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iron man 3 director writer Shane Black Co Writing Iron Man 3

After propelling his career forward with Iron Man and helping launch Marvel Studios on the right foot, Jon Favreau came back to helm its sequel. Iron Man 2 again succeeded at the box office but due to a variety of factors, didn’t fare as well among fans and critics. It wasn’t anything like the harsh response X-Men 3 got, but we can safely say that it didn’t meet expectations.

Favreau later made the shocking announcement in December that he would not return to direct Iron Man 3 and later it was made official that Shane Black would step in as the replacement, but that he wouldn’t be writing the script. Instead, Marvel Studios signed Drew Pearce to handle the screenplay of Iron Man 3 which left some disappointed. The latest news however, reveals that Black will likely be more involved and may be taking on co-writing responsibilities as well.

This is great news, and surely news that will put some anxiety to rest about Pearce’s hiring. Pearce has significantly less writing background than Black and many were looking forward to seeing what the mind behind Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang could do with Iron Man. So when Pearce was shuffled over to the project after Marvel seemingly cancelled production on Runaways, there was a tad bit of disappointment.

This isn’t really surprising news however, as Black’s story ideas were going to be implemented either way, but him sharing writing duties with Pearce makes sense.

Cinema Blend has the report and heard some interesting chatter about why Pearce may have been brought in. They say it might be due to Disney’s concern over the Iron Man becoming too adult with Shane Black’s background and that Pearce can keep it family friendly. I don’t think that’s a reason at all because Black’s background is exactly what the franchise needs. It’s more likely that they dug Pearce’s work on Runaways and wanted to utilize him on Iron Man 3 as well. The real concern will be how much time they give Black to make the movie (Favreau was overly rushed both times) and how much pressure they put on him to include certain characters or plot points that relate to The Avengers.

Bringing Black into the fold was a wise decision for Marvel Studios, since he’s a man who fans can get behind with his background and his previous experience with Downey Jr., helping relaunch his career with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. His ideas to make the next film in the style of a Tom Clancy thriller sound promising as well, so we can only hope Marvel lets him do what he needs to. The film is a guaranteed sell either way, so why not?

Iron Man 3 will star Robert Downey Jr. and will likely see the return of Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg.

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The Avengers hits theaters May 4, 2012 and Iron Man 3 is currently scheduled for release May 3rd, 2013.

Source: Cinema Blend

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  1. screw the real world we want the mandrin

    • YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! FIN FANG FOOM!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pretty much. If Iron Man is going to be occupying the same universe as Thor then he is going to get exposed to “magic” ANYWAY. Bring on The Mandrin!

      Plus they can explain the rings as alien tech similar to the Green Lantern and exactly how Thor himself talks about it.

      • They were alien tech in the comics anyway

  2. At least I know this film will be better than Crapman 2 now. Not like that’s hard to do though.

    • eye iron man 2 blowedd

  3. Real world villains… with super powers???

  4. I want to see Tony at an AA meeting, then be dragged away for a domestic disturbance with Pepper. Then an actual decent Rhodey (no howard or cheadle) take the suit, get in over his head and have his butt kicked by Mandarin. LOL

  5. Iron Man and War Machine going up against the Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom in a real battle no more ghostbusters crossing the streams BS

  6. I thought Ironman 2 was fine for what what it was. Sheesh, worse films than that were made. How do they intend to make Ironman 3 more real than the previous films? Film part of the film in downtown Chicago like TDK? And to make it more realistic, id love to see how they would pull off a villain such Mandarin w/ Maybe Fin Fang Foom by example.

    • @”Sheesh, worse films than that were made”

      Why do people always try to use that as a “defence”? Yes, there’s worse films made, but that doesn’t make it any better.

      • Maybe if you knew how to spell you could write a better script?

        • Jack’s Problem,

          I’m starting to have a “problem” with your comments. Dial back the insults or you’ll find yourself gone. This is not the first time a comment from you has come to my attention.


