Dwayne Johnson Confirms ‘Shazam’ DC Movie Role?

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After years of speculation that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson would be starring in a DC Comics adaptation, it seems that the actor has been given the go-ahead to tease his role as Shazam, with Warner Bros. likely set to make it official at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. The all-but-confirmation comes in a new interview with the actor, with him expressing that he will be playing a DC superhero – and that fans need only “say the word…”

The tease provided in an interview with TotalFilm offers the least ambiguous details yet, with Johnson having confirmed that he would be playing a role for DC in the past. No information was given at the time – with the likes of Doomsday, Lobo, or even Shazam’s arch-nemesis ‘Black Adam’ all suggested by fans – and the actor has continued to turn in blockbuster appearances. When a recently leaked DC movie schedule revealed Shazam to be the next film to hit theaters after Batman V Superman, some kind of announcement was expected before long.

Now that has arrived, with Johnson no longer feeling the need to keep quite so tight-lipped, offering a few hints that any comic book fan can decipher:

“I will say this. There’s a character out there that we’re going to announce very soon that I’m going to play, and I’ll just say this…this character has the power of Superman, he can throw down. Just say the word. That’s all I’m going to say.”

Shazam Movie Actor Dwayne Johnson Confirmed Dwayne Johnson Confirms Shazam DC Movie Role?

For those who may not be familiar with the “Shazam” comic series (or “Captain Marvel,” as he was formerly known), the story follows Billy Batson – a young boy who finds himself chosen to become a magical ‘champion’ known as ‘Shazam.’ All Batson need do is utter the word ‘Shazam!’ with conviction, and he will be struck by lightning, turning into a musclebound hero with the powers of flight, super-strength, and more.

The change in name was no coincidence, as it was Geoff Johns who handled the character’s reboot as part of DC’s New 52 relaunch. Now more embedded in magic and sorcery than ever before, Batson was far from a hero when he first received the blessing, relying on his closest friends to save the day from the villainous Black Adam (a former champion).

The persistent rumors of a big screen adaptation of Shazam (seen unlikely by its former director given the release of Man of Steel) were bolstered by Johns’ decision to reboot the character himself; a feat first performed on Green Lantern, The Flash, and Aquaman, cementing their rank as DC’s biggest heroes. Now it seems the studio has found a way of differentiating Shazam from Superman on screen – and Johnson offers a few more hints at exactly how.

Man of Steel Killed Shazam Movie Dwayne Johnson Confirms Shazam DC Movie Role?

Besides teasing the imminent announcement of his role (possibly teased in Batman V Superman), Johnson also confirmed that in his “years” of discussion with DC, Green Lantern John Stewart was one role he expressed interest in. Instead, the role of Billy Batson’s superpowered alter ego (if that is actually the case) was selected to capitalize on the actor’s unique skill set.

Johnson’s hulking physique – worthy of Hercules – is the most obvious attribute needed to do a hero like Shazam justice. But Johnson points to his “baggage – good baggage” as an actor as another pertinent issue. One could assume that he is referring to his talents in comedy (not all home runs) as well as drama or action, meaning he and DC may have felt that casting him in a ‘serious’ role would be a waste.

That’s speculation on our part, but it’s easy to see why Shazam would be a solution. Since Johnson would be playing a young boy suddenly transformed into ‘The Rock,’ some lighthearted humor would be a must; especially if the hero is meant to be a heavy dose of wish fulfillment for younger audiences, as the comic book always was. That alone, we should mention, would strongly differentiate the hero from the like of Superman (Henry Cavill).

Shazam Movie Comedy Dwayne Johnson Confirms Shazam DC Movie Role?

The timing of Johnson’s comments is no coincidence, as DC and Warner Bros. are expected to offer several statements (and surprises) at San Diego Comic-Con in the coming week. And while his role may be all but confirmed, his place in the larger movie universe is not. Will Shazam be teased in Batman V Superman (alongside Cyborg and Aquaman?), or will his origin story be a standalone venture until he steps into his new role willingly?

The reboot Johns created in the comics would stand on its own quite well without help from the Justice League, but hopefully some clarification will be coming soon. Questions remain, as the child side of Batson remains un-cast, as does his iconic foe Black Adam. Could Johnson be playing the part of Adam instead? Or will the studio have the hulking star play both parts (not out of the question given the magic behind their powers)?

