‘Sharknado’ Almost Red-Band Trailer: A Tornado + Sharks = Immeasurable Danger

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In the portmanteau-titled Syfy original¬†Sharknado, a freak hurricane slams the West coast, bringing thousands of man-eating sharks to Los Angeles’ beaches with it. The ensuing chaos caused by the never-before-seen environmental disaster is devastating enough, but when high-speed winds form a massive tornado that lifts the sea’s most feared animals into the air, an even deadlier force threatens to destroy the entire city.

This latest slice of Syfy B-movie cheese is directed by Anthony C. Ferrante and surprisingly, stars some recognizable names and faces, including Tara Reid (American Pie), Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills, 90210) and John Heard (Home Alone), along with lesser-known actors Alex Arleo (The Haunting of Whaley House) and Neil H. Berkow (Zombie Apocalypse).

If you’re asking yourself how a “Sharknado” could form in the first place, you’re probably approaching this movie the wrong way. Although it would be fun to listen to the scientific exposition behind this cataclysmic event, we probably won’t get much of it. But with this type of movie, the how and the why doesn’t matter as much as seeing flying flesh-eating beasts descend upon a small band of survivors. Even the poster begs audiences not to ask questions and simply enjoy the B-movie glory with the tagline under the title that reads: Enough said!

sharknado poster Sharknado Almost Red Band Trailer: A Tornado + Sharks = Immeasurable Danger

In the trailer, we get plenty of laugh-out-loud moments that show us Sharknado could end up being a ton of fun. First, there’s the often-used montage of survivors equipping themselves with weapons and tools and then we even get a glimpse of one character slicing a flying shark in half with a chainsaw. Of course, a shark disaster movie wouldn’t be complete without an homage to Jaws and we get one with the line: We’re gonna need a bigger chopper.

The cheesy Syfy effects, overacting and impossible set-up actually make Sharknado a film we just might have to check out. In the category of it’s-so-bad-it’s-good movies, this one could end up near the top of the list.


If you want to engulf yourself in Sharknado, be sure to tune in to Syfy on Thursday @9pm (July 11th). And don’t miss the channel’s entire shark disaster movie marathon, which runs all day before Sharknado‘s premiere.

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  1. Never thought I would be able to say I’ve seen it all but……

  2. Haha poor Tara Reid. Anyway this looks awesome, love those SyFy movies

    • Porn will be next for her. And it will be a step up.

    • Poor Tara Reid? She was in Alone in the Dark by critically maimed director Uwe Boll. This is an improvement.

  3. wow . really ?

  4. It actually looks nowhere near as bad as I was expecting.

    • Asylum is really stepping up there game. I actually watched some a solid 20 minutes of Transmorphers and was convinced that this production company was evil. However, this honestly doesn’t look terrible (comparatively). I guess over the years they get better and better at cranking out low budget movies, to the point where it eventually looks like they’re trying to make a solid crappy movie, as opposed to simply trying to confuse audiences into thinking they are about to see the new big blockbuster.

    • I hate to say it, but I agree. I thought it was a joke when I first heard about it.

  5. But why

  6. I remember when SciFi movies were pretty good. They’re just going full parody nowadays.

  7. Wow, and just like that a new awesome drinking game is born.

  8. Looks pretty Dorkorama. Think I’ll give it a pass. Sharks look fake, though a few seconds into the trailer the first chick’s boobarinos look pretty awesome. What do you want to bet that one guy with the chainsaw who is jumping up towards a shak’s jaws will get swallowed by the shark and cut his way out with the old Husquavara chain saw? wonder if all that flying tuna is dolphin-safe?

  9. Actually. I have seen a Hurricane toss a Shark onto the deck of a Coast Guard Cutter.

    It flopped around and then went over the side.

    Needless to say, scared the beejeebers out of most of us.

    • And here we were all thinking this was impossible….;-)

      • Oh, do not get me wrong…a Tornado with sharks…yeah…thats stretching it…

        Hurricane ravaged ocean, 30 foot waves…you be surprised what comes across deck.

    • I tossed something on the deck of a ship once, too…lunch! Urrrrp, Horrrkk, cough, gag…Popeye in the eye of a storm I’m not!

  10. Come for the meteorological absurdity!

    Stay for the washed-up 90′s actors!

  11. Days of week are incorrect… it’s THURSDAY July 11 for the sharkfest, then FRIDAY July 12 for Sharknado.

  12. @Darren – date for Sharkfest has been corrected, but Sharknado does premiere on Thursday @9pm. Here is Syfy’s schedule:


  13. I can’t believe some people complain about the channel’s lack of quality movies in recent years. The channel has ALWAYS had bad movies and bad TV shows. I thought that was the whole point of its existence.

    Anyway, I hope it airs here in the UK cause SyFy shows terrible movies frequently and we also have The Horror Channel airing ridiculous movies in The Grindhouse Season every friday night (last week we had Maniac Cop, the week before a re-run of Nude Nuns With Big Guns).

    Not to mention one of the big British movie studios FilmFour airing Oldboy and Audition in recent weeks and its been “movies so bad they’re good” for maybe a month now on British TV screens.

    Sharknado would be the icing on the cake. Like Spiderquake that was on starring Edward Furlong (who’s really starting to look like a creepy uncle these days, drug abuse and aging haven’t been kind to him).

  14. I’m holding out for Sharknado versus Octocane.

    • What if the Sharknado caught up some Sharktopus’s?

      • needs something like a lightning squid to add more flare :/

      • What about Hurrigator?

        • Or piranhail

        • You win. Hurrigator is better.

  15. How many wanna bet Samuel L. Jackson pops up and complains about all the mother effin’ sharks inside his mother effin’ tornado?

  16. Just when you thought tornadoes were safe….

  17. Oscarbait!!!

    • Coincidentally, that’s Spielberg’s next project.

      Oscar Bait: The Movie

  18. Definitely the most high concept B movie idea I’ve seen this year… Nuff said… Coming to a rental store near you soon…

  19. man this looks like a lot of fun, just wish they had less CGI and more good ol Stop Motion

    • For the sharks or the actors?

  20. Once you star in an Asylum movie you’ve really made it in Hollywood.

    Good on you, Steve, or whatever your real name is.

  21. Can someone please explain to me how movies like this get made? Seriously!

    • First someone writes the script, then they secure the funding and hire actors and the film crew. Then they shoot the scenes from the script, either out of order or chronologically, whatever works best. Then they edit the movie, add the visual effects, sound effects and music, they slap some opening and end credits on it. Done! I really thought you knew this by now… :D

      • I think he already knew that, he means how someone could come with this ridiculous idea

  22. proposed sequel. Tara Reid gets herself all swallowed up then hooks up with Christian Slater…. Alone in the Shark. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  23. Holy sh*t I cannot WAIT for this! I have a feeling I’m gonna like this almost as much as I liked The FP!

  24. The tone of this reminds me of Evil Dead 2. It looks like it’s taking itself seriously, but on the inside it really is a dark comedy. This could suck, or it could be a lot of dumb fun. I’m in :)


    God awful movie, but it was so cheesy, you could spread it on cracker for weeks!

    • I watched it too.

      It was a great laugh and a great time.

      Part of me wonders if the actors are told to act as horribly as possible…

      … I mean you don’t have to tell Tara Reid that, it comes naturally, but I don’t really have an excuse for the rest of them.

      Perhaps when you sign a deal to star in a movie like “Sharknado” you know exactly what you signed up for and act accordingly.

  26. what a waist !