Movie News Wrap Up: Feb 23 2013

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William Shatner calls J.J. Abrams a “pig”; Lawrence Kasdan expresses his enthusiasm for more Star Wars; Channing Tatum is in consideration for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; Sam Mendes may return for James Bond 24; Taylor Kitsch signs up for a horror film; Leonardo DiCaprio might join Scott Cooper for The Road Home; and the Ben 10 movie gets a screenwriter.

While out promoting his new animated film Escape From Planet Earth (we’ll leave that one alone), William Shatner was asked what he thinks of J.J. Abrams being in control of both the Star Trek and Star Wars film franchises.

Shatner Calls Abrams Pig Movie News Wrap Up: Feb 23 2013

In response, the former Captain Kirk called J.J. Abrams a “pig” for keeping two of the most beloved sci-fi franchises for himself. Of course, Shatner was speaking in jest – he goes on to say Abrams is one of the most talented directors working today, but he likely holds a tiny bit of resentment towards the director for not having cast him in the reboot of Star Trek.

Nevertheless, Shatner claims that Abrams is a dear friend of his, and that the two should sit down for sushi. It’s already far too sacrilegious to think of the man who controls Star Trek‘s future also directing Episode 7, so we’d rather not consider how fans would react if Captain Kirk were to appear in Star Wars.

Source: Movie Fanatic

Keeping with the Star Wars theme, screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan discussed his enthusiasm about returning to the franchise.

Lawrence Kasdan Talks Star Wars Movie News Wrap Up: Feb 23 2013

Not too long ago, Kasdan and Simon Kinberg were announced as screenwriters for two planned Star Wars spin-off films that would release after J.J. Abrams’ Episode 7. When asked if the story might follow Han Solo or Boba Fett, Kasdan sufficiently dodged making any outright proclamations, but he did say he’s “starting fresh.”

Honestly, Kasdan doesn’t say much in his interview with Hero Complex besides expressing his adoration for the original Star Wars trilogy. Moreover, he discussed George Lucas’ role in these new films. As we already know, Lucas will be there if anyone “needs him,” but he is taking a step back for now.

Source: Hero Complex

Brad Pitt has officially passed on David Fincher’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and now Channing Tatum is reportedly next in line.

Brad Pitt Passes on 20000 Leagues Under Sea Movie News Wrap Up: Feb 23 2013

While it was originally rumored that Fincher wanted to reunite with his Fight Club star for 20,000 Leagues, IndieWire reports that Brad Pitt has passed on the film. The site also claims that Channing Tatum might be next in line on Fincher’s wish list. However, Tatum has a full slate for this and next year, so it might be a challenge for Disney to tie him down anytime soon.

Unfortunately, this puts 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea back into production limbo with Fincher left to mull over future projects, none of which will be House of Cards season 2. While the director will still stay on as a producer for the Netflix series, Fincher will likely be unable to direct any season 2 episodes.

Source: Indiewire

Sam Mendes may return to the director’s chair for another James Bond adventure.

Sam Mendes Directing James Bond 24 Movie News Wrap Up: Feb 23 2013

Now that Skyfall has crossed the billion dollar box office mark, the franchise is ready to move forward with Daniel Craig once again as James Bond. Potentially joining Craig will be his Skyfall director, Sam Mendes, who Daily Mail reports is circling James Bond 24.

MGM’s original plan was to craft James Bond 24 and 25 as a two-part story – a plan that reportedly gave Mendes pause about returning – but now that MGM has nixed that idea, in favor of making two standalone stories featuring Craig as Bond, Mendes is back in.

Daily Mail wouldn’t give a source in regards to Mendes’ interest in returning, but they say he is “75 percent” of the way towards a deal. Of course, it’s worth noting that any story from Daily Mail needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Source: Daily Mail

Battleship and John Carter of Mars star Taylor Kitsch has signed on for the horror film Exit 147.

Taylor Kitsch Cast in Horror Film Exit 147 Movie News Wrap Up: Feb 23 2013

Kitsch will reportedly play a small town sheriff that holds captive a man driving across the desert. Before long, the kidnapping leads to a sadistic game. Julian Jarrold (Red Riding: 1974) has signed on to direct off a script from Travis Milloy (Pandorum).

After trying his hand at big budget blockbusters, it appears Kitsch is now seeking out projects that will feature him acting against type. Yes, the film’s premise seems to have a Saw vibe, but it could be interesting depending on how Jarrold spins it.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to star in the big screen adaptation of The Road Home for Warner Bros.

Leonardo Dicaprio The Road Home Movie News Wrap Up: Feb 23 2013

The studio just announced that they had acquired the rights to the Michael Armour novel, and have tasked Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) with directing the project. Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way will finance the film, which Deadline reports is being positioned as a potential starring vehicle for DiCaprio. The film’s story centers on a rancher in Coastal California who investigates a brutal murder the cops have brushed under the rug.

Cooper just recently finished the film Out of the Furnace, which coincidentally was also financed by Appian.

Source: Deadline

The big screen adaptation of Cartoon Network’s animated series Ben 10 has found a new screenwriter in Ryan Engle.

Ben 10 Gets New Screenwriter Movie News Wrap Up: Feb 23 2013

Engle gained notoriety with his 2010 Blacklist screenplay On a Clear Day, which has yet to be turned into a feature. Since then, Engle has been tasked with adapting Midway’s video game Rampage for the big screen and writing the comic book adaptation The New West.