For now, what do you think of the casting? Is this the role you always hoped Johnson had been selected for? Or did you have your heart set on a villainous turn as Black Adam (a role that’s still not out of the question)?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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Source: Total Film

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  1. Black Adam. He was rumoured for it years ago and imo he would be perfect for it. We don’t need another superhero race change. Also I think it would be a new and interesting strategy to announce the VILLAIN of a film before unveiling the hero. I feel like this Comic-Con is going to break last year. Just you wait.

    • So who made you the authority on assigning roles to movies? If you want to be all racial then I can see your point on how a half-Samoan and half African-American man such as the rock “should” be playing an ancient Egyptian character such as Black Adam due to your amazing logic deducing the Rock as the same race. Race should not be the only factor in selecting actors for roles as that would just breed further ignorance displayed by ‘fans’ like you James.

      • To answer your first question-no one. Secondly, I don’t believe that race should be the only factor in ‘role assignment’, but I feel as though it should be a guiding factor-when you have a character that a particular actor has been rumoured to play for years (more on that in a bit) and he fits this role, and then you go and cast him as the hero to that particular villain instead, it just inspires a bit of a “Huh?” reaction from me. I mean…you FINALLY have the chance to use him as Black Adam, this being an actor he definitely fits the bill in both appearance and acting, and then you cast him as Shazam…just a little odd to me. Also in another interview Dwayne did state about how this is something “the fans have been looking forward to” (paraphrasing)-this points even more to Black Adam in my opinion.
        And FYI, do not question my fan-ness; I am a hugely devoted fan, I love these movies and I love the comics they are based on. Whichever character he plays I will be excited because it is the bloody Rock in a comic book movie-but, am I not allowed to have preference for who I want him to play?

      • @Kyle Mendes and who made you the authority on not allowing him to express his opinion. So if gender/race changes don’t matter at all then you should have no issue with the Black Panther being cast by a white guy or the Black Widow being cast as a man.

        • Yes don li! If ppl think race doesnt matter then they would not have a problem with a white person playing black panther.. i grew up playing punisher on arcade and nick fury was white with the eye patch and we get this nick fury.. Now we get a black human torch… I do not want to see a black bruce wayne or a white cyborg.. It bothers me

          • none of us do. just read around. you can tell the race of people who always whine about maintaining purity

          • Uf Cyborg was white what would change? If Bruce Wayne was Black what would change? you throwing slang into their mouths or trying to sterotype black peolple and saying it would change the character is your racism. It bothers you because you are closed minded. Anyone who would argue that characters could not be different races has a limited imagination hindered by passive racism, What would change if Superman was black or asian or indistinguishable race-wise, absolutely nothing. Same as Santa Clause. Same as Jesus lol get over bigotry and grow an imagination. As long as the stories are told well and remain true to the spirit of the character. for you maybe spirit has a color code to it but it really doesnt.

            • I just had to comment. It was tough, but I got through your message. You did make a point, but not a good one. Who uses a comma to end a sentence? Santa Clause…..seriously? Clause…I believe my 4 year old niece spelled it correct when writing him a letter. Usually, I coud care less if a person says “you or u”….”great or gr8″ misspells a word or two…etc. BUT when your trying to make a strong point and something as basic as spelling a simple word, bad punctuation and run-on sentences makes you look like a complete fool!!!

              • @Matt you’re the fool here. You’ve added nothing to the conversation but insult. That’s the tool of someone that had nothing to say. You don’t discredit that guy’s very true statement so all you can do is insult obvious typos

      • Were did James even say anything about race?

  2. Nooooo! I dont want captain marvel played by a mainstream actor..but i guess its necessary to make it a success.

  3. Captain Marvel Shazam should be portrayed by no other then….click and find out on the second photo scroll


  4. Thats right you heard it fellas nobody other then Brandon Molale but of course we can also go by the Patrick warburn route as well

    • Worst choices ever. Are you drunk. Warburton is too old and Molale is not an actor he is an extra and he is balding. gtfo

  5. Now as appose to Green Lantern and The Flash it clearly makes sense that these two should play the roles only because they have a history of filming together


  6. And For Black Adam obiously it should be no other then him


  7. Nah..The Rock can play that innocent goofy style that is needed for Shazam..Black Adam needs an actor who can portray bitterness..evil…and a self righteous complex i’d go with Arnold Vosloo from the Mummy movies..i think he’d make a perfect Black Adam..

  8. Black Adam. He’s perfect for the role. I don’t really care about the race thing. I just never cared for Shazam. Too Power Ranger-ish. Certainly not with the Justice League.

