‘Sharknado’ Sequel (or Prequel) to Premiere on SyFy in 2014

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Sharknado 2 2014 Sharknado Sequel (or Prequel) to Premiere on SyFy in 2014

Sharknado falls into much the same category as Burger King’s Bacon Milkshake: it’s simply too ridiculous to NOT become a (momentary) focus of the cultural zeitgeist. The TV movie – which premiered to 1.4 million viewers on July 11th – featured the absurd plot of a rampant tornado sucking up a bunch of sharks, which were then hurled all over Los Angeles. In the not-so-proud tradition of absurdist/parody movie studio The Asylum, Sharknado was headlined by washed up former stars like Tara Reid and Ian Ziering.

Well, Sharknado fans, the madness is not done yet; SyFy has announced plans for a new Sharknado TV movie, which will premiere sometime in 2014.

Said SyFy executive Thomas Vitale:

Every once in a while, there is a perfect storm – on television. The fans are clamouring for a sequel. Or perhaps it will be a prequel…What we can guarantee is that Sharknado 2 will be lots of fun. We’ll be announcing more details very soon. But we didn’t want our fans to worry they wouldn’t get their fill of more shark fin, I mean, fun next year.

Sharknado trailer Sharknado Sequel (or Prequel) to Premiere on SyFy in 2014

His bad joke aside, Vitale and the heads over at The Asylum clearly know they struck pay dirt (and I mean that oh so literally) with the first film, and are going to keep milking this shark for as long as possible. With Sharknado temporarily taking over Twitter and Facebook after its trailer dropped, it’s easy to bet that the ante WILL get upped, and that Sharknado sequel or prequel trailer will once again be able to make the necessary impression on the masses.

The Asylum has a track record of making ridiculous animal disaster movies like Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, Mega Piranha, Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, and Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. As for what kind of new animal-meets-weather disaster would plague mankind in the Sharknado sequel? The Internet is already hard at work coming up with ideas; read the Sharknado sequel concepts that are already being discussed.


You can catch a re-airing of Sharknado on July 18 @ 7pm EST on SyFy; Look for Sharknado 2 sometime in 2014.

Source: SyFy (via Digital Spy)

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  1. Look at what you did Twitter. Bad Twitter. Baaaad.

  2. having watched part of the cinematographic masterpiece called “Sharknado”, I am rather surprised that a sequel/prequel won’t be coming out next Thursday. How long, honestly, really, truly, how LONG can it possibly take to put together a piece of sh** like this?

    Still, it was SO silly and SO over the top it ended up being fun and funny.

    • That was kinda the point of the whole thing.

  3. So how long until this studio jumps the shark?

    • @Dazz

      Your posting license has been suspended.




      • DARTH BOVINE?!?!


  4. Just imagined someone milking a shark. Thank you, Screenrant.

    • About the same as dating a mood-swing woman.

      • I rather face the Sharknado.

  5. YES!!!

    Sharknado 2!!!

    Let’s make it a trilogy!!!


    • Sharknado: The Shark Strikes Back

      Sharknado: Return of the Shark

      and then, they could have a prequel trilogy…

      Sharknado: The Underwater Menace
      Sharknado: Attack of the Clowns (a cross-over with Finding Nemo)
      Sharknado: Revenge of the Fish

      they could have a special character, just to keep kids happy: sharkshark binks!

      • Sorry, Mikey, but those were all pretty unoriginal. Try harder next time.

        • wow, comment on someone else, why don’t you.

          • He’s a troll for having the balls to say those ideas weren’t funny?


            Mine weren’t funny either but if he commented on mine like he did yours, I’d agree with him.

      • Somewhere Disney/George Lucas is a gunning for ya.


        • Or maybe they’ll try to hire him…..

    • Mr. Stark… *shakes head*

  6. I’d buy that for a dollar!!! Aaaahahahahaha!!!

  7. Here I go again.

    Darn Gracie’s nap and RDO.

    Sharnado opens up a fissure under the seat the leads to Squidnami. Which hits the sharknado and creates a blast that opens a dead lake bed and Dirt Devil Spiders are unleashed. They attack a nuclear power plant that leads to Nucleargator. NuclearGator crashes into the Hoover Damn and the water washes away the mountain which opens the secret lair of Mountain Two headed lion…Mountain Two Headed lion goes on a rampage that tears apart hollywood and unleashes LACroc….LACroc Hunts down Nuclergator and they team up to fight Sharknado and Squidnami. Dirt Devil Spiders are now fighting are now fighting Two Headed Mountain Lion.

    Meanwhile, a Giant Asterorid is headed towards the sun which will lead to a giant solar flare that will hit the moon and knock the moon out of orbit and the effect on the earth will unleash a giant tidalwave called Tsunamiquaketide…Which will threaten to destroy the entire planet….

    If the Sharnado, Squidnami, Dirt Devil Spiders. Nucleargator LA Croc, Two Head Mountain lion do not do it first.

    Oh and yeah, Zombies from Hoboken are waiting for us in the sequel

    • Tsunarmadillo?

      Might as well.

      • Why the hell not!

        Sounds like fun.

  8. Sharknado: Now here is movie that you can’t decide if it bites or blows!

    • @Goldilocks.


      • Wind-bag film vehicle.