        • Holy crap dude, it’s a comment section of a blog, not a freakin English paper. Drop the freaking Grammer Nazi attitude

        • Keep in mind Jack that we here currently only get ONE chance at a post. Once it’s published, mistakes are fixed in place with no edits. If you can say with a straight face you have NEVER made a spelling mistake or that you never edited a post on a forum then congrats but we are only human. You know…..he who is without sin cast the first stone and all that ;)

          With any luck Vic will get to adding that feature :)

        • Jack’s drinking problem – it’s getting worse. “Defence” is an acceptable spelling of the word “defense.” Read a book, or in this case, a dictionary.

      • @ Ghost

        Why do people always use TDK as a example of how great all Superhero films could be? Fact is Nolan’s Batman films have alittle more realistic tone to them than Marvel Studio’s films do, and half of TDK’s success was due to Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker whether people deny that fact or not. Despite TDK being a good film, i felt that film kinda dragged itself. But that’s just me.

        • If you think TDK was just a success for that one reason, then you sir are mistaken. The film is just a great example of good filmmaking. It has emotion, great characters, great action, great story, and great acting (not just by Heath Ledger).

          • @ Ghost

            If you read my post carefully, i stated half of TDK’s success was due to Heath Ledger’s Performance. I wish i was mistaken but most people confirmed themselves when TDK is brought up, one of the first things that would be brought up is Ledger’s performance. Common sense there & if you can’t believe that, well you must be in total denial. I know people on the net & in person that liked TDK, but didn’t think it was all what it was all hyped up as what some people make it out to be.

            • Don’t say that it is a fact because it’s your opinion. half of TDKs success wasn’t because of Heath Ledger. Yes he was amazing in it, but people didnt go to see it because of him. please when you say “most people” is that what 20 guys on a movie forum? oh well then it MUST be so. dude seriously. i myself loved him in it. but the movie itself was amazing. and if you cant believe that then you must be in total denial! YOU think half of its success was due to his performance. YOU can think whatever you want about it. but DONT state it as a fact. when you have no freakin idea.

              • @ Magnus

                It wasn’t just my opinion, but it was others aswell as i stated before.I wish could deny it as fact, but its common sense but whatever, everyone is everyone has their own opinions. I thought Batman Begins was little better than TDK but thats just me. And 20 guys on a movie forum? No, more like people i chat with that i add as friend to my email, and as i said before people i know in person like my friends & co-workers who go to the movies. Instead of sayin of half of film’s success was due Ledger’s performance, maybe i should i should of said a good portion was due.

              • man, listening to you guys argue about the dumbest f-ing things is making me want to clear up something for this whole stupid argument comparing Dark knight to other comoc book movies. Most of Marvels movies have been good or even great “super hero” movies(except Fantastic 4′s), BB and TDK are simple great movies, less of a super hero/comic book adaptation and more like a regular film. Thats what puts them on there own scale. People can compare all they want, but its like comparing the difference between comics and graphic novels.

  7. fascinating that fans didn’t like Iron Man 2, was that a Marvel distrubtion? Based on the reactions to X-Men, Spider-Man, and others, people can’t wait for Marvel to get the rights back to do those movies right; yet the overall feeling is that Marvel blew it with Iron Man 2…okay fanboys officially fascinate me with their logic.

    On the subject at hand, sometimes it’s good to have a director helping with the script, sometimes not. This is one of those good times. Looking forward to IM3 and furthering Tony’s downfall into alcohol abuse.

    • @ Joe K

      It’s fascinating to me how some people over exaggerate how bad a film like Ironman 2 might of been. Reason people wanting Marvel to obtain the rights of properties like X-men, Spider-man are maybe because the 3rd film of both franchise displeased fans/critics alike despite bring enough money that would greenlight another sequel. Other problems between the two franchises were, creativity, continuenity within films etc, etc. Ironman 2 is just one film, bfd. I admit it could of been better but i wouldn’t go as far to thinkin it was so terrible or anything like that. It is hard to make great film if it’s being rushed, or goin through writer’s strike like which is one of the reasons Transformers 2 wasn’t very good itself. Im sure Ironman 3 will just good as the previous Ironman films despite it having a new director.