  9. I will think he makes a better LOBO than Shazam especially after bulking up for Hercules. He will be great on that role he has the attitude and charisma to play and make that character his own.

    • I would also like to see him play Lobo, but I think he’d make a great Shazam as well. Shazam is still Billy and acts like a kid most of the time. A responsible kid, but a kid nonetheless, and if there’s anything I’ve learned about the Rock from his movies it’s that he knows how to have childish fun. Shazam is perfect when he seems like a kid trying to be a superhero and the Rock can pull that off without much effort at all.

  10. People need to get over their stupid fan-casting and see what is truly going on here. Dwayne Johnson is built like any comic superhero, so automatically, people plug in names of characters they wish to see portrayed. Then people say “well he looks like Black Adam, and he can pass for Egyptian, sooo…” that is stupid sentiment. It’s not all about the look people, anyone who has watched his movies or watch him during his reign on the WWE/WWF, knows that portraying a child in a superhero’s body is a perfect fit for this guy… Yes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is jacked and yes, he looks like Black Adam more than any other comic character, but he is also charismatic, energetic, extroverted, uplifting and at times, borderline goofy. Playing a man-child is a hand-in-glove fit, playing a villain or even an anti-hero is out-of-character for him and would look too forced.

    As for this idiotic notion that Billy Batson must be Caucasian; so far DC has cast a black Perry White (Man of Steel), a black Iris (the Flash), a black Walter Steele (Arrow), an exotic-looking (New Zealand) Slade Wilson (Arrow), etc… I know us fanboys like to see the comic essentially on screen but we need to get over it, The Rock as Shazam is a better fit for him than any other DC character in the entire DCU.

    • Hey Ralph….. shhhhhhhh

      I believe he himself a loong time ago jumped on the Black Adam band wagon so it is not stupid fan casting….

      Dwayne Johnson Still Wants To Play Black Adam

      This is from March of 2011.

      • Raph for Raphael, not RaLph, but anyways:

        Who gives a s*** about who he wants to play, he also wanted Jon Stewart and we both know that would be a horrible casting… If you know Dwayne Johnson or his WWE persona, the Rock, you would know that Black Adam (regardless of New 52 or pre-52) would be a bad fit.

        This guy was born to play Shazam and I’m glad DC recognized it instead of giving into the idiots out there.

    • The problem is they aren’t casting them because they’re the best person for the job regardless of race, they’re doing it to be politically correct.

  11. The Rock hashtagged this earlier this year on Instagram, “#JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss”. A lot of people thought he was going to play John Stewart aka Green Lantern.

    Signing the Rock is probably the best decision WBDC has made in a while.

    My point is, the media will immediately jump on whatever he says.

  12. Shazam is not black. He need to play Black Adam. It is his role. But he is with DC/WB,that is great news. And bad for Marvel. Marvel now need to think 10 times before trash talk against DC. Because there is no one in the world who can deliver better trash talk than Rock. He going to destroy Marvel monkey’s!

    • Shazam isn’t black, huh?….Well neither is Black Adam, you dolt. Yet you want The Rock to play a character who isn’t even remotely near the same racial type but have a problem if he plays the lead character that is close to your racial type, i assume? Brush up on your comics and stop basing it on stuff you obviously played in a video game or watched on a cartoon. The Rock fits the Captain Marvel aka Shazam role more than he does Black Adam..Thank god fanboys don’t run the movie industry….

      • “The Rock fits the Captain Marvel aka Shazam role more than he does Black Adam..Thank god fanboys don’t run the movie industry….”

        How so?

        My knowledge from the books has Teth more Olived (Egyptian) skinned then white skinned. Which Dwaynes Hawaiian heritage brings out. Especially when he is not as tanned as he is at points.

        As for the character aspects I feel based on Dwaynes history as The Rock in his early days shows he can be a mean SOB and a vengeful force much like Black Adam.

        I dont discount him as Shazam however I think if the movie wants to make a more dramatic approach instead of a flat out comedy he is more suited for the villain opposed to the hero.

        • Yes, if the original poster had displayed the same intelligence you have in your post. He’s discounting him on race alone when its more complicated than that as you pointed out he could potentially play either characters because he’s displayed both attributes during his career. I’m basing it on what i’ve seen with Dwanye in his movies…he hasn’t played the SOB much in movies as he’s done in wrestling. Knowing the history of DC films by Warners however they like to cast the big star as the villain rather than the lead and cast an unknown to be the hero because its cheaper to get them down to multiple film contracts as well as that actor being the face of the hero instead of the star overshadowing the hero if a well known actor was cast as a hero. But even then there are exceptions to that rule also.
          The reason i don’t see Black Adam is that he’s never been as strong built as the original Captain Marvel/Shazam was in the comics although i’m sure that’s changed over the years. As i said before i think Arnold Vosloo could be perfect as Black Adam.

