‘Shark Night 3D’ Trailer – Same Movie, Different Sea Creature

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Shark Night 3D trailer Shark Night 3D Trailer   Same Movie, Different Sea Creature

This fall we will see an epic battle for 3D B-horror movie supremacy at the box office. In one corner stands the sequel to last year’s franchise reboot, Piranha 3DD – in the other corner, Shark Night 3D. One features a cast of semi-famous actors fighting for survival against deadly CGI fish; the other, features…pretty much the same.

However, today we have the first trailer for just one of these deadly sea creature 3D B-movies – and the winner of that non-competition is none other than Shark Night 3D.

Check out this totally unofficial synopsis for the film, as written by me after having watched the trailer just once:

A group of pretty people go on vacation at a scenic lake getaway, where they soon discover, to their horror, that the waters are inhabited by the most vicious predators in the sea: sharks. A fight for survival ensues, stupid decisions are made, and two of the pretty people (not the black guy) are brought closer together, even as the sharks rip their friends apart. In 3D.

Now, having read that totally unofficial synopsis, take a look at the trailer for Shark Night 3D:

The pretty blonde with the piercing eyes is Sara Paxton, who you may recognize from such esteemed films as Superhero Movie and The Last House on the Left remake. Also sparking vague hints of memory in your brain is likely the sight of Joel Moore, who played Sigourney Weaver’s dorky assistant in Avatar. Also in there are Chris Zylka (the new Flash Thompson in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man), Christine Quinn (from the now-canceled Lone Star) and famous tattoo artist (who often plays a tattoo artist in movies) Gill Montie. Just try an guess which actors will likely end up as chum for the sharks.

Shark Night will be directed by famed stuntman-turned-director David R. Ellis (Homeward Bound 2, Final Destination 2, Snakes on a Plane, Cellular, The Final Destination). You should already know what you’re getting,  based on that filmography.

So, is Shark Night 3D going to be a good movie? Not bloody likely. Will it be a fun piece of B-movie horror schlock? Hopefully. Will it be fun to see this film AND Piranha 3DD and then argue with friends about which one was better (read: worse)? In my case, the answer is: definitely.

Shark Night 3D will swim into theaters first, on September 2, 2011.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. Best synopsis ever!

  2. All I want to know is how they are going to justify them repeatedly getting BACK into the lake

    • Was thinking the exact same thing. Why not just get in the car and scram? Problem solved.

      • They said in the trailer the house was like on an island or something. So now land to leave on.

        • Haha well If they did that it wouldn’t be a movie….. And I wouldn’t get to make snarky comments about it.

  3. The best part was the synopsis, ahah
    Great read!

  4. Y. E. S. Haha

  5. So I guess boats are out of the question…seeing how one blew up. Because sharks can do that. -__-

  6. I thought this film was supposed to be released on September 2. Just saying

  7. First. Ben’s Comment about Black people shouldn’t be in the water is TOTALLY racist and uncalled for. Second. If Hollywood is going to keep doing movies about Killer Sharks, why not just REMAKE Jaws for crying out loud.

    • I’ve deleted the comment, Chris.


      • Good!

    • I assume his comment was in regards to the black guy always seeming to be the first one to die in these flicks.

  8. So, there’s hundreds of thousands (if not much more) of sharks all over the world and absolutely none of this ever happens except for the very occasional attack, even though people are swimming and surfing in their waters all the time. You’d have to be a complete moron to have anything else occur after the first attack.

    • Did you even see the trailer? The trailer shows exactly how the sharks get in the lake. lmao

      • You obviously didn’t read my comment brooklynpsycho or get it in any way. You can “lmao” all you want but people all over the world swim and play in shark infested waters and there are no boats flipping over and exploding, sharks bursting through shark cages, mass groups of people dying grizzly deaths, etc. How can sharks get you when you’re in a very large boat, or if you’re standing on land. Just don’t swim in the water! It’s a ridiculous premise.


  9. I will gladly pay to this this film, it looks amazing and fun. The unofficial synopsis is just stupid and uncalled for, just like the racist comment from ben. Also, people need to read the real synopsis to understand why they go back in the water. lol

  10. Wait, great white sharks in a fresh water lake? Haha, never gonna happen. Those sharks would die in 2 mins.

    And the black guy survives in Deep Blue Sea ;)

    • Haha well in one part they mention it being fresh water, and someone cryptically says “saltwater”

      • Not so cryptically. He actually says, “This is a saltwater lake!” lol. No subtly there. ;)

      • Arg, you forced me to go back and watch it just to see!

        One guy says, “This is INSANE, this is a lake!” and the other guy jumps in with “saltwater lake”.

        The only problem with that is it can’t be. There are only two types of saline lakes, a) trapped water from say a glacial retreat and the surrounding area has a high salt content. b) Areas of sea bodies that have become landlocked due to the shifting landscape. Neither would look like that pretty lake there.

        I hate using such shallow and brief justifications just to rationalize impossible circumstances. They would have been fine if they had used say monstrous bull sharks but NO, they had to use great whites. /rolls eyes

        • That’s how I remembered it in my head….Haha

  11. Sharks in a Lake?

  12. ha ha, love the synopsis!
    I wonder if this film has any kind of a research team? The shark at 1.38 in the trailer has long thin pointed teeth which would only ever been any good for chowing down on fish. They also didn’t need to play with the whole salt/fresh water idea thing. Bull sharks are the most aggressive shark and are the only shark capable of swimming in both salt and fresh water. Surely that would have been a much better choice?

  13. Matt Hooper mentions about how sharks swim up lakes in Jaws. Anyways, im not sure about this film. Last good film i seen was Deep Blue Sea for a shark film.

    • As myself and Ward99 pointed out though, only one shark does that; the bull or “Zambezi” shark. It’s the only dangerous shark able to handle the drastic change in saline content.

  14. The cast seems great and the story is good so maybe this movie can be a sleeper hit.

    Shark Night 3D vs Piranha 3D, who would win ?

  15. Oh boy that looks bad. REAL bad.

  16. this trailer is uncalled for. these comments are uncalled for. this whole movie is uncalled for!
    who the heck called for this movie, anyway?
    and i like how they show us (as always in horror flicks) who dies and how they die and how they kill the killer all in the trailer. this is why i dont need to go to the movie. i’ve just seen the whole flick in two minutes. for free!
    that’s why the last horror flick in the theaters I saw was SAW.

  17. p.s. and why is it always the great WHITE shark. THAT’S RACIST. Why can’t it be a great black shark? or at least a pretty good black shark?

  18. I’m glad Sara Paxton is in the movie because her acting was good in the remake of The Last House On The Left

  19. Hey all you people that are saying sharks can blow up boats they cant but you are just saying this cause you are scared of sharks and getting ate

    • Possibly the best comment on this thread

  20. Shark movie 3D

  21. I think all of the cast in this movie did a great job. The black guy did not die in the beginning he played a very heroic role and encouraged the rest of the cast in the movie to be courageous. Very good looking guy! Great Job!

    • Totally agree, all of the cast did a great job! The black guy is a cutie!

  22. Great movie and great cast! I have already seen it 4 times. My kids want to see it again. The black guy did an awesome job! he was the strength of the movie. Job well done! Very good looking guy too!