      • @WallyWest, I totally agree with you my dude. People exaggerate about IM2 Marvel is only 2/3 and now about to be 3/4 they are still a new Studio but in my opinion they are still doing great!

        • @ Ulik

          Thanks, I agree that Marvel Studios is still a new studio but i think they’re doin great & i have feeling their best films are yet to come still.

  8. Sorry, but superheroes must face supervillains.

    The idea of “real world” villains, and the overall push for “realism” in these movies makes my skin crawl. It´s a fantasy universe, high-tech and magic, bio-genetics and sorcery. Deal with it or move along.

    Enter Mandarim…

  9. Real world villains = low budget. They’re just trying to save money. No thanks. I’ll just rewatch Iron Man 1 and wait for Batman 3.

    • You do know the villains in TDKR will be changed for Nolan’s “realistic” take on the character right? From my understanding, people seemed to like Nolan visioning Batman as a REAL WORLD superhero, and changing the villains to make them seem REAL WORLD. Not saying everyone liked that, but I’ve seen the majority of people back it.

  10. Also, I still don´t get the hate against IM2.

    Too Much SHIELD and Avengers in it? Well, SHIELD and Avengers ARE a big part of Ironman´s story, it would be weird NOT to have them.

    He always fights dudes in armor? Heck, most Spidey and Hulk villains are DNA freaks just like them, and I don´t see anyone mad about that.

    Even the Punisher fights supervillains…

    • What’s wrong with IM2?

      Bad acting: Even RDJ was boring as Stark in this film, and don’t even get me started on how cheesy Scar Jo was as Black Widow. The only good performance was Mickey Rourke.

      Wasted oppurtunity: IM2 had soo much potential to be as great as TDK. They got the origin out of the way, and introducing Vanko could have made for a great International crisis. Instead, they reduced the character to your typical (and cliched) son seeking revenge for his father type character.

      Too much Avengers: Yes, I’m fully aware Marvel is tying their films to make The Avengers next year, BUT IM2 had soo much in there that it felt just like a 2-hour commercial for The Avengers. It didn’t even feel like an Ironman movie. Iron Man was all about Stark/Ironman, but you had to watch the post-credits scene in the first film to know why Nick Fury was in the movie.

      Weak fights: The fights in the film were just boring, and were w/o any drama. Look at the final fight in Spider-man. You have Green Goblin just beating Spider-man to death. Yes, you know Spider-man will defeat him, but there was a sense of dramam in that battle. That was completely abscent in IM2. They could have worked with Whiplash’s whips shorting out Stark’s suit, but that was a wasted oppurtunity as well. Ironman is able to quickly overcome that issue, and the battle is just one-sided. And the final battle with Vanko was just a rehash of the fight with Iron Monger.

      • But honestly, this is just my opinion on the film. To me it deserves to be watched once, but it really doesn’t hold up after repeated viewings. Once again, just my opinion.

      • I liked IM2 a lot. i mean i liked the first one better i think. but i saw nothing wrong with the acting or anything like that. and i had no problem with it building up to the avengers. the fights could’ve been better i agree with that. and vanko was a bit cliched. didnt mind black widow cause i have no idea who that is anyway haha. but i suppose if you’re a fan of iron man and know the comics the movie was more disappointing i guess?

    • @ jennblade

      I think the all the hate for it was just exaggerated by most. It wasn’t better than the first film imo, but i wouldn’t think it’s so darn right terrible that alot of people make it out to be.

      • I don´t see either one as “best” or “worst”, I had a great time with both. I agree the battles are a little lacking in length and scope, but that´s the only fault I can mention.

  11. For me,
    the problem with IM2 was the pace .
    All the Avengers stuff weighted it down.
    People say there was that much in terms of Avenger references
    but Fury and the Widow are extended references.
    Part of the reason War Machine was in there was because they want to spin off that chracter too .
    Sooner or later the public is going to get wise to that trick.
    I think Pearce is there to write in all The Avengers references.
    It isnt Marvel Studios.
    Its The Avengers Studio all the way.