          • Clever. I could see Vosloo as Black Adam, especially if the movie is dramatic

  13. Here we go again Bad casting wonder who will play little
    Billy Bateson maybe Jaden Smith.

    I am a fan of “the rock” but apart from Be cool can’t say I’ve enjoy much else of his acting.

  14. I like the Rock, but I would have prefered to see him as the Martian Man hunter, would even fit he Jon Jonzz bill. plus he has the right shaped head. haha

    • funny

  15. Listen here yall Dealt Creatures, This whole Racial thing needs to stop, Yes Dwayne Johnson does have child-Adult character and Shazam needs to have that but the fact is Dwyane Johnson has played Mystcal Characters in the past resembling Egyption or Ancient Characters Black Adam comes from an Acient Ansestery that gave him his power. So what, If Dwyane Johnson gets the role of Shazam your gonna consider Billy Batson to be a black kid like Jaden Pinken Smith? To cut off the whole Racial they just need to go with actors who not only resemble the character but can Act like the Character and Brandon Molale, Patrick Warburton, or Even Daniel Cudmore can potray that role.

    • Ok, typed this but didn’t send and am making a edit: We really need to create a place where intelligence is required and etiquette in response is enforced. I’m guilty of getting the vigilante bad attitude and being harsh on people I see as making crazy demands/fanboying for fill-in-the-blank-actor or that are condescendingly hijacking threads with crazy that we all feel compelled to oppose. I’m going to try to stick to my standards and make edits in the spirit of reason hoping maybe you can understand my points. Only the future knows…

      • 1 Brandon Molale? Balding? Mostly works as a speaking extra in comedic movies involving sports? Better than the Rock? or any actor to lead a movie?
        read his wiki or look up his stats. I would think, anyone who is thinking in terms of best intentions for the end product knows he isn’t there.

        Patrick Warburton? love him but he is too old and not in the shape for any of this unless this movie is a slapstick comedy. But again to carry a whole movie. Physique-wise you might want to see what your buddy looks like now days. Again, I personally think anyone who wants whats best for the movie knows he isn’t there.

        Another one i had to look up Daniel Cudmore…Colossus from one or two X-Men movies? I’ve seen nothing else of him and his scenes were pretty much cutting room floor in the X-men movies..Oh looked it up he was an extra in one of the last Twilight movies. Again, I maybe it’s all in my head, feel free to chime in…but I think anyone who wants whats best for the MOVIE would not even consider this person unless They looked the part. I honestly do not think any of these men you mentioned do in any way other than being white, which for you sadly was the pre-requisite…and you actually made a pretty good casting(and I dont like Jaden Smith) IF Dewayne Johnson was ever going to be Shazam, which he is not. He will be Black Adam.

        Need I say more? Honestly, after that need you Sam Worthington? I hate that you are using Sam Worthington’s name. People are really crazy with their fan draft picks but IF they were to change a character, who are you to determine race over rules artistic expression. How do your opinions about race over rule the in-story narrative and explanation provided by the CREATORS of the new medium? I’ll be honest I was apprehensive about the fantastic four being teens and Johnny and Sue being two different races…but i also in a nano-second knew they must be “adopted”/step siblings which exist and made it palatable. Only the bigoted mind thinks that doesn’t work because to them “mixed” families aren’t palatable to them. Black characters becoming white and white characters becoming black or becoming a female incarnation…these thing have happened in comics forever. Characters can totally change and so details of back story and many work just fine. Not as a whole. But that is the alternate worlds of comics. One guy writes it Superman is Godlike and it’s a mystery on how to beat him to all but the elite.. Another guy writes it, kryptonite is sold at walgreens for every captain cold c-lister in the world. Anyway you should be happy, I’ll bet you money the rock will play Black Adam…how can you not see this article and it’s source are BS? Your racial stuff I’ll just consider you closed minded and not up to date with the fact these characters evolve. Please read what I’m saying for the logic about what’s best for the movie and possibly also learn that race isn’t the deciding factor, especially in the art of story telling. Not in this scenario. Especially if they cast your little friend JPS as Billy. cringe..but it would probably be a decent movie…oh snap..Will Smith as Black Adam. BTW Before you ask, I would totally be fine with there being some writer, at some point, who makes an alternate version of the The Black Panther, that was a “white” guy as long as the story makes sense. just like Cap can be and has been Black before. In caps case it’s about his suit and what he represents. Many characters could be female and the narrative would not be disturbed. It’s not that they can’t be different it’s that your mind wont allow the story to take place that makes it work. You fear the word diverse because for you it means “not white”. I’m not asking for bad writing and deus ex machina. I’m saying if it is written well and in universe makes sense, who are you to holler “white is right”? lol They write that right and people will complain AND then all flock to see it and eat it up if it is actually a good product. There are plenty of in universe reasons and socially related reasons why some things wont work, ie Black Panther being white would require alterations about what kind of nations Wakanda is..that can be explained reasonably and the story goes on. Thats a much more drastic change that Billy Batson being a young Jaden Smith type kid(cringe) and the Rock being Captain Marvel.