Engle will be working off a previous draft from Akira co-writer Albert Torres. Ben 10 has been a major hit for Cartoon Network, generating three separate series, three animated movies, and two live-action TV movies. The basic premise revolves around a young boy, named Ben Tennyson, who has a special watch that turns him into 10 different aliens. Kids will eat this up.

Source: Slash Film

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  1. I think William Shatner is just butt-hurt over not being in ‘Star Trek’.

    • I take it you didn’t read any further when it was mentioned he said it in jest?

      He probably is a little bitter but the guy is so super cool he won’t show it if he is.

      • Too many fans think their speculation is fact and cannot tell the difference. Funny the amount of people who think Shatner is bitter who have never ever met the guy.

        No basis for the assumption than their imaginations.

        • I said, I think the guy is butt-hurt. I apologize that I’ve never met THE William Shatner?

          • He was obviously joking. If you met the man or heard from other people that he likes to joke around.

            • Yes I know that, as I was joking too.

    • It seemed a bit silly to put that as the headline. it makes it out of context. It’s like saying “Shatner slags of Abrams” …then it tiny writing at the bottom “He didn’t really, tee hee hee!”

      Headlines like this drive me mad because they are usually “technically” fact, but extremely misleading and out of context.

      • *off*

        and probably more, sigh.

        • What drives me mad is morons who make presumptuous comments based on the headline without even reading the article. Not accusing you of that (like Trey), motoko, just elaborating on your comment.

  2. Only Shatner knows how and if Shatner feels. However, having payed attention to the quirky fellow for decades and read many an account of him from friends, strangers, colleagues, bosses, employees and fans, I think it’s a safe guess that his ego doesnt easily accept being less than the center of attention. To have Trek and even Kirk himself continue without him has got to burn. I suspect he hopes to change it somehow, and being friends with JJ sounds like a step in that direction. Hopefully the quality of the production will always prioritize above egos, wheth he gets used or not.

    Here’s a controversial thought. Who from either franchise would be acceptable or even welcome in the other franchise? My disclaimer: on the surface this sounds like a terrible idea, and I wish for more differences, not more similarities. Having JJ do both concerns me for sure, but maybe he can make both really well. That being said, is there anyone who could find a spot in both franchises in front of the camera? Could Shatner play Solo’s brother? (I’ll answer that one: No, no he could not). I bet Hayden Christensen could play one of those old school melted cheese piles called Horta! Mostly I truly hate this idea, and doubt it will happen, but it has me puzzling over whether it could work with anyone. A tiny, weird cameo would be most likely, but any insinuation that the two worlds coexist is especially fan-enraging ground. It’s one thing to see an Alien skull on a Predator ship, quite another to have Captain Kirk discover ancient Jedi laser swords!

    • well, actualy, Shatner would be ineteresting as hans evil cousin…. who is quite villanous and an egomaniac. mind you I am a shatner fan specialy TOS, and the classic trek movies, but I could see him in the role

      • I like him too, but I think his strength and range are fairly narrow. I think he’d seem like Tiberius, the evil twin, and of course be totally distracting in Star Wars. Interesting though.

  3. Shatner could play jabba in star wars,ha its funny cos he is fat ha,

    • clever

    • Ha! Or Jake Lloyd could play a Tribble with a Klingon firecracker jammed in it.

  4. Shatner already appeared in a reboot with Generations.. Its getting all a bit Futurama isn’t, soon they’ll be a Star Trek war and a Star Wars trek as the variou fan factions fight each other for creative control over Abrams loyalty…

    • Not sure why you called Generations a reboot… It was the same timeline as all the Kirk movies up till then. Comedian Brian Posehn accurately pointed out that nerd hate it when you get their favorite stuff wrong. He drove by an ep 1 line and shouted “Star Trek sucks!”. Fans adamantly yelled back “it’s Star Wars!”. I prefer the simple use of the wrong quotes, like giving the Vulcan salute to SW nerds and saying “May the force be with you” to the Trekkies. I happen to be both kinds of nerd, but I also have a sense of humor and some semblance of social capabilities. If I ever meet Patrick Stewart I want him to sign something in a Star Wars manner…

  5. Anthony Taormina said: “Of course, Shatner was speaking in jest – he goes on to say Abrams is one of the most talented directors working today …”

    Of course. Everyone is drinking the “J.J. Abrams is the best thing since sliced bread” kool-aid as of late.

    There’s really no difference between Michael Bay and J.J. Abrams. J.J. Abrams is just more ADD friendly.

    • Well I liked Star Trek and MI3, and managed to enjoy the very uneven Lost, but evidence of his talent drops WAY off after that. Thinking about how half assed Fringe became always makes me mad. Alias looked so cheesy I never saw it. In the last few years he has been the big name behind some short lived and truly awful shows that demonstrate insultingly formulaic characters and story twists. I’ve gotten to the point where I expect the worst from him where TV is concerned. The one exception is Person of Interest, which has slowly begun to put out a few really good stories amidst the cheesy same old same old. Credit may go to Jonathan Nolan for that, and blame for his entertainment atrocities may fall heavily on others who do the daily work, but he put his name at the top of some depressingly weak efforts and it’s hard to trust him. Hopefully Trek 2 will show that his labors of love are vastly better, and give Star Wars fans some hope, but I am nervous to say the least.