  12. Iron Man 2 was unwatchable. That was all Favreau and Downey Jr. This franchise is DOA.

  13. The problem with Iron Man 2 was Justin Theroux’s script. Marvel was supposed to stay with the orginal writers from the first movie because they already had a momentum going,they already had a story set with them, and they KNEW the characters. The pacing, contrast and tone were different in both movies, they almost did’nt feel like the same franchise. In Iron Man 1, you could feel the drama and seriousness of the film while it still had a good amount of intelligent comedy but in IM2, you didn’t feel the immenant danger of Tony dying from the toxicity of from the arc and there was sort of an aloofness in RDJ’s acting that brought the care for the character’s seriousness downward. The whole Avengers arc and cameo of Black Widow were not necessarily the problems; it was how they were handled. Marvel Studios is ONLY 2/3 AND THAT’S NOT BAD at all coming from a studio that isn’t even a decade old. Some of yal act as if they’ve been around doing films for decades(even though that isn’t an excuse for making a sub-par film,IM 2 was’nt great but it wasn’t sub par either). HOWEVER, how old is Fox or Sony Studios, 50, 60 years old? Now just imagine how bad Iron Man 2 would have been in either of their hands. Give Marvel some credit, Marvel Studios is new to this and are doing a great job, I only see them getting better as they have learned from their mistakes. Iron Man 3 will be great because now they can take their time with the characters and story. THOR HAS GOTTEN GREAT REVIEWS SO FAR!!! I predict “Thor” garnering nominations and or winning 2012 Academy Awards for one or more of the following: #1) Best Costume Designs, #2) Best Special Effects, #3) Best Screenplay, #4) Best Director, #5) Best Supporting Actor(Tom Hiddlelston). “Captain America TFA” may also be a surprise hit, here’s looking forward to more great Marvel Studios films. Make Mine Marvel!!!

    • I can´t wait for Thor, opens Friday 29 here in Brazil.

      Since Thor is my favorite superhero (being so for 30 years), I´m trying my hardest not to look at new tv spots, trailers or whatever… leave some mystery for the movie to surprise me.

  14. I agree with Ghost. The Avenger stuff had nothing to do with it, really. First off, the story was weak. RDJ acted like an ass-clown the whole film and he didn’t do anything heroic. There was no real sense of danger and the fights were way too short. The humor wasn’t funny, he just came off as a real jerk. It wasn’t emotional or engaging in anyway. I left the theatre numb, with no feeling of excitement after watching it at all. Plus that drunken party scene was just embarressing. They took everything that made the first one great and destroyed it. It still amazes me how poeople defend it and weren’t seriously way more pissed off. Even Jon Favreau and RDj have fallen out over it, with the director himself saying how much it sucked. Mickey Rourke himself refuses to watch it. That’s what happens when you get a comedic writer to do an action film. I’m counting on Shane Black to return it back to form.

    • @MovieLover35, I think you meant Ulik. Yes that was the problem, the script was just bad, along with the improvs BECAUSE the script was weak(hardly any script at all). Tropical Thunder was a hilarious movie, I loved it, especially RDJ’s performance in it. Unfortunately Justin Theroux wasn’t the right choice for this franchise.

    • agreed fully, well put. RDJ coms off as a fast talking, pompous ass. Which Tony Stark is, but in IM2 he had no emotional or redeeming scenes. He didn’t really seem or act like an alcoholic. Terrence Howard would’ve kept a better sense of continuity, Mickey Rourke’s Vanko was unexplained, cliched, and his accent sucked. I don’t mind the SHIELD stuff, but I hate Samuel Jackson’s lazy acting style(Fury should’ve been Kurt Russell).Its never even shown where Fury pops up from, no entrance in the chopper, he just walks into frame. The Racetrack and party scene were unnecessary and lame. Being a sequel, it should’ve had much longer, grittier action sequences. The end fight(best scene) was spectacular but it only lasted 30 seconds or so. Overall, it was a rushed flop. Sequels take/need more time to develop.Im a nerd/fanboy so I hope always hope for MORE visual bliss, and less blahblah mumbo jumbo. IM3 better redeem the franchise, and Thor rocked by the way!!! Plenty of action and flash in that one!