  16. As for Billy Batson here are my 4 picks:

    1.) Zachary Gordon
    2.) Nathan Norton
    3.) Noah Ringer
    4.)Dakota Goyo

  17. The Rock is a great actor and could pull of the role of Shazam. For him to do this role he will either need to grow some hair or just wear a wig like he does for Hercules. There are also his tattoos which will have to be covered up as well. The only thing that makes him not right for this kind of role is that Shazam whose alter ego is a kid named Billy Baston is a little white boy and so shazam is also white but I am sure with movie magic anything could happen and the Rock becoming a member of the DC universe could work out pretty good. After all look at all the other wwe superstars that have made appearance in Marvel movies. This will be one movie I look forward to seeing and exactly who they cast as Billy.

  18. I look forward to seeing how they turn the rock into Shazam and who will be cast as Billy Baston. Just give the rock a good makeover. Cover up his tattoos and put a wig on him and he could pull it off. The rock would fit into the marvel universe as some of the other members of the dc universe better but only time will tell with this movie when it is made.

  19. I’m strangely okay with this. I would be happy if he played either roll but to be fair Black Adam requires much more in the way of traditional acting as he’s not just a villain but has a tragic tale.

    Not to say Rock couldn’t play this roll but the Rock would be best suited to play Billy for sure as shazam is generally a lot larger and more carefree and easy going. Black Adam is serious 24/7 and has a super short fuse.

  20. Lol Jaden Smith as Billy Batson would be too hilarious for words lol and Terry Crews as Black Adam? Lol this could be a great DC comedy flick!!!!

  21. Let me just say this about Black Adam:

    1. Looks – Black Adam is Egyptian; not black or Samoan or Hawaiian or whatever, so stop using that BS argument. If looks are all that matters, no one should be angry at the Batfleck casting, Wonder Woman should be played by a body builder, Barry Allen should be played by that guy from Dawson’s Creek, etc… Yes I’m being stupid intentionally, but that’s how you people sound to me.

    2. Backstory – The pre-New 52 Black Adam is a corrupted evil villain that wishes to rule; the New 52 Black Adam is a utilitarian anti-hero that will do whatever it takes free the world from slavery and protect his city/country Kahndaq/Egypt. Now in comparison, Shazam is the story of a foster kid who lived a troubled life and is given the powers of Shazam, so he’s essentially a man-child… Which of these three characters do you guys see Dwayne “do you smell what the Rock is cooking” Johnson playing better?

    Finally, yes I get he’s not white and doesn’t have a full head of hair… GET OVER IT!… Shazam is as good a fit for Dwayne Johnson as you can find in the DC universe.

    • Well you act pretty well as I would not have guessed you were being stupid intentionally.

      1. Sorry Dwayne ‘looks’ or could pass for Egyptian. Please take the time to look at and read descriptions of Egyptians through the years. Then look at Mr. Johnson through the years. He skin tone was lighter in his early years and I see no reason why it couldn’t be again. Also using your backstory reference… back then (and I wasn’t there just guessing) they were probably of darker skin.

      2. As for his back story again…. sorry I see THE ROCK playing choices 1 and 2 way over three. Again you need to know the revolution of the character The Rock and see how he can be. As a decent actor he has range. He can do ‘comedy’ however he can be a bad guy.

      I noticed you discounted my other post where Mr. Johnson himself wanted to play Black Adam….

      Could he play Shazam? sure… however he is not as good fit as you can find for that part and a much better fit for Black Adam.

