that his literally impossible to solve.

    but if Moriarty is real in the movie, Daniel Day-Lewis has my vote

  2. Wow! He’s probably the greatest actor in the world. This would bring so much credibility to this movie and if anything it will push RDJ to be better so he doesn’t get showed up by Daniel Day Lewis

  3. I hope it will happen, but if not, I’d rather Oldman over any of the other choices. I can’t Penn, Bardem, or Pitt doing Moriarty justice.

  4. I can’t stand Daniel Day Lewis so I hope not. Gary Oldman would be a nice choice.

    • Blasphemy!!!

      Not for saying that Gary Oldman would be a nice choice,but for dissing DDL.

  5. he would be perfect for that role

  6. Actually, Daniel Day Lewis would be a great Sherlock Holmes!

  7. Daniel Day-Lewis would do a mainstream action pic? If so, take him! But come guys, have we all forgotten how menacing James Spader can be? He would be great as Moriarty (after spending some time in the weight room). If not the Professor, then as his confidante Colonel Sebastian Moran, or Holmes’s smarter brother Mycroft. Set aside Boston Legal and think of Secretary, Crash, Less Than Zero and Sex Lies and Videotape. Spader should be in this.

    • I love the love for James Spader. I’d like him for Mycroft not so much for Moriarty.

      • I’d love to see Spader take a crack at another serious role, he is so underated, he is such a versatile performer. From Stargate to Secretary to Boston Legal, the guy can barely put a foot wrong, I even enjoyed his performance in Supernova!

        • In addition to the four you mentioned above, he turns out a great performance in “sex, lies, and videotape.” He also made this 90-odd mintue crime movie called “The Stickup” which really pulled me in. Just one of those surprisingly good police dramas.

          • I’ll have a look for that then.

  8. If Daniel got tricked into during that piece of crap known as “Nine” (The Musical), then I’m pretty sure that they’ll be able to get him for this. Please, for the love of God, please get him!

  9. It should be Hugh Laurie!!!

    • Another excellent choice! I wish we could see more of him with his natural accent. Not that I don’t love “House, M.D.”

  10. I thought liam neeson who was Moriarty go back watch it again tell me if you can’t see that.

  11. Now that I think about it ur right Hugh is a good option

  12. All great choices, except Sean Penn. Lewis’ll never do it though. Pitt could match Downey’s charm and really pull off an evil-Sherlock Holmes vibe.

  13. I think Pitt would be perfect for the part, I’d like to see him playing evil and menacing, but any of the others would be fine apart from Penn; the most over rated actor in all of history.

    Cannot wait to see this film, this and Star Trek (which is way too far away for my liking) are my most anticipated films of the next 2 years.

    Did anyone else not think Moriarty sounded just Richard E Grant in the first film???

    • Richard E Grant? Nice choice! He is too underappreciated and I think would fit in well with the asthetic look of “Sherlock Holmes.”

    • Richard E Grant’s a good choice, DrSam. Pitt could do villainous I’m sure, but I just see him making a real dog’s dinner of the accent.

      • Also interesting that “Reg” has already played Mycroft…

  14. All interesting choices including the person who said James Spader. He and Downey had great chemistry together in Less Than Zero and he certainly can play menacing plus gives off the aire of extreme intelligence, but can he do a Brit accent?

  15. Hat in the ring time…
    I think Day Lewis would play a blinder as Professor Moriarty, gets my vote.

    …but try this for comedy size.
    Hugh Laurie as Sherlock’s smarter, more successful older brother Mycroft.
    Stephen Fry as Professor Moriarty…a school friend of Mycroft who has been bugged and thwarted by Sherlock since his childhood.

    I REALLY wanna see Fry do Evil. If he could allow himself to be so criminal I’d bet he could knock it out of the park.

    • Fry and Laurie together again would be a genius bit of casting, Davyb.

  16. Daniel Day-Lewis sounds perfect. I hope he doesn’t do it. I don’t need all that method acting mucking up my good time at the movies.

    I really hope it’s not Brad Pitt. I honestly can’t even picture it. My brain refuses to even try to put him in a shot.

    Gary Oldman…nothing but love for him, but I can’t quite see it. Not to say that it wouldn’t be brilliant because I couldn’t see him as a wanna-be black/American Indian rastafarian either and he knocked it out of the park with that one.

    Seeing as that I’ve shot down popular ideas I don’t really have my own brilliant casting selection. Although I think DrSamBeckett is on to something with Richard E Grant. I think he is a nice, subtle choice that could blow us away.

  17. Sean Penn and Javier Bardem are all kinds of wrong. Idris Elba and Lennie James are better for the role than those two. I have a suspicion Clive Owen will be the studio’s safe bet. I’m glad James Spader resonates here. Jessie’s right. He’d be fun as Mycroft. Imagine Jude Law getting browbeat by Downey and Spader. Hilarity.

    • I do like the idea of Clive Owen, but I’d rather he got the Bond gig after Craig quits!

  18. He’d fit the role a million times better than Brad Pitt, so it sounds good to me.

  19. big fan…the problem is that daniel eats all the scenery…steals every scene…it would have to be the “moriarty” movie.
    all due respect to robert downey.

  20. I must agree with Roger….but I would love to see this happen.

  21. I’m all for Brad Pitt. I was (and still am a bit) convinced that it is him speaking in the first movie. Personally, I think Daniel Day Lewis is too “big” for this picture. What I mean by that is that DDL is a great actor; however, he is more than a match for RDJ. He will steal every scene (as has already been mentioned). He also had a similar role in Gangs of New York. Yes, he can play a menace, but Moriarty is not just a menacing man. Like Irene Adler said, “He is just as smart as [Sherlock Holmes], but infinitely more devious.” I really want to see Brad Pitt take a crack at it. I really think he could do it while still matching the intensity of RDJ without stealing the show. It is called “Sherlock Holmes”, after all.

  22. I’m sorry but saying DDL will over shodow RDJ is just plain wrong.

    • Espicially as Moriarty could easily be an understated role, a subtle menace that doesnt have to be over the top, besides, I dont think there is anyone out there who could overshadow RDJ in his own movie!

  23. Penn, Bardem and Pitt would all be ridiculous. Might as well cast Seth Rogen. What about Bill Nighy? The man can exude charm, menace and intelligence in equal measure.

    • And he’s got the forehead for it.

      • A couple of other suggestions: Timothy Dalton, and Shakespearian actor Mark Rylance, who apart from being a bit of a chameleon is closer to RDJ’s age (if that’s important).

  24. All interesting, though I agree that I just don’t see Brad Pitt. But he’s likely too busy. Rickman’s good, but a bit old against RLJ and jude Law? No one has suggested Hugh Jackman–I could see Moriarty as suave and dangerously insane.

  25. I think Moriarty has already been introduced in the first Sherlock Holmes film. It is “Clarkie”. Just before the officer who is shot in the head by Moriarty at the ending, he says: “Can i help you officer?” “Clarkie” is a police officer and furthermore when Holmes understands that Moriarty was after the wireless device, one can see that it is a police officer grabbing for the device since the man has white stripes on his sleeve, just like Clarkie. When Holmes and “Clarkie” leave the scene together after Holmes was cuffed to the bed he makes quite a clever joke which shows off wit much in the same league as Holmes.