Shane Black Directing Marvel’s ‘Iron Man 3′

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Last week brought the news that Shane Black could be Jon Favreau’s replacement to direct Marvel’s Iron Man 3, and now it looks as though the Lethal Weapon franchise scriber has landed the job after all.

Black is in final negotiations to helm the third cinematic outing with Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, though it’s currently up in the air as to whether he’ll be tackling screenwriting duties as well.

Although Black is far more versed in the art of writing than directing, he was at the head of the acclaimed post-modern Noir comedy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which also relaunched Downey’s career and set him on the path to eventually land the role of Tony Stark onscreen. Deadline concurs that, so far, fans seem highly receptive to the idea of Black handling the followup to last year’s Iron Man sequel, which was a box office hit despite some significant thematic issues.

One of the qualities that distinguishes the Iron Man series from, say, Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies is that the former are more comedic and light-hearted overall in tone, while still examining the hard work and mechanics behind a comic book hero with no super powers. The first Iron Man did that more than Iron Man 2, which was additionally saddled with extra material that linked its narrative to next year’s The Avengers pic – and admittedly, the film suffered for it.

Iron Man 3 will likely have much more of a streamlined and focused plot than its predecessor, especially if Black get assigned to write the screenplay as well. The bigger concern right now is whether or not Black has the directorial finesse to handle a big-budget, F/X heavy action-comedy that he will undoubtedly have much less creative control over than he did on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or any of the music videos he’s helmed since that 2005 release.

It’s admittedly a different situation than when Favreau came onboard for Iron Man, since he had some experience with larger scale Hollywood projects prior to his work with Marvel, having directed the expensive family adventure Zathura: A Space Adventure. Favreau also showed a knack for charming comedy by making Elf as well. Black has crafted some killer dialogue and deliciously macabre humor in his previous films, but he’ll have to tone it down a bit to the PG-13, mainstream tone of an Iron Man movie.

There’s good reason to be hopeful about Black managing that task, given the quality of his previous work. Studio executives certainly seem to have confidence in him, having approached him to direct pics like Doc Savage or a new Death Note live-action movie. I’ll leave it to you readers to express your own thoughts on the matter in the comments section, as always.

Iron Man 3 is scheduled to arrive in theaters on May 3rd, 2013.

Source: Deadline

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  1. This is good news to me. I’m a big fan of Black.

    • I’m still disappointed that Favreau isn’t directed this….. Black has some pretty big shoes to fill as Favreau is a great director IMHO.

  2. wtf they already have a release date for it. now i know why #2 sucked…

    • Yeah, Marvel is pretty much like Fox. They just want to get these films out ASAP.

  3. Hopefully, he writes the script too, and it has less stuff about The Aveners, more about Iron Man.

  4. i actually had an awsome dream last night. it was strange i dont see the first part happening but the second part was epic. oh and it wasnt iron man it was guyver but or mabe it was tony stark with som kindof organic iron man suit. and it started out with him getting combat training from rohdey in an abandoned building with no back to it over looking what looked like a crater with dust and bombs going off all around them.(i know the training doesnt make sense but it was a dream) and all of a sudden huge mechs in the form of a ball came falling out of the sky into the crater and started transforming into huge mechs that resembeled huge sentinels with ultrons face on it. and i remmber just being the person seeing this happen. as they started to moive closer they moved fast like iron man would and you see 2 individuals call on som kind of armor while theyre floating in the air and they hit the ground and jump back up into the air and they start to shoot som kind of chest cannon at the mechs as they shot the mechs you see a forcfield being hit by the blast and they move extremely fast across the sky and you see the dude in the suit following him with the blast. it was pretty epic and in the back ground you see the guy in the other suit on top of another mech ripping it apart. and then i woke up it was anawsome dream. and that would be my dream scene of an iron man film. had the thought had to put it down what you guys think?

  5. I like the idea of a more macabre Iron Man, while keeping it mainstream but a more Kiss Kiss Bang Bang version of Iron man would be brilliant.

    but depends how much pressure there is to link Iron Man 3 with the avengers or to ignore it as well as the general theme i.e. villain as well as what’s causing the problems in Starks personal life.

  6. I will remain optimisti,c but last time Downey was involved with making decisions we got IM2, which sucked

    • Correction. Iron Man 2 was all Downey and Favreau. You have to remember on Iron Man 1, both were not full of themselves yet. Favreau was not a proven director. Downey’s career was in the dumpster thanks to his drug addiction. So both of them played it straight. Respect for the source material. For Iron Man 2, they hired Downey’s writer buddy from Tropic Thunder, a failed actor. Favreau as an actor couldn’t help but try to share the limelight giving his butler a funny bigger role with more dialogue. BOOM!