  15. “Mickey Rourke himself refuses to watch it.”

    In all fairness, Rourke stated he has never watched a film he has acted in.

  16. Some comments here I agree with, some I disagree with while others I just have to scratch my head and wonder what are they smoking.
    So too add my 2 cents in.
    The only thing I didn’t like in IM2 was the lack of an epic battle with Vanko in the end. Other than that it was entertaining to me.
    Having never watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I do not know how good this director is so I will cross my fingers and hope that the future movies of Iron Man will be entertaining to me.

    • Kiss kiss bang bang is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is just amazing! brilliant! and extremely funny.

  17. Three characters essential to IM3 1)Ghost(side villain) 2)Madame Mask(Iron Man ally) 3)MANDARIN

  18. @Ulik

    I did enjoy, Tropic Thunder. I laughed my ass off and thought RDJ was great in it. I love the guy, don’t get me wrong. But every actor has that film that wasn’t that great. I believe that when IM3 comes out people will look back and see how much IM2 was lacking. In my superhero films i prefer heroics over bad jokes and uneccessary plotlines. In the first one at least you felt the character went through some growth and found some redemption. No offense to people who enjoyed it. I didn’t and can give you valid points why. Plus, all the mask up stuff wasn’t cool, that’s what kind of ruined some of Spiderman. We all know who’s under the mask. It should’ve been called, The Adventures of Tony stark, cause Iron Man was sorely lacking. Yeah, he bragged about being a bad ass, but what did he really do to show it? I believe it wouldn’t been better if he was on some type of mission that was linked to the Avengers. What little bit of script was there was very choppy and the improv stuff was horrible. The scene with him and Pepper at her office was one example. I sat there wondering most of the film, how can people really think most of this is funny and i have a great sense of humor. Being a jerk for no reason just isn’t funny to me, especially when it doesn’t play off as a lesson learned for the character in the end. Just cause i love RDJ i’m not gonna kiss his ass, not saying any of you are. I wish i was smoking something when i saw it, even that probably wouldn’t have helped. I’ve seen it twice and it still doesn’t change how i feel about it. I say that because i loved IM1 and expected way more and fans deserved better.

    @Ink You may be right about the Rourke stuff. I just remember reading an interview with him saying he didn’t care for most of the people he worked with on it. No offense to those who enjoyed it, just my opinion.

  19. for whats its worth I thought Iron Man 2 was a great movie..I don’t have a single complaint about it at all.. Iron Man’s armor/tech weapons(dual red laser “awesome”) ..War Machine lived up to every expectation I had both physically and visually. Was a great warm up leading into Avengers. 10/10

    That being said..Iron Man 3 has serious issues. I give it a 6/10
    Iron Patriot was garbage compared to War Machine of #2..he didnt do anything at all the whole movie except walk around and then he got suit jacked.
    Mandarin was totally butchered as a villain. The analogy has been said of Joker to Batman..big slap in face for 10 rings..nothing but Trevor..serious? then killian..oh by the way..”I am the Mandarin”..BS
    Iron Man or rather Detective Stark was poorly portrayed..great acting on RDJ’s part..just bad script and plot. He felt like Tin Man. Half put together the whole time..falling apart..malfunctioning..suits were destroyed so easily and just thrown away. and the whole surgery at the end..hmmm..thats who iron man is..unstoppable in the suit..but vulnerable as stark with the heart issue..and the after credit build up for thor 2 or Avengers 2..they are suppose to get us excited about the next movie..the comedy scene was great for avengers..but phase 2 has begun..time to amp up the next chapter..thats my rant!..take it as you will.

  20. hye ironman3 screenwriting, im interested with ur hand and brain can we have a chat privatly??