5 Reasons Why ‘Shazam’ Could Be DC’s Next Big Superhero Movie

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Shazam Movie Discussion 5 Reasons Why Shazam Could Be DCs Next Big Superhero Movie

It’s been suspected for some time that Warner Bros. and DC Comics have bigger plans for adapting their superheroes than they’re letting on – plans set to become clear once Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters. But when the studio’s purported release schedule was leaked online, it packed one particular bombshell: it wouldn’t be a Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman film following just months behind the big screen team-up in 2016, but an unexpected magical heavyweight: Shazam.

The idea of Shazam being released effectively alongside Dawn of Justice is a startling one; but with undeniable appeal, and possessing one of the best stories in DC’s New 52 universe, the property has all the makings of a cinematic hit.  Even so, the hero formerly known as ‘Captain Marvel’ may not be as established as his “DC Trinity” colleagues.

Allow us to present you with 5 reasons why Shazam could be THE next big DC/WB movie franchise.


The Story

Shazam Movie Comedy 5 Reasons Why Shazam Could Be DCs Next Big Superhero Movie

Aside from the hero’s iconic phrase (“Shazam!”), it’s safe to say that not much is widely known about Shazam’s backstory. With that in mind, DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns’ recent reboot (part of DC’s New 52) supplied a rough outline for what to expect from a live-action film. For starters, the hulking hero is actually fifteen-year-old Billy Batson, a street-tough Philadelphia orphan.

The boy soon finds himself summoned to a mysterious tomb known as ‘The Rock of Eternity,’ where a mysterious wizard warns him that a great threat has returned to the world. While Billy is far from perfect, he possesses the potential for heroism needed to be named the wizard’s champion: simply utter the phrase ‘Shazam,’ and a bolt of lightning transforms Billy into a magical, godlike hero.

With the role effectively split between a young boy and a grown man playing a young boy, this particular hero packs a twist that makes him one of a kind in a genre filled with familiar tropes (while also offering more wish fulfillment for young viewers than any other hero). The humor inherent in any big screen version of the ‘World’s Mightiest Mortal’ should be obvious, and how Billy uses his new powers is a story that could be taken in any number of directions.


The Characters

Shazam Movie Cast Characters 5 Reasons Why Shazam Could Be DCs Next Big Superhero Movie

Casual audiences may think that a caped hero powered by magical lightning more than earns a spotlight all to himself – but despite having lost his own parents, Billy Batson is far from alone. In both the classic comics and the New 52, Billy is accompanied by his friends Mary and Freddy Freeman – with Johns’ reboot adding three more foster siblings to the group: Pedro, Eugene, and Darla.

With Shazam‘s obvious appeal to a younger audience, some might worry that the grim tone of WB’s approach to superheroes would be a poor fit. But the larger themes at play have the potential to be treated with respect and gravity (as adoption was in Man of Steel), and the ensemble cast of children spreads that potential farther, including minorities and women in a genre of film lacking both.

Shazam Movie Black Adam Story 5 Reasons Why Shazam Could Be DCs Next Big Superhero Movie

Then there is Black Adam, the former champion blessed with the powers of Shazam, and instant rival to Billy Batson (and his friends and family). Possessing the same abilities augmented by centuries of practice, Adam has become one of DC’s most established villains. So if Warner Bros. is in need of a magical baddie for their movie universe, Black Adam’s origin story kills two birds with one stone.


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  1. When exactly did we become such a race & gender obsessed culture?
    Oh yeah.
    Ever since a few dumb $hits thought “political correctness” would be a great idea.

    • So you’re admitting to being a sexist and a racist then?

    • Yes Chad life was so much better back when all the comic book and action movie heroes were white males like us and we could say and do whatever we wanted without worrying about other people’s feelings. It sucks that we are now expected to treat women and people of color as equals and with respect.

      • So by that token it would be fine to recast Alfred in Batman or Blade? I think folks like yourself have been drip fed with a hammer all this stuff about equality by the media, and suddenly if you don`t like what the suits have done with Johnny Storm then you`re branded a racist.

      • So by that token it would be fine to recast Alfred in Batman or Blade? I think the media has largely contributed to this overdrive in political correctness to the point when suddenly if you don`t like what the suits have done with Johnny Storm then you`re branded as having some sort of hatred that is racially motivated.

        • I agree. I’ve heard so many people make complaints recently regarding how few black superheroes there are. These characters were created by mostly white men many years ago. They created the characters they wanted to created and that kids wanted to read. It was a different time, where comics were full of racist stereotypes. These writers are writing for their core audience.