  9. I’m sorry, hate me if you will but I love watching SyFy movies. Not because I think they’re good, they’re just so ridiculous it’s just so much fun to watch, I can (semi)enjoy them. Guilty pleasure lol

    • They almost make me feel as though even I could make movies.

      • you could.. if you stopped dissing people on forums and got your act together.

        • How is he dissing anyone? He was just stating his opinion, don’t get so sore over it dude. For all you know he could’ve been being sarcastic because it seemed like he was being more sarcastic than serious to me

          • Cave-ish Man IS sarcastic though, that’s his gimmick.

            I think Mikey got a case of the butthurts. Let it go dude, save it for when he says something REALLY offensive cause honestly, the guy is pretty good at cutting down stupid ideas.

    • @AmazingFantasy

      What it is…Bad Movie, Bad Script, Bad Over acting.

      and in the immortal words of Al “Crazy Legs Who scored 4 Touchdowns for Polk High ” Bundy.


      It is just to much damn fun to watch them.

      • @Darth Bovine
        No matter how bad or overly the top or cheeses they get (and I’m sure they will get worse lol) I’m always going to watch them, hang me for it but I can’t help myself lol. Like you said, they reall are just too much damn fun to watch.

        Also, random but where’s your screen name come from? Is that actually the name of a Sith from SW or just something you made up?

        • Oh something I threw together.

          Since I have a dairy farm in the family.

          and I like Cows.

          • Well, ya might as well milk it for all it’s worth, then!

            • ::face palm::

  10. It’s a sad, sad, day when a movie like Sharknado can get a sequel green lit but well probably won’t get a second Pacific Rim :(

    • +1

      • Thing is, Sharknado’s sequel can get the greenlight because it’s SyFy and The Asylum so there’s the need to fill airtime and the lack of budget to be able to do it at a Pacific Rim level.

        If anything, blame the morons who went to see Grown Ups 2 instead of Pacific Rim and blame Hollyweird if they don’t give the greenlight to a Pacific Rim sequel based on US box office numbers instead of taking into account global figures.

        Speaking of which, how come Screen Rant hasn’t gotten behind the “Make a Dredd Sequel” campaign yet when other websites have? I suggested they ask this site for support and they claimed their requests were ignored. What should I tell them in response?

      • And until my comment is accepted from moderation….


    • I’m watching it on boxofficemojo very closely!! I want PR2 SOOO BAD!! I’m seeing PR my third time Friday.

  11. So, if there’s a Sharknado…

    Does that mean it takes you Over the Rainbow Fish and into the Land of Jaws?

    • Featuring Charlie Tuna and the Little Mermaid!

  12. I should pitch.

    Zombie Bovines from Lancaster.

    • Farmaggeddon?

      • @Dazz

        Licenses to post re-instated.

        Now, get on the ball….Write the script!

        Oh and Giraffic Park…WRITE THE SCRIPT@

        • I might have bits of Giraffic Park’s script somewhere, I wrote some of it while I wrote a script for The Semi-Professionals around the same time in between classes.

  13. Hey, wait a minute…

    Maybe that Giraffic Park idea I came up with when I was 12 could actually happen?

  14. Lol….The Syfy movies just keep getting more and more out there…I remember when they used to be stuff like “Sasquatch” “Crocodile” and things like that….now it’s “Two Headed Shark Attack” and s*** like that.

  15. Obviously Sharknado is low budget and campy, but when is Hollywood gonna figure out that people still want genuinely original ideas? The fact that people would be attracted to something like this shows that people want originality. Personally, I thought Sharktopus would have worked with a better script and a better budget and at least it wouldn’t be a remake or based on a board game.

  16. Soon they’ll make Sharknado vs Apequake.

    Monkeys that fart causing earthquakes to spawn other monkeys and fling the poo of death.

    With Sharknado,

    It’ll be a new definition to s*** hitting the fan!

    • Earthquape works better as a title, surely?

  17. I’ve written the script for Tsunarmadillo. I’m trying to have it produced over radio. It’s really funny if I do say so myself.

  18. 25 years into the future earthen springs have flooded every major world city and people are forced to stay indoors or get picked off by jumping sharks.

    Whenever a mass of people attempts to move the “nado” storm starts and wipes them out.

    The only place left for humans are the deserts…a nomadic pair dressed in robes and torn linens walks out of the Sahara and stands before the Sphinx where a pool of water and sharks have collected and furiously swim around the ancient monument. Fin and April remove their linen wraps from their faces and Fin laments,

    “Why God? Why hast thou abandoned mankind? Why won’t you listen to our cries!”

    The earth shakes and a giant tear opens up and out rises; Sobek! The Crocodile-Headed God of Egypt who uses his Hekau (magical incantations) to swell the waters of the Nile as millions of tiny crocodiles begins swarming in the waters and growing fantastically fast into adults. Sobek turns to April and Fin and slams his hands together in a single clap as the wind from his movement drives the Nile waters and crocodiles into a single, massive wave;


    Which proceeds to battle the sharks everywhere moving super-fast all around the world until the sharks gather in the Pacific and create the largest whirlpool man has ever seen to combat their antagonists!

    “Sharlpool” versus “Crocnami” in … Sharknado 3 “The Aquatocalypse!”

    ….from the waters; creation. In the waters; destruction. Humanity swims in the balance!