  22. he must play Black Adam, he’s perfect for the part. Captain Marvel should be portray by Brandon Molale.

    This will be the perfect cast for a Shazam movie:

    Captain Marvel – Brandon Molale
    Black Adam – Dwayne Johnson/The Rock
    The Wizard Shazam – Ian McKellen
    Mary Batson/Mary Marvel – Emma Watson
    Freddy/Captain Marvel Jr – Rupert Grint
    Tawky Tawny – James Earl Jones (to voice the CGI talking magic tiger)

    • Mrs. Molale please get off the internet. lol Seriously though , Brandon Molale? the balding butch extra from sports movies? GTFOOH

  23. I don’t get how saying “the power of Superman” automatically makes him Shazam.
    It could be Doomsday or Darkseid. Hell he never even used the work “hero”, he said the “character” he’s playing has “the power of Superman”.

    • People are going after the supposed clue of “Just say the word.” There is only one Hero (and Villain) that says a word to obtain their powers. Shazam or Teth Adam.

      • Hey aknot, thank you for being the one person that has any sense over here on this thread, and that includes the author…..way to just make up a story out of little to nothing Dyce…way to use a junk source fluff piece as well “Total Film” really? anyone else EVER heard of it?

  24. I perfectly agree with you Thanos X Brandon Molale would play a perfect Shazam
    as much as I would love for Brandon Molale to take the role of Shazam I looked on the IMB and it has The Rock known as Dwyane Johnson choosen for Shazam so he is gonna play Shazam Damn DC and Movie Makers ;/ Dwyane Johnson is not playing Black Adam after all he is gonna play Shazam

    • I cant find that reference from an official source…. could you provide it?

    • you do know IMDB is far from accurate information much of the time. None of what you said has any source. He will more than likely be Black Adam by all common sense.

  25. Cameron Mathison should play Captain Marvel How does that sound ? That will give Dwayne Johnson to save sometime.

  26. I would love to see a Shazam movie .
    could they cast someone else in the role please.
    it has nothing to do with race just getting tired of him being in so much.
    take a chance use someone else .

  27. I’m not getting why anyone thinks they are going to make him Captain Marvel, his implication of what project he is involved in still says black Adam and that they are simply teasing/testing the waters by casting the shoe-in first, the villain. Everyone upset over this is being pretty silly. NOTHING has been officially announced yet. As soon as they find a Billy & Captain Marvel, they’ll probably make the real announcements. Calm down. I’d be willing to bet money he is gong to be Black Adam. Regardless of what people are reading into his comment……(and just maybe Black Adam AND Captain Marvel although i doubt they will have him play both parts minus Billy). This is as silly as thinking the whole Batman/Superman movie will be “dark” because of a couple of stylized(artistically edited pictures for those that don’t know. they all had a cover filter over the whole photo…ie wonder woman is not in brown and batman nor the movie will be black and white lol)

    • i hope you are right, i truely truely do, because ive said for years he would be perfect for black adam, and im right? arnt i? i duno, just i always looked at him and said you, you would be effing perfect for the role of black adam, hes scary looking when he wants to be, hes got a dark side to his acting, he looks just like him, or did atleast a few years back in his heyday, and he knows how to get the right shape for a role, i think he would be sweeeeeeeet as black adam, literally a role made for him

  28. NO NO NO, this is all wrong

    dont get me worng im not bashing the rock, loved him, still kinda do, he did what hogan couldnt lol be a good actor

    but, he isnt shazem, hes black adam, ive said this for years he would be perfect for the role, but shazam? oh god no, please, just, no, no, no, im tired of my favourite actors not looking anything like i envision

    for example, superman, who isnt superman played by a chinese guy? because hes infamous, his look, so why change the lesser known superheroes?

    i dont mind recasts, i dont mind different origins, but changing the character is like watching someone go to a fancy dress night, its just not the character, damn, shame, cause i cant hate him i can only hate the casting director. good luck to him anyway.

    • I agree with your sentiments. Although, I’m sure DJ’s demeanor would do well as Shazam he’s a better visual fit for Black Adam. I’m looking forward to further details as they develop. #cosign

  29. Cast him as both. They are both mystical beings called forth from the ether, they are evenly matched, the only difference between them is that one is good and one is evil, so cast the same actor in both roles. Not only does it completely remove any hint of racism from the casting (especially in a movie with a villain called “Black Adam”), it also allows the script to examine good and evil as opposite sides of the same coin, and a matter of the choices a person makes rather than anything to do with what a person looks like.