          I believe the highest group of people who read comics in the States and and UK are White Males/boys. And white males tend to want to read about a characters they can relate to, or imagine themselves being. I am not saying non-whites and females don’t read comics, they do, but at a lower percentage.

          One of m favourite characters is Blade, and I so hoped they would have done a reboot by now…but if he was recast as a white guy, forget it.

          I think if they want more non white characters, they should create non-white characters, not change a character which already established, more that 50 years old!

          Also, there’s this political correctness now when it comes to female superheroes/characters being sexualised which is a mother story.

          • You say ” white males tend to want to read about a characters they can relate to, or imagine themselves being”; did it ever occur to you that this may be the reason why people of other demographics find other stuff to read/watch (i.e., the reason you want to just see white guys in Shazam is the same reason why a black guy may want to see at least one black character in the franchise, or why a woman might want to see at least one role model female character in the franchise, etc)? Or did the irony in your statement completely escape you?

    • Well

      Gender: Since the Agriculture Revolution when villages emerged into cities thanks to greater Agricultural methods. More muscle was needed in the fields, and more muscle was needed on the wall of the city as security. This took women out of their Hunter/Gatherer roles and placed them in the homes. Over time, religion did its part to sooth the male ego as master of his little domain until the Women’s Right’s MOvements of the late 19th century.

      Race: Globally, since the Arab Slave Trade decided that black Africans below the Sahara was to be the slave race. Centuries later, the Transatlantic Slave Trade followed suit as blacks below the Sahara was brought to the New World.

      Today, comic book characters that have been portrayed on comic book covers for decades as having a certain color identity seems to offensive to those who feel that they are under represented. To appease this crowd and in an attempt to widen the revenue base, companies are changing the color of these heros. Changing the individual behind the mask or under the cape occurs from time to time. Instead of Steve Rogers as Captain America, Sam Wilson becomes the temporary Captain America. Thor Odinson loses the right to be Thor, therefore some chick temporarily assumes the role.

      The only “sin”, in my opinion, is when white Johnny Storm simply becomes black Johnny Storm. That’s when they change the character.

      • I just think if they want more black characters, create more black characters. Don’t change ones already there, thats crazy.

        • 2 problems with creating minority characters…

          1. since the vast majority of comic creators are white males the character has a high probability of being a trope/stereotype simply because they either avoid the characters ethnicity like the plague which may cause the editor to say “if color isn’t that important to the character just make them white” or they go way overboard to acknowledge race and make this horribly cliche’d character from the streets or involved with gangs, prison, etc

          2. lets say the character is decent. the character has a good story and is maybe interesting.. the problem then is the book doesn’t sell well because people are unfamiliar with the character. no matter how good the story is the main comic buying demo for whatever reason is not interested in this character… now what do you do? stick them on a team so they can become scenery? what happens when a writer comes along and says.. “meh, I don’t like this character lets up the ante for my arch and kill this one”

          all that work and push which culminates in low book sales and a meaningless team death. now that character is pretty much forgotten because the next writer and the next writer after that gave two craps about this black hero… this is a story that gets repeated time and time again. the big companies pretty much look at the situation like ” why take the risk on a new character when we can put one of our established guys in blackface and call it a day?”

    • @Chad,So y got no complaints over the Lone Ranger & cowboy movies and 3 Musketeers then?

  2. DC should have led with this first… instead of trying to “make Superman work in a world similar to The Dark Knight Trilogy”

    • Well, Superman doesn’t work in the Dark Knight Trilogy, which is why Nolan refused to merge the two in the Man of Steel universe. So what are you talking about?

  3. Captain Marvel is so cool, because it echoes the Peter Pan element so well, the “wish factor,” the one thing that adult Cosplayer covets so much– what if I could speak a single magic and instantly BECOME a superhero? Whether you were a crippled person, an elderly man, or a fragile young girl subjected to bullying. One word! That’s amazing, and that’s the beauty of SHAZAM! Unique, relevant, wonderful; “this one,” more than any other superhero fantasy, deserves to be seen!

    • +1!

      However I think it’s time for your insulin… :-)


  4. I feel like shaman would be a great marvel movie. He’s so light and fun with much emotional potential. But DC would have to fit him into their super dark, not fun man of steel verse. Doesn’t seem to fit

  5. DC should build one huge JL Universe without solo movies (origin stories are exceptions). That’ll bring out a Young Justice feel to it. The problem is solo movies become so underwhelming after the franchise’s big teamup. If these heroes exist in the same Universe, they shouldn’t wait for an Alien invasion to give each other a hand here & there. Couldn’t Banner give Stark a hand with the Mandarin, or Stark help Cap & Shield with Hydra. So many dangers could have been avoided if Marvel wasn’t so keen on giving each hero his own movie.
    Don’t get me wrong, marvel makes relatively good movies, they just don’t connect very well.