      • Great points you made, I’m actually glad Favreau is gone

  7. Hoping for the Mandarin

  8. The failure of IM 2 had a lot more to do with Marvels insistence in jamming The Avengers down our throats.

    • I actually didn’t mind the Avengers references, it was like 10 minutes anyway. IM2 failed because of the many long pointless improv seems that went nowhere along with campy scenes on par with Spider-Man 3. Stark drunk in a party peeing in his suit OMGG SO FUNNI!!!

      • @Kris, I agree with you. People bash IM2 a little too hard. All of what you said is what caused it what caused it to not meet it’s potential.

  9. I’ll tell ya right now, Iron Man 2 was a pile of krap. The best parts were the Avengers coming together parts,,,

    On Iron Man3, I’ll of course have to wait for the dvd as I’m sure IM3, will be in 3D, (therefore not in 2d at my theater)
    Screw you 3D agenda!

    • roger that
      i m with you

  10. I hope they defeat the curse of 3! Superman 3, spidey 3, x-men 3, blade 3, batman & Robin… good luck Mr. Black.

    Just focus on tony’s character, the film is called IRON MAN, not “iron man’s friends & foes”

    but Mandarin & fin fang foom would be perfect for an actual IRON MAN story not an Avengers one.

    • Batman Forever was actually the third installment of the Batman franchise, although the fact that it’s as forgotten as it is does lend to your theory of “thirds”.

      • good theory though some ppl counted pirates 3 too!!!

  11. I thought Ironman 2 was decent. And i thought not much of anything about The Avengers initiative was mentioned or referanced till the 2nd half of the film & very end of the film. Besides Black Widow, Nick Fury mostly was there to aid Stark with a cure & get him back on track. Imo i actually thought it turned out the same way the first film did. Like i said i thought it decent, not better, but decent.

  12. Yeah, IM3 will be right on par with IM2. Lousy!

  13. ahhhh , shane black from predator and writer of the last boy scout! maybe this guy wont be afraid to bring the mandarin to the screen and the dragon seed saga from the comic book.

  14. I’m actually looking forward to IM3 now that Shane Black will be behind the camera, and I hope he’ll write the script.

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is one of my favorite movies (won’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it… lol), and the sharp, dark humor which made KKBB one of RDJ’s best performances — after Less Than Zero and Chaplin — would work quite well, especially if we get the Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom as villains.

    • @Stephie, I totally I agree. I actually sent Marvel a suggestion that they use Shane Black to pen the script for “Heroes For Hire”. What this film needs is “Demon In A Bottle”. THEY NEED TO ALSO MAKE A THEATRICAL ALTERNATE ENDING CHOICE: One with only the Mandarin in the ending and one with The Mandarin & Fing Fang Foom as the alternate ending.

  15. But it was more the just a few references
    Black Widow didnt need to be there .
    And she and Samuel L jackson slowed the movie down .
    And they were only their because they are Avengers in the upcoming film
    I also think that although Rhodey was supposed become War Machine that he wwas their as WM at least partly as a precaution in case RDJ didnt come back .
    Just Before IM2 came out it was revealed that RDJ hadnt signed a deal yet for The Avengers.
    Remember that part at the end of the film where Fury Told Stark Iron Man was accepted as a member of The Avengers But Stark wasnt?
    If RDJ didnt sign on for The Avengers film,
    Who do you think was going to be wearing that Iron Man armor ?
    Rhodey, or in this case, Don Cheadle.
    To me ?
    Iron Man felt like a really fun party.
    IM2 felt like a clunky TV pilot with lots of potential that didnt quite cut it.

    • @ Gary S.

      Im sure they wanted to introduce Black Widow proper before The Avengers film,especially giving her alittle action within the film. It May seem Black Widow & Nick Fury’s pleasance slowed the movie down but plot wise not really for the length of time. War Machine was gonna be in the film no matter what cause the first film obviously hinted that.

  16. Shane Black “Ok Don, just like we rehearsed”

    Don Cheadle “I’m too military for this s**t”

  17. I loved Iron Man 2, it’s action and the interaction between the characters was entertaining and delightful this makes me hopeful for IR3 and Shane.

  18. this is very good news

  19. I just found out that Iron Man 3 will have a new director…and then I found out that this director also did “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”…and then I wasn’t so disappointed and rather intrigued at the possibilities.

    After-all, witty humor is really what makes these Iron Man movies so great and different. Get rid of that and you ruin the atmosphere of the films.

    We need more Iron Man and less Thor…