‘Sharknado’ Sequel to Be Titled ‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’

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Sharknado posted cropped Sharknado Sequel to Be Titled Sharknado 2: The Second One

Syfy’s original movie Sharknado may not have taken the world by storm, but it certainly made a splash, especially compared to the channel’s normal viewership totals. Thanks to the good-humored folks of the Internet, hype surrounding the movie – about a shark-filled tornado ripping through Los Angeles – spread, propelling the premiere to an astounding 1.4 million viewers last month.

The tentatively-titled Sharknado 2 was immediately put into development as a result, followed by the announcement of a 2014 premiere date. Still, the movie needed a more fitting title, so the network asked fans to submit title ideas on Twitter. Three weeks and more than 5,000 title submissions later and we have a winner: Sharknado 2: The Second One.

Syfy’s executive vice president of programming, Thomas Vitale, explained to Entertainment Weekly why the network turned to the fans and why it used Twitter, saying:

“Since Twitter played such a huge role in the success of the original movie, we wanted to use that platform to ask our fans to name ‘Sharknado 2.’ This response is another reminder of how ‘Sharknado’ has become a pop culture phenomenon. We want to thank all our viewers for their wonderful contributions to keeping up the shark-mentum.”

While viewers definitely showed plenty of enthusiasm for Sharknado shortly following its TV debut, it’s hard to say how much more of this type of B-movie silliness they’ll be able to stomach in the long run. Of course, there are plenty of other ridiculously campy and fun shark-related horror movies that air frequently on the channel - Ghost Shark, for example, is premiering August 22nd, 2013 – but none have proven to have the same cultural bite.

Sharknado trailer Sharknado Sequel to Be Titled Sharknado 2: The Second One

Vitale is certainly right about one thing: Twitter and other social media platforms were a large part of why Sharknado hit as hard as it did. With all the jokes and memes circulating the web, viewers with a craving for camp decided they simply couldn’t resist seeing the flesh-devouring whirlwind in full force for themselves, but to build a franchise around Sharknado seems as silly as the premise itself.

Then again, maybe Sharknado 2 will end up being bigger, better and even more over the top than its predecessor. One can only hope.

Are you excited for more Sharknado? And what do you think of the title? Let us know in the comments!


Check out Sharknado 2: The Second One when it premieres on Syfy in July of 2014.

Source: EW

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  1. I can’t wait… I love the first one.. LOL!

  2. Sharknado 2: Another One? That was my entry.

  3. Sharknado 2: Shark harder
    Sharknado 3: Shark nado with a vengence
    Sharknado 4: Live shark or shark hard
    sharknado 5: We’re gonna need a bigger boat

  4. I have not seen Sharknado 1: The First One

  5. I think they stole it from Kenny Powers, Chapter Two: The Second Chpater

  6. *Chapter even

  7. OMFG, I laughed so hard just reading the title and summary on your front page I started choking before I even clicked the link…

  8. I’m curious how people get funding for movies like this.

    • The funding comes from whoever runs the SYFY (formerly known as Sci-Fi) channel.They have been trying for years to make these movies get cult followings.They’re supposed to be the “so bad it’s good” type of movies but they never caught on.Somehow this one did and I think they hope that this movie will finally make all of their others successful.There are movies like Showgirl and others that have cult followings because they took themselves seriously but it’s horrible so you laugh at it.These movies failed to be those kinds of films because they tried to make a “so bad it’s good.”The movies labeled “so bad it’s good” were actually taken seriously while they were being made, by the writers, actors, and director.The problem with SyFy movies is they try too hard.

  9. Sounds like something my dad would watch. lol

  10. I had to read this article to see what it was about since obviously I never saw the first film. Im still wtf about it,lol.

  11. I’ll probably watch it. First movie was rubbish, but that was the point so in a ways it is critic proof. Sharks were good though. Real. The CGI actors? Utterly terrible. It was like the people drawing Tara Reid went for lunch and never came back.

    • @Ajeno

      Rooting for the sharks huh?

    • So what made it the worst..did the sharks bite or the tornados blow?

  12. I was hoping for Sharnado 2 :After Bite.

    • @King MOOstafa

      Looks like your gonna get to watch the sequel like you mentioned in a past OD :D

      • My Dreams of Seeing….Zombie Sharks from Santa Barbara is still clinging to a small glimmer of light.

        • @King MOOstafa

          After sharknado and its sequel anything is possible. Maybe you should pitch your idea to SyFy, just the title alone intrigues me.

  13. There are actual people who believe that crap happened, it would never happen like that., SYFY has truly turned into a turd in toilet when it comes to programming. i remember when SCI-FI channel was high quality with great series programming , remember shows like Babylon 5, far-scape hell even the movies were better now it just sux sh*t. i only watch defiance now, and since it has finished its season i had not watched SYFY since its all bull crap now. Next wit will squid-shark versus shark tornado versus lobster-snail . yea its gotten that stupid . i have come to believe 6 year olds are running SYFY CHAMMEL

  14. Fitting title.

    “2 Shark 2 Nado” was my choice.

  15. My lame entries were: SHARKNADO 2: The LullaBITES of Broadway, If We Can Chomp It Here, We Can Chomp It Anywhere, and You’re Gonna Need A Bigger City!

  16. So there won’t be an Aftersharks subtitle then?

    It premiered in the UK this week and yeah, it was terrible. Not even in the “so bad, it’s good” category. Maniac Cop was Citizen Kane in comparison.

  17. Hell, if James Cameron can do 3 more avatars, why cant there be 3 more sharknados ?
    Sharknado 3 : Sharks from Mars
    Sharknado 4 : Sharks vs Aliens, Robots & Godzilla
    Sharknado 5 : Sharks on Pandora

  18. Presenting the spinoff of the extremely popular Sharknado series, SQUIDNAMI!

    • And just for the kids, Smurfquake.

    • Hah!

  19. For the second sequel they’ll have to up the ante, but since they are already paying for CGI sharks, why not something like this?

    A prehistoric tornado from the Cenozoic Eras blows through a wormhole flinging Megalodons over modern day Denver, Colorado.


    Tagline 1: Thirty metre long prehistoric sharks a mile above sea-level make ugly house guests.

    Tagline 2: Too big, too high and too hungry!!! Megalodonado!

  20. I could watch a dog poop and me more interested…. It’s stupid

  21. We waited for THIS?