    • “they just don’t connect very well” – For the first time in history a company is attempting to do about 40 movies, all inter-connected within the same universe, AND several TV series that also tie in with the same story arcs within that universe.

      The only franchise that comes close to this is Bond and, whilst each film is usually entertaining in its own right, it doesn’t have rich story / character arcs spanning several movies or recurring villains / supporting characters as richly portrayed in the MCU. The only time Spectre show up is if they are directly causing a problem for that movie – the ‘behind the scenes’, shadowy organization that’s popped up in the Daniel Craig films is a very new thing for the franchise.

      Besides, if they spend 20 minutes explaining where everyone was at the start of each movie, or if every movie from now until 2028 was an Avengers-style team up, it would get lame very fast.

  6. Sorry, this nowhere near as marketable as any Marvel product, regardless of how popular a comic it may have recently been. Every time I think of the word ‘Shazam!’ all I see in my mind is Jim Nabors from Gomer Pyle USMC and The Andy Griffith Show (look it up if you’re too young to remember this).

  7. I was wondering why DC were pushing such a heavy pile of garbage (aside from the obvious “Marvel are doing Doctor Strange and magic – what do we have that’s like that?”) until I got to the section about the Council of Wizards “a collection of magical beings seemingly linked to the history of China…” – ahh, smart move DC, smart move…

  8. I’m a huge DC fan but sorry, I just can’t stand Shazam, I really hope this isn’t true, I’ve been screaming for an Aquaman film for ages yet they want to do Shazam first?! How does he deserve it, What about a Green Lantern & Martian Manhunter movie then? Or Flash, or Cyborg? Please DC, Anything but Shazam!

    • No. I rather have a Shazam film than a solo film about Aquaman first. No, I don’t think Aquaman sucks, he’s badass, more so than Shazam. I think putting an Aquaman movie first is really dangerous. As much I want WB/DC to be risky, a film about Aquaman is too risky. The general audience still thinks he’s “useless”. Have Aquaman appear in Justice League before his own movie. Showcase how a badass Aquaman is to the general audience in Justice League and if the audience have a great reaction, then make his solo film.

      You could say about a Shazam film. It may be risky, but it’s something out of the ordinary WB/DC will do.

  9. If you want it to succeed, do not cast The Rock. Get a nobody like they did with Superman.

  10. And also, Dwayne Johnson is playing Shazam in the Batman v Superman and/or Justice League movie(s)

  11. Yessss!! I hope this happens, forget superman, captain marvel is the strongest of them all!

  12. His name is Captain Marvel. Not Shazam…

    • You’re wrong. DC officially changed his name to Shazam a while ago when they launched the New 52.

  13. Here is the SHAZAM! Casting Call

    Patrick Warburton as Captain Marvel
    Pierce Gagnon as Billy Batson (age 11)
    Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
    Kristen Stewart as Mary Marvel
    Nicholas Blunt as Captain Marvel, Jr
    Jack Larson as Uncle Marvel
    Ian McKellen as The Wizard
    Terry O’Quinn as Dr. Sivana

    • Kristen Stewart as Mary Marvel? Jack Larson as Uncle Marvel?
      Dude what are you smoking? Lol…

  14. This would be a great movie because superheros are for kids, and Billy Batson is the ‘every kid’ of the DC universe. It feeds the notion that anyone can be a superhero, not just people born amazonian or Kryptonian or Aqua…men. Anyone! Additionally, you don’t have to be a slave like Dr. Fate! This movie needs to be made.

  15. Wish the producers/director remember to portray the superspeed of Superman when running,either in battle or simply changing costumes.
    Tell me,can anyone else not named The Flash outrun Superman or come close?

  16. I’m a huge fan of fantasy and magic, and up until a few months ago Shazam was not a character I would have wanted to watch, since I was pretty much unaware of his new 52 back-story, but if its adapted, I;m all for it, Bring on the Magic!

  17. When I clicked on this story I thought it was about the Shazam that I remember from ‘The Greatest American Hero’ TV series. The guy that found the suit with special powers, but he doesn’t know how to use it properly because he lost the directions and has to just figure it out by trial and error.
    Now THAT is a story I would like to see remade.

  18. I would most like to see a new Spawn film. The last one was ok but the effects just weren’t quite there yet. I honestly think a new Spawn film with modern day CGI and Mo-Cap would be great.